It was hot. Hot enough that the sweat pooled at the small of my back and under my arms despite the fact that I sprawled on the couch naked but for a thin pair of panties. Nothing unusual for Queensland in the month of February even in the relatively southern state capital of Brisbane but the awareness of the beads of sweat gathering on my skin was making me aware of my skin itself. That awareness of my own skin caused hunger to stir slightly but I dismissed it and turned my thoughts to cooling off.

Rising from the couch I wandered into my bathroom, stripping off my panties and discarding them in the laundry basket as I passed my room. I turned the cold tap on full and added the barest trickle of warm so that the water flowing from the showerhead was cool but not shockingly so. Before stepping under the spray I lifted my arms and loosed my hair from the messy bun I’d used to keep it off my neck in the heat. The brush of the curls across my shoulder blades again made me acutely aware of my skin and a shiver of pleasure at the whisper-soft sensation ran down my spine.

Stepping under the spray I bypassed my normal refreshing mint shower gel for the luxuriously scented raspberry and cream gel. Turning my back to the spray and tilting my head so that the water streamed over and through my hair, I squeezed a dollop of the gel onto my right hand and ran that hand from my neck down across my right breast. Swirling the gel over and around the heavy globe a couple casino siteleri of times I propped the bottle of gel on the edge of the shower before using my left hand to spread the suds across my left breast. Slowly I massaged the sweetly scented gel into my breasts, pausing between each circuit to cup the weight of them in my palms before pinching my nipples between slick fingers. Even as I played I was aware of the cool water cascading over my hair, down my back and over the curve of my arse.

My hands drifted lower, swirling around and over my soft belly until my fingers grazed the top of my bush. I made a mental note to trim before my next waxing session and then concentrated on soaping first my bush and then the damp flesh below it, avoiding rubbing too hard against my slightly swollen clit. Turning to face the spray, I allowed the cool water to rinse off the suds while I shampooed my hair. Turning back again I quickly rinsed the shampoo before applying conditioner. While I waited for the conditioner to do its thing, I idly ran my hands up and over my body reacquainting myself with the curves that had increased a bit since the last time I played (the holiday season does that to someone who enjoys food).

As my hands drifted I tried to remember the last time I had played with myself and it shocked me to realise it had been five months. Ducking back under the spray I rinsed the conditioner from my hair, shaking my head as I realised how much canlı casino cutting off my ex-lover had hurt me. I’ll be blunt and say that I enjoy sex as much as I enjoy chocolate and whether I had a lover or not I had pleasured myself at least three times a week from the time I was sixteen and discovered just what playing with that little button could do.

Turning off the taps I jumped out of the shower and briskly towelled off before walking from my bathroom to my bedroom, glorying in the breeze that blew across my naked skin. Cooler now after the shower, and determined to continue what I had started, I crouched in front of my tallboy and opened the third draw from the bottom. On the right, in plain sight was the toy I’d bought on a dare from the lover. While short, it was deliciously curved and decorated with a band of diamontes above the dial that you twisted to turn it on. I checked that it was working and then stood and walked over to my bed, laying the dildo beside my pillow, I spread a towel across the sheets and checked that my cocoa butter was to hand.

I laid down on my back, cocking one knee to the side in a comfortable position and then squeezed a small amount of the cocoa butter onto the middle finger of my right hand. First I circled that finger around my clit and then I spread the cocoa butter down along the lips of my labia which had already opened to expose my moist centre. Moving back to continue circling my clit I held the dildo kaçak casino in my mouth dampening it while I turned it back on with my left hand before bringing it down to slide it back and forth over the entrance to my pussy.

Tilting my head I blew a slow stream of breath across first one nipple and then the other, adding to the stimulation. As I shifted my head I became aware of my hair again and the tickle of the strands across my shoulders combined with the double stimulation of my pussy to send more shivers of pleasure down my spine and a gentle throb in the depths of my womb.

The oppressive heat was still in the air and it made me keep my movements languid and gentle as I continued to tickle my clit and tease my pussy. Slowly I started to dip the vibrating head of the dildo into my hole and the tightness told me how long it had really been. The hum of the vibrations caused another throb deep in my centre and I felt more moisture gather, easing the glide of the rubber as I pumped it in and out.

I kept myself at that point for nearly an hour, simply circling my clit – with the occasional shudder when the edge of my fingernail scraped the sensitive nub – and gliding the dildo in and out in a steady rhythm. I simply indulged in the sensations, the lack of urgency combined with the shear sensual pleasure of being penetrated and stimulated at the same time.

I was able to block out all thought while I concentrated on the physical for a period of time. It didn’t last long enough though, as thoughts of my ex-lover crept in to dull the pleasure with sorrow at how it all ended. I have hope though, I’m finally waking up and maybe next time I play I’ll be able to play through to the end.

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