how r u?

Nicole stared down at the phone in her hand and wondered if it was broken. She hadn’t heard from Dan in months, it made absolutely no sense that he would be texting her now. And yet somehow his number was there, on the “from” line. No matter how hard she tried to forget him, his number was forever burned in her memory. She had spent many lonely nights writing back and forth to him…but it had all ended so suddenly.

The phone made a series of beeping noises and vibrated in her hand. She looked down again.

i miss u

Right, she thought. I’m sure you do. That’s why you haven’t called me. That’s why you never replied to any of those emails I sent you. That’s why you started calling your precious Kimmi instead. Nicole hated girls like Kimmi. Girls that swooped down and took over when you were starting to become dull. Girls who were probably much better looking and in much better shape than you. Girls whose names ended in “i.”

Nicole moved to put the phone back in her pocket, but no sooner had she slid it in then she felt the familiar vibration against her ass. She sighed and pulled the phone back out.

y wont u txt me back?

Nicole hesitated. She had missed their late night intimacy more than she could say, but she was afraid to trust him again. She started punching the keys.

oh, I’m sorry, do I know you?

what?? come on baby idk what u r talking about i know u miss me

She bit her lip. She had missed him. She and Dan had met online about a year ago, in a chatroom Nicole used to frequent. They had started off innocently enough, a little flirting here and there. But one night they had gotten into it pretty heavy. It was Nicole’s first cybersex experience, and one of the best orgasms of her life. She had shocked herself with how much she enjoyed it. Soon, she and Dan were chatting every night online, then by text. They even exchanged a few pictures over the phone.

so what if I missed you? it doesn’t changed what you did

One night, Nicole had taken the plunge and called Dan. He seemed surprised, but the night ended in an incredible phone sex session. They talked almost every night after that for weeks. Each night they would become more and casino siteleri more passionate, and would describe increasingly intimate fantasies for one another. Sometimes they would masturbate together for hours. But about two weeks in, they lost steam. They would repeat the same things, and the conversations were becoming shorter and shorter, until…nothing. One day he just stopped calling her back.

what r u talking about? i know u wish my cock was in u

Nicole felt a familiar twitch come from her core. She could feel herself getting hotter.

why did you stop calling?

Even as she typed the question, she knew the answer. She had gone into their old chatroom one night in a desperate attempt to find him, but she didn’t see his screenname. She waited, reading the group conversation, when she noticed that one of the participants had a lot of Dan’s mannerisms. Dan never used capitalization or punctuation, except for the occasional question mark, and he used abbreviations whenever he could. She started to pay close attention to that particular screenname, until he finally invited “kimmi69” into a private chatroom called “the back room.” That had been the name Dan would use when he made a private room for Nicole.

come on we both know it was getting boring but i know u still want me

Nicole had been crushed. It was like being cheated on. Part of her felt ridiculous. It’s not like they had been in a serious relationship, or had even met in person. What did she care what he did? But the other part of her felt sick. She really thought they had a connection. She must have been wrong.

how’s kimmi?

It took longer than usual for Dan to reply. She knew she had struck a chord.

cant we forget about that? i want 2 tell you something will u pick up if i call?

Nicole hesitated, but she couldn’t deny how much she wanted him. Of course she would pick up. Her fingers were already making small circles around her nipples, her cunt dripping at the thought of his voice.


The phone rang almost instantly. Nicole walked toward her couch and sat down, taking her shirt off as she went.


“Hello stranger.” God his voice was sexy. “Miss me?” canlı casino he purred.

“Maybe. But you’re not the only route from my fingers to my cunt.”

“True, but I’m the best one.” She couldn’t deny him that.

“Where are you right now?”

“I’m sitting on my bed. I don’t have any clothes on. My dick is hard as a rock for you.”

Nicole pinched her nipple, rolling it between her fingers. She set the phone on the coffee table and turned the speaker phone on.

“Rub it for me, baby. I want you to think about my tits and rub your cock for me.” Nicole could see his hand pumping up and down the length of his shaft. One hand still lingering on her breast, she moved the other underneath the band of her sweatpants and to her clit. She dragged her fingers over it lightly.

Dan moaned into the phone. “I remember what they look like. Big, pink, puffy nipples. I always thought they looked good to rub. Are you rubbing them for me?”

“Yeah,” Nicole said. She took her hand and pushed her breast toward her head, moving it close enough so that she could flick her tongue over her hard nipple.

She increased the pressure on her clit as she licked herself, and felt a gush of liquid in response.

“I’m just dripping for you. I’m so wet for you.”

“I can picture you there on the couch, Nicole. Laying spread eagle, soaking your cushion and rubbing yourself. I wish I could be there. I would come up in front of you and fuck you so hard…”

Dan continued to talk to her. She took her hand away from her breast and moved it between her legs, tracing her inner thighs lightly.

“…put my big dick in your tight little cunt…”

Nicole slipped two fingers inside herself, her lips opening easily to greet them. She let out a swift moan and added another finger, pumping them slowly in and out.

“Oh yeah, take that for me. I love it when you moan for me Nicole.”

It drove her crazy when he said her name. She moved her fingers in slow circles inside herself, pressing on her clit with the other hand. She worked up to a faster pace, and she could her Dan’s hand slapping his testicles as he rubbed himself.

“That’s it, take my cock!”

Nicole’s legs kaçak casino quivered as she tapped her clit. She now had four fingers inside herself, hitting her g-spot with long, quick downward strokes. Her hips bucked wildly in the air, wanting it, wanting Dan, wanting to come.

She could imagine Dan bent over the phone, stroking his dick with his hand as he imagined her lying there, fucking herself at his command. Her whole body tensed. Her nipples were as hard as rocks, her nub of a clit burned under her fingers. Her tits bounced around as she arched her back, moaning, screaming in pleasure.

“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna come! I want to come all over you! Goddamn I want my dick inside you!”

Nicole heard Dan let out a shuddering groan, and she imagined him exploding, dripping cum all over her stomach, pushing the hot stream of liquid against her clit. With a final down stroke, Nicole’s hips paused in the air. Her back arched up involuntarily, so high that she was balanced on only her head and her toes. A warm wave of relief washed over her, and she let out a moan that began as a high-pitched note and ended deeply, echoing in the back of her throat. Time seemed to stand still as she came.

When she was done, her hips fell back to the couch. She sighed and closed her eyes, a wide smile forming. She removed her hand gingerly from inside herself and brought it up to her breast, leaving a sticky trail as she traced the edge of her nipple. The entire room was full of her strong scent. She heard Dan panting heavily on the line.

“Fuck…fuck, I missed you,” he finally said between breaths.

“Yeah. I knew you would.”

“It’s just you. No one can ever be as good at this as you.”

“Thanks,” Nicole said, smiling wider in satisfaction, but she knew better than to fall for it this time. She had her fun, and she would have it again whenever she wanted. This time though, she would be the one calling the shots.

“Well, I have to go,” she said, sitting up and grabbing the phone off the coffee table. “I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Date? Don’t you want to watch some TV? Skinemax is showing ‘The Best Sex Ever’ tonight!”

Nicole giggled to herself. They used to watch soft-core porn on Cinemax and masturbate together all the time. The stuff was always the best on that channel, so they nicknamed it Skinemax.

“Maybe another night.”

“OK. But I’m definitely taking you up on that!”

Nicole sighed. “I hope you do.”

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