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The conferenceThis is a true tale of one of my experiences with a pregnant lactating beautyMany years ago when I was in the military I had the hottest time with a pregnant officer. Some back ground, she was about 5’10 tall had a slim almost hour glass figure, a beautiful pair of 36D’s, We knew of each other throughout our military assignments over the years, she was married to a senior NCO from another command. I was assigned to a few commands that coincided with her assignments from time to time and we got along together great. Now to the storyLt Col L and I had been selected to attend a conference together, at this time she was very pregnant and had started lactating, We arrived at the conference hotel and settled in our rooms which by chance were located next to each other with one of those pass through doors between the suites. The first day was filled with class’s and meetings that were absolutly boring, that night afyon escort we went to diner with a few other’s and afterward went to the hptel lounge for a few drinks, during this time I noticed that L was looking a little down, I sat next to her and quired why the long face, she told me that her breasts were aching and need to release as her milk was comming in. so she excused her self to go and take care of the issue, I left about 5 min later, Now we had decided to keep the doors unlocked door between the rooms to make it easier for us to move back and forth when working on projects, I got back to my room and noticed she ha not closed the door that was left open that morning, I heard her moaning in what I thought was pain and looked in to see if she needed help, what my eyes caught was the sight of her lying on the bed totally nude, she was caressing her big milk filled tits with one hand and her clit with the escort afyon other, she was beautiful, I could see traced of milk leaming from her erect nipples and her pussy looked wet and slippery, she had a well groomed bush of dark hair on her pussy I was instantly hard, I unzipped my pants and proceeded to masturbate watching her pleasure her self then the inevitable happened, she looked over and saw me there with my cock in hand, I thought the worst was to happen as she was a senior officer married to a very senior NCO and I was a mid level NCO oogling her in the naked rapture of and orgasm. I quickly tucked my cock away and said a few apologizes and turned to leave, She stoped me and asked if I enjoyed what I saw, I said yes that pregnant women always were my favorite, She then confided that she had purposly left tie door open in hopes I would catch her pleasureing herself, she told me her hubby was not paying afyon escort bayan musch attention to her needs since she had gotten pregnant and said she always like the way I wokrd with her over the years and thought I might be a good candidate to assist her in the sex department, nothing more need to be said, I stripped and joined her in her bed, I could not wait to suckle those milk filled tits and drink that hot sweet nectar of life, we were soon in the throes of hot petting, I caressed her large clit and licked caressed her tits, sucking the milk from those big beauties, this had an effect on her that made her cum hard, the first time she ever squirted as she told me later, spraying her pussy juice all over my hand and on the sheets, after the first orgasm she then took my hard cock and proceeded to give the best blow job ever, licking up and down my shaft sucking and licking my cum loaded balls, I was on the verge of blowing my load and ask her to stop so I could recover enough to fuck that hot pussy, insted she sucked harder and I blew my load in her waiting mouth…………..There is more to this story that I will publish later………..

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