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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. –

* * * * *

-The First Interlude of the Castle Series-

When I wake up this morning, I find myself lying on my side, spooned around Lucia. My arm’s slipped around her side and between her breasts to let my hand rest on her neck. My chest and belly are molded against her back and ass, while my limp cock is nestled between our legs. As I take my morning deep-breath, I realize with a smile that my nose was buried inside her hair. Lucia’s own scent, beneath the perfumes she sometimes wear, fills my lungs. But my breathing against her back apparently woke her up. And as she moans softly to tell me that she’s awake, she pushes herself tighter against me. Knowing full well how her body affects me, she’s careful to push her ass outward and she even wiggles it gently across my abdomen. When she feels my cock beginning to harden between her ass cheeks, she laughs sleepily. Unable to resist, I tighten up my grip around her chest. Following my lead, she pushes herself harder into me, adding both to the intimacy and to the warm feelings between my legs…

Seconds later, just as my hard cock was beginning to reach her pussy, Lucia clamps her thighs tighter together and squeezes my shaft against the length of her slit. When she does, I hear her moaning softly and feel her nipple poking into my forearm. Laughing, I tell her; “My! Aren’t we the horny one this morning…” She giggles at hearing this and increases her pressure on my cock. When I slip my hand from her neck to her blooming nipple, Lucia reaches down between her thighs, places her fingers underneath my cock and pushes it upward against her pussy. Now I was feeling the impossible flesh of her breast in my hand and was giving it the loving it deserved. Down below, even though my glans was snuggled in the top of her bush, I know that the rest of my cock is squeezing her clit and that it is sending shivers throughout Lucia’s entire body. With the instincts kicking in, we both started to grind ourselves against the other and pretty soon, even though the head of my cock was far away from her hole, we were both moaning softly in pleasure.

put the first two paragraphs to past tense, damnit!

Suddenly, Lucia stopped moving completely and I did the same, not knowing why she stopped. As she pushed the sheets off, she tells me not to move away from her. Then she bent at the waist, apparently trying to reach the little cabinet beside the bed without moving her pussy away from my cock. But when she did, I couldn’t help but to see both her graceful back as well as her ass, which was lovingly holding my cock. Her long black hair, still wild from sleeping, had flimsy strands stretched all over her back. While she was opening a little drawer, I kissed a few of those locks as well as her skin underneath. Then I pulled back and enjoyed the wonderful sight before me. I could see the sides of her breast around her ribcage, her feline back twisted as she searched for something, her waist and her ass molding itself against my lower belly. Also, and that’s what made me loose control, I could see my cock driving deep between her thighs; it looked like I was deeply inside her warm pussy.

But I knew I wasn’t and I realized that I needed to be. At the same instant, she bent further away from me to reach deeper into that drawer and so, from the top of her bush, my cock slid down until its head opened her lips apart. Unable to resist any longer, I placed my hand on her hip and pushed forward, easily impaling Lucia. Her pussy was burning hot as well as slick with her juices; I slid in like a hot knife into butter. She let out a long moan, which ended with a laugh; “You just can’t resist can’t you? …and I was supposed to be the horny one this morning!” As I laughed with her, she came back in my arms and we abandoned ourselves to our bodies for a few minutes. But I knew from her attitude that we were only playing and I also wanted to know what she had in her hand. So slowly we stopped fucking and, while keeping my cock buried inside her, I asked her what she had in her hand.

“It’s a surprise!” she told me. “And a favor I must ask of you…”

“You know I would do anything for you Lucia…”

“Yes, I think I do; especially now that you have your cock wanting to fuck the brains out of me!!!” canlı bahis At this we both laughed, but I didn’t miss the opportunity to give her pussy a few well-deserved thrusts.

“I was just kidding Iann… But I still have a favor to ask of you though.”


Instead of telling me what she wants, she unscrews the small bottle’s lid and the exotic smell of kiwis fills the room. After cupping some of the green stuff on two of her fingers, she asks me to pull out of her. When I rest my cock on her bush, she reaches down and begins to cover it with the green stuff. She giggles when I moan as she covers my glans with it, but doesn’t stop until the whole length is completely covered. Then she scoops up another blob of the stuff and reaches down again. This time she must be applying some of it onto herself because I can only feel her fingers moving under my cock. When she’s finished, she brings her two fingers to her mouth and licks them clean.

“Hmmm, I just love kiwi. Don’t you Iann?”

“Yes, sure…”

But I was beginning to seriously wonder what she had in mind; the only thing that this kiwi stuff could’ve been was lubricant. And since I arrived at the Castle that’s the one thing I didn’t need; the women here seem to be constantly aroused and wet. But when she finished cleaning her fingers, she closed the bottle and placed it on the cabinet.

“Now Iann, I hope I won’t gross you out…” I was shocked by what she had just said;

“Don’t worry Lucia, I don’t think you could do anything that would look gross to me.”

Still, I was pretty anxious to know what she had in mind. She reached back down to my cock, grabbed it and guided it against her pussy as she had done countless times since we met. But instead of finding her opening, she slipped it down lower until I felt the tip of my glans lodging against her anus.

“I’ve never done this Iann and I want you to take this, my last cherry so to speak. But I would understand if you didn’t want to…” A wave of relief washed over me when I realized that all she wanted to ask of me was to take her virgin ass.

“God Lucia… don’t ever scare me that way again! That’s not a favor you’re asking of me; it’s a wish you’re granting me! I’ve been dreaming of doing this since I first masturbated years ago. And these last few days, looking at your heavenly ass, I had trouble containing those urges…” And then she moaned! She actually moaned!

“Oh Iann, bless the creator for bringing you to me! I’ve been curious about this since a few months and I’ve been wanting to try it. But somehow the right guy never came along. Thank you for wanting this…”

“Thank me!!! Thank you Lucia for waiting for me…”

Leaning in, I kissed her neck tenderly as she pushed the side of her face against mine. At the same time, she pushed her ass against me as I was placing my hand on her hips to guide her movements. Knowing now that her anus must be as lubricated as my cock, I pushed my cock into her. As I thought, she resisted and I only pushed against her without any penetration. “Relax Lucia… that’s the only way I’m going to get in…” I had kept a steady pressure as I spoke and as soon as she relaxed a bit, we both felt my glans slipping by her sphincter and into her dark hole. “Oh God!” we both moaned at the same time. We were both as nervous and excited as the first time we ever made love and we were breathing hard in eagerness.

“Oh Iann, you feel so big back there… but it’s deliciously wonderful; don’t even think of pulling out…”

“Hmmm, don’t worry Lucia… I don’t think I could even if I wanted to.”

After a few minutes adjusting to my presence, she pushed back against my cock and allowed it to sink deeper into her. After we both moaned together again, she laughed out the last of her anxiousness and asked me;

“What if you made your way deeper by slowly fucking me in?”

“As much as I want it Lucia, I know that if I did that, I would never make it all the way in…”

“It’s that good for you too?”

“Oh God yes… even though the kiwi keeps us as wet as it can be, you’re still as tight as a very young virgin…”

We both laughed at that and as we shifted carelessly on the bed, I felt my cock slipping another inch inside her. When it did, she laughed again and told me; “You did that on purpose you horny adolescent!!!” While we laughed louder, she said; “Here, take this…” bahis siteleri and pushed her ass against me once more, sucking another inch or so into her.

By now, half my cock was buried inside her and we were having a pretty good time trying to push it all the way inside. Grabbing her hip firmly, I pulled out until only the tip of my glans was inside and pushed all the way back, sheathing another inch inside her Hershey secrets… Trying to focus on my breathing, I pulled out again and slipped back in, discovering new depths once again. But this time she winced in pain as I did and I pulled out completely. “No… don’t pull out Iann… You just… surprised me. Come back inside, please…” I complied happily and carefully made my way back inside. Reaching back, her hand grabbed my hip and she pulled me against her, controlling my movements. Within a few minutes, I felt my upper thighs molding themselves against her ass and knew we had made it all the way. “This is wonderful Iann! I can feel your balls against my pussy; you shafted my ass, you dirty boy!” We laughed again as we simply savored the feelings that were bathing us in glee.

Right now she felt even tighter than a fifteen-year-old virgin. But that’s where the comparison stops. In her pussy I always feel like plunging into a slick velvet glove made for one single thing: giving me pleasure. But in her ass, even through the lubricant, I feel every bump, ridge and wrinkle and I must say that this very alien feeling still overfills me with pleasure. When I push from her rim to her depths, I can clearly feel every one of those imperfections, coupled with an increasing resistance I don’t find in her pussy. The deeper I went the harder it was to go further, as if those depths were only reserved for the most rare and intense of moments. But I knew she pushed back against me to allow me everything she could give me; Lucia loved every second of this new intimacy as much as me. Perhaps in little shards of pain, she sometimes contracts her muscles all around me, adding to the wicked pressure that’s constantly gripping my cock. We both knew what this did to me; she giggled each time I moaned!

“Turn with me…” she said. I did, following her body until I squashed her completely against the bed under me. She positively loved this position, apparently, with my cock either in her pussy or her asshole. Her legs were opened, letting mine lean down on the bed and giving my cock better leverage to wander a little bit deeper. My head was resting on hers, both facing the same wall as we breathed in a complementary rhythm. Before generating the movements that would bring us to bliss, I turn my head and bury my face in her wild mass of locks until I find her nape. Taking a deep breath, I fill myself with her perfumes, finding the intimate aroma of night that still lingers there. She laughed gently; for some unknown reason, she thought that my smelling of her nape and hairs was funny. As I filled my lungs with a second breath, I pushed up against her ass and felt her tight muscles reclaiming their death grip on my cock. This time I moaned into her hairs.

Both my hands were under her pillow, hidden with hers. As I began to pull out of her, our fingers calmly intertwined and locked together. But neither of us felt any fear; if something began hurting or if anything else went wrong, we knew that we would simply stop, regardless of the intense pleasure that was already consuming both of us. I pulled back agonizingly slowly, my cock reached the end of its length and I paused a few seconds before sheathing it back in all the way. When I did, we both shuddered and moaned, at the same time loosing any grip on lucidity. Instead of the conscious ride we knew so well, the kind of ride we felt when fucking each other, we both slipped into some kind of trance. Laced with pleasure, nervousness, excitement, naughtiness and a shadow of pain, this trance guided us to the natural rhythm that would bring us to an incredible climax. We both knew it was inevitable and with that knowledge we abandoned ourselves to the rapture that grew out of our control.

Regardless of what we felt, to an outsider we must have looked like wild beasts fucking at each other for all they were worth. I knew her ass was extremely arched upward and pushed lewdly against me while I pushed her legs more and more opened in my quest for better angle. I was nearly on my knees behind her, aiming straight bahis şirketleri down into her darkest but most intense of fucking holes, madly pounding into her as if my life depended on it. From inside her thighs, I moved my knees out and rested them to either side of hers. She had half-raised herself on her knees to get as much sensation as she could and I only wanted to give her more. Moving my knees again I straightened up and grabbed her hips with my hands. At this point, I was fucking her ass as fast or maybe even faster than we ever got when fucking her pussy; lust, lewdness and naughtiness had complete control of both our bodies.

The feeling of finally discovering the depths of her ass was overwhelmingly delightful. And, by judging by her moans and groans, she was feeling the same. While she still had her face and breasts mashed against the bed, I could clearly see one of her hands pushed deep between her legs. No doubt she was madly fingering her clit. Seconds later I felt her body beginning to twitch and writhe as she does just before climaxing. When her moans joined in, I released all my control and fucked her ass as best I could. It only took us a few more seconds and we both turned into quivering bodies raked with climaxes. I was still pounding into her ass and she was still matching me thrust for thrust, but we already were in the lewd bliss. When I felt my cum racing through the length of my cock, I pushed in as deep as I could and felt it bursting into her ass. I pulled out only to return with another dose that splattered deep inside her bowels.

“Oh God I felt it Iann…” When I understood that she meant that she had felt my cum inside her, I also saw her feeling the effects of a second climax as it was raking her body again. We both crumbled on her bed when this climaxed disappeared only to find my cock still hard. Without waiting any longer I began to fuck her again, feeling my slick cum lubricating her muscles for me. I less than a minute she began trembling again and, to my surprise, I felt another surge of pleasure growing from my balls. So for the first time in my life I experienced two consecutive orgasms and felt every single sperm that filled her ass again. Under me, she creamed her climax into the bed as it shook her with much more strength than any other climax I had given her. When it subsided, I placed my mouth near her ear and said;

“This may be the most lewd of all compliments I could make, but your anus is absolutely magical…” She instantly burst into laughter under me, clamping her ass involuntarily around my limp cock.

“I always thought…” she said between laughs “…that I would be ashamed of such a compliment. But I felt it and must admit that indeed, it is magical.” Her laughter rose again and this time I joined her.

Minutes later, I slowly pulled out and rolled over to my back. Looking at me with mischievous eyes, she smiled and thanked me. Once again I told her that it was something that I had dreamed of doing for a long time and that I should be the one thanking her. After laughing again, we latched our hands together and slept an extra hour before getting up. A shower was in order before leaving the room and we spent nearly another hour fooling around in there like two adolescents discovering their bodies. Before getting wrinkled all over, we got out and dried each other with infinite care… Then we went back to the bed where we talked about Roxanne’s initiation. It didn’t take long; Lucia told me that the priestesses would tell me what to do, and what not to do. I was told to show up there at one o’clock; that gave me a few hours to relax and fantasize about what I would be seeing and feeling.

Lucia left me alone in her room, saying that I should not spend the day with the resident who had chosen me before the initiation. She told me that sometimes, guests choose to stay with the newly initiated maid instead of finding a regular resident. But we both knew that I was not going to move away from Lucia for another girl. When she looked at me while closing the door, I knew that leaving me alone in her personal room was something that was probably rarely done. Something was growing between Lucia and me, something warm and intimate. I tried my best to keep my hopes down, but I had to admit that I was doing a terrible job of it!

And with the ritual waiting for me this afternoon, my head was full of dreams… What was going to happen in the baths? I don’t know, but I’m sure eager to find out… With that, I lied back on the bed and daydreamed about this initiation until it was time to go.

* * * * *

-If you have the time, I’d like some comments. Thanks –

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