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MY MOTHERLily was raised by her single mom who was very well known as a sexy slut. She would go down to the local tavern where she was able to always bring home a man. When she got home they would fuck all night and she allowed the men anything they wanted. Lily would lay in bed and listen to them talk about fucking and sucking cock and fucking her mom’s ass. Her mom would tell the man to fuck her hard and ram his cock in her cunt deep. She would yell “Yes. Fuck me harder. Ram that big cock in my cunt. I want more of that big cock.” Also Lily would hear her mom tell him “Lick my pussy. That’s it. Suck my clit and make me cum. Now stick your tongue in my wet fuck hole. Fuck me like your tongue is a cock. That’s it. Stick that tongue in my cunt deep. Suck me dry.” Sometimes her mom would bring home two men and they would really fuck her mom. She would hear the men tell her mom “Spread those legs and give me some of that nasty snatch while you suck that cock down your throat. Show us what a dirty whore you can be. That’s a good slut. Oh baby. We love how nasty you can be. You love that big cock in your cunt and throat don’t you. Now suck that cock hard.”Lily would listen and get so turned on by what her mom was doing that she would rub her pussy and play with her clit. She then would push her mom’s dildo into her cunt and fuck her self till she came many times. The dirtier her mom and the men talked the more she fucked on her self. Lily was developing a nice set of tits. She hoped she would have big tits like her mom. She loved staring at the big set of tits her mom had. Many times her mom would have her robe open and Lily would see her tits and shaved pussy. She asked her mom to shave her and the mom gave her a nice shave job and rubbed her pussy with a lotion to keep her pussy nice and smooth. Her mom looked at her and told her “You are getting to be quite sexy. You have nice tits and your pussy looks so sweet all shaved bald. Are you ready for a man in your life? Would you like mom to teach you to be a good fucker.” Lily told her “Yes. I think I would love to fuck a man. I want a cock like you get all the time.” Her mom smiled and told her “I will take care of you. Men will love your beauty and sexy body.” She then lifted Lily’s shirt and looked at her tits. She rubbed her hands over them and played with the nipples. “You are growing nice tits baby. They are already bigger then most women at the tavern. They are nice and perky too. Want them sucked?” bahis siteleri Lily said “I think it would be great to have my tits kissed and sucked like the men do your big jugs.” Her mom then pulled her shirt off and began to rub her tits. “Arch your back baby. Stick those tits out. Be proud of your body. Show it off. Make the men want it bad.” As Lily arched her back her mom then ran a tongue over her nipples as she cupped her tits. Her nipples got hard fast. Then her mom took one in her mouth and sucked it. She began to moan because it felt so good and made her pussy tingle.Her mom told her “You like that don’t you baby? Can you feel it down to your pussy? Spread your legs and let me feel if that sweet pussy is wet.” Her mom sucked her tits harder and then ran her fingers over Lily’s pussy. She rubbed her clit and then let her finger enter Lilt’s cunt. “Yes, baby. You are very wet. Let me make you cum.” Her mom sucked on her nipples as she fingered her cunt and Lily had no trouble cumming several times. Then he mom kissed down to her nice shaved pussy and began to lick her and suck her now hard clit. She fingered her cunt as she sucked on the clit and Lily was now going crazy and cumming fast. Then he mom pushed her tongue inside Lily’s cunt and began to tongue fuck her and suck her cum as she covered her mom. Then he mom shed her clothes and told Lily “Now suck on my nipples and put two fingers in my cunt and finger fuck me and make me cum. Get used to a cunt then I will bring home a nice cock for you to fuck. I know just the man to teach you to suck and fuck with. He has a nice cock and big balls and he also loved to eat pussy till you feel like you will pass out. He can fuck a long time and has great cum. You will love him.” Lily and her mom spent the next few hours sucking and fucking each other then they showered and her mom got ready to go to the tavern for a man.It was after midnight when her mom came in with just the right man for Lily. She brought him in Lily’s bed room and told Lily to undress as the man got naked. He was a good looking man and his cock got hard when he saw the naked Lily. She was so beautiful and so sexy. She had a great body with nice firm tits and a shaved pussy. He could not wait to taste her and fuck her and feel her mouth over his cock. He wanted to fill her mouth and cunt with his warm juice and watch her swallow every drop. Her mom had told him she needed a man to teach her to fuck. He had fucked the bets10 giriş mom many times and the mom was a wild slut in the bed. He hoped the daughter would be just as good. He really wanted some of her snatch. In fact he wanted some of that pussy of her mom’s too. Her mom could deep throat and suck like a vacuum. After he was naked he slid in bed beside Lily and began to tongue kiss her as his hands ran over her nice firm tits. He pushed his tongue in deep as he played with her nipples then rubbed all over her full tits. She responded to his kiss by giving him her tongue also. She was horny and willing just how he liked his sexy partners. He then kissed over her tits and sucked on her nipples feeling how hard they were as his fingers went down to her smooth pussy. She spread her legs for him and he liked how eager she was. He ran his hand all over her bald pussy as he sucked on her tits and then he rubbed her clit between two fingers and felt her cum. When he felt her pulse he slid a finger deep into her cunt and began to fuck her hard and deep listening to her cum. He finger fucked her adding a second finger as she spread her legs wider for him. He liked that she wanted her pussy fucked hard and his cock was beginning to throb needing to get inside that tight cunt.He pushed her to her back and got on top of her with her legs spread wider yet. He pushed his cock to the entrance of her fuck hole and began to enter her. She felt so good and so tight. She was wet and warm and wanted his cock bad. He was not a huge man but he had a nice sized cock for the young girl. He soon had it buried in her wet cunt and began fucking her pulling almost out then back in. She felt so good and she seemed to loved being fucked. As he fucked her harder he kissed her neck then her mouth shoving his tongue back inside her mouth. He let his tongue take over her mouth as his cock fucked her cunt deeper. Her cunt was the best he had had in a long time. 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lid a finger in her and kissed her ass cheeks. He pulled his finger out and replaced it with his tongue. He was fucking her ass hard as his fingers found her cunt and finger fucked her there too and had her squirming and screaming for joy.He spent the whole night sucking and fucking her cunt and ass. He also sucked her tits as he fingered her cunt or ass. She wanted more and she even sucked his cock and swallowed his cum and she sucked his balls like no one ever had. He taught her to lick and finger his ass then tongue fuck him as she jerked his cock till he would cum. She was wild and horny and could not get enough of his cock or tongue. He would two finger her ass and three finger her cunt. He loved cock fucking her ass and she loved it too and begged him to fuck her harder. He loved to kiss her ass cheeks then bury his face in her ass crack and lick and suck her. Her mom said she wanted to fuck and she was right. This sexy nympho could not get enough of his cock. She wanted it in her mouth, cunt or ass. She liked it rough and deep. He even bent her over his lap and spanked her ass lightly then fucked it and had her cunning so hard the cum was running down her legs. She went crazy when he fucked her cunt with his cock and fucked her ass with two fingers. He also fucked her ass with his cock and three fingered her cunt. She loved to suck his balls deep in her mouth as she stroked his cock. He taught her to suck his balls and finger fuck his ass. She was a raving sex machine.In the morning he had to leave but they made plans for as soon as he got off work. Her cunt was sore as was his cock but they were going to spend another night together. He wanted to keep her to himself and not share her with any guy that would love fucking her sexy body. All he could think of at work that day was her on her hands and knees and him fucking her ass with every inch of his hard cock.

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