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My Girlfriend paying her rentMy girlfriend a few years ago, let’s call her Mindy, was living with her parents at this time because she was a college student and her parents graciously let her move back in with them. at this time I was in my mid-twenties and Mindy had just turned 20 herself. She stood about 5 foot 5 and she had brown hair and wore glasses to looked a lot like Velma from Scooby-Doo. Mindy had nice b cup tits and she also had a nice little ass. Our sex life was great we had sex almost every single day that we work together we could not help ourselves. She was a beautiful young girl and I was totally into her. So I decided to surprise her one day and take her out to dinner and a show which was something that she really enjoyed doing.I drove over to her house that day and when I pulled up I noticed that her car was there along with one of her step dad’s work trucks. He owns a construction company in our town and actually built the house that they lived in now. so I went inside like I normally would and looked around the house for her figuring that she was the only one home. He has several work trucks and there was only one in the driveway. I looked all around the house but did not find her. I figured she must be out with her mom shopping.I went to lie down in her room and take a short nap but lo and behold I had to use the restroom. I went downstairs to her mom’s private restroom next to her bedroom because honestly it was the nicest one in the house and even though no one was home I don’t like people knowing what I’m doing and is the most well insulated. I did my business, and left the restroom. as I walked past her mom and step dad’s room I noticed a sound coming from it. me being the only one at the house I didn’t really think anything of it and I cracked the door to see what was going on.I look inside and there is my girlfriend on top of her stepdad riding him. I can tell that she is loving it and so is he. He is in his mid-fifties gray hair about six-two with a big bushy mustache and he’s a little bit overweight now. I’m not shy when it comes to how big my penis is . my dick is about 8 inches long and a little above average when it comes to thickness. his was smaller than mine I could tell thicker as well. I could really tell she was enjoying herself. I can’t güngören escort believe I didn’t hear it before. She was moaning quite loud but since this was a new house and is insulated really well, the sounds did not travel far. Now I know why they let her move back in. It was no secret that her and her step dad did not get along, because he was a tightwad when it came to money. He had her on top of him grinding his cock inside of her. She loved it. as I said, I could not help but be turned on my dick was harder than it had been in a long time and that’s saying something because I f***** her almost every day. Without me realizing it I had my dick in my hand stroking it and I just leaned in and took everything in. I wasn’t even angry I was too turned on for it. So I just watched. Like I said, my girlfriend was on top of him riding him cowgirl. I could hear how wet she was with her pussy slurping his cock up. I could hear him whispering to her now that I was no longer in total shock. He said things to her like this is how you’re going to pay for the electric bill, it went up $75 since you have been here. She responded by saying I’m so sorry Daddy anything I can do to help pay, I will. It’s okay sweetheart he said. Ever since your boyfriend took your virginity I can f*** you instead of just getting a b******* for rent. She leaned in and started kissing him then she leaned forward a little more so that he can get a hold of her tits and start licking them. Oh yes daddy, yes lick my titties. Please nibble on my titties. Daddy yes harder Daddy. As she leaned over I can get a better View of her riding him and she was taking it all the way. Even in the dim light, I could tell how wet she was. She then began to go much faster. Oh god daddy yes I’m coming, I’m coming yes daddy. f*** me Daddy she started to cry and then her body started to spasm. as She leaned back and rode him harder and harder. Yes daddy I’m coming, I’m coming. Right there don’t stop, keep f****** me. he grabbed her hips and had a look of determination on his face and helped her grind into his cock she began to moan even louder having an extreme orgasm. This lasted about 2 minutes as she came over and over on him. She had to lean over to catch her breath. He looked at her and said you’re not done paying escort güngören for your rent I still have to finish and he said. I know Daddy I was just finishing up this little bit. Then she leaned over and pulled his cock from her pussy. She took his dick in her hand and turned around and put her ass in his face. she said I’m going to suck your dick now Daddy. I know how much you like it but you have to eat my pussy too. So he stuck his tongue deep inside of her before she even touched his cock with her lips. She immediately started moaning, Yes daddy stick it deeper, deeper, I love your mustache on my pussy, she said. She then took his fat cock and swallowed it all the way without gagging Slurping up and down and I could hear a faint slurping noise. She sucked it for all it was worth. occasionally taking her lips from his cock and sucking his balls.I heard a noise behind me and I jumped and turned around. With my penis completely exposed there stood Mindy’s Mom. She looked at me and said, Wow my my daughter wasn’t lying you really do have a nice cock. Oh don’t look so stunned of course I talk to my daughter about her sex life. Not knowing weather not she knew what was going on. I tried to hide the fact that the door was cracked open and I didn’t want my girlfriend to know that I was watching her. but her mother answered that question almost immediately. Ever sincer her step-dad found our youu took her virginity my daughter likes to come in and join us. Since she was a virgin all she would do is suck his dick and that really frustrated him but now he gets the fuck her and his excuse is the rent. I don’t mind it keeps things interesting. But now it looks like it’s my turn and it looks like you’re already hard for me she went ahead and put down the bag that she was carrying and bent down in front of me. She took my cock out of my hand and started licking the shaft. like I said before I don’t think I’ve ever been that turned on in my entire life.that just kicked it into hyper drive then she took the whole thing in her mouth I’d only seen one other person do that before and it was her daughter. I see now where she got it from. Now my girlfriend’s mom looks a little like Mindy. Just a little bit taller than her bigger breasts. Her hair was a 80s curly brown, very bushy. güngören escort bayan Just to give you an idea what she looked like.She began to work my shaft like magic. But then she stopped all of a sudden and stood up. Saying no this is not the right place for this.She turned me around and walked me through the bedroom door. the look on both my girlfriend and her step dad’s face was priceless. They both look at us like what the hell .Now I didn’t know at the time that they all knew what was going on especially my girlfriend but ‘sI guess the ball is just dropped. Mindy’s mom looked at her and said, since you get to share my husband I’m going to share your boyfriend. she went over to the bed and proceeded to take off her panties under her skirt she then bent over the side of the bed and said okay come here. I walked over like I was told and she bent over and said, Well don’t just stare at it. so I didn’t I got on my knees and began to eat her out like I’ve never eaten anyone out before. I love going down on girls so this was a great experience at that time.Mindy got off her step dad’s face and he bent her over and started taking her from behind. The sound of her getting f***** like that just made me eat her mom’s pussy out even more. but I couldn’t take it anymore I stood up behind her and took my throbbing 8-inch cock and bega
n working it into her pussy. Now the dick that she’s had in her for about 15 years was about 6 inches long and about 3 inches thick which is not too bad but mine is 8 inches long and I went deeper than her husband has had in years I began working it viciously and she started to lose balance. I could not have that. So I grabbed an hand full of her hair to balance her. she screamed f****me f****Me oh my God I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody gone this deep in my life. She again lost her balance. Now she’s still wearing a skirt which I was fine with. it turned me on but she still had her bra and shirt on I couldn’t have that so I let go of her hair and grabbed the front of her shirt with both hands one on each side right in front of her breasts and ripped it off of her. the surprise in her voice made it ten times better. The site of a bra on a woman who’s being f***** from behind I slid the straps of the bra down to the sides, and slipped the bra down to her waist and then Grabbed a breast in each hand. I fucked her as hard as I could as long as I could. With both of them bent over in each other’s face, Mindy and her mother began kissing, enjoying each other’s mouths. More later taking a break

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