Monday morning, dull day, orders to make, staff rosters to ‘juggle’, phone incessantly ringing, customer complaints to solve, police to deal with as a result of catching a shoplifter – who’d be a supermarket manager?? I didn’t know it, but things were about to get a whole lot better. The rap at my door brought me face to face with the ‘security chief’, Eddie. Another problem had surfaced involving one of our new trainees. One ‘new’ girl had been caught loading her locker with high price items that she’d pinched from the warehouse. I asked Eddie to send her in. A very ‘shamed’ looking young staff member, about five feet tall, was led in with her eyes fixed to the floor. With an air of total confidence I snapped ‘ Well Judith….. What have you been up to?’ I didn’t know the girl, but her name badge gave me an ‘all knowing’ air.

A short young girl looked up, eyes filled with defiance…. but she jumped rather nervously as Eddie’s bleeper went off, and he was called away, leaving us alone in my office. I stood, doing my best to look angry.. It was hard because I was suddenly aware of how beautifully proportioned her tiny frame was, and how pretty her face was, all this despite her ‘hard’ facial expression.. Standing behind her, the line of her bra and panties were clearly visible through the thin nylon material of her thin ‘shop’ uniform. Like a magnet I felt my hands being drawn to her trim little ass. Did it feel as good as it looked? To my surprise she softened and sighed as my hand stroked her firm little rump and she shivered as I traced her neat little cleft with my finger… as I glanced at her face, the expression had softened, and her eyes were closed.

Turning quickly I clicked the bolt on the door to shut – I definitely didn’t want to be disturbed!! I’d a feeling that Jude’s gorgeous little bottom was going to need some serious attention, and I had every chance to do the ‘attending.’ Apart from a ‘fling’ when at school, I heard a soft movement behind and found to turned toward me. She stepped in close slipped her arms around my waist and firmly gripped my bottom with both hands. I could easily have broken free, but those small, warm hands kneading my ample backside had me in their power. ‘I think we MIGHT be able to sort your little problem out..’ was my I had no pripor leanings in the ‘same sex’ department. casino oyna The strained relationship between my husband and me probably was THE cause of what happened next.

‘You have a lot to do to convince me to keep you on’, was my threatening opening gambit. The look on my face must have given away my sexual inclination as her little fingers dug sharply into my behind. Her eyes lifted and looked deeply into mine. My surrender must have appeared total to her because in an instant those tiny hands were up my skirt, this time kneading my bottom through only my tights and pants. I could feel myself tremble as fingers traced my backside, and pushed into my back hole. ‘It would help if you’d take them off’ came Judith’s whispered suggestion, as she tugged gently at my tights. Automatically I stepped back, and helped her to pull my tackle down. ‘MMMM.. You’ve a nice ass!! was Jude’s flattering observation as she circled me, for As a middle aged woman and a mother of three, ‘sylph – like’ I was not, and I did not regard my ample backside as ‘nice’

My face glowed as my embarrassment showed, I suddenly felt rather uncomfortable as eager young fingers began stroking my ‘generous’ bottom. Licking her lips almost nervously, Judith firmly twisted my pants to one side and pressed her ‘button’ nose into the fresh damp patch that was clearly developing between my legs. Her eyes gestured me back to my desk, and obediently I took three steps back, feeling the hard edge of my desk suddenly digging into my soft bottom. Judith followed me and as I came to my abrupt halt, she knelt in front of me gently pushing her nose into my now sopping bush. With gentle up and down movements, Judith traced my throbbing clit and pussy with her pretty nose, whilst removing my damp pants. Occasional darts of her tongue had me gasping then moaning and then I came uncontrollably in a flood. It was the greatest sexual thrill I had ever experienced….and I needed more… as I felt my juices trickling inside my thighs. Judith, thinking her work was done started to stand. I don’t know where the strength came from, but Judith didn’t make it back to her feet. My strong hands and arms pushed her back between my legs. I heard myself speak… It didn’t sound like me reminding the pretty Miss that ‘She’d plenty to do yet’

I could sense her discomfort, canlı casino but that made things even more exciting. Gripping her hair, I pulled her face hard into my ‘weeping’ mound as I ‘facially’ masturbated myself with her.. Judith had suddenly lost her confidence as well as her enthusiasm for eating me, but she lacked the strength to break my grip on her short, black locks. I felt sexually ‘charged’, Judith was now going to do MY bidding. I ground her pretty face into my drenched pussy, her gasps and struggles simply increased my pleasure as delicious tingly waves invaded my trembling body… I hoisted my bottom onto my desk, crushing Judith’s glistening, now crimson face even harder into my crotch. I heard my own ‘husky’ voice demanding that Judith’s tongue and fingers should return to work between my legs. As my grip on her hair tightened and dark strands were pulled out, a delicious little tongue found it’s way back to my intimate ‘spot.’ I do not remember how long I pleasured myself with her face, but the term ‘multiple orgasm’ most certainly applied.

Suddenly became aware of her muffled sobbing down between my legs. I eased her head back from my pussy to encounter a glistening, red-faced, sobbing young girl. I could see traces of my dark pubic hair around her mouth, on her red cheeks and even across her sweat-stained forehead, in fact ALL over her pretty face…………for me it was a HUGE turn on!!! I helped her to stand upright in front of me, and I began unbuttoning her ‘shop coat.’ I quickly had it open as far down as her neat little navel. I could now see her matching underwear, which were disappointingly bland M & S types, in a light blue color. Encouragingly her bra was a ‘front loader’ which came off easily and I dropped it softly at her feet. ‘I think you know the rest – if you REALLY want to keep the job!!!’ was my only observation. Realizing the hopelessness of her situation… Judith’s arms rose defensively to cover her small exposed breasts. I felt her tiny body stiffen as my hands closed round her neat little ass, and I sensed her gasp as my thumbs looped over the elastic on her uniform pants and knickers. With one strong pull they were down, covering her tiny size two shoes.

Any bravado she may have been harboring was now gone!! As I pulled her trousers and knickers away from her feet and kicked kaçak casino her shoes under the desk. Judith now stood totally naked before me, except for her grubby white socks. I was transfixed by her naked perfection. This was my first major ‘same sex’ experiment, and I had chosen a beautiful young victim. I cupped her firm little tits, marveling at their smooth firmness as my lips folded over her protruding nipple. It still amazes me now how big those tiny nipples swelled to in my mouth. My tongue suddenly had a wonderfully large obstruction to surmount, but as the wetness between my legs increased my lips and tongue molded her nipples to fit perfectly in my hot mouth. I slowly ‘inched’ Judith back so that she now perched on the edge of my desk. I eased her bottom up and with a hop from her she settled on my desk top. I was now so ‘hot’ that tenderness was forgotten as I knelt in front of her and roughly pulled her thin legs apart. Without wasting a second I buried my face into her pussy, and was immediately aware of her level of arousal. I thought that my bush was wet, but Judith was positively ‘dripping.’ I lifted her slim legs onto my shoulders, leaving her most delicate place completely at my mercy. I tasted her pussy, which was even more delicious than it I could ever have imagined. I quickly took her swelling clit between my teeth. I thought I might have hurt her, but a deep sigh was Judith’s only response before she inched her lovely butt closer to my reddening face.

I quickly slipped my first finger into her wet hole as she squirmed her bottom forward to increase my pressure. Judith grabbed MY hair and pulled me even harder into her sopping sex, doing much the same with my face, as I’d just done with hers. Now my tongue was into her, getting deeper…and deeper… as I slowly drowned in her dripping, fragrant sea. My finger, still wet from my first insertion now traced under her trim bottom, followed her shallow valley until it reached her tight butt hole. I wasted no time on niceties, and stuck it straight in. The gasp must have been audible on the fruit stall!! but I no longer cared, and started to increase the speed of my ‘in – out’ movements. Very quickly Judith came in waves over my tongue, face and fingers, I’d never felt so much power!! Reluctantly I stood, knowing I was expected at a staff training session, but using her light blue knickers I dabbed the wetness from my face and neck. I ensured that Judith would be on time for Saturdays Part two of the disciplinary procedure….I mean… I didn’t want to miss a minute..

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