Hidden desires surface…

The couch was easy to reach, once Liz rolled her wheelchair up the ramp to the raised living room in Sue’s house. She loved the room because sitting on the couch; one was two steps above the kitchen and the pool deck outside. From any place in the room, one looked down into rather than along either the kitchen or the pool. To accommodate a wheelchair or the wider stance she needed when Liz used her crutches and braces, Sue re-arranged the furniture to make sure that Liz had the space to maneuver.

Sue was in the kitchen making a snack for both of them. It was one of those lazy afternoons in the fall where the weather wasn’t really yucky, but wasn’t nice either and the two of them decided to stay at home. Liz locked the brakes on her wheelchair right next to the couch so it was an easy transfer.

She didn’t like to use a transfer board placed between the wheelchair and the couch. Yes, she would readily admit, it was easier – just put it in place and slide across. Liz preferred to expend the energy and lift her useless lower half with her arms and swing from the chair to the new location.

This time, she positioned herself so she was facing the couch and like she had many times before, put her arms on the couch and lifted her butt off the chair so she could swing it onto the couch, confident her paralyzed legs would follow. She’d been doing this for the better part of twenty-five years and this was just another transfer in the life of Liz, the paraplegic.

When she started to swing her butt across the short gap between the chair and the couch, Liz noticed that something wasn’t right. While she couldn’t feel her bottom or legs, she knew, it wasn’t fully on the couch. Her legs were of no use because they were totally paralyzed and atrophied.

Liz started to try to shift back onto the chair and didn’t make it. She fell in a disorganized heap on the floor and her head banged off the frame of the wheel chair.

Sue heard the thump and came running from the kitchen to find Liz crumpled on the floor and dazed with her flaccid legs tangled beneath her. Sue helped Liz into a sitting position and looked in her eyes. She could see the red spot where a lump was beginning to form.

“I’m O.K… I just fell down. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time.”

Sue could see the side of Liz’s head that was already starting to swell. “Stay there and let me get you an ice pack.”

Using crushed ice from the refrigerator stuffed into a zip lock bag, Sue handed Liz a dishtowel and the ice pack and she dutifully put it in place. While she was sitting there, Sue untangled Liz’s legs so she could lean against the couch. Then, she sat next to her on the floor.

“What happened?”

“My left foot got tangled up in one of the stirrups and I got caught in no man’s land. I couldn’t get onto the couch and when I tried to get back in the chair, I didn’t make it. Damn useless legs.”

Sue didn’t know what to say so she put her arm around her lover. “Let’s sit here for a few minutes. Are you dizzy?”

“No. I don’t think I have a concussion but I am beginning to get a headache.”

Sue got up and brought a glass of water and two Tylenol that Liz immediately took. After handing the glass back to Sue, she sat back down on the floor. “When you are ready, I’ll lift you back up onto either the couch or the chair.”

“You don’t have too. I can do it myself.”

“I know that, but humor me, I’ll help. It’s to make sure you make it.”

Liz nodded and straightened her legs so they were next to each other. Her toes were pointed away from her body and parallel to her legs. “Sue, one of the things I have been thinking about is having my legs removed. There are doctors who will do it if they are convinced that it will improve my quality of life.”

“Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack. I know several paraplegics who had it done.”

Sue loved the feel of Liz’s legs. Her feet and their soft texture turned her on. If they were gone, would she like what was left? She ran her hand down the closest leg and cradled the foot. “How much would you have amputated?”

“Good question. I’ve been thinking about it off and on over the years. One of the woman had it done just above the knees, another mid-thigh and the third I met, had them removed at just below her hips.”

“So, again, why would you do it?”

“To prevent what just happened. It would make transfers a lot easier.”

“And, you would never stand again. You would be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.”

“I know. That’s the one thing that is holding me back. You know, hard as it is to crutch along with braces, I like wearing them and I know it turns you on.”

Sue picked up Liz’s leg that was closest to her and draped it over her thighs. “That it does, but you don’t have to do much to turn me on. All I have to do is caress one of your legs and I start to get wet.”

Now that she had Liz’s legs partially spread, ran her hand over Liz’s mound. casino oyna Liz could see, but not feel what Sue did. “I know.”

Sue kissed Liz deeply. “Liz, I love you.”

Liz put the ice pack down on the glass-topped coffee table so they could hug and kiss. “Sue, you are the love of my life. I love being with you.”

After sitting on the floor for about twenty minutes or so, Sue slid her hands under Liz’s armpits and lifted her on the couch. She watched while her lover rearranged her legs so they were crossed in front her.

Sue reached out and touched the lump on the side of Liz’s head. “If this doesn’t go down soon, I’m taking you to an ER.”


While they were having lunch, Sue suggested they get dressed up and go out to dinner. They settled on Nonna’s in Highland Park and Sue made a reservation.

Liz, with Sue’s encouragement decided to show off her legs with a mid-thigh, dark length skirt. The smallest size pantyhose fit her legs snugly and made it easy to slip on a pair of three-inch spike heels that had a strap around her ankle to make sure they would stay on. Rather than have her feet resting next to each other on the foot bar, she had them crossed at the ankles where they would stay unless she moved them.

To go with the black skirt, she wore a light gray blouse unbuttoned to show some cleavage and a hit of her lacy black bra Sue bought her at Victoria Secret. When she rolled out of the house, Liz thought she oozed sexuality which was confirmed by Sue’s look on her face. What others thought didn’t matter.

Sue also wore a short leather skirt that was also mid-thigh and topped it with a white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough so that one might, if they were lucky, see the black bra underneath. She was wearing what Liz called one of her “want me, fuck me” outfits and had, even at the age of fifty the body and legs to wear such an outfit. When, just before they left, Sue pirouetted in the living room, Liz thought Sue looked fabulous.

Liz, who was focused on maneuvering her wheelchair between the narrow spaces separating the seated diners, was oblivious to the looks the couple got. Sue was not and loved the looks they got from the men and even some of the women. Liz stopped for a moment to talk to a couple she’d known for years before pushing on to their table in the back.

Three times during dinner, couples came over to say hello to Liz. After the third one, Liz leaned over the table. “I think they are coming to check you out. Some of these people were clients and some, I’ve known for years. The rumor mill was hot and heavy right after you closed. Many of your neighbors were worried that you were going to woo away their husbands. I think some wives secretly breathed a sigh of relief when the next set of rumors that flew around were that you were gay. The last thing in the world they wanted was a wealthy, good looking, single, sexy woman in their midst.”

When they got home, Sue waited until Liz rolled into up onto the raised living room. She locked the wheels and moved to the couch with her legs hanging limply over the edge while she waited for Sue to bring a glass of wine.

Sue put the glass on the coffee table and sat down next to Liz. She leaned over and kissed Liz before she reached behind her. Sue gathered both of Liz’s hands in one of hers and wasn’t quite sure how to say it. “Liz, would you live with me for the rest of your life?”

Sue popped open a small dark red velvet box. In it was a six-carat round diamond ring with two half-carat stones on either side. The certificate said the stones were rated internally flawless (IF) and D color. “Would you marry me?”

Both her hands went to Liz’s face. “Oh my God, its beautiful…” She took the box and slipped on the right and then she realized she hadn’t answered the question. She pulled Sue’s face to hers and French kissed her. “Of course I will.”


The marriage proposal and acceptance set off a flurry of activities, one of which was the agreement on a mutual prenuptial that essentially said what they brought into the marriage was theirs and they would share expenses equally. Each would retain a lawyer to prepare a pre-nuptial agreement that would mirror the other one. It was an expensive way to go but both felt that if they got two law firms involved, the agreement would be fairer.

The second was that they would live in Sue’s house and Liz’s would be sold. It needed work and updating and as soon as that was done, it would be sold.

For tax reasons, they agreed to buy a beach house that Liz would own. The question was where?

The last question to answer was when should they tie the knot. Same sex marriages were now legal in Texas and neither wanted to make a big deal about it. Sue didn’t have many friends she wanted to invite and both her parents were gone. It was just Liz’s family and since neither one of them were very religious, they decided on a simple ceremony at the courthouse once the pre-nuptials were signed. Liz would tell canlı casino her parents and family and friends would be invited to a reception sometime in early December at Sue’s that was now, henceforth, their house.

On Monday, after both got the work on the pre-nuptials under way, Liz invited Sue to come with her to a rehab center. The general manager wanted to Liz to talk to one of their patients. Apparently the woman, recently paralyzed in an accident when she was shoved down the stairs by her husband, wanted to talk about life after paralysis as well as who she should retain as legal counsel.

Sue was offered a seat in the conference room that had curtains along the floor to ceiling windows that gave her a view of the floor where center patients were undergoing therapy or learning to use artificial limbs or braces. She found it impossible to concentrate on her book so she stood a few feet back from the glass and watched.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off two patients. One was a middle age woman who lost both legs close her hips. The other was a young woman learning how to walk on artificial legs. From the sockets, she could see that both legs were amputated about mid thigh. She struggled to learn the rolling gait needed to walk. When the young woman finished her session, she wheeled out in a chair and another woman, Sue guessed to be in her forties, came in. When went back and forth between a set of parallel bars, learning how to use her new legs. After about ten minutes, the woman sat on a bench and removed the legs. Sue could see one leg ended mid-thigh and the other mid-calf. After the technician made some adjustments, she slid the legs back on and again, began walking between the parallel bars. Soon, she stopped holding on and at the end, walked past the end and then down the side without touching them before she entered the bars again.

Sue, while she was watching was oblivious to the world around her. He head followed the woman in braces as she crutched to the door of the therapy room. She didn’t hear Liz roll up to her and didn’t realize she was next to her until she felt Liz’s hand slip into hers.

“I’m done. I’m sorry it took so long.”

“No problem. Do you want to go somewhere for lunch?”

“Actually, I have to go to my former firm’s office and use the law library. The woman wants to retain me and my retirement agreement with them says that if I take on a client, I have to run it through their books.”

“How long will that take?”

“An hour, maybe less. Then we can go to lunch.”

Sue sat at the end of the conference table while Liz researched some case files. She couldn’t get the visions of the three handicapped women she saw at the rehab center out of her mind. Besides being turned on by the sight of them, it was that she had a feeling of closeness, almost kinship with them. She was wondering what it would like to be missing limbs and thought she might enjoy it.

When they got back to Liz’s house after stop at a Chipotle’s, Liz pecked away on her laptop at the kitchen table working on the retainer agreement for Angela and a list of the things that needed be fixed in her house.

It was after four when she finished. “I’m going to meet this woman tomorrow at the rehab center to have her sign the retainer agreements. Do you want to come? It is going to be boring.”


Liz didn’t say anything and rolled her wheel chair over to where Sue was sitting. She leaned forward and took Sue’s hands in hers. “I saw how you were looking at the women at the rehab center.”

“How long were you in the room before you rolled up to me?”

“Three or four minutes. You’re eyes were glued on the double amputee when I came in. Did she turn you on?”

Sue swallowed hard. There was no denying what she felt. Her juice stained panties would give her away. “Yes.” Then Sue said, “You knew the answer to that question before you asked.”

“Have you ever wanted to be one of us?”

Sue didn’t know what to say. Slowly her head bobbed ever so slightly.

Liz pulled on Sue’s hands. “Come with me.”

Liz led Sue to her bedroom and pointed to the bed as if to say, “sit.” Liz rolled into her large walk or as she said, roll-in closet. When she found what she was looking for in the back, she called out. “Sue, take off your shoes and close your eyes.”

Liz took a handkerchief and folded into a bandana. “I’m going to pull this tightly around your eyes so you can’t peek. Trust me, you’ll like what I am going to do.

As she rolled out, she reminded Sue to keep her eyes closed. As quickly as she could, she stood up her first set of braces next to the bed. “Keep your eyes closed, don’t peek, I am going to transfer to the bed.”

“Now, I am going to move your legs.” Liz spread Sue’s legs slightly and debated on how she would get them into the steel frames, knowing once she did, Sue would know what she is doing.

“O.K., we’re going play a bit of pretend game.”

“What am I pretending to do or not to do?”

“As of kaçak casino this second, your legs no longer work and you need braces to get around. I just put my first set of braces on the bed next to you and I will tell you how to get in them. They have a limited amount of adjustment so we will see if they fit. If they are anywhere close, you will spend the rest of the day in them.”

Sue looked at her lover wide eyed and then nodded enthusiastically.

“And, if you like them, I know where I can get a custom made set for you to wear.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yup, my love, I am.”

It took about fifteen minutes for Liz to instruct Sue how to lengthen the braces so the top cuff was at the top of her thigh and the waist band was around her hips, not her waist. For a first try, it wasn’t ideal, but would let Sue get a feeling of what it was like to wear and use braces.

Once they were adjusted, Liz rolled back into the closet and brought out a pair of adjustable forearm crutches. She watched Sue stand up and so she could adjust the height. Once that was done, she had Sue lay back down with her knee and hip locks engaged. “O.K., my newly paralyzed friend, now you have to stand up. Once you do, we’ll start on teaching you how to walk. Remember, you can’t move anything below your shoulders.”

Sue nodded and lifted her legs, now encased in steel frames called HKAFOs so her feet were over the edge of the bed. She loved the feel of the pads and cuffs around her legs above and below her knees and around the top of her thigh. Her thighs were more muscular than Liz’s were at the time these were fitted and touched the cold steel. She was, she admitted to herself, incredibly turned on.

Slowly, Sue inched forward and noticed her legs stuck straight out, just like Liz’s did. She released the hip locks so she could push herself up to a sitting position and then she released the knee locks, first on the right and then the left. Her feet fell to the floor with a clunk.

Now, she pushed up on the handles of the crutches so she was standing and she heard the knee locks and hip locks slide into place. Liz cautioned her to make sure they were in place with her hands or by looking. If they weren’t, she could fall awkwardly.

Upright for the first time in braces, Sue looked at Liz who was smiling. She put the tips of both crutches about a foot in front of her and pushed down on the handles. Her feet came off the ground and she forced her hips forward. He feet swung through and then she let them touch the floor before repeating the process. When she got to the hallway, Sue turned around and came back to the bed and a smiling Liz.

It was more tiring than she thought, but Sue loved it. Crutching around the house was better than she ever imagined it would be. In a private moment when Liz was off in the bathroom, Sue debated in her mind whether or not she wanted to be legless or paralyzed from the waist down. She couldn’t decide. They both had their advantages and disadvantages.

The next day, Liz was up before Sue that was unusual. Because she had no control over her lower body, her legs could be anywhere on the bed. Sue was lying on her back and Liz caressed Sue’s breasts with one of her big toes.

Sue started smiling and took over using Liz’s limp foot to caress her breasts. It led to a long, languid session during which they ran their fingers up and down each other’s bodies. They both enjoyed the sensual build up and Liz rolled on top of Sue so she could suck and nibble on her clitoris. While she couldn’t feel what Sue did, she enjoyed eating her lover.

It didn’t take Sue long. She was really turned on when Liz’s tongue touched her clitoris for the first time and her hips started bucking while she moaned in pleasure. Liz rang her tongue up and down Sue’s vagina and pushed into her love hole as far as she could. Each time she did, when withdrew, she sucked on her inner and outer lips to pull her cum and juices into her mouth. Liz relished the taste of her lover and when then kissed the next time, she would share as much as she could knowing Sue did the same thing.

Liz relented and Sue helped her turn around so they could share each other’s cum and when Sue started on Liz’s very sensitive breasts. The “numb line” as Liz called it was another source of pleasure and Sue knew how to quickly get Liz moaning in pleasure by running her fingers and tongue back and forth across it.

After the third “OHHHHHHHHH,” which told Sue that Liz was having an orgasm, she pulled her lover close to her and felt her limp legs fall where they may. Sue wrapped her around the flaccid lower legs and held Liz tight. “I love you so much. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Sue, I feel the same way about you.”

The two of them lay there for a long while, just enjoying the feeling of their two bodies close to each other. Finally, Liz rolled onto her side and her legs didn’t follow. “Sue, today, you are not walking or standing up. You are going to spend it in one of my wheel chairs and I am going to strap your legs to the chair so you can’t use them.”

Sue smiled. “O.K.”

“Remember, your legs don’t work. When we take a shower, we’re both going to do it sitting on the bench. Got it?”

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