Lisa woke to the smells of fresh baked pastries wafting through the open doors to the balcony. The breeze ushered in the warm smells of pastries and breads being prepared in the tiny bakery just down the avenue. The loud hustle and bustle of London hadn’t begun yet but soon would be charging through the mist-covered morning.

Lisa loved London. She had visited there often and was finally living her dream of living there. She had received a grant to study the vast textile collection at the V & A Museum and prepare a report on the condition of this great archive of fine tapestries, weaves and ethnic patterns. She was a designer at heart, and she loved to sort through the dusty archives in search of a new pattern or combination of colors that she would incorporate into her own work. It had been a long day yesterday and she had fallen asleep immediately when she had gotten back to her room. She stretched out her lean body underneath the soft cotton sheets, stretching her aching muscles and basking in the idea of where she was and what she was doing. She was in heaven, professionally that is.

Her personal life had been put on hold because of this extended trip. She had left behind her lover Jeff. He, also, was an artist and had encouraged her to pursue this opportunity. She was thrilled to have such an understanding lover but she would love to have him here to share the city with him. The sights and sounds of her favorite city with the man she loved, now that was perfect! She would have also liked to have him sharing her bed. It had been only a week since she and him had enjoyed each others bodies but it felt like forever. That is what she missed most, the caressing and fondling of her most unselfish lover. Jeff would spend whatever time it took to make sure that she always felt satisfied and was well versed in all sorts of pleasures. Whether it be his thick cock or his soft, wet tongue, he knew exactly where to pleasure her and would do it over and over until she was spent.

The thoughts of Jeff’s strong hands cupping her breasts caused her to stir with emotions. Lisa could feel herself begin to warm and the tingling sensation began to pulsate in her moistening pussy. She slid her slender hand down to her shaved pussy and gave a few gentle strokes to her swelling clitoris. A warm wave washed over her as she pinched one of her small breasts and the other continued circling her engorged clit. She quickly tensed as the small orgasm came on in waves. Starting deep inside her wet center and radiating out to the tips of her fingers and toes. A breeze pushed back the drapes again and the cool air-dried the light sweat that had built up on her breasts. She smiled a wicked grin and wished again that Jeff were with her.

Knowing that another long day awaited she finally abandoned the warm, four-poster bed and walked to the bathroom. She grabbed a slightly damp swimsuit from the rack. The fabric chilled her for just a second as she slid it over her athletic body. Lisa was almost 40 years old but barely looked past 30. She had always taken care of herself and the payoff had been a tight little body. Small, perky casino oyna breasts and a nice round ass were a fine reward she thought for the long workouts. She wasn’t the ultra skinny model type but had nice curves where a woman should have curves. Her ass was cupped perfectly by the Speedo racing swimsuit. It tended to flatten her breasts but she admired herself in the full length mirror nonetheless. The chilled swimsuit made her nipples erect and hard. The pressed against the thin lycra, she smiled at the “glad to see you” tits she was displaying and decided she better wear a robe to the pool. She grabbed a bathrobe from the hook on the door and wrapped herself deep inside its warmth. Quickly grabbing her key and goggles, she walked up the stairs to the hotel pool on the top floor.

The hotel was from the time when luxury was paramount. The pool sat atop the hotel and was a splendid example of art deco design. Beautiful tile work was the technique of the day, and it covered the floors and walls. Beautiful sconces bounced a soft lift off the walls and ceiling. The pool was surrounded by enormous picture windows and the mists of London swirled outside in the cool air. She was alone in the pool and gently dropped her robe to the deck chairs that filled one corner. With one timid toe she tested the water strictly out of habit. She knew the water would be perfect, it always was. A little warm but not too warm, just perfectly refreshing. She wrapped a rubber band around her long hair to keep it out of her eyes and gracefully dived into the waiting waters.

She emerged from the water and began her daily workout of 50 laps. She sometimes dreaded the daily routine but when she was looking at herself in the mirror admiring her muscular ass and flat stomach, she knew it was all worth it. She slid into the “zone” where she was just a machine at that point. The body working perfectly. It reached and kicked with precise efficiency, making a wake behind her and waves that lapped at the sides of the large pool. Lap after lap went by, and in a respectable time she had completed her workout. She hugged the walls of the pool and breathed heavily. She liked to push herself and was always trying to do just a little more. The time had gone by so quickly and she was so into her workout that she nearly leapt out of the pool when she heard a voice beside her that was also out of breath. “Wow, you’re really in good shape!” the soft voice said.

The voice belonged to a young woman of about 25, Lisa estimated.

“Huh?” was the best Lisa could do; she was still in shock over not being alone.

“I’ve been trying to keep up with you for the past 30 minutes, you’re amazing!”

Lisa was finally coming back into reality. “Thanks” said Lisa. She smiled at the pretty girl. The girl was a stunner, beautiful blue eyes, and long blond hair. A striking contrast to the smoldering brown eyes and dark tresses of Lisa. The contrast was also displayed in their choices of swimsuits. The girl was wearing a bikini that had a black on black design. As always, Lisa was noticing the fabric and print, she never stopped. The girl slid over and canlı casino introduced herself as Amanda. She was a student on a Rhodes Scholarship, studying graphic design and illustration. The two talked at length and realized that the shared similar histories of interests and schools.

The both had gone to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and they exchanged sordid stories of their adventures. They both were living here for a while and both loved art and the endless pursuit of it’s study. Lisa had never had many women as friends so it was unusual to find a woman, much less a younger one, that she could talk too freely. She was having a great time but she knew she had to get ready for the day. She tried to steer the conversation to a polite conclusion when Amanda asked Lisa to give her some technique tips on swimming. She knew Lisa was very precise and that she was a relative newcomer to swimming as an exercise. She was more experienced at tanning then she was about swimming.

Lisa had her float on her stomach while she would position her arms and show her the proper technique for freestyle swimming. It was then that Lisa realized that Amanda’s swimsuit was a bit more revealing than she had known. The bottoms were a thong, and the fabric framed Amanda’s tight ass very, very nicely. Amanda caught Lisa starring and the two of them blushed with embarrassment. Amanda had forgotten herself that she was wearing a thong and she laughed out loud. Lisa proceeded to instruct her new pupil on proper technique.

Lisa could tell that Amanda was in excellent shape, as her hands slid over her sleek thighs and muscular arms and shoulders. Lisa was getting slightly aroused by gently touching this young goddess with the blond hair. Lisa had never been with a woman but had fantasized many, many times on what it would be like to be loved by another woman. Lisa couldn’t ignore Amanda’s gorgeous looks, she had a beautiful torso, long and lean. Full breasts, much bigger than Lisa’s and a perfectly round ass. Lisa could feel the warm rushes fill her pussy and her tits began to harden. She again stared at the round, thong covered ass. It had a nice glow of a fading tan. Her mind drifted and suddenly snapped back when Amanda swam away a few feet, kicking water up into the air.

“How’s that?” Amanda asked.

“Looked good to me” Lisa replied, commenting on the technique and secretly about Amanda’s fine ass. Amanda stared back at Lisa and saw the hardened nipples straining against the swimsuit. Amanda had caught the double entendre Lisa had intended.

“You have an amazing body Lisa” Amanda said.

“Thanks, I really try” responded Lisa. “I really love your suit, it makes your ass look so good.”

“I watched it for a while before I joined you.” Amanda said. The frankness of the comment stunned Lisa for a second but quickly a smile crossed her lips and a blush came to her cheeks. “Speaking of nice asses…” Lisa said, “Yours is perfect. I like her choice in swimsuits too.” Amanda smiled and pulled up the sides of her thong so the lips of her pussy were clearly visible against the fabric. A soft mound pushed against kaçak casino the thing material. Amanda starred at Lisa’s hardening tits and they both could feel the sexual tension rise and rise. Amanda gently swam back to Lisa until they were only inches away from each other. Amanda reached up and slowly pulled at the zipper that ran up the front of Lisa’s suit. Lisa’s first reaction was to back away but something made her stay.

Amanda worked the zipper down past Lisa’s breasts, which now had room to regain their perkiness now that the tight fabric had been unzipped. Lisa leaned forward and placed her lips on Amanda’s waiting mouth. Their tongues encircled each other very slowly, twisting and turning in each other’s mouth. Amanda’s hands reached inside Lisa’s open suit and cupped her perfect tits. She gently pinched Lisa’s nipples as the intensity of the kiss increased. Lisa had slipped a hand into Amanda’s thong and was now feeling a clean shaven pussy. It was exquisite. Lisa too had a smooth clit, another demand from Jeff. Despite the warm water of the pool Lisa could feel the hot juices of Amanda’s snatch bursting forth. Soft moans emanated from Amanda’s mouth as Lisa worked Amanda’s clit just like she had worked her own only a few short minutes ago.

They lingered in the kiss for an eternity. Amanda’s full breasts pressed against Lisa’s. Each other’s hands exploring the hidden places of the other. A mere 30 minutes earlier they were strangers and now they were engaged in the most intimate of acts. Lisa thought to herself that these things only happen in bad porn movies or even worse, romantic novels—gag! No, this was real. The tongue in her mouth was real, the hand on her breasts were real. The soft folds of a woman’s sex was definitely real. She was living a fantasy. Suddenly voices were heard from the hallway. The real world burst back into their fantasy and they pulled away from each other. Lisa zipped up her suit and Amanda adjusted her thong to cover her aching pussy.

A couple of elderly women were chattering when they came into the poolroom. They hardly took notice of the two women drying off. They were much too busy talking about the latest royal scandal or some such nonsense. Lisa and Amanda donned their robes and headed out the door to the elevators. Amanda was 3 floors lower than Lisa. When Lisa’s floor came up she explained that she had to get to work. Amanda also expressed her urgency to get to her classes. With a quick wink, sly smiles and a slap on the ass from Amanda, Lisa went back to her room.

She came through the door and closed it behind her. She leaned back against it and breathed heavily, not from exertion but from the adventure she was having. She was so excited by the feelings she had for this young woman that she was short of breath. She also knew she had better get ready for her day and quickly stripped out of her swimsuit and jumped in the shower. As she lathered the chlorine off of her body she imagined Amanda’s hands instead of her own. She didn’t care what this all “meant” she was just overwhelmed with passion and knew she had to have more.

Lisa dressed was soon on the streets headed to the V & A. She didn’t know how she was going to concentrate but she knew she would. She also knew she would call on Amanda tonight for dinner and maybe something more…

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