Ok, ok. This is how my story goes, I’m a senior in high school, and I was never really that popular, I guess I was always considered kind of nerdy, (I read a lot of books above the Harry potter level, so shoot me!) anyways, one day I was sitting in my history class, and I noticed that the new girl, was talking to the teacher, and boy was she hot!

Tall, maybe 6 feet, straw blond hair, big boobs, and nice tight jeans, and best of all, when she bent over to look at a paper, POW out pops a skimpy g-string. (I’m a sucker for tight jeans and a g-string).

Anyway after the class was over, she approached me and told me that the teacher had recommended me for tutoring, and she could really use the help.

I was blown back, hers this knockout hella hot girl, talking to me a guy that’s always thought of himself as nerdy, and never going to get laid, unless its with another nerd. After she explained to me that she her last 4 test scores, had been less than 20 % I agreed to tutor her, and told her to meet me after school and we could go to my house and study, because I only lived a few blocks away.

She agreed and we ended up walking home, on the walk home, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautiful breasts, they were so BIG. I think she might have liked the attention, because she kept giggling the whole way home. We got to my house around 3:00 and had about 2 hours to study before my brother got home.

Right away I found out why she was flunking, because casino oyna she had almost no attention span, and she kept asking for something with alcohol to drink, at first I refused, but she slowly worked me down, and I ended up giving her a couple glasses of brandy. After she had had her drinks, she started acting a REALLY drunk, her voice was slurred, and she kept giggling.

That’s pretty much the time when I got to thinking that I could take advantage of her inhibited state, I know it wasn’t nice, but I was 18, and I had barely even been kissed before. Pretty soon she was leaning over again, and laughing at something that wasn’t really funny, and out popped her blue g-string, I couldn’t help myself, I reached over and touched it, running my fingers over the fabric. She didn’t even notice. I felt guilty though, so I took my hand from her, but by then I had such a massive hard on, that I thought my pants were going to explode. About a minuet later, she slipped off the couch, and her head landed right in my lap, right on top of my boner. Then she noticed it, but she was so drunk, that she just started giggling like mad, and asking me if she did that, in between giggles and hiccups.

I blushed so much I think that my head looked like a Christmas light. Christine, (that was her name) got off the couch, looked at me and said, point blank, that she was horny as fuck, and she wanted me to fuck her then and there, I was so throne back I think I just stared. Christine canlı casino came over, and unzipped my pants, letting my 7-inch dick spring loose from its prison. she started gripping my dick, and running her hands up and down its shaft, while licking the head. She did this for about 5 minuets, before I told her that if she didn’t stop, I was going to blow my load all over, but that didn’t faze her, she just took my entire length into her mouth and deep throated me until I blew my load down her throat, making sure she got every drop of my seed.

I was in heaven; here was this beautiful girl, who had just given me my first blowjob. I decided to see how far I could take it, and grabbing her hand, I pushed her onto the couch. Then I turned her onto her stomach, and slowly pulled down her tight blue jeans, until I could see all her ass, and all her thong. I started rubbing my fingers all over her lovely heart shaped hiney, and eventually, finding the thong string, just took it between my fingers, and pulled it down off her ass.

After id gotten rid of the pants and thong, I started kissing the inside of her thighs, like id seen in porno’s, and eventually made my way up to her sweet love box. It was like a river, she was so wet. I started taking her clit between my teeth and just lightly gnawing on it, she started screaming in pleasure as I took my middle finger, and slowly inserted it into her pussy. After about five minuets of fingering her, I felt her vaginal kaçak casino walls clamp as she orgasmed, screaming in pleasure even more so than before.

She slowly looked up, the pleasure still evident in her eyes, and told me that if I didn’t get up, and fuck her, shed leave right then, at the time, I didn’t really realize that she wasn’t acting drunk any more, but if I did, I doubt I would have cared. Slowly she rolled over, and I helped her take off her shirt and bra, until she was completely naked, next she demanded that I get naked with her to, fairs fair she said, and who was I to refuse her.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous breasts, with there small pert nipples sticking out in the air, they were perfect, not overly large, and not too small either. I guess I must have stared just a little to long though, because suddenly she asked, are you going to fuck me or not.

So I slowly lay down on top of her, while she rapped her legs around my back, and guided my cock into her love tunnel with her hand. Slowly I entered her, savoring the warm feeling of her vagina. Once again, I guess I was to slow for her, because she turned me over and sat on top of me, straddling me with her hips, god was she beautiful.

We started going at it like rabbits, because I can always last a LOT longer if I had one orgasm already. We must have fucked for at least an hour, giving oral sex and groping each other in between orgasms, because by the time I looked up at the clock on the ceiling, it was almost time for my brother to get home. So regretfully we had to stop our play. And the next time she came over to study, we really did study……….for about fifteen minuets. 🙂

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