It was a typical summer Saturday in south Florida. As we so often do, my wife and our neighbors were all hanging out at our house. Drinking, watching baseball on the deck outside and swimming in the pool. As the evening turned to night more and more neighbors made their way home until it was just me, my wife and her two girlfriends, Susie and Donna.

We sat around the high top table on the pool deck in our bathing suits and chatted about this and that. My wife finally said she was exhausted and headed off to bed. This left me and the ladies sitting outback. Donna reached into her purse and pulled out a joint.

“You guys wanna get high?”

she asked in a rhetorical question that she knew would always be responded to in the positive. Donna lit the joint, got down off the high stool and headed over to the hot tub. Sliding her bikini bottoms off and then pulling the tank-ini top over her head she slid her lithe frame into the bubbling water. Donna, a single mom in her 50’s, is a skinny little thing with small breasts and a sexy ass.

The warm smell of the smoke lifted to our nostrils so Susie and I both headed over to the hot tub. Susie wasn’t shy either and pulled her one-piece down over her mountainous casino oyna breasts. Susie is a 25 year old BBW. She has a big but well proportioned body with a giant ass that just begs to be ridden. Susie pulled the suit down to her ankles and as she did I caught a glimpse of her huge ass crack and her wet slit from behind.

Seeing this caused a jump in my board shorts and I quickly slid them down and hopped in to join the girls. We passed around the smoke and relaxed in the warm arms of the churning water. As I closed my eyes and leaned back, I felt something bump my thigh. I opened my eyes and Susie was looking square at me and I felt her foot slide up against the underside of my hard cock. She used her toes to stimulate that area just under the head, causing my cock to lurch and twitch as she rubbed it.

Donna was lying back with her eyes closed so taking a cue from Susie; I raised both my legs and put a foot in each girls lap. Susie adjusted herself on the bench seat to accommodate my advancing toes and I felt my big toe slid effortlessly into her wide open pussy lips. Donna’s eyes opened and she shot me a quick grin as she reached down and grabbed my foot, placing the ball squarely on her clit. She didn’t let go but canlı casino instead rubbed the ball of my foot up and down over her hard little bump of pleasure.

With Donna managing to get herself hot on my foot without any effort on my part, I focused on toe fucking Susie. My toe banged deeper and deeper into her wet cunt and I could almost feel her trying to get my whole foot to slide into her snatch. But my size 15 wasn’t going to get in there without some serious lubrication.

Susie was moaning louder now as my foot fucked her pussy; Donna suddenly stopped rubbing my foot on her clit and stood up. She waded across the tub to me and climbed in my lap, knocking Susie’s foot out of the way and placing my dick squarely at the entrance of her pussy. She then sank down in one swift motion, impaling herself on my rigid shaft. Her small bite size tits and tiny nipples reminded me of my first girlfriend’s body from back in junior high. This flashback in my weed fogged mind caused me to get even harder, if that was possible, and really go about thrusting into Donna as hard as I could.

As I fucked Donna I could see movement out of the corner of my eye and it was Susie making her way over to us. She knelt down beside kaçak casino us and pressed her breasts in between Donna and I. Donna took to sucking on one of Susie’s ample tits while I went to work on the other. Susie’s gumdrop sized nipples were already hard when she got to us, but now her areolas were getting puffy from the stimulation and her gigantic swollen nipples were bigger by themselves then Donna’s tits were in total.

I just love those puffy types of nipples and it wasn’t long before the combination of Donna’s tight cunt and Susie’s gigantic breasts did me in. I began to shoot hot load after load deep inside Donna. As I came down from the wave of orgasm that had washed over me, Susie picked Donna up by her tiny waist, placed her on the side of the hot tub and went down on her, sucking and licking my fresh load from Donna’s little snatch.

Donna moaned and came hard on Susie’s tongue. Susie leaned back and licked the sloppy cum mess from around her lips. Donna then moved towards Susie and told her it was her turn to cum. I watched in awe as Donna balled her small hand into a fist and began pushing it between Susie’s legs. Before I knew what was happening, Donna had her little hand up inside Susie’s pussy and began fisting her. Susie’s moans were loud and as she came, the back deck light flicked on and my wife walked out wearing nothing but a smile and said,

“Ok guys, you know I can’t resist a good fisting, I’m Next!”

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