The view was stunning in the morning light. The valley spread wide; the river in the distance looked like a pencil line across a green canvas. I stood proudly naked on knoll where we had camped. Next to me in all her naked glory was my wife. We often come to this knoll for a night of lust in the dust.

That is now a memory. A couple years ago she decided to take off with a long time girlfriend. Her admission of being lesbian was not a big surprise. I knew she liked women and sometimes we had a group thing.

On the knoll again, I am naked and viewing the same scene we looked at together. However, on my side in full naked glory is a beautiful man, African-American, a bit on the skinny side, and his best feature swings freely. Seven inches limp and almost ten hard. His thickness makes me swoon.

In my wildest dream I could not have thought a 65-year-old white man would be with a 38 year old black man. Yet, here I am as my fingers wrap around his manliness. My ass is sore from the sex we had last night. I wish I had his libido. He can hold off his orgasm the longest I’ve ever heard of. We fucked three times last night. He fucked me twice and I fucked him once. We fucked unprotected and when he came, it was a torrent of hot thick sperm; I’m still holding it.

I felt him responding to my touch; I responded involuntarily. We turned facing and he drew me in with a big black hand massaging my naked ass. His expanding cock rubbed mine and we exhaled a mutually excited sigh. He began humping against me in my hand.

I felt him drawing me to the ground. Slowly, with determination, he stretched me prone face up my cock hard for him.

He laid next to me with his head in my lap his cock in my face. I lapped at it; it gave an excited jerk. His girth barely casino oyna fits in my mouth yet I suck in his cock head and taste his musk. He is not aggressive, letting me suck him at my pace. I lick his length balls to head and suck him in again.

A moan escaped his mouth and I felt his warm breath on my cock. He sucked me deeply into his mouth. He has a talented mouth taking me fully. Moans became our mutual communication.

He knows how to suck me so I don’t cum too quickly, my affliction – premature ejaculation. That’s been my curse, an oversensitive glans.

He has so much control that I can suck him with vigor or slow and gentle. I’ve learned that he likes that variety so I’m picking up my pace sucking as much as I can and jerking him. Sore as my ass is, I knew I would let him mount me.

“Slow down. I don’t want to cum,” I begged. He slowed his pace and pulled his warm mouth of my cock. The sudden cool after his hot mouth aided my calming.

A finger fondled my ass hole making me relax into the feeling. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

How could I refuse? His equipment would surely give me another anal orgasm. “Slow. You left me a little sore last night.”

I rolled onto my stomach and took the time-honored position on all fours. He positioned himself behind me, his cock just touching my tight ring. Cautiously, I pressed against him and felt I was still surprisingly lubed. Soreness gave way to pleasure; his glans slid over my prostate giving me a shiver. He feels good in me.

“Are you sore? Does it hurt?” I responded by pushing hard against him filling myself with his manhood.

“Only a little. Don’t hold back your cum. I don’t know how long I can take it.” Turning my head to look at him, I smiled.

“I know how long canlı casino you can take it,” he smiled back. He was right; I’d take it. His fucking is the most pleasurable I’ve experienced in years; I was happily sore. I never felt pleasure like this with a woman.

He withdrew slowly giving my prostate a joyful rub. His retreat stopped with just his cock head retained. I squeezed against him as he began his return push. I felt pressure building against his invading weapon. With a grunt and push, I pressed my hips into him getting the benefit of all he could give; I was breathing heavily and getting close to a p-spot orgasm.

He made several fast thrusts taking me over the top. A male p-spot orgasm can be just as strong as a woman’s g-spot orgasm and can make a man squirt a stream of semen from his cock. I was squirting and crying.

His talent is beyond comparison. He let me calm then slowly withdrew completely; I felt cheated of his cock and relieved, too. He knew I’d had enough.

I turned on all fours to face him; he was furiously stroking his cock. I opened my mouth. If he wasn’t going to cum in my ass, he was going to cum in my mouth. He began chanting deep guttural moans signaling his impending release. Although his cock had just come out of my ass, I needed to suck him and take his load.

The first wave of his essence struck the back of my mouth thick, warm, and tasty. He ejaculated four more big squirts. I held his cock head in my mouth as his flow subsided. He tastes good on my tongue, his flavor being tangy and tart. I savored for many seconds before swallowing.

My cock returned to its full rigid condition. Hard as I could get, I was barely larger than he when he is limp. He tells me my size is just right for him and even through kaçak casino my oversensitive glans situation, he tells me he feels a strong almost spiritual connect when I penetrate him. I only hope that is really true. I’d love to have his stamina to fuck for long periods of time.

He turned his ass to me. His dark skin was a deep contrast to my white skin. Perhaps it is a mind game, but I feel larger when I lay my cock in the crack of his ass. I felt overly excited already.

I snaked a finger into his relaxed hole and pushed. My fingertip felt his prostate and I pressed against it. He moaned and rocked into the sensation. Wagging my finger, I massaged his little nut until he was in a constant moan. I replaced my finger with my cock filling him swiftly. It felt good feeling him squeeze my cock. He knew I would cum any second, so did I. I began making swift hard strokes into him pounding away before my short fuse exploded.

To both our surprise, I lasted longer than usual before feeling my cock expand slightly then contract as my cum spewed into his bowels. He squeezed tightly against me sighing with his own pleasure.

My cock wilted in him and slipped from its warm hiding place; I shuddered as the cool breeze blew over my warm member. “That was nice,” I sighed, “perfect start to the day.”

We rose slowly from our post sexual bliss to make our way back to our camper. A well dug years ago provided us with clean water for a much needed shower. At best, the little water heater in the camper gave us about three minutes of warm water before turning cold. We washed with vigor hoping to beat the first stings of cold water. We rinsed in the stinging cold. Our warm embrace as we toweled the other dry warmed our bodies and fueled our sexual desires.

We had to leave the knoll to return to our own realities secure in the knowledge that we would meet again soon to repeat the performance. Until then I ache for his touch and the feel of his exciting tool giving me pleasure.

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