(What follows in this chapter, is sort of like first episode of season 2 of a TV series. Chapter 10 might be likened to the season 1 final episode cliff hanger.)


The ringing of Justin’s cell-phone, which was on his night stand next to the lamp and clock woke him from a dream where he was being chased by a pack of wolves howling and snarling as they drew nearer to him. He was startled by the phone ringing and the dream at the same time. He took a moment to get his orientation then opened the phone, held it to his ear as he rested his head on the soft puffy pillow. “Hello?”

“Hey, Justin, I hope I didn’t wake you up did I?” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar, but Justin didn’t recognize it right away. “This is Clark, remember me?”

“Umm, yeah I remember you. What the fuck are you doing calling me at this hour?” Justin rolled over on his side so he was looking at the glowing numbers of his clock, “It’s midnight.”

“I usually don’t go to bed until later, so I’m laying here thinking about you. I got a big hard on just thinking of you.” Silence hung in the air except for the faint sound of Clark’s breathing. “I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of calling the modeling agency to get your phone number.” He paused, “They weren’t going to give it to me, but I told them I met you at the café and you left your sunglasses on the counter, and I wanted to return them to you.”

“I don’t have any sunglasses.” Justin was becoming more awake.

“Oh, well, a guy will do crazy things when he is in love.” Clark laughed. “I’m stroking my dick right now.” He breathed harder into the phone. “Wanna come over and help me out here?”

“I don’t know casino oyna where you are, and even if I did, I don’t think I could get there at this hour.” Justin’s freehand reached into his underwear and held his own dick, squeezing it until it began to come alive and get hard.

“I have a car, I can come get you.” Clark held the phone down by his dick so that the sound of him stroking his hard cock could be heard on the phone by Justin. He returned the phone to his ear, “What’s your address?”

“My address is 7 East Street, apartment 182.” He paused, “Do you know where that is?”

“Yep, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes. Be out front. I drive a red BMW.” Clark sounded excited. “Get out of bed dude, hurry up.”

“Oh, okay, see ya in 15.” Justin closed the cell-phone which ended the conversation. He threw back the covers and swung he legs out of the bed. His dick was still hard from his stroking it so the dick head peeked out of the top of his underwear waist band. There was light coming into his room through the window from the lighting of the building across the alley way, so he didn’t bother to turn his light on. He pulled a plain white t-shirt over his head, and slipped into this jeans. When he was dressed, he opened his bedroom door quietly so as not to wake up his mom. He quietly went to the front door where he found his sandals and slipped them on. He quietly closed the apartment door behind himself and locked it. Than walked down the hallway, then down the stairs.

When he was out front of the apartment building, he didn’t see the police officer anywhere around, so he sat on the top step and looked up and down the empty street. It wasn’t too long and he heard the roar of a canlı casino sports car engine, heard squealing tires as a red BMX sped around the corner to his right. He got up and walked down the steps, then waited at the curb until the car came to a stop right next to him.

The passenger window rolled down, “Get in, lets go dude!” Clark sat behind the wheel beckoning for Justin to get in.

Justin opened the car door then slipped into the black leather seat. He grabbed the seat belt and fastened it over his shoulder and waist. With that, Clark hit the gas and they sped away into the night.

“Hey, man, slow down a bit will ya?” Justin was uncomfortable with the quick acceleration and speed Clark was driving. “I want to live to see the sun come up in the morning, if ya don’t mind.” He was looking at Clark who was bear chested and only wearing what appeared to be loose fitting swimming trunks.

“Oh, sorry,” Clark chuckled, “I have a lead food” He slowed down to a more reasonable speed as they drove down the mostly empty dark streets out of the apartment district.

“Where are we going?” Justin scoped out the car, admiring it and realizing it was a new car. It had that new car, fresh leather seat smell too.

“We have a guest house on our property.” Clark looked away from the road for a moment, smiling at Justin. I think you’ll like it.” His eyes returned to the road as he continued, “We have a lit heated pool, sauna and workout room attached to the guest house.” He looked at Justin again for a moment, “You like to work out?”

“Yeah, I guess, I mean, I don’t belong to a gym or anything, but often used the exercise equipment at school.”

“I love to work out my dick. kaçak casino I hope you will help me with that.” Clark laughed out loud.

Justin looked over at Clark’s crotch where he could see the swim trunks where slightly tented from Clark’s erection. “Might as well give it a work out, I mean, that’s what a healthy guy needs to do, right?”

“For sure.” Clark’s right hand dropped from the steering wheel and ended up on Justin’s left leg. “I can’t wait to see your dick Justin. If it is as beautiful as you are, I may have a heart attack when I see it.” He blushed slightly as his hand moved to stroke over Justin’s crotch area.

“How much further till we get there?” Justin said curiously.

“I’m almost there, all’s I need is to get those pants out of the way,” Clark laughed. His hand felt Justin dick get hard under the layers of cloth.

“No, I mean, till we get to your place.”

“Its just a few blocks further. Not far.” The had just entered a gated community guard station where a uniformed guard let them pass without slowing down. The properties within this community looked to be on 2 to 5 acres of land each. The houses where all custom built and many had several expensive cars parked out front of them. The road was lined with trees and well cared for lawns and landscaping. They finally came to the end of the road where small lights lined the driveway which curved around to the left behind a 2 story white house which had for columns supporting a slight overhang at the front face of the house. As they rounded the curve, Justin could see a large 1 story house where the inside lighting could be seen through the sheer curtains of the front window. To the back and side of the house was the lit swimming pool where small whiffs clouds from the warm pool water rose up into the air.

The car stopped, Clark turned off the engine, looked over at Justin and said, “Here we are.”

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