Kaylee Simpson was in heaven. The AC hummed softly to itself for a few moments, keeping the small Zeta Rho sleeping room comfortable for two naked people making love, and switched off as it wasn’t needed much in the small hours of a May morning. She lay flat on her back, her long hair splayed out underneath her, her long shapely legs parted wide and her chest heaving with a thin sheen of sweat catching the few hints of light. Her boyfriend, Fingers Whitehouse, was kneeling between her legs, his hands stroking her sides and teasing her navel, his arms looped under her hips, and his face buried in her crotch. Gasping, she closed her eyes as another jolt of energy coursed through her body, and she buried her hand in her boyfriend’s hair.

Pulling his head up, she looked him in the eyes and whispered: “Fingers, I want you to fuck me tonight.”

He took a breath: “Sure, baby, anything you say. I’m ready. How do you want it: front or back?”

“I don’t know, both are good.” Her eyes twinkled merrily at the thought and the licked her lips in anticipation. “How about both?”

“How’re we gonna do that?” He was puzzled, and sat back on his haunches. “Especially since I’m not a double dicked demon?”

She thought for a moment. “Take my vibrator and shove it up my ass.”

He shook his head. “But honey, we ran out of lube Wednesday. You get more?”

“Use a condom.”

He sat up, reaching for his jean shorts laying on the floor while she reached into her night table drawer. It took a few moments before he fished out the square of foil. “But I’ve only got one tonight, honey. And you’re fertile this week. . .”

She shook her head. “I don’t care. We’re getting married next Saturday, and Daddy will be happy enough to have a grandson we won’t have to worry about money. I really want to get fucked good tonight.”

“I don’t know about that. I love the idea of fucking you bareback, but. . .”

She reached between his legs and gave his cock a couple of long strokes. “What kind of Zeta man are you?” she purred. “Has a Zeta man ever turned down a girl who wanted to him to fuck her?”

“All right, all right.” He tore open the packet and produced the rubber circle, which she took and worked down her modest sized vibrator. “You want me to turn this on?”

She reached between her legs and found her asshole. The lubricated condom helped the device glide into her dark passage with little resistance and she gasped as went all the way in. “Yeah. On low, let’s see how it goes.” Putting her pillow over her mouth, she squealed as the buzzing started. “Oh, that’s nice. I’ll worry about the speed; stick your cock in, Stanley, stick it in. Give me that bad boy.”

Her right hand controlled the vibrator as her left grasped his member and guided it into her pussy. He found the vibrations coming up through her body odd at first, but as he settled into his rhythm he found it a great addition to the sensation: it was like her cunt was giving him a hummer. He found it difficult to stay quiet, lest Kaylee’s sorority sisters heard them, and she stuffed as much of the pillow as she could in her mouth to keep her vocalizations muffled. He was glad Kaylee’s mother had been by for a massage earlier that day and had given his balls a good draining; he wouldn’t have lasted two minutes if he’d been celibate all week, waiting for her. Closing his eyes, he remembered earlier that afternoon as he stroked his cock in front of Mary Jane’s beaming face, erupting in a huge load and plastering her cheeks with his seed. She’d smiled as she licked the white goo from her lips and scooped the rest into her mouth with her finger, giving his dick a teasing lick or two as the last few morsels oozed out. Opening his eyes, he saw Kaylee’s face, her eyes squeezed tight as she went over the edge again and again, heavily dampened screams reverberating through her pillow. At last, he couldn’t control himself, and shot his plentiful wad in her vagina, holding himself in as every last drop started its journey toward her womb.

She switched off the vibrator and they lay there, spent, for several long moments before he rolled off her and squeezed beside her on the single bed. She rolled on top of him, the intruder still inserted in her butt, and purred as she sweated on him. When she’d recovered her senses and pulled the toy from her ass, she curled up in his arm and started: “It’s OK, Stanley. I think having a baby right away will help us.”

He gave her a wild look. “What do you mean by that? We’re moving to Manhattan after the honeymoon, living in that condo next to your mom. I’ll be a student and you’ve got that internship lined up in the front office at the Joffrey Ballet.”

“Precisely why we need a baby, since Mom is gonna be next door. I know her: she’ll be in our condo and in our way all the time, and we need something to distract her. A grandbaby would be just the thing.”

Stroking her hair, he got very pensive. “But I’ll be a student, not a lot of money coming in yet.”

“Honey, you casino siteleri keep forgetting.” She smiled and stroked his jawline. “I’m rich, and between Momma and Daddy we don’t have to worry about a thing. You practice your piano and take the world by storm, I’ll take care of you and the kid, and don’t worry about anything. Every classical musician dreams for a set up like ours.”

The bedside clock read 1:35. The AC kicked on again for a few moments, and their skin tingled as the cold air hit them. He gave her a squeeze. “Are we still meeting your Dad for lunch tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, Fingers, he’s an old Zeta man and he likes you. He loves classical music, and as you get to know him better, everything will be great.”

“Fine.” They held each other for a while before he slipped out of her Zeta house and returned to his.

The next day they met Kaylee’s father, Brice Simpson III, for lunch at the Alumni club on campus. He was a tall man, a former basketball star, and wore a three light brown piece suit. His short grey hair was spiked, his chin smooth, his face stern and slightly wrinkled, his eyes steel grey. Fingers and Kaylee were dressed formally, she in a white sundress and he wore a dark suit. He braced himself for his future father in law’s firm handshake and returned it firmly; Kaylee gave her father a big kiss, standing on tip toe, and they sat at the table.

The older man smiled broadly as he looked his daughter over. “Kaylee, you look absolutely radiant today. I think the wedding can’t happen soon enough for you.”

“No, Daddy, it can’t. One more final and I’m free.”

“And you, son, you ready for the big move?”

Fingers sipped a glass of water nervously. “Yes, sir. Don’t know why I’m nervous about the wedding, cause all I have to do is stand there and say a few words.”

Brice laughed. “Yeah, the groom’s part is easy during the ceremony, but the bachelor party’s another matter.”

Kaylee broke in. “We’re not having those parties, Daddy. We’re having one big party at the Zeta Omicron house for everybody, so we can all have a good time with each other. None of this bringing in a stripper or anything.”

The older man looked disappointed, but recovered quickly. “And is your mother’s sister coming?”

“Aunt Junie May? You know she wouldn’t miss it. She’s getting to town in time for the party.”

He smiled, and the waiter came to take their orders. Afterward, Kaylee got up to powder her nose, and Brice moved closer to talk with Fingers. “So how do you think you’ll like living next door to Mary Jane?”

Fingers gulped and shook his head. “I don’t think it’ll be a problem. We’ve gotten along pretty well, and she travels a lot.”

“Speaking as someone who did live with her for a while, you’re going to have your hands full with her next door. Have you planned anything in particular to keep her busy?”

“Well, she’s going to become my agent. She has contacts here and in Europe, and fact we’ve got a tour booked next summer.”

“Good, good. Any other ideas?”

“Well, no, I guess not. . .”

“I thought so. You’ll need more for her to do, I can tell you that right now. If you don’t come up with something compelling, she’ll be in the middle of everything you’re doing. As one Zeta brother to another: be warned.”

“Thanks, sir.”

“Brother Brice, please.”

“Thanks, Brother Brice.”

“And as a Zeta brother, I have some advice for you, something that will keep Mary Jane occupied enough to let you have a life.”

Finger’s eyes opened wide. “Yes, I’m all ears.”

He took a sip of his martini and began. “When we were first married, Mary Jane and I spent almost all our free time together. We were all over the place, it was so much my work suffered and I risked getting fired from my first job, she was in my hair so much. But then, my salvation arrived.”

“Salvation? How?”

“She got pregnant with Kaylee. Mary Jane went into nesting mode immediately, and although she spent way too much money, she got out of my hair and let me get my work done. After Kaylee was born, her focus was entirely on the baby. So much, I felt abandoned and our marriage started falling apart.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Brother Brice.”

He gave a wave of his hand. “Water under the bridge. I’m a happy man, and I wish her nothing but the best. However, this is my advice to you, Brother Fingers: get her pregnant.”

Fingers shook his head. “Kaylee and I’ve talked about starting a family right away, but I don’t see how. . .”

“No, no, not Kaylee, Mary Jane. She needs a new baby of her own.” Fingers took another sip of his drink and the older man looked around at the waitresses. After a moment, he grew philosophical: “I’m ready to be a grandfather, I guess, and if you kids have a baby right away, that’s all right, but it may not help you very much, Brother Fingers. Mary Jane will take over Kaylee’s life as well as the baby’s, most likely. Go ahead and have a your baby with Kaylee, but you’ll need canlı casino more.”

Kaylee returned from the powder room, and the conversation turned to other things. Brice reminisced about his fraternity days and was eager to hear about the current Zeta activities. “I’m glad you revived the Brown Berry Ball: do you know it was my idea? Wish I could have made it last summer. You having another one?”

“Yes,” she said, “you should be getting the invitation next week.”

Brice rubbed his hands. “Great.”

Lunch went calmly after that; Brice gave Fingers a knowing wink as they shook hands in parting. When they got back to the Zeta house, Fingers confided to Kaylee her father’s suggestion about Mary Jane. It took her a moment to take it in, but after some careful thought, she said: “It sounds like a good idea to me. It’s been too tough trying to get away from her here, and we’re only living next door to her in Manhattan because she’s paying for everything. I love my Mother and I love spending quality time with her, but 24/7 is good much. Next week she’ll be fertile, so that’s when we need to make our plan.”

Fingers started shaking, and looked at the ceiling. “How do we do this? She’s never been too drunk when we’ve been around, and I don’t she would take a chance with unprotected sex.”

“How would you know?” she said, eyebrows arched.

He shook his head and said after a moment’s confusion: “Well, it doesn’t seem like her.”

Kaylee smiled an stroked his cheek. “Fingers, I know what you’ve been doing with her the past few months. Your frat brothers aren’t that good at keeping secrets. I’m all right with it: she thinks she’s pulling a fast one on me, and I know she isn’t. Fine.”

He looked like the world just came apart for a moment before he recovered himself. “Oh, Ok. Fine, I guess. But I love you honey.”

“I know baby, you’re marrying ME next Saturday. It’s fine, really, in fact, I need you to help me with this.”


“Yes, I want you to knock Mom up yourself.”

He shook his head, disbelieving. She smiled at him and touched his cheek: “The biggest worry I’ve had since I was a girl was that Mom would hook up with some loser who would take her money. I knew she fooled around a bit, but she always did it away from me. If some young hustler got her to marry him or got her pregnant, he could put a big dent in my grandfather’s trust funds. When I found out you were filling that void in her life, I was good because I trust you and I know she isn’t paying attention to anybody else. But if we knock her up, it’s got to be your baby. Nobody else gets a crack, I’m a greedy little bitch and I want to keep control of my money.”

“That makes sense,” he said, his head still spinning from her revelation. He thought for a moment and turned to her: “So how do we do it?”

She thought for a long time. “We’ll have to get our brothers and sisters involved in this. Friday night, at the rehearsal party. It’s at your house, anyway. We put on a big production, we get her drunk and she won’t hold back.”

“I’ve never seen your mom take more than one drink, even at a wild evening at the Frat House. How do we get her drunk and loose?”

“Aunt Junie May. She’s Mom’s older sister, and Mom’s always been very competitive with her. Aunt Junie may works as a set decorator in Hollywood; she got us the names for the Brown Berry Ball. My auntie has stock in several birth control companies because she’ll fuck anything that moves. She’s a few years older than Mom, but she hasn’t slowed down yet.”

“And if we can get your Aunt Junie May going, Mary Jane will try to keep up with her?”

“Yeah. You get it.”

“Sure,” he said, still struggling to comprehend the conversation he was having. “We get your slutty Aunt Junie May going with a bunch of Zeta hunks, and your Mom will fall in line. That may take some talking to convince my brothers to do that.”

She sat up and looked at him, disbelieving. “Your frat brothers won’t want to molest a willing woman?”

“No, that they’ll have enough control to let me have an exclusive shot at your mother.”

Kaylee thought for a moment. “I guess when you talk this over, you’ll have to bribe them.”

“Bribe them?”

“Yes, baby,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “Just remember: we’re rich. We have the gold, we make the rules.”

The rest of the weekend and Monday went like a blur for Fingers. At the frat meeting, it took a while for him to explain what he wanted, but when they understood his request they agreed easily, especially after he gave them some inducement. On Tuesday, Fingers was practicing at the Conservatory when a woman entered his practice room without knocking. She was familiar and not familiar at the same time, and her eyes flashed with fire he’d never seen before. She spoke to him before he could take his hands off the keyboard. “Hello, Fingers. I’m your new Aunt Junie May.”

Fingers stopped playing and turned to look at his new relative. “Yes. Hello. Nice to meet kaçak casino you. What can I do. . .”

“Came by to see what kind of man my dearest niece is marrying. Want to be sure she’s going to be happy.”

“I promise, Aunt Junie May, I will do everything in my power to make sure. . .”

“Can it, stud. Convince me with your body.” Pulling off her top, two large breasts fell naked in his face, with large aureolas that perked to hardness immediately. “Start with these, and don’t be shy.”

He looked up at her face. It was a carbon copy of Mary Jane’s and Kaylee’s, with a couple more wrinkles than Mary Jane and a shock of short white hair above. Her height was the same as her sister and niece, although her breasts were much bigger than the other women in her family. Roughly, she grabbed his hands and slapped them to her mammaries. “I heard you making music with your hands; that Chopin sounded great. Make music with my tits, let me see what my niece is getting.”

They locked eyes, and he started to massage her boobs. She dared him with her eyes and he got more and more aggressive with his manipulation, eventually pinching her nipples and roughly pawing her flesh as she sighed and surrendered to him. Plucking one hand away, she thrust it into her crotch to touch her damp panties. He pulled aside the fabric and thrust two fingers upward looking for the source of her wetness. Grinding her pelvis back at him, she moaned as he took a nipple in his mouth and began lightly chewing it.

Shuddering, she exploded on his hand and fell to her knees on the tile of the practice room. “Let’s see what you’ve got,” she cooed as she unzipped him and took out his member. “Looks like a nice playtoy.’ He was astounded at her skill as she got him hard quickly. “Taste test.” With one gulp, she swallowed the entire length of his penis down to his pubic hair, something Mary Jane and Kaylee couldn’t do, and massaged it with her throat before spitting it out to lick the head. “Nice tasting cock, Stanley. Does Kaylee give good head?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied feebly.

“She should. Taught her everything I know.” A drop of pre-cum appeared and she licked it away. “Now for the proof of the pudding. Fuck me.” She sat on his lap facing him, impaling herself on his freshly aroused erection and wiggling her ass to settle. “Good God, kiddo, if you were thirty years older, I would have you locked up in my bedroom in a heartbeat. Haven’t felt a dick this good for years. Let’s do a few good pumps, Stanley. Yes, yes, yes. Kaylee is so lucky. Doggy style now.” Jumping up, she leaned against the piano and twitched her butt in invitation. “Fuck me hard, baby.”

Fingers got up and did as he was told. Her cunt grasped his cock tightly, and he felt that he wouldn’t be able to hold out very long. Just when he was ready to shoot, she turned around and said: “That’s good enough, put it up my ass now, boy. He’s lubed enough, sodomize me.”

Pulling out, he probed with his cockhead between her cheeks and found her rear entry. It took a couple of pushes before he got in, but once he did, he slid in to the hilt without effort. She quaked and sent a large stream of pungent liquid to the floor from her vagina. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass till you cum, Stanley. You pass the test.” He was a little dazed, but it didn’t take long before he sent his contribution deep into her bowels.

Fortunately, no one walked past the practice room, and the cacophony of music bouncing around the hallway drowned out the sounds of their sexual encounter. She turned around after he pulled out and licked his cock clean, freaking him out completely and making him hard again. “Good sign, boyo. You’re young and you’re almost ready to go again. Welcome to the family. Give me another shot and I’ll let you get back to Chopin.”

Friday night’s rehearsal party started off a relaxed yet noble event. Several members of the University administration were present, as well as the minister and several Zeta alumni. The usual banquet frivolity gave way to a couple of frat brothers giving Fingers and Kaylee some ritual abuse, and the active members of both Zeta houses drifted away as the President of the University made a few remarks. Fingers had no family, so Brice made some comments on his behalf as host of the event.

The luminaries left, with only the wedding party, her parents, her Aunt Junie May and current members of the Zeta Omicron Rho fraternity and Zeta Rho Omicron sorority there. The music started a lively dance number, and the dance team from both Greek organizations, wearing only shorts began a kick line with the announcement: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Brown Berry Revue!”

Fingers couldn’t believe all of Kaylee’s sorority sisters who weren’t in the wedding party were dancing around the stage, they boobs keeping time with the school fight song. His frat brothers were hamming it up as well, doing their best Chippendale impersonations and flirting with the sisters. It was amazing how all the men were looking one direction and the women the other until the two dance lines merged for the girls to be lifted and tossed in the air by the boys. Brice Simpson III and his brother Bob were beaming as they shed their coats and started flexing the muscles.

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