He was on his third drink alone at the hotel bar. Watching ESPN on the TV and making small talk with the pretty bartender. When the guy next to him introduced himself. “Steve,” he said, he casually nodded and didn’t think anything of it. Steve talked sports for awhile and then made the same observation Jeff had. “Wow that bartender is cute,” he said. Jeff smiled and agreed as he ordered his fourth and last martini of the night. Steve began to whisper to Jeff what he’d do to the waitress if he had his chance. When Steve said, “we should double team her,” Jeff felt the excitement right down to his groin. It had always been Jeff’s fantasy to have a mmf threesome. He got off on the thought of his wife going cock crazy, but he also got off on the excitement of helping a buddy to fuck her. He imagined guiding the other guys cock into his wife’s mouth or taking it from her pussy to lick it before putting it back in.

Lost in his fantasy, Jeff began to feel his cock harden. “Hey dude,” Steve said, “looks like your lost in the moment.” Jeff blushed.

“yea,” he said, “that fantasy always gets me going.”

Steve agreed and when he said, “let’s do something about it,” Jeff was silent. “What I mean,” Steve said, “is fantasy is fantasy and that bartender probably won’t give us the time of day, but were in a hotel that has tons of porn on the tube. Maybe we could go to my room and pick out a mmf movie to watch. There won’t be a girl, but it would be the casino oyna closest I’ve gotten to a threesome.” Maybe it was the drink, but Jeff felt Steve’s idea actually was logical. Before Jeff could answer, Steve said “come on dude, I already paid the bill while you were zoning out in fantasy world before.” Jeff laughed and followed Steve to the elevator.

Without saying a work, Jeff followed Steve from the elevator to his room. Steve unlocked the door, walked in, threw the remote to Jeff and said “find us a good movie while I open a bottle of wine.” Jeff was glad to have something to do because if he hesitated he wasn’t sure he would stay . He took the remote and went through the titles. When he saw one titled Double her Pleasure, he hit enter. As the opening scenes started Steve came back with two glasses of wine. He sat on the couch next to Jeff. They sat in silence for awhile, but as the chick in the movie began to suck one guys cock while the other guy watched, he knew he was getting harder. He shifted in his seat. “Good thing I’m not hung like that guy,” Steve said, “or I wouldn’t be able to hide this hardon.” They laughed.

“how big are you,” Jeff asked.

“Six inches,” Steve answered. “You,” he asked.

“Same,” Jeff answered. “Six and a half on a good night.”

Looking over Steve chimed in “then it looks like tonight maybe a good night.” Steve reached over and touched Jeff’s hardon through his pants. Jeff moaned slightly. “I canlı casino want to see it” he said not asking, but simply unzipping Jeff’s pants. Looking up at Jeff Steve mouthed “may I?”

“Yes” Jeff responded. As Jeff’s cock was pulled from his pants it was standing straight up. Steve touched in softly.

“I’ve never done this,” he said.

“me neither” responded Jeff.

“cool, then lets just do what we’re comfortable with, if your not sure don’t worry.”

“I’m comfortable,” said Jeff reaching over for Steve’s zipper. As Jeff pulled Steve’s cock from his pants he lost himself. Staring at it. Touching it. Moving his hand slowly over his penis and looking up at Steve for his reaction. What moves him, what makes him sigh, does that feel good to him, does he like me paying attention to the head of his penis, how about when I touch his balls. Jeff was trying it all and taking it all in as he slowly lowered his head and put his lips just on the head of Steve’s cock. Taking the head in slowly as he watched Steve slump lower in the chair.

“oh god that feels good…you don’t have to…”Steve’s words stopped there as Jeff tried taking more of his cock in. He could only manage to take half of his cock, but Jeff was loving the taste, smell and heat of his cock. “Let me try” Steve managed to get out as he pulled away and pushed Jeff down on the couch. Steve repeated the actions Jeff had just taken. Steve succeeded in taking a little more kaçak casino cock in his mouth than Jeff had, but not much more.

Jeff began to moan…”damn, I’m gonna come soon” he said. Steve smiled and alternated between Jerking Jeff’s cock and sucking the tip. His cock hardened and Steve squeezed it tight. Jeff’s cock shot powerfully into the air as Steve tried to stop the spary with his hand first and then his mouth. Steve only got a little in his mouth and tried tasting it, but most of Jeffs come was dripping down his own cock.

“Interesting,” Steve said. Jeff looked at him and rubbed his finger over the come on his own cock. He put a drop to his lips and licked it. Then he pushed Steve back.

“Your turn” he said. Jeff resumed sucking Steve’s cock. This time a little more aggressively than his first try.

Steve began to moan immediately. “That’s it, do it” he said as his hips began to rise. Jeff tried to hold him in his mouth as he came, but he was too surprised by the come shooting into his mouth. He let it drip out of his mouth and down Steve’s cock. Only tasting the little bit he licked off. “oh my god” Steve said. “Was that as hot for you as it was for me?” Jeff smiled running his finger of the come on Steve’s cock.

“oh yea,” he said, “that bartender doesn’t know what she is missing”. They both laughed and looked at the screen where the girl was getting dp’d. “Wow, between what just happened and the hour left on this porn I may have another glass of wine…and stay a while longer” Jeff said.

“Absolutely,” Steve agreed as he poured another glass of wine and sat down on the couch, his cock slowly softening and lying on his leg.

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