I didn’t see much of George outside of school for some time, and I hadn’t seen Martha since our initial three-way encounter. I dreamed of a repeat performance, but somehow our schedules just didn’t seem to fit together. As the spring days began warming up. I thought I’d invite them to my Dad’s fishing camp for the weekend. It was an average trailer on the lake that had all the necessities, was comfortable, and was only about two hours away.

I asked George while we were between classes, and he seemed to like the idea. He told me he’d mention it to Martha and get back to me. I guess she was up for it because later that night he called me at home.

“Sounds good,” he said. “Let’s do it. Martha can get off work early on Friday, around 4:00.”

“Great,” I replied. “I can swing by your place and we can take off whenever you’re ready. I’ll bring the booze and the food, so we should be set.”

“See you then; it’s a date.”

That was on a Wednesday, and the remaining days seemed to drag along. I was horny as hell in expectation of the coming weekend, but I refrained from masturbating, thinking I’d save my energies for later. It was rough because my head was filled with the images of the three of us from the last time. But I managed to tough it out, even though it seemed I was in a perpetual state of erection.

Friday finally came, and when I finished my last class, I loaded up the car with a few clothes and things, an ample supply of beer and tequila, and more than enough food and snacks to last us for the duration. When 4 o’clock approached, I headed for their house.

I don’t know why, but I felt nervous as I rang the bell. George opened the door and invited me in. Apparently Martha was in the back organizing their clothes for the trip, and George had already started drinking.

He said, “I don’t know why she’s bothering so much. We probably won’t need many clothes once we get there.” He winked at me, took a slug of his drink, and gave my crotch a quick squeeze. I smiled in return and lit a cigarette while waiting for Martha to finish.

“Okay guys, let’s hit the road,” she said, entering the living room with a small overnight bag. “I’m looking forward to a quiet getaway.”

In her tight jeans and a cotton pullover sweater, she looked as great as I remembered. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and we headed out. George rode shotgun, and Martha relaxed in the back seat. I couldn’t help but look at her in the rearview mirror from time to time. George was rambling on about a little of nothing on the way, while Martha was silent. It seemed that she was tired from her week’s work. Before too long, the road noise took its effect, and she dozed off. George, on the other hand, droned on as we made our way to the lakeside. He was still nursing a stiff drink which he’d brought along. I was sporting a stiff dick in anticipation.

As we made small talk on the way, my hard-on didn’t go unnoticed by George. He put his hand between my legs and began stroking me lightly. I told him to hold off for a bit because I didn’t want to come in my pants before we even got to the trailer. Martha continued to sleep in the back.

When we were about thirty minutes away, I turned onto a dirt road, and the roughness roused Martha. “Hey guys, are we about there?” I told her that we had about thirty minutes and asked her if she had slept well.

“I’m feeling great now, thank you, and once I get something to eat I’ll be up for anything,” she replied. “I hope so!” I thought to myself.

“He’s been up since we left,” chortled George.

“No thanks to you,” I said.

“Come on guys, save it for later. Let’s enjoy the scenery.”

And we did for the remainder of the trip. The fresh air and the tall pines seemed to take us out of ourselves for a bit as we wound around the rustic road. Soon we were pulling into the driveway, and we parked alongside the wooden deck. There were several other trailers in the area, but it was too early in the season for anyone to be there. The sun was just setting, and the lakeside air, mingled with the scent of pine, was invigorating. After stretching and looking around a bit, we quickly moved our supplies into the trailer.

There were two bedrooms, and I showed them one as theirs. They put casino oyna their stuff on the bed and came back into the living room, while I arranged my things in the other bedroom and put my toilet gear in the small bathroom off of my bedroom. I returned to the kitchen to put away the food, and then fixed myself a drink.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Just a beer for now, thanks,” said Martha.

“I’ll take a beer and a shot,” offered George.

I fixed their drinks and a double shot of tequila for me, and we settled down in the living room for a smoke and a bit of conversation. George sat in a chair, and I nestled in beside Martha on the couch.

“It’s nice here,” observed Martha. I got the feeling that they didn’t get away much.

“Yea,” said George, “we should have a great time this weekend.” As usual, he gave me a wink, and Martha cozied up a bit closer to me.

She set her beer down and put her arms around me.

“Thanks for inviting us.” She hugged me close and gave me a sensuous kiss. I set down my drink and hugged her closer. We began to kiss and make out like teenagers, as she began French kissing me and stroking my back. I responded in kind and began to feel her breasts outside her sweater. When I moved my hand between her legs, she opened them briefly before pushing me away.

“Hey, what about dinner first, eh?”

I kissed her hard once again and then sat back for a minute.

“Okay, let me finish this drink and a cigarette and then I’ll make a salad and grill the steaks.”

George remained quiet as I finished my cigarette, apparently caught up in his own thoughts.

I lit the fire outside, finished off the preparations, and after grilling the steaks, we settled in for a hearty dinner. We chatted idly, going through another couple of rounds of drinks. When we finished, Martha offered to help me clean up, but I said, “No. Guests are guests and you don’t have to work around here, at least for now”

Martha excused herself while I was clearing up the dishes. George grabbed another drink and we talked a bit while I finished. When she returned, she had changed into that wonderful Japanese silk robe and was barefoot. She came over, hugged me, gave me a kiss, and thanked me for the wonderful dinner. She had put on a heady perfume, and I could tell from hugging her that she had nothing on underneath her robe.

I fixed more drinks and we returned to our places, me on the couch with Martha and George in his chair. We drank for a bit and enjoyed an after-dinner cigarette. As it was beginning to get dark, I switched on the table lamp nearby. Martha leaned over, put her arm around me, and kissed my neck. When she started nibbling on my ear, I responded immediately by putting my arm around her and kissing her fully. I opened her robe and took her breast in my hand, toying with her erect nipple, while continuing to kiss her. We made out like this for a bit, and I felt as if my erection would break the zipper in my jeans. She began squeezing my dick, and I bent down to take her nipple in my mouth.

At this point, I noticed George out of the corner of my eye. Cigarette in mouth, he took off his shoes and socks and then began pulling down his pants, looking at us all the while. He apparently had no underwear because his slightly bent, rock hard erection was waving back and forth. I continued to love on Martha as he walked towards us, his prick poking through his shirt tails. When he was directly in front of us, we stopped kissing. She reached out and gave him a couple of up and down strokes, and then taking him firmly in hand guided his dick to my mouth. I leaned over to give it a loving kiss, licking a drop of precum from the tip. It was warm and virtually tasteless. Before, this would have given me pause, but I felt comfortable with them and everything seemed a natural extension of our mutual feelings.

I returned to kissing Martha, while George dropped to his knees in front of me and removed my shoes and socks. Then he started to undo my belt and open my pants. I raised my ass a bit to help him as he slowly tugged down my jeans and took them off. My boner was at full mast and begging for attention.

“Mmmmm, that looks interesting,” said Martha. She leaned over and gave my cock head a kiss canlı casino like I had just done to George.

She sat back up and stroked me for a moment; then George grabbed my ass and took me completely in his mouth. The sensation was exquisite. This guy was a pro, working me up and down, laving my cock with his tongue, teasing my piss slit, passing underneath the head, and then engulfing me over and over.

I opened Martha’s robe completely, revealing her incredible, thin, milky white body. She opened her legs and I teased her clit with my fingers. She was more than wet. Continuing to kiss her nipples, I slowly slid a finger, then two deeply into her. She moaned and her cunt opened fully.

As I mentioned before, I hadn’t come in over three days, and it didn’t take long before I was erupting in George’s throat. He sucked me hard and long until I finished my spasms. I must have shot five or six times before I finished, and I felt utterly drained. He gave me one last suck and a kiss on the head of my dick before rocking back, swallowing and smiling. I had stopped doing anything to Martha as my climax mounted, and I now sat back almost in oblivion. What a release! Ummmmm.

Martha and I were still locked in an embrace; she hugged me lovingly, almost as if we were mother and child. As she was stroking my hair, I nestled my head against her shoulder, reveling in the afterglow of such a powerful orgasm. George got up, leaned over, and kissed her, sharing some of the cum that he had just milked from me.

“I love you, Martha,” he said.

“Me too,” she responded and continued to caress me. I was like a puppet under their control, and I was relishing every minute of it.

As I began to regain a bit more consciousness, I disentangled myself from Martha and sat up. All took that as cue to regroup and smoke another cigarette. George replenished our drinks, and we sat idly smiling at one another in silence. Apparently, everyone had gotten off on what had just happened. Martha pulled her robe back around her, but George and I just sat there, limp dicks draped across our thighs.

When we began to regain strength, I leaned over to Martha again and kissed her. “I think it’s your turn, babe,” I murmured in her ear. “I think so, too,” she replied, and opening her robe, she reclined against the arm of the couch, opening her legs fully.

I leaned over and kissed her, then started tonguing her entire body. I moved from her mouth to her neck, then to her breasts, and finally worked my kisses down her smooth, flat stomach to nuzzle her still-moist cunt. I repositioned her so that her thighs were over my shoulders, and I toyed with her clit with my nose before parting her full lips with my tongue. Slowly I tongue-fucked her as deeply as I could, then grabbed her ass with both hands, teasing and sucking her in earnest. She opened up completely and relaxed back against the arm rest. Her taste was incredible, and I savored every drop of her moisture as I continued to work her firmly, yet gently. Her moans suggested that she was enjoying herself completely, and I kept at it for at least ten minutes. Suddenly, she tensed up, clasped my head with her thighs, and let loose a powerful orgasm, flooding my mouth with her juices. I sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked until she went limp, placing her hands across her face with a sigh of relief. I felt proud to be able to give her such apparent delight.

George, in the meanwhile, had recovered his erection and was slowly stroking himself as he watched us. I was hard again, too, and ready to continue what Martha and I had just started. I sat up and grabbed her hands, pulling her languidly to her feet and directing her to my bedroom. In a matter of moments, she was face up on the bed and I was working my way between her legs. I swooped down to kiss her snatch once again, and then I placed my cock at her entrance. She grabbed my ass and forced me abruptly into her. She was open and ready, and there surely was never another fuck as sweet as this one. I started slowly in and out and then picked up the pace, fucking her for all I was worth. She clutched me and kissed me and rocked back and forth with my motions. It didn’t take long for us to come again. And this time we finished together. I lay still atop kaçak casino her, both hugging and kissing until the aftershocks subsided. We were in bliss, and we remained joined for some time. Martha remained motionless, again with her hands covering her face. I continued to stay in her

“Can I get you anything,” I asked. “Nooooo,” she replied sleepily. I went looking for my cigarettes, lit one, and filled my glass. When I returned, George was between her legs greedily lapping all of our juices from her cunt. I couldn’t believe it, but the sight was giving me another erection. “I’m glad I saved it for now,” I thought to myself.

I gave myself a stroke and enjoyed the wet, sticky sensation, licking my fingers clean. When I tumped out my cigarette and swallowed the last of my drink, I sat down on the bed to watch them, stroking George’s ass and lightly tickling his balls. He never let up and after awhile, she came again and again. I’d never been so satisfied nor so turned on. I was hard again.

George slowly raised himself up, and I bent down to kiss Martha, stroking her nipples. “No, please, no more for now,” she moaned, obviously well-sated for the moment. George winked at me again in his usual manner. I pulled up the sheet to cover her, and joined him at the foot of the bed. He hadn’t cum yet, so his dick was even harder than mine.

“This is incredible, isn’t it,” I asked. “Damn straight,” he replied. “Hang on a minute.” He returned to the kitchen and returned with two more drinks. He joined me on the bed, and I settled against him.

We sat together and drank a bit; then he reached over and kissed me. I’ve never been a fan of a guy kissing me, but at this point it seemed natural. I could taste the mixed juices that he had sucked from Martha, and it gave me an immediate erection. He was still hard, so I started to stroke him gently up and down. He responded by doing the same to me. After a few minutes, he grabbed my drink and set it alongside his on the nightstand.

He lay back down next to Martha and pulled me to him. We kissed again and then moved around into a sixty-nine position, well-positioned for some mutual sucking. While we were at it, he fiddled around under the covers and brought a well-moistened finger to my ass. He hadn’t cleaned Martha completely out, for her juices were thick and provided the necessary lubrication to slowly enter my pucker while we continued to suck each other. I felt uncomfortable at first, but it was sensuous, and after a bit I dilated enough to permit two, then three of his fingers.

I began going after his cock in earnest, when he abruptly pulled away and turned me over next to Martha. She had recovered a little and was now raised up on one elbow watching us. I leaned over to kiss her as George began to rim me, laving my asshole with his tongue and driving me almost to the point of desperation. He quickly began fucking me with his three fingers, and then just as quickly pulled out. I felt empty, longing for more.

I didn’t have to wait long because he positioned himself on his knees behind me and started working the head of his cock back and forth over my asshole. I arched back in anticipation, and he popped the head in. Uffffff! It burned and I grabbed Martha hard. But it felt good at the same time, and he slowly entered another inch or two. As he pushed the rest of his dick up my ass, I continued to grab Martha, and with tears in my eyes I kissed her.

She held me tight as he continued to saw in and out of me, slowly at first and then almost brutally. I’d never felt such a curious mixture of pain and pleasure before, but it was incredible. I clinched my ass around his cock on the down strokes, trying to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me. After about fifteen minutes of this, I could feel him tensing, and he erupted with a flood of jism deep within me. And then he was quiet. He stayed lodged in me for a few moments and slowly pulled out. I felt exhausted, empty, not wanting him to pull out and wanting him to at the same time. As I lay limp against Martha, I felt his tongue once again at my opening, entering and probing me, sucking his cum from my aching ass.

I rolled over and reached for my drink, took a few sips, and then lay back down with Martha, hugging her. He went for his cigarettes, returned, and finished his drink. I was the one lying with my arms across my face now, and, although my ass was tingling/burning, I began to fall asleep, happy with the love shared among friends.

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