My wife, Becky, has four sisters. The oldest, Janna, is forty-four and lives several states away so we don’t get to see her very often. She’s been divorced now for some years and teaches fifth grade.

The next sister is Millie, she’s forty, she lives in England with her husband who is British and we only see them every four or five years. Then, there’s Melissa, she’s thirty-seven and she lives all the way across the country from us so she visits only rarely,

Next is Becky at thirty-six, then Wendy, the baby at twenty-nine.

The time I want to tell you about was when two of Becky’s sisters, Janna and Wendy were both staying with us.

First, a little background. Becky and I have been married for about fifteen years now and we like to have a little excitement in our sex lives. This had led to some threesomes and and a foursome or two over the years including a time when her youngest sister visited us for about three weeks a few years back.

Wendy had mentioned to Becky that she had not been dating anyone at the time and wanted to know if her could borrow a vibrator while she stayed with us. Better than that, she told her, why don’t you just borrow Will, my husband is much better than an electric cock and he can eat you out, too.

Well, Becky sent me down the hall that night to sleep with her youngest sister who was as horny as any man could ask for. I fucked her twice, ate her out three times and she woke me up at dawn for another fuck.

Then, to give you an idea of just where the rest of her visit went, at breakfast, she got off her chair and sat on the floor in front of me, reached in my boxers which I had worn to breakfast, pulled out my cock and sucked me off while my sister cooked pancakes and bacon. You can imagine what the rest of her visit was like.

So, this time, the two sisters had gotten in on the same day, Friday, and I had set up the hot tub for them so they could have a nice time getting caught up on their lives. I had beer and wine set out for them and several snack things and left them to enjoy their reacquaintance.

I had enjoyed hearing their laughter as they soaked in the warm water and after a while, Becky came in to take a pee. Afterward, she came over to me and said, “You know, Janna told me she hasn’t had sex in over two years, Will. Think I could offer her your services, she must be horny as hell?” and she leaned over and gave me a kiss.

Well, all the sisters are blond, actually natural blonds, both parents are Scandinavian and Janna may be eight years older than Becky but she’s still in MILF territory. Her figure is a little larger but still in scale with a pair of boobs that get my attention, for sure. She was wearing a red bikini when she got in the tub and she looked good. So, I needed no convincing to undertake this mission of mercy.

“Sure, hon, you casino oyna know I’ll do anything to help out one of your sisters,” I said with a grin.

So, in about twenty minutes or so, Janna came in and sat down right next to me on a towel she had brought in.

“Becky tells me that you two have a pretty liberal lifestyle and that you both like to add spice to your life together.”

I assumed that Becky must have talked with her about our discussion, so I confirmed the situation, “Yeah, we’ve enjoyed having other people join us or either one of us having some fun with someone else at times.”

“I guess. Wendy even told me that you and she had sex regularly with you when she was staying with you both a few years back. In fact, she gives you a very nice recommendation, Will.”

“Why bless her heart. Yes, Becky was kind enough to share me with her little sister. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Evidently Wendy did, too, she rather sings your praises, WIll.”

“Well, I’ll have to find some way to thank her, won’t I?”

“Do you think you could show me what my two sisters are so enamored of?”

“I’d be happy to, Janna, let’s go to your room, okay?”

As we walked down the hall, I was watching her ass move back and forth, her bikini not really hiding much, especially her ass cheeks.

Entering her bedroom, I swung the door closed then put my arms around her, pulled her close and kissed her in a way I had never kissed my sister-in-law before. As we kissed, I pulled open the knot holding her top and when we parted lips, she pulled it off revealing her large, lovely breasts. I would guess they were D’s and she really was pretty firm for a woman in her forties as I bent down and took one of her large, pink nipples in my mouth and began to suck.

“Mmm, I’ve missed this, Will, it feels so nice. I’m kind of nervous but I’m even more excited.”

I sucked some more, then knelt down and kissed her right in the middle of the bottom of her bikini, then pulled it down, revealing a small ‘landing patch’ of pubic hair, blond as all my wife’s sisters seemed to be, and I licked along the vertical groove as Janna stood there, slightly trembling and breathing hard.

I sat her down on her bed, knelt between her legs, spread them open and began licking and tonguing all around her pussy, out onto her inner thighs and back, all around, then up and down her slit.

“Oh, Will, I haven’t had a man do this for…oh, oh, god, that feels so good, just don’t stop, please don’t stop. Mmm.”

I had no intention of stopping, of course, since licking pussies was one of my all time favorite pastimes and I was getting to really enjoy this older sister of my wife.

“Oh, Will, oh, I love you licking me, I haven’t had a man do this in so long, oh, mmm, right there,” then I spread her pussy open and licked canlı casino circles up inside her. That sure did it, she just erupted.

“OH, OOOH, OOOOOH, UUUH, uuuh, uuh, mmm, WIll, oh, WIll, oh that feels so good. You are just as good as Becky and Wendy said. Oh, my pussy feels wonderful, come up here,” she said as she pulled me up and began kissing my face all over as she reaches down and shoves her hand inside my shorts and grips my cock.

“This is what I want, Will, let’s get you naked,” and she rolled me off of her and pulled my tee up and tossed it on the end of the bed. Then she got up on her knees and began getting my shorts off, she loosened them and pulled the shorts along with my briefs right down and off as I lay there, like her, naked, with my hard and ready cock standing tall and expectant.

“Oh, look at this. Why, WIll, no wonder my sisters sing your praises, well, well,” and she began stroking me up and down.

“You are really hard, no Viagra needed for you, huh?”

“Not with you around, Janna,” I said as I reached my hand up to caress her breasts hovering over me.

“Oh, this is going to be fun. I hope you’re really horny, Becky said I could keep you all night if I wanted, and that’s exactly what I want,” and she turned and swung a leg up over me, rose up, held me firm in her hand and lowered her pussy down over me, swallowing up my cock deep inside her.

“Mmm, this is what I want,” she moaned as she began rocking slowly back and forth as I rubbed her generous breasts. Her hands were leaning on my chest and soon her fingers were softly pinching my nipples as she went back and forth.

There was one thing I hadn’t expected about my oldest sister-in-law…her tight pussy. I’ve fucked two of Janna’s younger sisters and she’s got the tightest pussy of the three I’ve fucked. Amazing. And it sure felt good.

When she went down on my dick, she pressed hard as she twisted her hips back and forth. I had one hand on her breast, the other gently rubbing her clit in a circle.

“Oh, Will, you’re making me feel like I haven’t felt in a long, long time.”

“Mmm, good, you sure feel good to me, I’m really getting close.”

“Me, too, I’m real cl…UUUH, UUUH, uuh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, WIll, Will, oh, thank you so much, I feel so wonderful,” and right about then, I arched up and filled her with my cum spurting deep into her as she pumped me up and down.

She dropped down over me, covering my face with kisses, still moving up and down, neither of us wanting to stop.

“Thank you, Will, oh, thank you, this was wonderful.”

“Thank you, Janna, you are great in bed. You did all the work, I just lay here enjoying it.”

We lay there, necking like teens, kissing, groping, rubbing, enjoying each other, then I started to kiss her down her body, on her breasts, stopping to kaçak casino lick and suck her nipples, then down to her navel and on to that wondrous place between her legs.

She opened herself to me as I got up in between her thighs and began licking and tonguing as I so love to do. She was loving it, writhing and twisting under me, moaning softly.

“Oh, Will, that’s wonderful, oh, so good, you’re making me crazy.”

She had two strong orgasms, I just love giving orgasms by mouth, it really turns me on. We lay in each others arms, Janna, slowly stroking my hardening cock as we heard a knock on the bedroom door.

“Can we come in? Are you decent. We really don’t care,” and the door opened and my wife and her little sister, both delightfully naked came in and squeezed into the bed with us.

“Geez, guys, there’s more room in our bed, come on,” and Becky and her two sisters followed her to our bedroom, me following the three lovely butts down the hall with my cock pointing at them.

Becky pulled the covers off and the four of us got under the sheets, several hands groping for my happy cock as Becky asked, “Well, Janna, tell us all about it, all the details.”

As Janna retold what we had been doing earlier, each sister interrupting, asking for more juicy details, giggling, groping me, and, finally, Wendy, who I had last fucked several years before, pushed me down, swung a leg over me, gripped my cock and went right down, burying my cock deep inside her, saying, “I’m not waiting, I want you right now, Will.”

As she began moving up and down, she added, “One of you get up and sit on his face, you’d like that, right, Will?” and Janna went first as Wendy fucked me. Becky, not one to be left out, took my hand and opened her legs for me to finger her during all this. Incredible.

Have you ever laid there naked, as a young woman fucked you, as you are eating out another woman and fingering a third. No? Oh, too bad. It has given me a memory that will give me a hard-on any time I think of it.

Janna was the first to cum, I think because she had been starved for sex for so long and I was next. My orgasm was one of the strongest I’ve ever had, it almost doubled me up.

The rest of my sisters-in-law’s visit was exactly as you would expect. One poor guy, three horny women. Well, more like one extremely lucky guy…

I decided to take some vacation time while they visited and as a result, I was fucked and sucked almost around the clock. I ate more pussy during that week than I normally do in a year. It was non-stop. None of us wore any clothes the entire time and my cock never was without a hand or a mouth or a pussy around it. Even when I went to take a leak, I had volunteer to hold it while I pissed.

I keep asking Becky when Wendy and Janna are coming back but it doesn’t look like they will be visiting together again any time soon. Wendy is coming next month, however, and she’s already told Becky that she plans on sleeping in our bed, of course, with us. I’ve already got the hot tub ready. Wouldn’t you?

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