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Mike finally fell asleep in the small hours of the morning. His cuffed arms and legs felt stiff and sore all through the night. Ball gag, causing his jaw to ache. His blindfold at least made it easier to nod off. Every time he thought of his situation, he would feel empty and defeated. Then he would reassure himself by thinking that a long term exit was possible. This however led to all sorts of fantasies about his stunning captor. That in turn meant excruciating pain for his trapped cock. He could still smell her scent from hours earlier, faintly in the room. A teasing blend of her pussy and perfume.

Heather went to bed that night in raptures. She had always fantasised about having a slave. Now she was fantasising about what to do to him. Filthy thoughts ran through her mind. Dirty, twisted ways of torturing him made her wet and horny. Over and over she imagined and planned the evil acts she could do to him. The hornier she got, the wilder her ideas. Until the small hours of the morning she pleasured herself and had long, intense orgasms. She finally fell into a comfortable sleep after a steamy night of masturbation about the man she had imprisoned.

Mike awoke, in immense pain and with badly stiff limbs. The house was quiet, so he presumed Heather wasn’t up yet. He couldn’t be sure though. The pain in his dick was horrible. Morning wood was making his cock ache inside of the cage. He let out a moan and tried not to think about his predicament. That was impossible. His attempts at moving were stifled by tight cuffs and the blindfold made him panicky. Was she in the room with him? Was he still where she had left him? Was she gone altogether? It was immensely unnerving, with no eyesight and being unable to move. He also couldn’t shout for help. Mike knew he was completely vulnerable. She could do anything to him and there would be nothing he could do to stop her.

Heather woke up feeling brilliant. She had slept in as she always did on her day off, until about 11am. She knew that had meant extra pain for her slave. That had only made her wetter the night before and even now as she thought of him trussed up and captured, she felt herself grow moist. Remembering the way she had plotted last night, she felt another ripple of pleasure. Instead of getting off now though, she decided to save it. That way she would be extremely horny when she visited her slave.

Mike heard the door open. He rolled around helplessly, begging into his gag. He wanted to cum so badly.

“Mmmfff,” his voice was muffled by the gag. Heather grew wet at the sight of him, straining to be free. She kept her cool though. She had a plan.

“Slave, if you ever want to be released from your restraints you have to earn it.” Her voice washed over him. Mike had forgotten how sweet and seductive it was, yet with a cruel hint in her tone.

“Do you want your gag removed? Make noise if you do.” she commanded.

“Mmm,” he moaned. At this Heather took out his ball gag. Mike felt his jaw and mouth free up, a feeling of pure relief. He chose not to speak, for fear of it being put on again.

“Now, you must answer my questions. Yes or no. Nothing else.”

Miked braced himself.

“Are you willing to be my slave?”

“Yes.” He already was, he thought to himself.

“Will you obey every command i give you?”

“Yes.” He felt nervous, but it was more or less a given now that he was her slave. He reasoned again, that it could help him escape in the long term.

“Do you think i have another key?” She did, in fact she was going to get it copied. But Mike was oblivious.

“Yes.” Mike said meekly. He guessed she probably did, it was an educated guess. He feared her response though.

“Thats all i canlı bahis have to ask you for today.” She said in matter of fact way, and walked out to get her breakfast, shutting the door behind her.

She had filmed the conversation. Although his face wasn’t fully visible, his voice would do for the time being. Heather ate her toast while she thought of her victory. He had signed up to her demands, and though she had more this was an important step. He also believed she had another key. This meant that he would serve her, in the belief that he may be released. The first key, was always going to be flushed, no matter what option. The intention was to shock and scare him. Even now, he only thought she had a key. She could play on the lack of certainty.

Breakfast finished, Heather went into her room to change. A tight business skirt and black bra with heels was her choice. She spayed on her perfume and made sure to tie her hair back into a smart ponytail. The combination of the smart dress and the slutty bra and heels, mixed with a hot perfume would knock the stuffing out of him. She strutted confidently into his room. Mike still lay stricken on the floor, cuffed and blindfolded. Mike felt mesmerised by her dreamy perfume. His dick swelled yet again to no avail. Then the blindfold was removed and he saw her. Blonde hair, cleanly tied back, displaying her dangerously cute face. Her black bra covering ample, well shaped boobs. Her tight, short business skirt, emphasising her hips and ass. Her toned legs coupling with a naughty pair of heels. He was speechless. His dick rocketed, desperate to grow and cum at the sight of her. She looked devastatingly hot and he felt mesmerised at her whole appearance.

Heather yanked down his trousers and sat on his caged dick, grinding and teasing. She pulled his shirt off and started to kiss his chest and up his well built arms. Growing hornier, she started to bite his upper arms, where his biceps would be, leaving teeth marks across his upper body. All the time grinding up against his cock. Her scent and all of her teasing overwhelmed him. He started to beg.

“Please, let me cum, i’ll do anything!” He stared pleadingly into her eyes. At this, she bit down hard on his nipple and refused to let go.

“Argh!” He yelped in pain.

She pulled off and laughed at him, slapping his face repetitively. Then she leant in close to his ear, pressing her boobs up against his chest and started to passionately kiss around his head. She kissed in towards his lips but each time he tried to respond she moved away to his cheeks again. This and her crotch grinding up against his caged cock, resulted in yet more begging.

“Please, let me cum Goddess!” He gasped.

Heather grew wet as she heard the word Goddess. She leant in to his lips and aggressively kissed him, allowing him to kiss back. For a few minutes they kissed passionately while she dry humped his caged cock. Mike was beyond pleasure and yet beyond frustration too. Heather was desperate to get off too as she grew wetter and hornier.

She suddenly pulled up and stripped off her skirt to reveal a scant pair of panties. She turned to give him a full view of her ass. Then she lowered it onto his face.

“Slave, do you remember the first time i smothered you with my ass and you complained that you couldn’t breathe?” She asked in a sweet voice.

“Yes Goddess,” was his muffled response.

“Well this time, for every complaint i hear, its a week longer in chastity.”

She then stood up and glared down at him, revealing the key that he had hoped existed. He breathed out a sigh of relief. That was a mistake; Heather quickly smothered him with her perfect ass, before he could take a breath. After a matter bahis siteleri of seconds under her gorgeous butt, he started to feel slightly dizzy. Desperate not to add another week, he tried to keep quiet. Then Heather did something evil. She felt a fart coming on and let it go on his face. The stinky air instantly saturating his face. He felt sick.

“Are my farts any better this time slave?” She laughed.

Mike knew not to reply, but wanted her off badly. The sickening smell of her fart, was all he could breath.

“Mmmmmffff!” He panicked and cried out into her hot ass.

“One week added.” She chortled, standing up to allow him air. He gasped for all he was worth. She grinned wickedly down at him. Then smothered him again. Just a few seconds of air had hardly helped. Then came her next trick. Heather picked up the key and undid the chastity belt, but didn’t take it off, just unlocked it.

Mike was startled and gasped with joy.

“Two weeks now slave.” Sniggered Heather.

“Your too easy!” She taunted happily.

She stood up and turned around locking the cage back on before planting her ass onto it once more, looking him in the eyes the whole time, with a devious smirk on her face.

“Two weeks without orgasms.” She teased, while letting down her hair out of its pony tail.

“How will you cope?” She mused sweetly, putting on a cute, sympathetic expression.

“I’ll do it for you Goddess!” Mike gasped, he was obsessed with everything about her. He would do it for her. Heather smiled as a reply. It was a warm smile, yet like everything she did, it had a hint of menace about it.

She blindfolded him again. She peeled off her moist panties and placed them on his chest, so that he could smell her scent but not taste it. Mike realised that her pussy was exposed, but he had no way of enjoying the sight of it. Then the gag went back in.

Heather slid down over his body, rubbing up against him, biting and caressing at the same time. She fitted her pussy over the plastic of his chastity belt and began to ride him furiously.

Mike could only feel the force of her fucking his belt, but could feel nothing of the pleasure or her pussy. Heather’s panties were taunting him with their rich scent, so close to his mouth and nose, yet he could not enjoy those either. Heather started to cry out with pleasure, fucking him hard and harder, yet he would feel none of it.

She dug her nails into his muscly arms and moaned with pleasure. She found his body very hot and she loved the fact she could do anything she wanted with it. She thrusted up and down, bringing herself close to orgasm on top of her captive. Her juices flowed out of her clit and onto him. He could feel them, he could smell her scent- a heady mix of perfume and arousal- and he could hear her practically growling with pleasure. Then Heather climaxed. She dug her nails in deeper and rode him harder, her whole body rippled. She spasmed with raw sexual pleasure as her steamy orgasm gave her as much joy as it gave frustration to Mike. After another minute of grinding and purring with content, Heather finally stood up.

“The best part of that orgasm was knowing that you couldn’t have one.” She smirked down at him, her silvery voice, still captivating him like every other part of her.

“Now i’m really going to drive you crazy!” She sneered deviously. Mike had thought it was over.

She took back her panties and put them on.

Then with no warning she unlocked his cage. He was free. His cock instantly grew hard. She also removed his gag again.

Heather ripped off the blindfold again. He had a full view of her taunting body, just millimetres from the head of his cock. She leant over bahis şirketleri and put her luscious mouth a whisker from his throbbing member. Her hot breath teasing and torturing his cock.

She did everything but touch it. She kissed him all over, planting her lips all over his chest and arms. She put her hot ass in his face again and smothered him. Then she used her panties to blindfold him, while she got off just inches from his face. She shrieked with pleasure as she came all over him. Then she stuffed her panties into his mouth. His member throbbed and strained, oozing precum. The sight of her quivering pussy was beautiful, a perfect pink cunt, dripping wet, he wanted it so badly.

“Please can i lick your pussy Goddess?!” He begged.

“No fucking way slave!” Her sweet mouth hissed into his ear. She gnawed on it, whispering dirty talk.

“You want to fuck me? You do don’t you? My dripping cunt, you want it. Its so hot knowing you are at my mercy and i can deny you every pleasure i feel like. You want my pussy to tighten around your sexy hard cock? Dream on slave.”

Once again she tortured him with her mouth over his dick, so close yet so far. He was going mad with lust, begging and pleading but she ignored him every time. Her sensuous teasing continuing with no mercy. She didn’t speak, only using her body to taunt and torture him. He sucked hard on the panties in his mouth, taking in every but of juice he could. Heather was in ecstasy, dominating and teasing a hot guy, who was fast becoming helpless to disobey her.

Finally she purred “Would you rather i put the cage back on, to protect you from my teasing?”. She now lay on top of him, her legs on his and her boobs on his chest, but she carefully avoided touching his cock. She kissed him long and sweetly before he could reply. She ran her hands through his hair and scratched lightly on the back of his neck.

“I think so Goddess.” He whined.

“How about an extra week?” She asked slyly.

“Ok Goddess.” Mike resigned to it. Anything was better than this. Her teasing was very hot, but he was going mad with lust. He wanted to grab her and fuck her brains out, but all he got was a slow, torturous tease.

“Your too easy slave!” She laughed cruelly.

“You’ve given up three weeks of orgasms in one day. I love the power i have over you,”

“It makes me wet to know that your so fucking obsessed with me that i can make you do, well, pretty much anything i want.” She said with an evil look. Mike suddenly felt terrified. She was completely dominating him and enslaving him.

She stood up, removing her panties from his mouth. Leaving his body covered in her juices and scent, with the bite and scratch marks on his torso and his stiff cock still untouched and sopping with precum as his balls bulged. She looked at it and smirked.

“Thats your weakness, your weak spot. Your cock and balls. If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be here, being fucked up and dominated by me. They are what will help me break you and turn you into my own devoted little bitch.”

Her beautiful voice delivered the harsh words to Mike. He felt humiliated, that he was in this situation. Yet he felt so weak in front of her, he couldn’t fight her or save himself.

“Maybe you should cut your balls off, to stop me from teasing them so badly!” She sneered with her evil grin widening.

With that she spat on him and stood up. She took of her once again sodden panties and put them in his mouth, before putting on the ball gag.

“You’ll be tasting me all night bitch.” Heather felt turned on at the very idea her filthy, stinky knickers were rammed in his mouth for as long as she wanted, in this case all night long.

She did not put on the blindfold or the chastity belt though.

“I want you to have the pain of being free, but yet trapped under my spell,” she whispered down at him.

With that, she blew him a kiss and turned out the light.

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