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E-town, Dear Anne LandersI like hoping for a given chance with BM. Because my thinking patterns, and personal values have been altered and are more so intended for the consideration of two people rather than one. I proved to myself, through many hard lessons, that living just for yourself, is no different than living life for personal gain… seeing I was only able to go so far to hit road blocks.Based on a future I can confidently offer passionate and meaningful sex to our lives. I have craved & dreamdt for that exciting moment making erotic love to BM. It would definitely allow my curiosity to surface with an abundance of eagerness and totally explore with BM.Whenever this once in a lifetime chance is there for me to get to the front of the line… I would insist on the following:He let me, when timing is good & environment permits to just whip his fat cock out and bring it from a soft flacid piece of meat to a rigid, sloppy wet covered in my saliva meat stik. I know I could suck him off in the morning, at lunch time, after dinner, and before bed. This does not include the moments in a parking lot in a vehicle, or a public washroom, or a walk in the park. Oral Service Department will never be closed or unavailable in this partnership. Outside of giving BM head without limits, I would also bring back the ole’ me, a very new amateur to bottoming, with drive, eagerness & total wildness either by jumping onto his fat cock and riding it like some bronco cowboy on a bucking horse… total power bottom. I like it also when I am on my stomach, and he is pumping me from behind, because hearing him breath on my neck drives me completely insane & wild… especially when I hear the climax of the bareback fuck… when he says I’am gonna cum, with me answering back… I want your cum in me… feeling his total body go through a mild shiver as he collects his breath fighting the sweat from running into his eyes is an experience I could get very used to. I also like it when I am on my back, and we are in a missionary position. I would feel the need for this position to definitley keep the intamitcy. When he is fucking me, and I can look into his eyes… which is extremely important as it plays an important role in my sexual satisfaction. Heck I was just told that I was a very good looking guy… you can look at me. Sucking face, like all the times we have before, getting high, forcing shared smoke between us was completely out of this world. I love it when a guy shows a slight aggresivness or eagerness in something so erotic.It is a total turn on when… for example the other night I was bent over looking for some tool, and he came up from behind, grabbed my hips and grinded his batman escort meat package against my ass. I think I had an immediate semi! I couldn’t let it go hard, because all of a sudden from a quiet night was filled with errands and unknown last minute guests. But I also had to take a piss if I remember and it’s a bitch taking a leak with a hard-on, so much pressure, and it the spray back makes one helluvah mess… especially when I have been smoking… it’s as yellow as the stripe on the highway…One of the most amazing positions I total love is a 69. I do like my dick sucked by the way, BM is extremely talented and knows how to work a dick like it should be put to the test. In the 69 position, BM’s cock is extremely difficult to just getting my lips wrapped around it, let alone try & deep throat because of the downward curve. Which is no big deal to me if it’s no big deal to him… but I absolutley love to eat his ass. That’s a turn on for me, because I can feel through his twitching or body movements along with different breathing patterns just how well he likes to be rimmed.I actually enjoy bottoming with BM. He is amazingly gentle, reads my breathing & body language, and knows when to push farther and does communicate with me asking me if I am ok… and so on. My take on that just makes me wanna melt, knowing how safe & secure my being is with his concern. I actually have no desire to top him… it’s just one of those things again where I haven’t been given a chance when it is advertised in places where he brands himself as versatile.I just find the perfect balance in his genuine concern, gentleness & experience along with the overwhelming masculinity that’s worn naturally. I think he is a total sweetheart. Mine anyways, and thats all I care about!3 somes take the meaning out of sex for me, allowing me to question my safety. I did these twice when I was younger with very little personal values established then. It just does not serve me purpose today. Reason being… 3 is a crowd, and each person really is only concerned about their individual sexual satisfaction. I have experienced them twice, because I had curiousity… what I took away from it was… about the same as getting my rocks off based on reading a porno magazine or video porn. It’s just an orgasim… walking away questioning other peoples sexual backgrounds and how well they say they do their due dilligence concerning safe health. One last reason… partaking in a 3 some situation only confirms through the way I look at things… and that would be of very little significance to our special friendship. I do not have the ability to close off portions of my mind or vision going into the unknown escort batman with very little value. If I had those skills for reasons pertaining to my work or for a hobby, then I am sure I would jump in with eagerness. I just know for absolute certain, the value added to what I can bring to a commitment, without those personal gain mindset skills is proof to raise no concern or surface behaviours that BM faced in his traumatizing past. I think there is lot’s of great guy, gutsy RH who has all intentions of being responsible will push the level of wild fun in other areas of our friendship.Bottom-line, BM would never be deprived of any sexual opportunites with me. He would be fullfilled at almost every time of need in one way or another from me. By the way, I wonder if he likes all that affection I was showing yesterday. I can say, everything was damn near natural… still getting comfortable with it. Never done this to a girl or a guy before and he knows I have high standards for myself. As far as I am concerned, he deserves the explosion of attention I will give to him in balanced ways opposed to suffocating. It makes me feel so good to unleash it, and he has told me on more than one occasion he had forgotten how well it was to be touched.I won’t apologize for the moments when he catches me staring at him. I am just in awe, because he is a damn fine sexy man. Totally beautiful. His natural beauty shines through to me, when he is just wearing everyday clothes, with hair as if he just climbed out of bed and some facial hair growth. Nicest peice of art that lives, breathes & appears in any room! I will not argue that when done up in his finest, he radiates a polished, got it together, focused & confident man on a mission. Very sexy also! I love touching your skin, it is soft, it’s warm & I like every chance I can for that natural feel of your person that I hold in high regards.I could also fall easily into a wanted habit for any opportunity sleeping with you or laying beside you for every chance I can get or thwart myself towards. again, I crave to caress you and massage your muscles. That relaxes me when I can do this… kind of like unwinding. I know myself very well now. I feel very grounded and confident. I am really ready for the rest of my life to be spent with you.. wherever & whenever that could take us.I used to have the knack for singing a small part of verse from songs or the ability to extract any old joke. I am gonna start singing… because sometimes… it’s one simple line from one verse that is sung in perfect tune that can send a message without the need for a question and eliminate moment by complicating things with my erratic communication being batman escort bayan to open & too honest about things. I realize I can be a turn-off at times. It is on my mind, with intentions to bring the
ole fun me back… the guy that disappeared a few years ago.I thanked BM yesterday for having me over. I had a blast. I also had a blast the night before meeting his friends again, they are great people. I imagine I can be very dull at times, I use this time to feel my way into a conversation. I know this. I also am very well known to be the absolute life of the party as well. So… lets just say there is hope for me!Smothering BM at times, is my only chance for soaking up as much of this special guy, and having the exciting sexual experiences to remember. It’s almost comparable to rationing.I think for certain you could really learn to appreciate & mold to a guy, who is very adventerous & curious in all ways concerning sexual experiences. I am almost positive, my gentle touch gives you a desired feeling of home, being wanted or needed & importance knowing somebody does care an amazing amount for you. That is an extremely important responsibility that gives a person importance. I am ready for a transition in my lfe. I am more than ready for all the right reasons. I have seen or heard almost everything this last year that would raise concern with some folks, but not me. Not a damn thing scares me, in fact I just look at the knowledge BM has, amazing skills & talents learned from a not so easy life from one spectrum of life and also my past, know how & experiences from a different spectrum of life I believe can find us some open doors out there in life, somewhere offering some success!Holy christ I felt drunk walking home yesterday. It wasn’t the high, it was having that friggin meat tool or meat stik, whatever that “amazing thing” is called that nearly protruded my lungs similar feeling of the wind knocked out of you… not complaining, I can take it all! My legs were tingly causing me to wander… I had chuckled all the way home. Nothing hurt, and I felt no pain. I may have just irratated something, from using that douche tool everyday in the shower, practising how to be effective when given very short notice for something explicitley wild & fun!BM looked exhausted yesterday. The dumbass I can be sometimes only noticed that once I was aware of his hard cock & me stroking to near explosion, it left me wondering should I push him for sex or just give him his rest. If I would have let go of your cock and let it go soft to keep you cuddled would of it sent a false message that i wasn’t interested. My sexual need for some sort of sex has just been driving me crazy… kinda like being somewhere, out in the heat, no stores around and your fucking thirsty, dry mouth unclear thinking… and you force the confidence in you that you’ll be close to a store in a couple more hours! Sorry for the fucked analogy.

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