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Six months ago Carrie never thought she would be where she was now. She had of course heard of Sexaholics Anonymous in the course of the recent myriad of self-help support groups, but the idea had always seemed ridiculous to her. If you’re having too much sex, stop, duh! And anyway, if it was a real problem, shouldn’t every guy in the world be a member of the support group?

But then again, Carrie had undergone some serious changes in the last six months. She was no slouch, and even now she could feel the eyes of the other members roving over her body, the gentle curves that seemed to flow from her auburn curly locks currently tied back in a ponytail, to her pleasantly rounded breasts which were looking horribly confined in her bra and spilling slightly over the neck of her low-cut tank top, down to her slightly curved tummy, gentle hips and long legs. She used to be of the mindset that she was one of those people who didn’t ever need to put it up on casual display, that she was definitely one of the under-the-glass-protected-by-state-of-the-art-security-system type gals. And six months ago, having a group of gross looking guys that can’t control their masturbatory habits and girls that would spread their legs on the drop of a dime roving their eyes up and down her would have caused her to run screaming and leap out an open window. But now she just felt her body flushing under their gaze and her panties were beginning to feel a little wet. She wet her lips slightly with her tongue, just short of shaking with nervousness.

“Hello, my name is Carrie M.” She stammered.

“Hiiii Carrie M.” the group intoned their usual response.

“I guess my story would have to begin six months ago. I was twenty years old, and had just met Jack in college, who was only like my fourth boyfriend, and the second sexual partner I’ve ever had. Jack was your typical guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, tight abs, loved football…” Carrie looked around the room “Ahem, anyway, he only had this one hang up, and that was that he really wanted to cum on me, talked and joked about it all the time. I of course thought the idea was horrible, the hours I spent on make up, hair care, and all he wanted to do was shoot a wad of his man goo all over it? I don’t think so!”

“Jack though, he was a pretty decent guy other than that, and I finally relented and told him that he could cum on my tits. He was so excited the entire day, and kept begging to let him do it now, but I would deny him and simply give my breasts a slight shake in his direction. Finally that night he begged and begged so I reluctantly agreed. Straddling me, I pushed my breasts together hard so that he had a nice little hole to fuck, and he started thrusting faster and faster as I was laying there my nipples started to get rock hard and so I’m trying to pinch them and hold them together at the same time, my mouth slightly open to let out a moan when my boyfriend comes with this huge sigh, and he shoots more cum that I thought could come out of three cocks all over my face and into my mouth.”

“I was so surprised I swallowed and got my first mouthful of cum. Listen, I’ve always liked salty food and stuff, and I know most people would be kind of disgusted to hear this but I LOVED the taste.

‘Oh my god, you swallowed didn’t you? You swallowed my cum?! God Carrie, I love you!’ Hearing Jack say this shocked me; he’s not exactly the romantic type. But the way he said it, I could tell he meant it. He was the happiest I had ever seen him, and all it took was swallowing a mouthful of stuff that tasted pretty good anyway. Now when I was younger, love was kind of hard to find at my house, my parents were the over domineering type who were constantly urging me to do more, and rarely told me I had done a good job, so this meant more to me than you might imagine”

Well, to Jack’s immense delight I started letting him fuck my tits whenever he wanted, I even finally gave him my first blowjob, and surprisingly it wasn’t horrible at all. I loved wrapping my lips around Jacks firm seven and a half inches and letting him grab my hair and fuck himself with my face. I would constantly be sucking, wanting to impress him by not missing a drop, my tongue constantly flickering over his tip lapping up his precum. I loved the attention he lavished on me afterwards. Usually men are a little apprehensive around me even when they are dating me, because they are scared that I’m going to get prissy or something and break up with them. But I had never felt closer than I did with Jack…after swallowing a mouthful of his cum I would cuddle up next to him, a few stray drops still on my lips and he would embrace me as tight as he could against his chest and told me how horny I made him, and what a fantastic cocksucker I was.”

“It was then I realized that this was what I was, his cocksucker, my mouth was his semen depository, and where other women might have gotten offended it just got me hotter. This was the first time anybody had just openly told me simply how good I was at something, and that was even better since it was canlı bahis something that I loved to do.”

“Well around that time I started dressing a little differently. I gave up the more conservative name brands and started wearing things that showed a little more skin. I wanted to constantly turn Jack on, and when I wasn’t sucking his cock I was thinking about it. I started failing in all of my courses, and my parents were both threatening to cut off my tuition money. But I couldn’t help it, I would even doodle little pictures of Jack shooting his cum on my face in class when I should have been taking notes.”

“At this time I was sucking Jack off about three or four times a day, and swallowing that much cum was making me full a lot of the time so I wasn’t eating and I started loosing any extra pounds I had. Jack was worried though, he said that I was hardly giving him enough time to study or even work up a hard-on between blowjobs. Finals were coming up, and Jack told me that he wanted to take a break from any sexual activities.”

“At first I was like, okay, your loss, but after two days I realized how much I missed it. Jack had gone back to his old self and I missed all of the extra attention. I tried masturbating more, but it wasn’t a lack of orgasms that were getting me down. Something in my body must have gotten used to a four times a day high protein shot, not to even mention how much I missed the cuddling afterwards.”

“So it was then I made the decision. I had no lack of boys interested in me, especially since I’m sure Jack had kinda let slip my sudden interest of having his cock in my mouth. So I skipped my classes that day and walked around campus until I met the first person I recognized. His name was Keith, one of Jacks drinking buddies, and usually I wouldn’t have given him the time of day considering he wore his hair long and greasy and usually wore trashy, non-namebrand clothes and had a moderate case of acne. I knew I could do a lot better, but my stomach had been cramping all day and I knew what I needed.”

“It didn’t take me long to lure Keith into my room, under the guise that I had a message for him from Jack. While I was looking for it, I would bend over and in the short skirt I was wearing I knew I was giving him a good look at my cunt through my little white panties. I know they must have been pretty wet at the time, and I’m sure Keith could see that too. When I turned back, Keith pants had assumed the tent formation and his eyes were wide. I smiled and asked him ‘Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“Keith wasn’t the brightest of guys, and he was stammering as I came over and sat next to him on the bed. I could see his eyes doing that gross sweeping over the body thing guys do, and I could tell that he wanted me. ‘Keith, listen, Jack hasn’t been paying a lot of attention to me here lately, and I’m lonely. But if I do anything with you, you can’t tell anybody. If you don’t, I promise there will be more where this came from’ After I said that I lifted my skirt slowly, giving him a full view of my mound through my panties.”

“Keith was positively salivating now, and I must admit I was too. I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help thinking about taking a strange mans cum in my mouth, and I perversely wondered if it tasted different than Jacks. Keith was pawing at my cunt through my undies, so I guess he was satisfied with the terms. ‘One more thing, when you cum I want it in my mouth”

“Okay, well he almost came right there, so I took it slow at first. I mean, he WAS only the third guy that Ive ever fucked…it felt so weird that he was almost perfect stranger. Keith’s cock wasn’t too big, but it was as hard as a rock, and I almost came just thinking about what was coming to me. I clutched desperately to Keith’s body as he sped up his thrusts, and suddenly I realized that in my haste I had forgotten to make sure he wore a condom. Crap! I pushed him off of me, and was going to suck him off but just as I was getting close to his cock he came, arching his white sticky stream along my face and another splurt onto his chest. I couldn’t believe this, I had done all this for nothing, so I started licking it off him and then when that was gone I wiped the cum off my face with my fingers and licked them until I was sure that I had gotten all I could off.”

“Well, Keith needless to say was pretty amazed. He was mostly speechless, but kept muttering damn and fuck and other such intelligent expletives. I got off him and started putting my clothes back on, my stomach feeling a little better, satisfied by the nice show I had just given him. ‘You suck great dick! Damn, what the fucks wrong with Jack? If I had a girl like you I wouldn’t fucking leave the house!”

“That made me smile. I loved for other people to marvel in my abilities. So I left and lounged around my room for the rest of the day, fingering my cunt thinking that there was cum from a guy I had never before talked to in my belly. Around an hour before I was supposed to meet Jack though I started getting the urge again. Knowing he wasn’t going to bahis siteleri satisfy me, I clambered through my room looking for Keith’s number not finding it anywhere. Goddamn it! I peeked out of my room looking at guys walking by, daring myself to just blatantly ask just some other random guy for me to suck him off. Hey, I thought, its college, this kind of thing can’t be too uncommon! So I grab some guy I knew from Chemistry, telling him I needed to know some book numbers.”

“Okay, so I have him in my room, its 50 minutes until I have to meet Jack, so I have no time for romancing him. I threw him down on my bed and unzipped his pants, not being able to wait to get his cock in my mouth. I know I sound like a slut, but it wasn’t that it made me horny, well it did, but I needed it! So I don’t even think this little nerd guy knows whats going on before Ive got his cock out in my hand.”

“It was at this point I think I realized I had a problem. His cock was on the smallish size, uncircumcised and smelled bad. Plus I think he had dried semen in his pubes, but I just pulled his foreskin back and shoved it in my mouth, sucking like a madwomen, keeping an eye on the time. With one hand I massaged his balls, which were steaming hot and just imagining the load of semen waiting for my mouth in there I couldn’t help fingering my clit, and I had an orgasm in front of a strange man who’s dirty cock was shoved hilt deep into my mouth.”

“I was probably this nerds first BJ, if not his first fuck all together, so he didn’t exactly have lasting power and shot a load into my mouth in record time, and just as I thought he was done shot a lighter stream that landed against the side of my face. I sat there for a second, in my post-climactic phase wondering what I had just done, realizing that I was about to swallow some random dude’s little swimmers, running my tongue around the cum in my mouth, which was decidedly thinner than the other two men’s cum I have sucked down. Finally I just gulped, deciding that sucking two random guys off in one day wasn’t too much worse than one.”

“I straightened my hair and ran out of the room, not even waiting for a thank you from the kid. I still had half an hour give or take to meet Jack, but I was feeling pretty guilty at the time, thinking about the infidelities I had imposed on him, wondering if I should tell him and beg for forgiveness. But the cum in my belly was pacifying me, giving me a sort of high.

When Jack met me at the door, he gave me a once over and gave me devastating news.” ‘Carrie, I don’t think we should see each other again. You have just changed too much, and I don’t think I can trust you anymore. Your just not that same person anymore!’ Tears were welling in my eyes, and I couldn’t fight through my sobs to reply. He took one more look at me and shut the door. I could hear him draw the deadbolt on the other side.”

“I made my way back out to my car, fighting the tears threatening to run down my cheeks. Jack left me because I’m such a fucking whore, I knew it. And then, after I go back out to my car and was about to touch up my mascara, I noticed it. A stream of that nerds cum, shot straight across my face into my hair. CHRIST! How did I not see that?! I openly started bawling then, thinking what I filthy slut Jack must think I am going to him with another mans cum shot on my face and in my mouth.”

“Well, I determined then I was going to stop, definitely! This little ‘addiction’ of mine had cost me too much already. I lasted a whole week, but I kept getting sicker and sicker. My stomach wouldn’t hold anything down, and I kept vomiting. I went to the campus doctor and she ran some tests. Guess what? My body was going through protein withdrawal! She didn’t know why, she asked if I had been eating high protein foods lately, and I told her kinda. She then told me that the body had become acclimated to the excess protein, and so without it, it was attacking the protein in my stomach and in my muscle tissues.”

“She told me that it would subside naturally after the body regained its usual equilibrium, but in the back of my mind I thought, screw that. I degenerated after that. I met random men around campus, at nightclubs, wherever I could. I knew the dangers of this kind of behavior, sucking off four to six guys a day, number one, is a fucking full time job. Between the times that I was sucking my next bellyful of cum, I was meeting guys, seducing them back to my place. My friends all left me, I hardly went to class anymore. Not to mention the possibility of disease. I was sucking warm cum straight from these guys’ balls down my throat, who knows what they had. Sometimes I didn’t even get their names.”

“At this point I had gotten quite a reputation. The name came easily, Carrie the Cocksucker. I couldn’t even piss in a restroom without seeing my name on the wall anymore. At night, after I had my last load of the day I would literally cry myself to sleep thinking about everything that I had lost because of this, thinking of Jack, loving him and blaming him alternately for getting bahis şirketleri me hooked on this goddamn stuff. I hardly ate anymore, well not solid foods. The only plus I guess was that with all this protein my hair and nails looked great.”

“When they expelled me it didn’t come as a shock. Well, I guess they didn’t expel me. I had been connected to too many school activities for them to risk their reputation. They ‘suggested’ I take a couple of semesters off, and reapply when I felt better. The room I was living in was reserved for college use only, so I was evicted too.”

“I eventually moved back into my mom and her boyfriend Ken’s house. Yes, okay I see you all nodding, so I guess you already know what’s coming up. But this guy had raised me for nearly six years after my dad left with some ho, and had been incredibly nice to me and had never once hit on me. I guess that’s why he was too shocked to do anything when he woke up on the couch one afternoon and found out that his darling stepdaughter had his semi-hard cock in his mouth. I couldn’t help it, I was going stir crazy in that house with nothing but my mom’s disapproval that I had left school. She wouldn’t even let me out of the goddamn house. I don’t see how I had a choice!”

“So anyway, there he is laying stunned on the couch, as his step-daughter with her eyes shut tight is furiously sucking on his member as it grows harder and harder in her mouth, then starts to bob up and down on his throbbing cock. I feel horrible saying this, but I will never forget what my step-dad’s cum tasted like. It had been so long since I had had a fix, I savored his cum between my lips, leaning back and laying down, sucking his gooey load down my throat a little at a time. It warmed my insides up so much and made me feel so good that I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I remember is waking up and it was nighttime.”

“I heard sobbing in the dining room, and when I went in I found Ken sitting in a chair with his head in his hands while my mother brawled openly. It didn’t take me too long to gather what had happened. Look, like I said, Ken’s a good guy. As soon as my mother came home he must have went and told her what happened. I didn’t say anything, I just left then. I didn’t want to see the hurt on my mom’s face, and that look of accusation. I heard she left him a couple weeks later. I guess hearing about your daughter getting a mouthful of your man’s semen isn’t a pleasant thing to find out.”

“I didn’t have much. Just my car and a couple hundred in my bank account. I tried to hold down a job, but the longer I lived out of my car, the more my looks deteriorated, and even my prowess as a fantastic cocksucker weren’t enough to get a manager to hold me on staff for more than a week. I took a pregnancy test, and it turned up positive, which meant that some stranger that I had let fuck me so I could get to his cum had knocked me up, and this added stress just made me want the white stuff more. I couldn’t hardly think anymore without some cock in my mouth.”

“Well at this point, I was sleeping in my car, sucking cocks where I could find one, dragging guys off the street into alleys, and usually after my last load I would pass out wherever I was. Once I woke up feeling something hot splatter my face, and saw it was some bum with a wild gray beard with his pants down, his filthy cock in hand, jerking out another stream of cum onto my face. When he saw I was awake, he pulled his pants back up and kind of shuffled off. I curled into a fetal position, sobbing as I licked his cum off my lips, ashamed at myself. Just a few months ago I had been a gorgeous little cutie, smart as a whip, who was going places. Now I was desperately licking some bums semen off my lips, and some horrible little part of me wanted more all the time.”

“All this didn’t really give me much time for hygiene. Cum splattered my clothes, was dried in my hair, dried semen was under my fingernails for Christ’s sake! It was getting considerably harder to find willing decent guys to risk putting their cock into some filthy whores mouth. I kept driving my car further and further into the bad parts of the neighborhood.”

“Now, all through my romp as the campus blowjob queen, I had never had a black guy. I guess I was still a stupid little white suburbanite girl, and some part of me had been ingrained to think of that as ‘icky’ and ‘gross.’ Well, I took my first black guy that night. He was fat and had dreadlocks, but he took me even looking like I did. He couldn’t wait to get his cock into my mouth. I told him to cum in my mouth, but he pulled out at the last second and sprayed his sperm all over my face, and when I yelled in protest he pushed me onto the ground and called me a dumb slut.”

“Well, I guess he called a couple of friends or something, because in no time I was surrounded by black guys, all of them stroking a stiff cock and one hand and grabbing at my tits and shoving fingers into my cunt and asshole. I stiffened, I had never had a cock in my ass, and it seemed the word of free white pussy was spreading fast in the ghetto. ‘She says she wants it shot in her mouth’ said Dreadlocks, the first guy. This got a round of smiles. ‘Oh fuck bitch, Ill shoot all the fucking cum you want down your throat!’ this got a round of laughs.”

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