This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded at the Christmas Party

The dragon gasped and jerked awake, smoothing the frills atop his head back as his head brushed against the pillow. What? What time was it? There was a hot, furred body against his, the bed sheets flung off the bed and he fumbled for the lamp, slapping the nightstand a couple of times before actually finding the switch. But the scene that he illuminated in the glare of artificial lighting was not what he had expected, coming back to the waking world with a start and a snap of his jaws.

His wife purred as she nuzzled up to him, clearly just a little on the tipsy side with her hair a mess around her face, clinging to the side of her snout.

“Hey, darrrrling,” she drawled, eyes half-lidded as she ground against him, something feeling a little bit off as he tried to come back to his senses. “Were you asleep?”

“Anna!” He grunted, shifting his weight as he tried to dislodge hers. “What the… What are you doing? What’s…”

But he trailed off, eyes wide and chest heaving as the decidedly naked cougar flicked her crimson mane of hair back over her shoulders, a hint of fruity alcohol on her breath. She pinned him down with her body weight, her long tail curled around his scaled one, breasts smooshed up to his chest. Of course, the dragon slept naked – who wouldn’t when the house was kept at such a comfortable temperature? There was no sense in not going naked when it could lead to fun…

Only, Anna wasn’t quite one to come to him for fun but come to him with stories of that kind of fun.

“Why, oh husband of mine,” she purred sensually. “I didn’t think you were awake… It’s been such a fun night…”

Pyros grumbled and shook his head but hugged her close all the same as she spread her legs around his hips, straddling him as she mewled happily and humped against him. But there was something wet and slick sliding down her inner thighs, splattering his crotch and soft cock, which had already emerged from its slit, as he whimpered and caught his breath.

“Anna… What…”

“Oh… Oh!” She giggled and held a paw over her mouth as if she’d been caught in the act itself. “Oh, you didn’t think… Oh, that’s sweet, that’s very cute, sweetheart, but I’ve already had my fun. Multiple times!”

He groaned, head swimming. Pyros, of course, knew how any male was supposed to react when they were told that his wife was cheating on him. But was it even cheating when they were agreed? Well, Anna went out and fucked whoever she wanted… It was just him who was left at home to lick up whatever was


He casino oyna couldn’t get the words out but she knew well enough what he meant as she groaned and nuzzled into his neck, nipping and sucking gently at his scales as he whined. Just how did she do that to him?

“Oh… You wouldn’t know them. They go to the gym.” She dropped him a lusty wink, kissing his cheek softly and wetly. “You stick to the cardio while they lift some real weights, honey.”

But he lifted weights too, he wanted to say, tried to say. The words just stuck in his dry mouth, however, as she kissed him, taking complete and utter control of the situation, enjoying his predicament completely and fully.

“Yes, darling,” she breathed, her warm breath tickling the red scales of his cheek. “Oh… So thick and full. You know I don’t do anything by halves, sweetheart, but this pair of canines, oh! A pit bull with this sexy patch over one eye and a Rottweiler… Oh, they both fucked me one after the other, I had them both in the bathroom!”

Pyros gulped, trying to swallow as his throat seemed to close up. In the bathroom? She’d been at her work do! Just who were they and how would she manage to work with them after fucking them? Of course, none of that was any of his concern as her whispers continued, paws caressing down his chest even as his body responded, cock throbbing and swelling with need.

“So thick…” She murmured, teasing her lips down his neck. “And those fat knots are nothing like your cock, darling, they really stretch and fill you up.”

“Did…” He had to ask, to say anything, something, to fill the gap in conversation. “Oh… Did they fuck you against the door?”

Her tail lashed.

“The wall, darling,” she giggled. “You’d know if I ever let you fuck me there… It’s so much fun. The walls shook and I just ground back on them, letting them pound and fill me. Those dogs are kinky, they were goading and egging each other on and everything!”

He moaned and rolled his head from one shoulder to the other but Anna was not to be dissuaded, rocking and grinding her hips all the more fervently as he pushed up against her, need and want driving him on. And she knew just where to position her pussy, rolling her hips to slide that wanton cock of his between them, just the tip catching between her pussy-lips.

“So hot…” She breathed. “But they weren’t the worst of it or the best either. It was good to be stretched out by those knots but I really wanted to be on my knees tonight with the shaft of a real male shoved down my throat.”

And then she kissed him, lips hot and passionate on his as her tongue drove between the dragon’s lips, dominating his muzzle even as he moaned. His cock swelled into her passage, the cougar entirely in control as she humped and ground down onto him, taking him into a cunny that was decidedly hot and wet, squeezing around him as if she was already hungry for more. canlı casino Knowing Anna, she probably was.

“But it wasn’t just those guys,” she whispered, lips barely breaking from his as her words escaped in a hiss. “Oh no… You didn’t think only two would satisfy me?”

She didn’t need to give him a chance to reply, tail swishing and lashing the air as she purred and swayed her hips, grinding down on his cock to take it deep into her pussy. The tip of his shaft teased up against her innermost barrier but the cougar wasn’t taking that as enough, huffing and panting as she rocked on him, riding him as she so very desperately still needed to.

“No… More…” She heaved a pant, eyes wild and hair in a tangled flurry about her muzzle. “The stallion, oh… Mack. He’s got such a nice cock on him – not much upstairs though. But there doesn’t need to be much going on in talking and all that to get a good fuck on.”

She laughed, breath bursting from her lips in time with her mirth as her eyes glittered.

“There’s no closing up again after a cock like that, sweetheart, I hope you know that. We snuck into a broom cupboard or something for our fun and, oh, he was so strong, holding me up against the wall, everything rattling as he slammed into me… I’m surprised…unnff…that we didn’t alert everyone else at the bar!”

Pyros tried to groan, to say something, but nothing came out of his muzzle as the dragon shuddered and tried to rock up against her, struggling to get his hind paws under him as she tucked her legs around his. Effectively pinned, he hissed against her neck and tried not to let the thoughts of just how big that stallion had been take over his mind, seeing in his mind’s eye just how his cock slammed into her. Had it been grey or mottled? Oh, she’d surely tell him!

But Anna had so much more in mind than just that, salaciously licking her lips as she moaned and squeezed around him, definitely not as tight as she had been.

“His paws just felt so good, sweetheart, digging into my buttocks as he lifted me. It’s so nice to have a big, strong guy like that to fuck you, you know? Mack just seemed to know just what I needed and more. I don’t know how I’ll talk to him over coffee anymore!”

Giggling girlishly, she batted her eyelashes at her lover and husband, his cock throbbing and pulsing out spurt after spurt of pre-cum into her. There was no end to his lust as he leaned into her touch, head spinning and the world around him grinding to a lustful halt, each story of her lovers, the chain of them pleasing her one after the other, bringing his need to a blazing fire that no one could have ever hoped to truly tame.

“The last one… He was the most special of them all, darling,” she hissed, nipping at his neck as his paws shakily ran down her sides to her buttocks, squeezing and groping, nothing like those studs who had fucked her in terms of confidence and power. kaçak casino “He was the bartender and, damn, did that gryphon look like he needed it bad!”

She giggled and sat up, pushing her buttocks into his hold as Pyros groaned, squeezing and gripping. Maybe if he showed her just how much of a male he was, she’d let him cum inside her first next time instead of getting sloppy seconds or thirds? But that was probably just a dream when the reality of his life and situation with his sweetheart was all the sweeter for what she got up to without him.

“I was already a little looser from Mack… Can you feel that, honey? I really was gaping after that stud of a stallion! Anyway… He had the biggest cock of them all. Dragons, bigger than you, of course, and gryphons just seem to have these massive, ridged cocks that really fill all the right spots, you know? As if I was going to even think of turning him down!”

No… No, he thought. He wouldn’t have wanted his sexy little kitten of a wife to turn down any lover when they could bring her such pleasure, clenching his paws and rocking up into her as much as his body would allow with the weight of her body on top of his. He panted and heaved and gasped against her neck, the cougar yowling as she thrummed closer to the edge than ever, letting her own stories drive her to an exhilarating high.

“And, best of all,” she panted, humping his cock as if she was already close to the edge right then and there. “Best of all was the knot on that cock. Fuck me!”

But that wasn’t a command or an order in the slightest, merely a recollection of what had been and how they had come together in a single moment of carnal lust.

“He slammed that knot into me and… Damn!”

She couldn’t hold herself back any longer, her story devolving into a scream that sent him too over the edge, Pyros snarling and grinding into her as he flung her up with the sheer force of his body. Together, they rode out their shared orgasm, jostling the lamp and sending the light askew, flickering across the walls. Her pussy clenched and rippled around him, intent only on draining him of every last drop of his cum, filling her pussy to the brim and more, forcing out all the cum that had already been poured and pumped into her by more virile, studly males.

That didn’t matter, however. All that mattered was that Anna returned to him at the end of the night to feed his lust and tell her tales, all with that little purring smirk on her muzzle. She knew what was up with their relationship and the sex they had after she’d gotten off with someone else was the best they’d ever had (each and every time, of course), driving his submissiveness to a high even as he took her hard and fast. Rolling her over as he remained hard, the drake growled as he slammed into her, showing her just how much of a stud he was in turn, Anna crying out and raking her claws down his back as he drove her through climax after climax. For there’d never be anything better, truly, than the two of them, despite how she stoked her own fire.

He’d have to arrange some suitors for her again sometime soon…

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