Beads of sweat were forming on Nick’s forehead, he was flush, and his heart was pounding so hard he could feel its rhythmic beat in his ears. His cock was so hard it felt like it might explode any minute now. He sat quietly on a chair in the shadowed corner of a dimly lit hotel room. On the bed in front of him, his wife Karen was on all fours, her head lowered, and he hips high in the air. She had a mixed look of pleasure and pain on her face as she moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. Nick could not help but be aroused by her small five foot four inch frame with a runners build. Her milky white pert and ample C cub breasts were swaying back and forth rhythmically, and she was furiously rubbing her clit. Behind her, her boss John was thrusting his massive nine-inch black cock into her repeatedly as he held her hips firmly.

Two weeks earlier Karen had asked Nick for the experience. Whey had recently started swinging about a year earlier and in that time they had many fun experiences. Several dates with other couples that ended in swapping partners, a threesome with a girlfriend of Karen’s, they had even took part in an orgy at a hotel takeover party. However, the one thing Karen had really wanted was to play with a man with a big dick. It wasn’t that Nick was small in fact he was bigger than most men with a meaty 7 inches that Karen loved. But she had always wanted to try a big monster cock, and not just any big dick she had craved a big black cock.

Karen had a crush on her boss John for years, but she hadn’t acted on it because of the complications of work and of course she was still in love with Nick. Recently however she had given notice at work, she was moving to a new firm and her mind began to daydream about John in the naughtiest ways. She had decided to take a chance when John asked her about her weekend in the brake room. She had mentioned that her and Nick had gone to a local strip club that was frequented by swingers. That got the ball rolling and soon they were exchanging sexy text messages and pictures. After a few days of this, she talked to Nick about a possible threesome with John and he had jumped at the opportunity. When she brought it up with John he wasn’t quite as onboard. Not that he didn’t want to fuck Karen, but he didn’t want to share her, John wanted her for himself to make her his. Karen was about to give up when it hit her. Nick and Karen had the rule their spouse had to be there for any extra play, but they had never said everyone had to play. With some hesitation, Nick and John had agreed to let her fuck John if Nick was able to watch.

Earlier that evening Nick and Karen had checked into a hotel downtown. Karen was giddy with excitement.

“Oh my God baby, I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s finally here, this week’s been going so slow!” Karen said as she plopped down on the bed.

“I’m glad your excited babe.” Nick said as he set down the small overnight back they brought with them. “Do you want to get ready well I go get some ice for this?” he said pulling a bottle of her favorite white wine out of their bag.

“Mmmm casino oyna babe, you’re too good.” Karen purred. “You know how white wine gets me all horny!”

“Something tells me you’ll be plenty horny tonight anyway.” Nick quipped. “why don’t you get ready well I grab some ice for this.

With that, Nick stepped out the door with the ice bucket. Karen felt her phone buzz and she looked at the message it was a picture from John. Opening it she saw him standing stark naked in the mirror fresh from the shower. His lean six foot two body glistened with water droplets. His arms were solid and strong, his pecs squarely cut and below them was a chiseled six-pack. She knew John had eaten clean and worked out as a result he was really well-built. Traveling further down she saw what she was after. His cock was a full nine inches at lest and had to be as big around as a soda can. He was rock hard in the picture, and she could make out several swollen angry veins in the shaft that added extra ridges and texture to what was an already huge piece of man meat. Karen immediately felt her body react, the blood rushed to her chest, and she felt the throbbing in her loins start as her panties began to get wet with moisture.

“Yummy, I want it all!” She quickly typed back.

“You’re going to get it, and I’m going to have all of you!” cane Johns reply.

Putting down her phone she hopped in the shower and began to prepare herself for what she hoped was a night to remember. John came back into the room with the newly fetched ice and poured a glass of wine for Karen. He slipped the bottle into the ice bucket and walked in to the bathroom. He placed the wine on the counter for his wife and was about to leave when he caught sight of her in the shower through the clear glass. She was turned away from him but he could still see her long slender legs and firm tight ass as she shaved her legs. God he loved that ass.

“Babe I’m going to head down to the bar for a drink.” He called out. “I’ll be back soon, text me if you need me.”

“OK, baby!” she responded. But she thought to herself “The only thing I need tonight is bigger than you have sweetie!”

Down at the bar Nick quickly downed his first whisky sour and ordered a second.

“What was I thinking?” He wondered to himself. “I can’t believe I’m goanna let another guy fuck my wife.” Sure, other men had done so before, he had seen it and even enjoyed listening to Karen’s pleasure, but somehow this felt different. Maybe it was because he would not have another woman distracting him; his only enjoyment would come from the comparison he felt watching his wife’s pleasure.

He finished his second drink and had just ordered a third when his phone buzzed “John’s parking and he’ll be here in five minutes.”

Nick’s stomach tightened and his hands felt numb. This was it, in a few minutes there was no turning back. He ordered a shot and paid out his tab. He threw back the shot, and went to pick up his glass and stand up to make his way back to the room. His head felt slightly fuzzy from the drinks, and as he canlı casino walked to the elevator, he realized he was completely hard. His cock ached for attention and his thigh was getting sticky from the pre-cum now oozing from his turgid shaft. The elevator ride took forever it seemed. Finally it stopped, Nick was just thankful no one else had gotten on with him. He made his way down the hall to his room and entered, but when he did, it was obvious John had beaten him there. Nick could hear soft moans coming from down the hall to the bedroom of the suite.

Nick made his way down the hall, rounding the corner it was hard to see much. The curtains were drawn and the only light was a reading lamp next to the bed. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he saw his wife laying on the bed; she was clad only in a red satin corset and black stockings. Nick thought it odd because his wife hated stockings, always saying they itched too much. John was kneeling between her legs, and from her moans, it was clear he was eating her out. Nick quickly settled into a chair in the corner of the room. John and Karen paid him no mind.

“Yes, yes, yes! God that feels so good!” Karen cried. “Do I taste OK?” she asked meekly.

“Darling you taste so sweet it’s goanna be hard to stop and fuck you!” John replied. “And you look so sexy in these stockings.”

“I wore them just for you!” she giggled.

John continued to lick her for several more minutes bring her to climax before standing up and pulling off his shirt and throwing it at Nick. He snickered and dropped his pants reliving his massive member. Nick let out a small gasp and Karen giggled again. Then in one smooth motion, John lifted Karen’s legs and spread them wide. He then ran the head of his cock back and forth along her glistening wet slit, making sure to rub it against her clit as he passed the top. After a few passes Karen was moaning in pressure again.

“Oh my god your cock feels so good, please fuck me.” She whispered.

With that, John pressed his thick cock head harder against her inner lips, teasing her as he watched her twat slowly open to engulf the head of his meaty cock. Once the head was in he slowly started to ease his shaft in inch by inch.

“Jesus, you’re huge!” Karen gasped. “I don’t think it will fit.”

“Oh its going to fit babe, you’re going to take this whole thing.” John retorted.

He then shoved in hard and deep, burying himself in one move.

“Oh fuck, give me a minute!” Karen cried.

However, there was no waiting for John, he had Karen where he wanted her and he was going to enjoy himself.

“Babe, you wanted a proper fucking by a big cock and that’s what you’re going to get!”

John pulled back, and then pushed his way back in to Karen, as he bottomed out he kissed her forcefully and passionately. Their tongues dancing for a moment and then John broke it off as he began to pound away in earnest. In minutes, Karen was in heaven, her head thrashed side to side and her fists clenched the sheets. John continued to pound way stretching her twat with his monster kaçak casino cock. Suddenly he withdrew from her completely and as he did Karen erupted, as Nick had never seen flooding the bed and John with multiple shots of clear liquid. John immediately thrust back into her and she climaxed again.

“Holly shit!” Nick thought “I knew she was multi-orgasmic, but I didn’t know she was a squitter! She never did that with me.”

By now, Nicks cock was aching for attention, so he lowered his pants and boxers and began fisting his throbbing member as he watched his wife being ravaged by her boss. He had an odd feeling of jealousy and overwhelming lust. His eyes burned with desire. His swollen purple cock head began to leak and pre-cum flowed over his hand and cock as he furiously stroked himself. On more than one occasion he had to stop to not shoot his load over the spectacle of his wife and her lover.

By now, Karen and John had changed positions, John was now lying on the bed and Karen was riding him reverse cowgirl facing her husband. She was riding John for all she was worth and rubbing her clit furiously.

“Oh my god baby, his big thick cock feels so good! He’s filling me like no one ever has! She moaned taunting he husband to sat in the corner beating off.

She continued ridding John and working herself for several minutes until John sat up reached around her and began playing with her tits, kneading them like bread dough and tugging on her erect nipples. This started to push her over the edge again. As her orgasm started, John looked at Nick.

“I think your wife enjoys fucking a man with a real cock.” John sneered.

He then maneuvered Karen onto all fours in front of Nick and began fucking her from behind. With each thrust he pumped deeper and harder. And with each thrust Karen moaned louder and louder. There was no hiding what was going on in the room from anyone in the hall. She was now moaning and talking in tongues, madly working her clit as her lover’s giant cock pounded her. It wasn’t long before climax after climax washed over her in waves. Finally, with a grunt and one last push John unloaded his balls deep in her now aching twat. He withdrew from Karen and headed to the bathroom, as he did Nick could see the cum running out of his wife’s gapped pussy and this put him over the edge his own cum erupted from his shaft splashing on his chest as rope after rope of hot seed erupted from his cock like a volcano.

As Nick got up to head to the bathroom as well John existed the bathroom now fully dressed.

“Thanks for the fun time.” Was all John said. And with that he left.

Nick made his way to the bathroom and ran the sink until the water was warm. He cleaned himself up and wet a wash cloth. He turned off the water and took both the warm wet rag and a dry hand town back to the bed where he began to clean his wife. He was gentle as she was sore now. And after he had cleaned her he patted her dry with the hand towel.

“Oh babe, that was intense. Thank you!” Karen said.

“I’m glad you had fun babe. I love you,” Nick replied.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about the situation. Part of him burned with jealousy. Part of him was happy to see his wife in so much pleasure. And thinking about it was making his cock hard again.

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