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Cynthia invited Tori and Dennis to stay for dinner, but they had more plans to go around finalizing. Dennis and I set a time for him to meet me at the tuxedo shop, and then they hurried off. I went up to shower, while Cynthia went to finish dinner.

Under the shower water, I tried once again to wash away the guilt of what I’ve been doing. I could close my eyes and vividly recall every incredible sensation I’ve experienced with the girls. But as soon as I open them, all I feel is the sting of being just another cheating husband.

I turned off the water, and opened the curtain to get out. Cynthia was on her knees at the edge of the tub, and put my dick in her mouth as soon as it came into her view.

“Baby!?” she startled me.

She took it out, “There’s nothing like a freshly washed dick.”

I hadn’t had a lot of recovery time, so I took a step back, “Uh, dinner isn’t going to burn is it?”

She didn’t stop stroking, “I’ve got dinner, and everything else, under control.

“You haven’t met me like this after a shower in years.”

She kissed it a few time, “That just means it was long overdue.”

Finally I started to swell. She put it back in her mouth, and I took a step forward. She put her head and tongue into it. I had to put a foot on the side of the tub and a hand on her head in order to keep my balance. When I let her know I was about to release, she didn’t back off or slow down.

“Cynthia,” I managed to say, “I’m close, baby.”

She slid her mouth off just enough to say, “Give it to me, Daddy.”

I shuddered, “Don’t say that.”

She kept my tip in her mouth, and twisted her hand along the shaft, “Why not, Daddy? You don’t want me to have it?”

Those were almost Toya’s exact words! “Baby, stop,” I moaned.

“No, Daddy. You’re going to give me that delicious cum,” she twisted her hand harder.”

“Shit!” I shot three quick bursts to the back of her throat. My body shook; she didn’t stop pumping my dick until I leaned back against the wall. “Why’d you do that?” I asked out of breath. “Shit, why’d you do that?”

“I wanted to,” she sat back on her heels, and wiped the sides of her mouth. “And I like catching you off-guard.”

There’s no way I had much to give her, and I hoped by taking it in her mouth that she wouldn’t notice it was far less than my usual amount. I would have loved to bend her over the sink and ‘thank’ her, but a fourth erection of the night wasn’t going to happen for a 50-year-old man who is not on Viagra. Given her silence, I thought she may be expecting more as well. “You know I’m not at full strength after a workout, but I can give you a little tongue action if you wanna have a seat on the sink.

“Don’t worry, I got what I wanted for now,” she got up with a wink. “Dinner will be ready when you are.”

“I’ll be right down,” I grabbed my towel. ——

At the rehearsal a few nights later, Tori had on a babydoll t-shirt, Capri pants and a costume veil on her head, but all I could see her in was the pink teddy she wore on our last date. She came to hug me when she saw me and Cynthia come in the facility, and thought for sure Cynthia would catch me admiring her walk towards us.

“My other parents are here!” she hugged us both, then turned to her mother who had followed her over. “Mom, you already know Soror Cynthia; and this is her husband.

“Thank you so much for filling in for my brother,” she hugged me.

My feelings of guilt for what I was doing with her daughter were compounded with that hug. “No thanks necessary; anything to help.”

As we made our way to where everyone was waiting, Dennis came up to speak to us – which didn’t help me feel any better. A lot of the girls from the chapter were Tori’s bridesmaids, and I couldn’t believe how casually they all hugged me. It was like I hadn’t smacked all of their asses, licked all of their pussies, or sucked all of their nipples.

The coordinator came over to get everyone on track. I asked her where she wanted me, and Tori hooked her arm through mine. “You are not to leave my side for the next 18 hours. You don’t mind that, do you Soror Cynthia?”

She laughed with Tori’s mother, “No, not at all. Take him!”

“Don’t I have to walk the maid-of-honor down the aisle for practice?”

“My sister knows her way down the aisle, and you both know how to walk,” she pulled me to sit with her in a row of folding chairs. The coordinator started telling people where to go, and soon there was no one within a few feet of us. “I want to see you tonight. Can that happen?”


“After my bachelorette party.”

I tried not to react too visibly, “How’s that suppose to work? There’s no way I can get away from Cynthia at two or three in the morning.”

“Okay, what about before?”

“You know we don’t do anything on short notice like this. It’s way too risky.”

She brushed my dick, “I need you.”

“No, you need to be faithful to your new husband.”


We paused our conversation as people went by, or to appear as if we canlı bahis were paying attention. “I’m really not doing well with the amount of guilt I’m starting to feel – for my marriage, for yours, and even just all you girls in general.”

“It’s all working our flawlessly. Everybody is on board, and there’s no danger of being caught.”

I shook my head, “Maybe so, but there’s no way we can do anything tonight.”

“But it’s a special occasion,” she squeezed.

“Very special,” I signed. “I’m sure your family and friends are looking forward to being around you all night.”

“I’ll tell them I’m going to seclude myself for some extra special pampering, and just to really center myself before I take this monumental step.” She interlocked her fingers with mine, “I’ll be all yours.”

“Like I said, there’s no way I can get away.”

She scooted a little closer, “There’s something Dennis has wanted for a while, but I’ve never given to him.”

“Anal sex?”

Tori looked at me shocked, “How’d you guess?”

“C’mon, I was 23 once, and I think I know the male mind,” I laughed.

“I want to let him on our wedding night, but I’ve never done it. He’s a great lover, and I don’t doubt he’ll take his time, but without knowing what to expect I don’t know that I could get over my fear. So,” she squeezed my hand, “I’d like for you to, uh, break me in, tonight.” She kept going before I could formulate my thoughts to respond. Leanna told me how you fingered her ass. Other guys had done that to her, and she said it just never felt right. But you? She said something about the way you did it made it far more pleasureful than painful.” Tori moved our hands to rub the back of hers against my semi-hard dick. “She said she was hoping you would…but you didn’t. I want you to help me get ready to give Dennis a very special wedding night.”

I wiped the perspiration from my forehead, “Tori, listen to me. Part of that is going to make that night special for the both of you is that it will be your first time it happens.”

“He’s done it before.”

“You’re first time Together.”

“It will still be that. I’ll just be better prepared.”

“That’s something special that I don’t want to take from him.”

“You’re doing it for me.”

“Technically, but still…”

She put her lips to my ear, “Think of how erotic that will be. A bride, just 12 hours away from taking her vows, giving you her forbidden fruit.”

I laughed to play-off my arousal. “You’d better stop,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Why, Daddy?”

I took a breath, “Don’t make me take you to the bathroom for a spanking.”

She moaned, I’ll meet you there.”

“Cut it out!”

She laughed, “I’m serious about tonight.”

“So am I.”

“We can make it happen.”

But do we need to? We sat and watched the rehearsal. Tori left my side a few times to clarify points of confusion, but her request never left my head. The procession, ceremony, and recession were walked-thru two times, then we went to dinner. Everyone had a good time dancing and joking around. Some of the girl’s boyfriends came; I got to meet most of them.

After dinner was over, she came over to me as everyone was leaving and told me she would be in the Hyatt room as she hugged me goodbye. —— I woke up to Cynthia tracing her fingers along my lips. I tasted something, “What’s that?”

“Has it been that long since you’ve tasted me?” She put her fingers between her thighs and rubbed some more on my lips. “Maybe I should have let you lick me in the bathroom.”

“No, I’ll never forget that,” I smiled. “As a matter of fact,” I rolled over to get on top of her, “I think I’ll start my day off with a nice long drink” I slid down until my face was at her pussy. I licked her lips, then moved closer to circle her entrance with the tip of my tongue.

Cynthia purred, “You do me soooo good.”

I kissed the hood over her clit, then sucked on the lips. I then moved back to her clit, which started to peak out. Cynthia groaned each time I gently flicked it. I backed up, and blew a stream of air on it. She shook, and a stream appeared from her pinkness. I moved back in to suck her clit this time, and her entire body tensed up. My tongue moved quickly and lightly over the tip of her clit.

“Quit playing with it,” she moaned.

I smirked, but just continued to take my time. After a few moans, I go back to licking her lips. She was wet enough for me to slide in with no effort at all, but I was in a mood to make her beg for it. I didn’t use my fingers, or push my tongue inside. I wanted her to crave penetration. I moved back up to tease her clit again, and it was a little more visible. Then she reached down to spread her pussy open, and it came into full view. I put my lips around it and sucked until her hips were bouncing between my mouth and the bed.

I rested my head on her thigh, and watched as she regained control of her body. “Well, we’d better get ready.”

She put her free leg across me, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“To bahis siteleri jump in the shower. We have a wedding this afternoon.”

She shook her head, “You have something just as wet as the shower to jump into right here.”

“I have a big responsibility today; I want to be early.”

“Do I look like I’m hearing that right now?” She used her foot to find my erect dick, “He ain’t trying to hear it either.

“You want him?”

She raised her eyebrow, “I want him, deep, in my pussy.”

I pulled off my underwear and put my tip at her pussy, “You sure?”

“Give him to me.”

“Ask me nicely.”

She groaned, “Stop playing.”

I bent over to suck her nipple, “Ask me nicely.”

“Baby please give me that dick.”

I pushed the tip in, “Is that enough?”

“Nooooooo. I want it all.”

“Can you handle all of it?”

With that, Cynthia knocked my arm from under me, knocking me off-balance enough to flip on top of me. Before I knew what happened, she had positioned my dick at her pussy and slid all the way down. “I’ve told you about playing with me,” she angrily bounced her hips on me. “This is my dick, and when I tell you I want it, I want it! You know I hate when you do that.”

“No you don’t.”

The force of her thrusts matched her words, “Yes I do!”

“Well too bad, because I like doing it to you,” I interrupted her thrusts by thrusting upward.

“Stop that!”

“No!,” I thrusted harder, “You may be on top, but I’m in control. You got that?”


“You got that!?”

She stopped moving and her back arched, “Yessssssssssssssssss!” She fell forward on my chest and shook.

I knew I did the right thing about last night. I put my arms around her. “I love you, Cynthia.” The next thing I remember was Cynthia jumping off me, screaming that we were going to be late. I focused on my eyes on the clock, and 90 minutes had passed. I laid there for a second, then sprang into action along with her.

We arrive at the Lehman Center when the parking lot is still mostly empty. Tori’s mother was outside by the door, and looked bothered when we walked up. Cynthia asked if anything was wrong.

“Tori has some kind of burr up her butt, and I needed to not be around her for a minute.”

“She’s not having second thoughts, is she?”

“She won’t say what’s wrong. Her sister tried to talk to her, her sorors tried to talk to her; she’s just sitting there like this isn’t the day she’s been planning a year for.”

“Hello, Soror Cynthia,” Jeanie said coming outside. “Mr. Thomas! Tori wanted to see you when you got here.”

I tried not to look nervous, “About what?”

“Something about the special gift she wanted to give Dennis.”

“A gift is what’s bothering her?” her mother frowned her face. “Buying presents is the last thing that girl should be worrying about. Her guests will start arriving soon!”

I grinned, “Maybe she wants my opinion on what she bought for him.”

“Whatever she got, just tell her it’s perfect so she can focus on getting married,” Cynthia said ushering me inside. She went back outside to talk with Tori’s mother, while Jeanie showed me to the dressing areas. We passed by Dennis in the hallway having trouble with his tie.

“Never tied one before?” I started tying it for him.

“On my wedding day, no.”

“Relax and breathe. Before you know it, it will be over and you’ll wonder how it happened so fast.”

“I can’t wait to see Tori; that’s what I’m most nervous about. I know she’s going to be so beautiful when I see here.”

“Yeah, that’s a special moment.”

“Once I’m past that part, and she’s beside me, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Even though I’m not her biological father, I do want you to be aware that I think of her as if she is my daughter. I don’t expect her to ever say that you aren’t treating her like the woman you love.”

“Yes sir.”

I finished his double-Winsor knot and patted his shoulders. “She’s a special woman.”

“Yes sir.”

Tori was sitting by a window away from her bridesmaids when I got to the room. Her sister told her I was there, and she asked them to leave for a minute. Everyone left, except Jeanie and Zanora.

“Where were you?” she asked once the door closed, without turning to look at me.

“I told you I couldn’t come.”

“I needed you.”

“No you didn’t; not like that.”

She stood up and started toward me. She had on a long, white, silk rob that was not tied at the waist. Her brown skin looked incredible against the white of her bra and garter, causing my dick to stir. “You ruined what was going to be a special night for me.”

I concentrated on looking at her face, “Tori, you’re guests have started arriving. You’re getting married in less than an hour.”

“And you were suppose to be in my ass last night!” she said mutedly, but the anger was loud and clear.

I looked at the other girls, “Is this arrangement messing you all up like this? When you’re mind is suppose to be on the happiest day of your life, you’re bahis şirketleri worried that I didn’t come be with you last night?”

“It’s a trust factor,” Zanora spoke up. “She trusts you; we all do. She told you about something special that she wanted, and she trusted you to follow-through.”

“But I told her I wasn’t comfortable with doing it.”

Jeanie glared at me, “It’s not about you, Mr. Thomas!”

Zanora went over to Tori, “You’re right, this is suppose to be the happiest day of her life. But does she look happy to you?”

“Do you think she’s playing around?” Jeanie stood in front of me. “Do you think it was just some kind of game? We’ve been nothing but upfront and serious with you from the start – and you played her.”

“You girls know this is wrong; that’s why we have codes, and signals. I’m not playing any of you, but this whole arrangement is wrong.”

“She is sexy to you, isn’t she?”

I chuckled, “Don’t go there.”

“You don’t want me anymore?”

I silently stood my ground.

Jeanie grabbed my dick, and tightened her hand around it. “You want her.”

“And she wants you,” Zanora turned Tori to face me, then pulled the robe off her shoulders.

I took a breath and pulled myself out of the trance I was in staring at her body, “This is crazy!”

Jeanie unfastened my pants. As much as I knew I should put a stop to it – to everything – I stood there. She dropped my pants to the floor, unbuttoned and opened my shirt from the chest down, and pulled my boxer-briefs to my ankles. She nuzzled her nose along my dick, taking deep breaths. “You were with Soror Cynthia this morning, weren’t you?”

I felt embarrassed, and had to remind myself that I had showered after our encounter. I looked down at Jeanie moving her nose over my dick as she inhaled.

“Lucky woman,” Zonara smiled, pulling Tori’s bra off.

“You fucked her good, didn’t you,” Jeanie sucked my dick, slowly, like she was trying to taste every flavor of it.

My mouth dropped open, and I shifted my feet to keep from losing my balance.

“Mr. Thomas, we know you have issues with our arrangement,” Zanora wet the tip of her finger and ran it around Tori’s nipple. “You’re conscience is not totally okay with it, and that’s how we know you are the right man for us. But quite honestly, if you can no longer be with us, we’d rather you just said so and we bring the whole thing to an end.” She moved to Tori’s other side, and wet a finger to run over her other nipple. “But, if you can somehow find a way to continue being us – and we hope that you do – you cannot do what you did last night ever again.” She stood behind Tori, putting her head over a shoulder, and used both hands to pinch her nipples, “So are you in, or out?”

“With Jeanie sucking his dick, he’ll say ‘yes’ to anything,” Tori rolled her eyes.

Zanora kissed her cheek, “Relax, we know him better than that.” She looked at me, continuing to touch Tori’s nipples, “Mr. Thomas is above raw stimulation. He’s man enough to make a reasoned decision no matter what the current circumstances.” She kissed Tori’s cheek again, then came over and patted Jeanie’s shoulder, “C’mon, we have to let the guest know the bride is running just a little late.”

Jeanie stood up and wiped the corner of her mouth while looking right at me, “Soror Cynthia is a very lucky woman.”

“Tori will let us know what you decide,” Zanora slipped out the door with Jeanie.

I stood there, dick wet and at full attention, looking at Tori standing there in just her garter and hose. “Do you think I’m being selfish,” she stepped closer.

“No; no, I don’t.”

“I’m doing this for Dennis,” she put her hand on my dick when she got close enough. “You mean a lot to all of us. We love what you do for us, and don’t want it to end.”

“Did you bring anything?”

Her face lit up, and she went to a bag she had in a corner, “I wasn’t sure what to buy, but the clerk at the store said this works best for first timers. He said to use a lot, so I brought some towels too.

She was bent over going through the bag; I stepped out of my pants, removed my tux jacket. When I got there, and pushed my dick in her pussy. The combination of Jeanie’s spit and Tori’s wetness from Zanora’s manipulations allowed me to slide right in. She let out a long groan, then hissed at my first long stroke. What was I thinking to potentially pass this pussy up? I still loved Cynthia deeply; this was just…this was just…what it was.

We both were being mindful to stay quiet. I was also being mindful that this encounter had a specific goal to it. Without interrupting the strokes, I asked her for the lube. She handed it to me over her shoulder, and managed to open the towels beneath her. I kept my strokes slow and steady while I began lubbing and fingering her puckered hole.

“You have to relax,” I coaxed her. “Kinda push when you feel me going in, that’ll help a little.”

“Okay,” she whinced.

When she seemed comfortable with one finger, I added more lube and pushed a second one in, “Good girl.”

She dug her nails into the walls she was bracing herself on, and let out a throaty groan.

“Relax, and push,” I slowed down a little.

She was shaking her head, “Oh shit, ooooh, shit.”

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