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63y/o widow here looking for some fun with the right guy.

I am NOT a slut and not interested in nude picture exchanges with anyone.

Please provide a face pic in your reply and you will get mine back.

The right guy would be between 35 and 45 and have all his own teeth!

If we get on and I like you then I shall want to meet you, if you just want a quick shag for tonight then look elsewhere. I want to get to know someone via email first, we can discuss likes and dislikes in those rather than me listing them here. Looking forward to hearing from any guys interested in an old gal like me.

K x”


I’ve been pretty busy lately, not had much time to date and the type of women I’m interested in don’t seem to be easy to find, practically impossible in fact. I have been emailing this one lady, Katy, for about a month now. She is sweet and very funny, we get on really well. We seem to like similar things despite the age difference and I feel comfortable telling her anything, I think by now she know’s about all my weird little fantasies I have going around in my head most days, and in return I have been allowed to hear some of hers.

When I first saw her picture I got quite excited, she was exactly my type. The picture was taken outside a theatre in the west end of London. She was wearing a gorgeous blue dress which showed off her body perfectly. She is a large lady with ample breasts and lovely wide hips, I could tell from the picture that she has a bit of a belly. Wide hips usually mean a big bum, and I absolutely love a big bum! In one of her emails she confirmed she has one then proceeded to send me a picture of it, which was totally unexpected yet very well received. Her long dark hair, big brown eyes and pretty face are just the icing on the cake.

I’ve not been with another woman for a while and I am quite a shy person at the best of times. I am glad we have had this last month of emails back and forth to get to know each other, it will make meeting her much easier to deal with, I’m filled with excited nerves now, not the bad kind of nerves!

As I approach her front door I quickly adjust my shirt and ring the bell. She comes to the door and lets me in, my heart is in my throat. We have spoken about this moment a few times and she knew I wanted her to take the lead. Before either of us uttered a word she leaned into me and kissed me deeply, our tongues writhed around together. She tasted like strawberries, my favourite! I had an instant erection standing there by her front door. It was only when she broke away from the kiss that I noticed she was wearing a silk robe. In our emails we had pretty much gone through our first meeting, what each of us wanted to happen and what we would be wearing. So it wasn’t really a surprise that she was wearing the robe as it was one of my requests, I did wonder, however, if she had met any of my other requests. I was excited to find out.

“Hello Katy” I said.

“Hello baby” She took my hand and led me into her living room.

She sat me down on the sofa and walked over to the dining table, poured us both a glass of wine and came to sit next to me. We toasted our meeting and spoke for a while about random things. She kept moving about next to me, reaching for this and that, from the coffee table to the unit next to her. Each time she moved her arms the robe opened further and further, just as I had asked for. I had been there around fifteen minutes when I glimpsed my first flash of nipple. She had leant forward to put her wine glass down and as she sat back the robe opened just enough to show the top of her dark pink nipple, her areola was larger than I had imagined, which is no bad thing, the circumference of it must have covered over a third of her whole breast, it looked incredible, and with her nipple just sitting there poking out the top of the robe, I was getting very turned free spin on indeed.

I commented on her freshly exposed body part, she looked down and chuckled. I leaned over and kissed it, just once, right on the nipple. I felt her shudder slightly. As I sat back up she just stared longingly at me. She leaned over to kiss my lips, her breath smelt so sweet and our tongues danced together. My hands were finding their way round her body, starting up by her neck and running smoothly over every inch of her upper body, slowly peeling her robe off as I went. In turn, one of her hands was on the back of my head keeping me close to her while the other squeesed and rubbed my cock as it got harder and harder trapped inside my jeans.

“Did you get it?” I asked.

“Yes, it came yesterday”

“Have you tried it on yet?”

“I did, it fits perfectly” She said with a cheeky smile on her lips.

By now I had the top part of her robe off and was playing with her pale soft tits, pinching her nipples hard every now and then because I know she liked having them abused a little when she was turned on. She moaned loudly each time I took a large hard nipple between my finger and thumb and clamped down on it, rolled it and released it.

I bent down and kissed her large tummy, licking between each roll of her beautiful big belly, squashing my face against it and tasting her. Sweat started to glisten on the surface of her skin, she was glowing, looking more and more radiant as the moisture reflected the warm light of the room. I wanted her so badly.

She slouched back on the sofa allowing me to do as I wished to her. I wanted nothing more than to please her with my hands, fingers and tongue. I undid the belt to her robe and pulled it open, parting it from her body and exposing her legs and what was between them. She was naked under the robe as I had asked. I lifted the leg furthest from me and put it on the coffee table in front of us, I looked between them to find a freshly shaved pussy with large luscious lips and a pool of moisture just about hanging on to them. Her pussy lips were a similar colour to her nipples, a dark pinkish colour which contrasted with her white skin. I put my hand over her whole pussy and cupped it within my hand. My palm was resting just above her clit and I pushed down into the pubic bone and moved my hand from side to side. She moaned and swayed her hips with my movements.

My fingers were resting against her lips, I pushed my middle finger against her opening and felt the juices from inside her body start to flow. I took a nipple in my mouth and bit it hard. She yelped and cooed loudly as I began to pull on it with my teeth. I was clearly causing her pain and she loved it. Her chest heaved in front of me, her breath quickened. I was reaching the limit of how far her nipple would stretch but I didn’t stop. I slapped her cunt hard. The juice and pussy lips making a squelching sound. At the same time as the slap I released her nipple and watched it bounce back into its original position. The nipple looked red and sore and her face was a picture of pain and pleasure.

“Do it to the other one” She demanded.

I did. I bit down on the other nipple and sucked it into my mouth, then pulled even further than I had before. Just as her breast was reaching it’s limit I slid 3 fingers in her soaking wet hole and started to pound her with them. Her whole body reacted to this by bouncing up and down on the sofa, all her folds and soft skin jiggled and wobbled. I released her nipple and kissed her passionately, rubbing both her breasts, massaging them and stroking them. Her pussy juicy still on my hands being spread over her sore, stretched out tits.

“Put it on for me” I said, “I want to see you wear it”

“Ok baby” She got up and I slapped her big round bum as she turned around, she wiggled it for me as she left the room.

I bonus veren siteler got undressed while she was out of the room and sat on her sofa waiting eagerly for her to return. When she entered the room I knew then my dreams had been answered the day I replied to her craigslist ad. She stood there in the doorway, legs slightly apart. She wore a long black leather jacket which wasn’t done up, black leather thigh high boots and her new item of ‘clothing’, a huge black silicon strap-on. I drank in the view before me, from her cute face down to her sexy boots. The valley between her tits was fully exposed, as was her tummy, I could even see her large areola from between the jacket, her nipples were covered though, which made it even sexier!

She walked towards me in a slow and very seductive way, her stance when she stood over me was very dominant.

“Suck it”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I leaned forward and took the solid black strap-on into my mouth, getting it wet with my saliva I started to suck. She grabbed my face and started fucking me. I reached around and grabbed her bum cheeks and pulled her into me deeper and deeper until I almost gagged.

“Put your knees on the sofa and face the wall”

“Ok Mistress” I did as I was told, my legs spread wide and my arms resting on the back of the sofa with my head between them.

I looked behind me to see Katy pouring some KY jelly onto the tip of the strap-on. I have been waiting for this moment all my life. I have had sex with a few men before and felt a real cock inside me on more than one occasion, but I have never had a woman fuck me with a strap-on, and even though it wasn’t a real cock, this was somehow more erotic to me than all the other times with those guys put together. My dream woman was about to pound my arse. I could feel the tip at my entrance, her hands on my waist. She pulled me back and down a bit so I was perfectly lined up with the height of the strap-on. We looked into each others eyes as she forced it inside me. I love the feeling of being pulled apart by a dildo or a cock but the best bit is always once the tip is in, the head opening you up then with a pop it’s in and the rest of the cock or dildo slides in nice and easily. She buried it deep, all the way in, I could feel her tummy on my bum cheeks. We both wriggled a bit to get a better position then she started!

It was so hot, my cock bounced every time she pushed it in deep. Quickening her pace I could feel the head of the strap-on put more and more pressure on my prostate. I lifted my body up and back into her so my back was squashing her tits, her arms wrapped around me. The strap-on was banging at my prostate hard now that I was in this position, it was hitting it directly and I began to drip. My sperm flowed from my cock with each thrust of the dildo.

“Look what you’re doing to me Mistress”

She looked down at my cock and saw my cum going all over her sofa, she didn’t care at all, she reached down and filled her hands up with it and rubbed it all over my body. She rubbed a load over my face and in my mouth and she licked her fingers and drank it down herself. I have been prostate milked before but it has never been this intense, the hard solid dildo contributing to my feelings of utter enjoyment.

Katy nibbled on my ear, licked and kissed my neck as she fucked me. Grabbing handful after handful of my cream and rubbing it all over our bodies. It was too much, I was going to cum properly, I could feel my orgasm building. I stood on the floor, spread my legs as wide as I could and she read my signals, she started to pound harder and deeper. My prostate swelled and my cum was released, I wanked myself over her sofa and shot load after load on it. She never once stopped thrusting into me, she knew from our emails how much I love to cum while being pounded hard.

When every last deneme bonusu veren siteler drop had been ejaculated from my cock I pulled myself off the strap-on and sat down in my mess, shattered yet content and buzzing from one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Katy took off the strap-on. I held out my arms beckoning her to me, she sat on top of me and I suckled on her hard nipple whilst playing with her juicy pussy. I was still so turned on by this woman and I knew I had to try and make her feel half as good as she had just made me feel. She was scooping up globs of my cum from her sofa and feeding it to herself as I suckled on her nipples and slowly recovered. Katy is heavy, very heavy, and I loved the feel of her weight on me, I carried on rubbing and fingering her pussy as she girated her hips on top of me.

I told her to stand up. I moved from under her and turned her around so she could sit back down. Her leather jacket was so sexy open like that, her body underneath was beautifully smooth which is a stark contrast to all my hair. I took up my position on the floor between her legs, where I belong, and I began to tease her and play with every inch of her inner thighs and pussy.

I suckled on her clit. She loved it when I reached up and pulled on her tits as I ate her. The aroma from her cunt was divine. My tongue darting in and out of both her pussy hole and her tight bum hole, nothing was safe from my tongue down there, it was everywhere, in every crease, every fold and every roll. She came multiple times over my mouth and hands, her moans sending me wild with excitement. Her legs seems to spread wider and wider with each climax. I grabbed the strap-on from the coffee table and out some more lube on it, I then started to push it into her bum hole. She opened up hungrily for it, swallowing the tip and then starting to suck it up. I pulled the head in and out, never tiring of seeing her round rubbery sphincter muscle contract and spasm around the dildo. I then took her clit into my mouth again and with one thrust forced the dildo all the way in. She screeched and moaned loudly at this. I then fucked her with the same dildo she had just fucked me with, biting on her clit at the same time. Biting down quite hard while my free hand pulled on her nipple.

“OOhhhh, ouch eeeee, feels so good!! Don’t stop!…Mmmmmm uuuhhhh pound me baby, pound my arsehole!!”

My cock was rock hard again, I waited for her next orgasm to start building then I quickly got up and pushed my cock inside her pussy whilst simultaneously holding the dildo deep inside her, I then started to fuck her, feeling her tight cunt wrapped about my dick, squeesing it, the warmth of her pussy was intense and her tightness added to my heightened arousal. I leant right over her and began to kiss her passionately, our mouths and tongues just going crazy with a sense of urgency as both our orgasms built from deep within us. My hand was awkwardly still holding the dildo inside her, I managed to get some purchase on it and actually fuck her with the dildo at the same time, albeit just an inch of in and out movement. I could feel the tip of it through her thin membrane that separated her bowels and her gloriously tight pussy. We were going to cum together, we could both feel it. Our movements got even more exaggerated and even more intense as we came together. I filled her full of my cum and she let her juices flow over my cock, I could feel her pussy get slicker as both of our creams mixed and churned within her. I was still fucking her, getting every last drop of cum and pleasure out of our interaction, desperate to hold on to this moment for as long as possible.

I eventually slid my cock from her body. I kissed my way down her sweaty glistening body until I reached her used cunt hole, I sucked on her clit and lick some of our cream from her entrance, but it wasn’t until I pulled the dildo from out of her bum that our cum started to pour from her pussy. I caught most of it in my hands and rubbed it all over her body, everywhere! I opened my mouth and let the last few drops of cum leak out onto my tongue, I then lay next to her on the couch and we kissed for a very long time afterwards.

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