She asked if I was hungry.

“Starving. Squatting and deadlifting make me so hungry.”

“Me too.”

Our town was dry, meaning you had to leave the city limits to buy alcohol. She drove us to a small town which was wet. It was a nice day, a welcome break from the heat. We sat outside on a picnic bench. Our waitress brought us a bucket of beers. We ordered hamburgers and fries.

We talked about her lifting, She wondered if she was really ready to compete internationally. I told her the numbers don’t lie. She wondered if our judges weren’t strict enough. I told her to compete at a national event and find out.

She asked about my work. I told her about my students, the bright ones. I got that not everyone loved history, but in my class enthusiasm went a long way. I tried to make what I taught relevant to today.

“And your book?”

“It’s coming along. I think we’ll finish it by spring.”

“What about your book?”

She laughed, “I’m learning a lot, Fascinating subject.”

“I bet.”

She said, “It certainly helps having someone I can test out the theories on.”

“I’m your lab rat,” I joked back.

“I see you more as my favorite pet.”

We finished the beers and our food. I suggested she let me drive us home as I handled alcohol better. She agreed.

On the drive home she stared at me. I even asked her why.

“Because you’re cute. I’m in love with you, and I’m thinking what you’re going to do to me when we get home.”

“I can’t wait.” My last ejaculation was six days prior when I shot my wad down her throat.

We went inside. She went to the bathroom, but not before telling me to put a bath towel on the living room floor. She finished, suggested I should empty my bladder because once I got started she wouldn’t let me stop.

I came out of the bathroom to find her laying on her stomach on the towel. Her head was turned sideways resting on a pillow. Her legs were open,

“Not so fresh today pet.”

I lay down, licked and kissed her buttocks, started at the top of her crack.

“Feels good, pet. Nice and slow.”

My mouth went lower where the odor and taste were headier. She hadn’t washed since the day prior. She had sweated a lot and just before we began our session had urinated and defecated. She had wiped, but it wasn’t the same as being freshly washed, smelling of soap, clean. Her book told her this was a great way for a master and her pet to relax, to bond in their unique way, and ideal for fostering one way communication. During these sessions, with his head sandwiched between his master’s buttocks, his tongue moving and up down her crack or licking her anus, for a pet to talk it meant stopping what his tongue was doing.

These sessions were about her talking and her pet just listening, not analyzing, but accepting as truth whatever she said.

My eyes were closed as I slowly licked downward. She moaned before I got to her anus, but those moans were like someone’s masseur getting a kink out of a muscle. The moan she emitted when I kissed and licked her sphincter was sexual. I was totally focused on her bottom, lost in the moment. The world beyond my face and her ass didn’t exist.

“It was only sex. Now this is lovemaking. I sensed disappointment in you earlier. You were hoping something would happen, I worked out with them to rub it in your face, to humiliate you. I doubt anyone in the gym noticed, but you and maybe them. Their hands on my body are now familiar, not alien. Wrapping and unwrapping my knees and me doing the same to them, their bodies moving with mine as I descend and go up, brushing against me, their hands on my hips, their fingers just under my breasts. I could feel the sexual tension.”

“Across the gym I spotted you more than once looking my way. I thought is he jealous, humiliated, or envious. You were like the kid who wasn’t picked to be on the winning team. The look on your face when they so casually left wasn’t relief like I’d expect to see on a jealous husband, but annoyance. You were hoping today would be a repeat of last Saturday.”

“There’s a name for men like you Tobias. Cuckold. You do know what a cuckold is. You had been dreaming all week about today. I hope you didn’t cheat on me and masturbate to thoughts of me having sex with the four of them. I bet in your fantasies we use no protection. You’ve convinced yourself they provide me what you can’t. You believe I’m owed this. You don’t need to answer Tobias because I’m right. You’re my cuckold. I am free to take lovers, as many as I want, when I want.”

“Now french my ass. You are so nasty Tobias, rooting like a hungry hog.”

She quit talking and focused on her mounting orgasm. I probed her back door with my tongue.

We both climaxed except I didn’t realize I had until afterwards.

“Lay on top of me cuckold.”

I did.

“You came.”


“It’s okay. It was a reaction I totally expected.”

“You did?”

“Because my words rang true.”

“Paula, they do ring true, but what if I don’t want to be a cuckold? I’m scared where this is taking us.”

“Is casino siteleri that why your ejaculate is all over the towel? You’re scared because it’s become an obsession. It’s okay to be scared. I’m also nervous, but we can do this Tobias. You can be husband, pet, cuckold, lover, professor, author, and my biggest fan.”

A bit of my cum dripped between her crack. She felt it and directed me to lick it up.

I got off of her and licked it up. She turned over, making me move. She pointed her chin at the puddle of my seed on the towel.

“Clean it up.”

I lowered my face, extended my tongue, and licked it up.

“Now lick me.”

I told myself as I licked I would never tire of hearing her orgasm. My penis wasn’t masterful, but my tongue certainly was. She even teased me about how our sex life would come to a screeching halt if I ever lost my tongue.

Monday she started her period and Tuesday she introduced her pet to a new duty.

“Orgasms are a great way to relieve cramps.”

I volunteered to have intercourse with her.

She said, “I need the orgasms, not you.”

She peeled off her bottoms and draped a leg over each arm of the chair. I thought when was the last time we had sex in bed. We talked and cuddled in bed, but it seemed our living room was where we made love. On the floor or more often she on her chair with me kneeling.

The string of the tampon dangled from her vagina. I approached her. She smelled of blood and her flesh tasted coppery. Her odor was markedly different. She was also very turned on. Her tampon did a good job capturing her blood, but wasn’t up to the task of absorbing her desire.

“This is so intimate pet. You worshiping your mistress. For your first time I’ll leave the tampon in, but next time I’ll insert my diaphragm.”

Afterwards she scratched my head and said, “Mrs. Mayweather was right. Cunnilingus is great for relieving cramps. Thank you Tobias.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress.”

Of course I had an erection, and of course, she ignored it. After a few minutes, my penis became soft.

“I feel so good pet. Let’s get dressed and go to the gym.”

We had a great workout, came home, showered together, and she introduced me to a new duty.

“My reproductive health is important, pet. Get me a pair of old panties and one of my pads.”

She showed me how to remove the adhesive backing and place it in the crotch of her panty.

“Hold them.”

She stepped into her panties. I pulled them up.

“Good job, pet. In the morning, you can use the shower wand and wash me. I’ll show you how to insert a tampon.”

Wednesday I performed oral on her. After she had me remove her tampon she showed me how to insert her diaphragm. She said having my tongue able to enter her vagina really improved the experience. Cramps gone she was in the mood for a workout so we dressed and headed to the gym. We both had great workouts, pushing each other to lift more. We got home, showered, I performed cunnilingus, assisted her with her pad and we got in bed.

“Mistress, thanks.”

“For what pet?”

“For this week. I have such a better appreciation for what women have to go through each month.”

“Pet, you’re welcome. I used to be so resentful of not just you, but all men, when I was on my period. I’d want to be alone. You’d do your thing. Now I feel like we’re experiencing this together.”

Saturday morning we were at the gym for our long workout. The four, Mark, Rick, Bo, and Tim were there. Paula joined them in their workout. We met up at noon. The gym was emptying out. Rick popped open a can of beer and offered one to Paula. She locked eyes with me before accepting Rick’s offer.

The six of us were standing around the one table in the gym, an old picnic table. Metal folding chairs were out as it was easier to wrap someone’s knees while they were sitting, legs extended straight out.

Paula took a large swallow and said it tasted so good and was so cold.

My gut told me it was going to be an interesting Saturday. The five of them were conversing. Each now had a beer. Rick sat beside Paula. He put his hand on her knee. I found myself fixated on his hand.

I said, “I’d like a beer.”

Mark said, “Let me get you one.”

Paula stared at me as only a mistress can stare at her pet when she is about to assert her dominance. Her eyes burned right through me,

“No, Tobias is leaving.”

Mark said, “He can stay.”

“He has things to do. Don’t you Tobias?”

I nodded yes.

My mouth was cottony. She told me I sounded squeaky, like a mouse, when I asked, “When should I be back?”

She was feeling strong and super confident. The tigress about to mate with four virile tigers.

She looked at them, then me, “Two hours should do.”

They all agreed two hours was enough time.

“And bring food. Fried chicken. Lots of sides.”

I exited the gym without even a goodbye kiss or hug, the five of them watching.

I felt absolutely humiliated, but my penis tented my gym shorts. It was my first true canlı casino taste of being cuckolded. The Saturday after the meet was nothing compared to how I now felt. There was scorn in her stare and smugness in theirs.

I went home, took a shower, fought the temptation a dozen times to masturbate as I pictured the four of them pulling a train on Paula, dressed, and feeling very hungry, went to KFC where I bought a big bucket of chicken, three quart sized sides of potatoes and pints of cole slaw, and a dozen biscuits.

On the way out I ran into Rick’s wife, Mary. She asked what I was doing. I told her picking up lunch to take to the gym. She said she’d join us. I told her there was plenty. Revenge was on my mind, but I decided to take the high road. After all, Paula and I considered The House Of Iron a second home.

In those days, pay phones were everywhere. She was in line as she wanted a soda. I made up an excuse to call the gym to see if there was anything they needed. I put a dime in the slot, dialed the number, and prayed someone would answer the pay phone in the gym. On the sixth ring, Mark answered.

“Thank God. Listen carefully, Mark. I’m at KFC and ran into Mary. Yes, that Mary. She’s going to join us for lunch. I can’t stall her. See you in ten to fifteen. Do you need anything? KFC doesn’t have jalapeños; you’re thinking of Church’s. Another side of gravy. Got it.”

I hung up and asked Mary to add a side of gravy to her order.

I hoped I hadn’t done anything to make Mary suspicious.

On the drive I really didn’t have time to feel sorry for Mary as I hoped Mark took me serious.

There were two cars at the gym, Mark’s and Rick. I was a bit pissed because I had bought a lot of food. Mary led the way opening the door for me as my hands were full.

Paula was on the bench, but she wasn’t being fucked or sucking cock. She was doing board presses to work on her lockout strength.

Mary had been to enough meets to know good form when she saw it.

“Nice form.”

Rick and Mark nodded towards her, then focused on Paula. Mary started setting the table, mumbling something about men being slobs.

“One more rep,” Rick said, winking at me.

We were now coconspirators, a band of brothers, sexual mafioso sworn to uphold omertà under penalty of divorce, castration, or a jealous women with a gun. It wasn’t unheard of in Texas.

I thought Paula did look strong.

“I think that board work is paying off,” I said louder than I needed to.

Mark gave me a thumbs up. I sat down, my back to them. Mary prepared me a plate, something Paula hadn’t done for me in months. It was weird having a woman wait on me, but also kind of nice. I thanked her and asked if I could serve her a plate.

She said, “Toby, I can serve myself, but thank you. Now eat.”

We chatted while the three worked on improving Paula’s bench press, the one event she lost at the meet.

They joined us ten minutes later calling it a day. Rick sat by his wife and Paula sat between Mark and I.

“Mary,” Rick said expecting her to get up and serve them,

I insisted on doing it. I got up and made their plates serving Paula first.

Mary said, “Rick could take lessons from Toby on how to be a gentleman.”

Paula said, “It’s taken a lot of work, but I think Tobias is finally housebroken.”

She then explained my real name was Tobias. Mary said I looked like a Toby. She asked what I thought.

I told her I had gotten used to be called Tobias.

She bit into a leg and started to say something when Rick interrupted her, “Mary, I could use some of that slaw.”

There was a bit of tension in the air and it wasn’t coming from the three men.

Mary didn’t like Paula.

I later found out Rick talked in his sleep. And whose name kept popping up? Paula’s.

Mary was jealous. She didn’t think they were having an affair, but she knew her husband dreamed a lot about Paula.

Paula did a great job getting Mary to open up, asked how she and Rick met, inquired about their kids. By the time lunch ended, they were chatting away. The focus of her anger was where it should have been, on Rick and his damn dreams. We all knew he was in the doghouse.

We finished our meals. I told them we’d lock up. Mark told me as he shook my hand squeezing it tight, “Thank you.”

I didn’t want to wait until we got home. We had the place to ourselves.

“On the table. Pull them off.”

She did and I buried my head between her legs.

Her lady parts tasted and smelled of semen.

My licking was frenzied as was her body’s reaction. She flooded my face and I spurted a week’s worth of cum into my underwear.

We were both gasping for air. I joked we needed to start doing cardio. She was laying on the table, her legs wide open, and I was sitting there on the bench, staring at her vagina.

“That was amazing Tobias. So intense.”

I was pretty proud of myself.

She got up and put her shorts back on,

I asked, “Where are your panties?”

We looked around and found them on a gym mat. kaçak casino There were also body fluids.

Paula told me, “Find some towels and wipe it up, then spray it with disinfectant.”

I cleaned up their cum and her vaginal secretions. She suggested we take the towel home and wash it.

We locked up the gym, confident we hadn’t left behind any evidence of sexual activity.

That evening we talked about what transpired earlier.

She pointed out, “You are definitely a cuckold. Most men would have reclaimed their wives by fucking them, but a cuckold would use his mouth because his penis can’t get it done.”

I answered, “You sound disappointed by my reaction.”

She said, “Not at all. I really enjoyed it. I liked your aggressiveness. And it felt really, really good.”

“I enjoyed it too.”


We were in the living room, sharing a bottle of wine, me naked and on the floor beside her and she in her white nightgown relaxing in her recliner.

“By the way, thank you for saving the day. Thank God, Mark answered the phone.”

I smiled, “Did I interrupt something?”

She said, “Oh, yeah. I was seconds from climaxing. Maybe that’s why my orgasm with you was so intense.”

“What happened to Tim and Bo?”

“They were done, just watching Rick and I while Mark took a break. When they heard Mary was coming I think they got nervous so they left.”

“You defused the situation with Mary. She was picking a fight I thought, but by the time we were done you and she were acting like long time friends,”

“Don’t kid yourself. That was an act. She hates me, thinks her husband and I are having an affair.”

“Well, you are.”

“There’s no emotion Tobias. It’s just sex. Great sex, but just sex. I’m not out to steal him.”

“That’s a relief.”

“She suspects and since wives talk, the other three will get suspicious. Damn, I was really enjoying it too. I’ll tell them no more.”

“Do you think they will agree?”

“It’s my body. They can find someone else to screw. Besides, I’m feeling guilty. Women shouldn’t betray other women. It was fun.”

There was nothing further to discuss so I changed the subject. She had made up her mind. She didn’t feel guilty about cheating on me, but how it would affect other people’s marriages. To her way of thinking, I was on board with being cuckolded.

“Pet, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” feeling tingly inside from being referred to as pet.

“It’s your climaxes. I know you aren’t masturbating, but we need to control these spontaneous ejaculations. They aren’t currently a problem, but I think they will be.”

“How so Mistress?”

“Your body wants to climax. Your mind is retraining your body to climax without any physical stimulation. Soon, all of your climaxes will be hands free. I want you to only climax when I’m touching you.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Mrs. Mayweather recommends chastity. She recommended a man to me. He would fit you with a chastity device. You’d eventually wear it around the clock.”

“How would it prevent me from climaxing if it’s my brain causing my climaxes?”

“You wouldn’t be able to get erect.”

“But Mistress, wouldn’t my brain rewire my body to allow me to climax when soft?”

“Eventually, But when that time comes we’ll deal with it, There are approved solutions.”


Instead of going to church the next day, Mistress and I saw a man about fitting me with a chastity device. Metal or leather were my choices. I went with leather. It was more comfortable, less bulky, more hygienic, definitely more attractive, and just as secure as the metal cage.

It was initially weird being bottomless in front of another and him having his hands on my penis and scrotum. He was very businesslike. I quickly relaxed. He and Mistress talked. The one time I said something he reminded me it was my mistress who was paying for his services.

I thought, “I hope she picks leather.”

She did. She said, “I hope this works.”

He told her he had the same problem.

“And did it work?” she asked.

“For years, it did, but one day I am in my cage, my penis the size of an acorn, and I came.”

“What did your owner do?”

“Pills, but those didn’t work. They just kept me soft. I was still climaxing.”

I was paying very close attention to their conversation.

“Eventually, she had to have me fixed.”

Mistress said, “Snip, snip, a vasectomy.”

“No, Mistress, an orchiectomy.”

We both looked clueless.

“Castration, Mistress. An orchiectomy is the medical term for removal of the testes.”

If she was shocked she didn’t show it. She looked at me and smiled, then said to him, “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Did it work?”

“Oh, yes ma’am. In chastity, no erections, and with castration, no climaxes.”

“Are you able to get erect?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Tell me, how big are you?”

“Roughly eight inches.”

She looked curious and aroused.

“Where’s your phone?

“In the kitchen, Mistress.”

“Thank you, pet.”

I felt more than a bit jealous when she referred to him as pet. I was her pet. He had a very cowboy sounding name, Rusty. He certainly didn’t fit my image of a pet or crafter of chastity devices.

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