(continued from Pt. 01)

Her foot jiggling nervously, Lisa waited in the doctor’s office for her scheduled appointment. She’d worked hard for months to scrape together the funds necessary for her breast augmentation surgery. But she’d done it! She now had more than the $12,000 in her savings account. The surgeon she’d chosen, Dr. Amanda Langdon, wanted to perform one more examination prior to scheduling the procedure. The reason for Lisa’s nervousness was due to the further research she’d done about the surgery.

First of all, Dr. Langdon used a general anesthetic, so Lisa would be unconscious during this. She’d fall asleep, and hopefully wake up… wake up with new fullness to her breasts. But the implants would be saline, since she was young. That meant she might have to have another surgery years from now, and maybe get them replaced with silicone. More surgery meant even more expense, and maybe the scarring of a second procedure might be a lot more evident. “I hope my voice doesn’t crack when I blurt out my concerns to the doctor,” Lisa thought. She was almost weeping with indecision — she’d been dreaming about and working toward this breast enhancement — but now she was having some doubts about it.

A nurse escorted her to the examination room, took her vital signs, and went over her current information. “OK, Lisa. You can get ready by removing your clothing and putting on that examination gown,” she stated, indicating the cloth garment. “Then hop up on the examination table. The doctor will be with you shortly.” She left the room. The air in the room smelled clinical — moreover, it was quite cool, Lisa discovered as she removed her clothing. Shrugging into the gown, she learned its layer of cloth didn’t offer very much warmth either. And, since it was open backed, her bare butt cheeks pressed directly onto the paper covering the table as she sat at its edge. She hummed a nervous tune, and tried to keep her hands from shaking. Even though the air was cool, she found herself sweating from anxiety.

As cool as the room was, Dr. Langdon was a sharp contrast as she entered. She greeted Lisa warmly, and shook hands. Her hand was warm, her smile was warm, even her eyes seemed warm. “So, Lisa, tell me how you are. Any new thoughts or questions for me?”

Lisa’s voice quavered a little as she explained the concerns and worries that had cropped up about her surgery. Subconsciously, she’d wrapped her arms around herself protectively as she spoke. She managed to convey not only the words, but also her emotions behind them.

“I can see you’ve done your homework,” Dr. Langdon said, smiling. “It’s true that some people have an adverse reaction to general anesthetic, but those occurrences are extremely rare. I myself have never encountered such a problem. And yes, later on you might need to have the saline implants replaced with silicone. Only time will tell. When I’ve performed those procedures, I’ve been able to carefully use the previous incisions, so extra scarring doesn’t occur. But yes, another operation does involve further expenses.” Having addressed all Lisa’s concerns honestly, the doctor continued, “Let’s have a look at you, Lisa. Please undo the top of that gown.”

Unsnapping the front shoulder areas of the examination gown, Lisa lowered the top, exposing her breasts. She turned her head to the left, embarrassed about displaying her chest, and not wanting to see the doctor’s expression, in case it displayed dismay or ridicule. This expectation was automatic, given the catty, unkind things that other coeds at the college had been saying about her body. The sudden silence in the room seemed to drag on for an eternity.

After that long pause, the doctor said, “My, my, Lisa. Have you looked at yourself lately?”

Lisa still avoided eye contact, her heart sinking. “Here it comes again. More comments about how boyish I look — how flat chested I am,” she thought, trying not to burst into tears. “No, doctor. Every time I looked at my chest in the mirror, I just started sobbing. So I stopped. Even when I shower I never look.”

Strangely enough, the doctor next asked, “Have you been doing a lot of physical labor this summer?”

Lisa thought back to all the odd jobs she’d been doing to earn money. She’d started out mowing lawns, washing cars, walking dogs, and so on. That was before she’d done Tom’s laundry and learned about the possibility of adding ‘pipe-cleaning’ sexual acts to her repertoire. She blushed a little, thinking about all those hand jobs she’d given Tom and his friends. “Yes, I guess so,” was all she commented in answer.

“I thought as much. Let me explain. The muscle deep to your breasts is called the pectoralis major. That physical labor has obviously strengthened and enlarged that muscle. That gives a firmer base to the breast tissue and makes it stand out more prominently.”

She palpated the tissue of Lisa’s breasts. “But that’s not the entire story. That would increase your bra size, but not necessarily casino siteleri your cup size. But there’s definitely been an increase in volume, or cup size, as well.” She paused, pondering. “I’d like to ask you a very personal question. Have you become sexually active recently?”

Lisa was glad she was avoiding eye contact as she blushed. “Ummm… Yes and no?” she answered tentatively, making her response almost sound like a question. Since the doctor made no comment, obviously expecting her to explain such an ambiguous answer, Lisa’s blush deepened to a scarlet color as she stammered, “I… I… I’ve discovered I like giving… I don’t know the technical term… but they’re called hand jobs.” She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to hide underneath the examination table.

“Lucky boyfriend,” the doctor commented, smiling so her voice would not convey any sound of censure. She continued her palpatory examination of Lisa’s tissues. “And are you a virgin?” she asked, keeping her voice carefully professional.

Lisa gasped almost silently, wondering how to answer that question. “Errr… Yes and no?” She took a deep breath and continued. “You see, in college, I learned about vibrators, so I bought one. When I shoved it inside myself, there was some resistance, which I pushed through. It hurt and bled a little, and I discovered I’d broken my apparently fairly weak hymen. So… I’m not a virgin in that sense. But I’ve never had sex with a man, so I am definitely a virgin in the strictest sense of the word.” She finally looked at the doctor’s face. “Why do you ask?”

Dr. Langdon felt this was an appropriate teaching moment. “Because there are some myths out there about semen having magical properties for breast growth, if the woman ingests it, or rubs it on her breasts. None of that has been proven by a controlled experiment. However, there is growing evidence that some components of the semen, like estrone, prolactin, and oxytocin can be absorbed by the vaginal tissues. It’s thought that this property allows some animals to be more likely to ovulate when they have sex.”

Lisa’s eyes dilated in surprise, hearing this, especially the latter part. The doctor went on, “Many studies have shown that some components also act as mood enhancers and antidepressants. That’s probably why women having regular sex are happier.” She favored Lisa with a soft grin.

“Moreover, there’s some fascinating recent research that indicates that the NGF (neural growth factor) in semen actually travels through the female bloodstream to her brain, causing her hypothalamus and pituitary gland to release the hormones required for pregnancy. As the body prepares for pregnancy, breast tissue responds with growth, in preparation for nursing the newborn.” She held up a cautionary hand. “I’m not advocating that you run out and have lots of unprotected sex. There are the consequences of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases to consider. But I can at least arrange for you to get on birth control pills, if you think you’ll be requiring them.”

Lisa didn’t answer right away, since her brain was absorbing and processing the information the doctor was providing. She even asked the doctor to repeat certain sections, to make sure she was understanding. When she thought she had it all clear, she nodded. She took a deep breath and said, “Thank you for explaining all that, Doctor. I appreciate you sharing all that with me.”

Dr. Langdon noted that during all this talk, Lisa had never once looked down at her chest. “Lisa, I want you to look at yourself in that mirror over there.”

The young woman moved off the examination table, holding the gown down around her waist as she moved. When she was close to the mirror, she was so programmed to not look at herself that her eyes darted everywhere except on her image in the looking glass. Finally, she forced herself to look. Her jaw literally dropped in surprise.

“See what I mean, Lisa?” You’re already a healthy B cup size. Feel them for yourself.” Still clutching the examination gown in one hand, the young woman’s other hand slowly rose until she touched one breast, and then the other. She even lifted each one a little, to feel their current weight, doubly verifying the growth that had occurred.

“This is amazing, Dr. Langdon,” she uttered in an astonished whisper. “They’re actually pretty now.”

The doctor smiled. “I certainly agree. Since you have those legitimate concerns about the enhancement procedure, I suggest that we wait on the operation, and see what Mother Nature has in store for you. Perhaps you’re just a late bloomer, so to speak. It may well be that your breast tissue just started its growth later than for other young ladies, and will continue. You can keep your funds in your savings account, and we can reevaluate the situation, next summer, or even sooner, if you wish.” At that moment, Lisa was so pleased by this new development, she decided it would be prudent to start taking birth canlı casino control — just in case, and told the doctor so.

She kept turning her torso left and right, still staring at her chest in the mirror. She was drinking in her image like someone dying of thirst might drink water. As the doctor shook hands once again, and began leaving the room, Lisa thanked her profusely, and promised to remain in touch.

When she got home, she hurried up to her room, locked the door, and stripped — her heart racing and her stomach feeling like it was tied in knots. Naked, she looked at her whole body in her mirror, in case she’d been hallucinating. Her breasts were still there, and still looked amazing. Normally when Lisa masturbated, she did it at night in a darkened room, in her bed with the covers pulled up to her chin. Her hands, down by her waist played with her clit and buzzed her sexual area with her softly humming vibrator. She’d never included her tits in her sex play.

Today, she pulled down the bed clothes, and semi-reclined against pillows on top of her sheets. This time, she looked down her torso, still marveling at her seemingly new breasts. Leaving her vibrator in her night table, she started her self-gratification this time by massaging her tits. “Yes!” she mentally exclaimed. “I now have tits!” With a look of wonder, she caressed them — gently at first, but with growing intensity as she experimented with soft rubs and careful pinches, feeling her nipples warm and stiffen from these attentions. The pinches became tugs with a rolling action that caused her to moan and curl her toes. Her pussy lips were puffing outward as fresh hot blood filled them, and that opened her slit a little. The scent of her building desire wafted into the room.

Normally, when she approached orgasm, she squeezed her eyes closed, focusing on the sensations. But this time she kept them wide open, staring at the darker pebbled flesh of her areolae as her need to cum blossomed. Her left arm angled across her chest, its forearm lifting her left tit as her left hand reached the region of her right nipple. Her right hand dipped down to her pussy to gather some pussy fluids, which she used in teasing the nub and shaft of her clit, making her hips start to buck. Inspired by that teasing action, she used the fingernails on her left hand to gently scratch the crinkled areola around her right nipple. And — she came so hard she almost twisted and shook herself off her bed!

After she finished cumming, she lay there, panting hard, cradling her tits, still feeling the exciting waves of post-orgasmic pleasure. Her room reeked with the delicious aroma of sex. She wondered what it would feel like to have Bill’s hands on her breasts now. Bill was her sort of boyfriend that had cajoled her into giving him what was her very first hand job. That had happened during a Midterm break from college, in the darkened back seat of his car.

But she only wondered about Bill’s hands briefly, because in her mind’s eye. Bill’s face morphed into that of Tom, whose hands she now knew she’d prefer to have handling her tits, if anyone. Older in age and much more mature in his personality and behavior, Tom was the man who’d helped Lisa turn giving hand jobs into a pleasurable, lucrative business. Through his assistance in introducing her to his like-minded friends, she’d rapidly earned enough money for her goal of paying out of pocket for her breast enhancement surgery. Which she apparently no longer needed. Which meant she could stop doing that business at any time. Being honest with herself, she admitted that she didn’t want to give it up.

Sure the money was good, and college students have lots of expenses — tuition, books, room and board, lab fees, laptops, calculators, etc. But the money wasn’t the only thing. Lisa had discovered a special feeling that arose in her when she was jacking off a guy… a powerful one. It was a feeling of being in control… of taking charge. She’d learned that she especially liked ‘edging’ the guy — keeping him on the brink of orgasm, and not quite letting him cum. She liked hearing them plead and beg for that sweet release. They knew that ultimately she’d provide it, but they seemed to get more explosive orgasms the longer she edged them. And paid her even more when she took such control and did that to them.

She decided to try something a little new during her next appointment with Tom for his ‘pipe cleaning’ which was a fun code they called these hand jobs, since they cleaned out all the guy’s sexual tubes. As her mind toyed with that idea, her arousal built anew. Sliding of her bed, Lisa stood naked in front of her full length mirror. Staring right at her breasts, she started caressing and massaging them with one hand, while her other hand began fingering her pussy. She widened her stance and bent her knees, opening her thighs wide. Frantically finger-fucking herself with three fingers, she cupped one of her tits with her other hand and started kaçak casino thumbing its nipple with rapid firm strokes, never taking her eyes off her chest. The resulting orgasm made her legs buckle, and she ended up sitting on the floor, her back braced against her bed. In the mirror she could see her gaping pussy leaking onto the floor, and her tits bobbing up and down as she panted.

The next day, she arrived at Tom’s house right time, bouncing on her heels, trying to contain her excited anticipation of what she might be doing in a few minutes. In response to her knock, a smiling Tom greeted her with a hug, and invited her inside. He was only wearing shorts, and the moment he closed the front door, he obediently stripped them off, since that was the protocol they’d established. His cock already stood at rigid attention, and Lisa gave that cock a loving stroke with the palm of her hand as she stated, “Looks like somebody is glad to see me.”

“Fuck yes, Lisa,” he told her. “It’s been several days, and I haven’t jacked off during that time, since you told me not to do so. My balls are aching to be emptied.”

“Good. I’m glad you followed my instructions, Tom. You’ll be rewarded.” She grinned impishly. “And I have a new, interesting idea for that. Do you trust me?”

He paused, hearing the question. He didn’t have to think too hard about his response. She was almost a sexual goddess in his eyes, taking him to higher peaks of ecstasy during these sessions. Horny as hell, he was eager to learn what she had in mind. “Yes. Yes, Lisa. I do trust you. What do you have in mind?”

She pointed at one of his straight backed wooden chairs. “I’d like you to sit in that chair, and let me tie you to it,” she explained. From a bag she was carrying, she brought out the ropes she planned to use, if he agreed.

Tom liked being helpless, and under Lisa’s control, but was also cautious. “That sounds delightfully kinky, Lisa. But what about emergencies?”

“I’ve considered that,” she replied. “I’ll use quick release knots like this one.” She demonstrated a knot on the arm of the chair. It had one long free end, and when she tugged on it, it opened easily. In the current quiet in the room, she thought she could hear Tom’s rapid heartbeat thudding inside his chest. In reality, both of them were breathing a little fast, and a tiny sheen of sweat appeared on their skin.

Without further ado, Tom seated himself and Lisa set to work. She secured his forearms on the chair’s arms first. Next she pressed apart his thighs, and bound his legs to the legs of the chair. Finally, she wrapped a rope around his torso, which also pinned his upper arms in place, and tied it off with the same type of knot. The long free end of the knot on his right forearm was in his grasp, ready to be tugged open, if necessary. He’d be able to quickly reach the others if he freed that body part. Tom wasn’t worried — he was excited! He was more excited by this situation than any time he could remember at that moment. Lisa had him naked, and in her power! His cock was so swollen that it was jerking with each beat of his now rapid heart rate.

Lisa knelt down between his knees and stared at his manhood for at least a minute. She was instinctively letting his anticipation build. Then she let her hands glide up and down his inner thighs, feeling the warm, slightly damp skin, but stopping short of his genitals. Each time she exhaled, a current of warm air flowed over his crotch. She was toying with him, and they both knew it. Tom was starting to moan, his tone conveying both arousal and frustration. His cock jiggled and danced for her, almost like it was trying to make contact with her of its own volition. Lisa’s smile when she watched this practically made Tom’s heart stop, seeing her glow of happiness at being in such control.

She herself was getting quite turned on as evidenced by her rapidly dampening panties. Slowly and sensuously, she stroked his inner thighs more and more, now letting her fingertips nudge his scrotum from time to time. His balls squirmed inside their wrinkled pouch, reacting to her touch. She knew from experience that he liked such contact, but it wasn’t enough to make him ejaculate. She edged him for quite some time like this, alternately looking at his genitals, and his facial expressions. His ‘man scent’ was getting stronger and stronger.

Sweating, squirming and panting, Tom finally spoke. “Please, Lisa… please!” he begged. “I’m going nuts! Please touch me!” He groaned and strained at the ropes. “I’m begging you… I need it.” They both knew he was talking about his cock needing to be touched.

She stood up majestically. “And who is in charge here?” she asked in a low tone of voice, tinged with authority. The tenor of her voice made him shiver.

“You… you are… you’re in charge…” he moaned desperately. This new dynamic was slowly building between them, with Tom tapping into submissive tendencies at the same time Lisa was feeling the sweet intermittent surges of dominance. But this heretofore unspoken alteration of their relationship became clearer when Tom tugged at his restraints and desperately blurted out, “You’re in charge, Miss Lisa! Please, please, please let me cum!”

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