This is a work of fiction though it does begin with a real-life chat which began on Literotica. I am hoping some day to see Carol online again and share this story that she gave me the idea for and see what she thinks. Thanks to TWM and LB for giving me a read before it was posted.


It was a cold winter morning and after a nice cup of coffee I sat down at my desk to see what was happening in the Literotica chat room. I’d opened up several rooms when a private message came through with the normal banter that I suppose most online chats start with.

Hi, how are you? Her screen name Carol, but her initials were not indicative of what she might be interested in chatting about.

Doing good you?

What room did you find me in?

Well, it had to do with your name.

So, you enjoy family?

Yes, I do (blushing).

I asked who she was interested in and after a what seemed to be several minutes she responded, and I must admit I was a bit surprised.

My daughter, Kelly is out of high school and will be in college next year, she turned 18 the week before graduating.

Our chat went back and forth, I learned she was a stay at home soccer mom of two; a son and Kelly, her daughter. She was happy with her husband and sex but enjoyed chatting on Literotica about naughtier topics than what she shared with her husband. She said they mostly involved her fixation on Kelly who she said was blossoming into a beautiful young lady, then she threw out another (Blush).

Carol described herself as the ultimate soccer mom; short easy to care for brunette hairstyle, little makeup, comfortable in jeans, and though she owned heels she was more often in flats! She told me her husband was not aware of a bi relationship she had in college and that she missed the tenderness of being with another woman. I asked if given the opportunity would she have sex with a lady and she threw up another (blush) and said yes with many exclamation points. And then, I added, with your daughter? She threw up another blush and it took several minutes it seemed before she responded with an emphatic yes and another (blush)!

Anyone else that you would want to see your daughter with, thinking she may want to bring her husband into the play…like your husband?

Almost on cue, she replied… My husband and maybe me (blush)

She disappeared from the room but quickly returned complaining about the connection.

We talked more about our fantasies and I told her about my series Family Initiation on Literotica which opened more areas of chat. She told me how Kelly was not dating and very athletic. Her exercise resulted in a very toned body and tight bottom. canlı bahis She told me she loved looking at Kelly when she walked around the house in her running shorts and skimpy running top.

Her name disappeared from the room and it was several hours before she rejoined. I almost felt as our conversation was over, then her name popped up and she gave me a smiley face and a sorry.

As the morning passed we chatted about different fantasies, exploring the taboo and the not so taboo. I told her how I loved a lady in stockings and heels and she told me she rarely wore either but did have them in her wardrobe.

It felt as though we talked for hours and Carol seemed interested, yet a bit reserved; typical of how a soccer mom would respond to a new guy online.

Feeling a little daring, I asked where she lived, and I was surprised when she told me she lived in the same state in which I lived. I named the town where I now live, and she told me she resided in a town 30 minutes away! Wow, I moved from there last year!

Feeling bold I asked if she had ever met anyone online before. She threw another (blush) up on the chat screen and said no but wow since I was so close it was tempting. I told her how we could do it without risking being found out by her husband and this is where the fantasy begins.

For several weeks I would log on to Literotica Chat hoping to find her online. We met online several more lines and with each chat, we talked more about her and her fantasies. It seemed she was warming up to the idea of meeting in person.

We decided our first meeting would be at a shopping mall, away from where either of us worked or lived. Since this is a large metro area that would be simple and even if someone saw us who would guess anything was up! Just a soccer mom and a mature gentleman sitting at Starbucks having a coffee (so long as we didn’t behave like two horny high school kids longing to groping each other!). Although that might be hard if she was half as attractive as she described herself. Other than the heels and stocking I am really attracted to the “girl next door” type.

The day finally arrived that we had picked to meet, her husband was out of town and Kelly was home but would pick up her brother up from summer day camp. We had talked online about exchanging how we would recognize each other. She was reluctant to send a pic, there were still some trust issues, which I fully understood. I told her my plan was to arrive a few minutes early and pick out a table. I would be wearing a blue blazer and a white cotton shirt with jeans and she told me she would be in jeans and a white silk top with a jean jacket and, of course, flats!

The bahis siteleri day at the office crept by and I just couldn’t wait to get on the road to the mall. We had talked about what we could do after meeting. She mentioned that it would be fun for her to pick out young ladies that reminded her of her daughter and then we could fantasize about what we might do in the bedroom with them (this would be what she wanted to do with Kelly).

The clock finally ticked to the time for me to leave and I stopped at the mem’s locker room to freshen up before leaving. I parked near the entrance of the mall, close to where the Starbucks was located, and casually strolled in feeling like I owned the world. Because the weather was so nice the mall wasn’t very busy, and I had a nice selection of tables to pick from. The one to the side behind the barista’s station where they made the drinks looked out of the way and provided some privacy. It was just a few minutes after I arrived and sat down that I saw a lady walk in wearing the outfit that Carol said she would wear and start toward the table. With each step I could see the hesitation and I hoped she wouldn’t turn and leave the mall, but she didn’t! Standing, I reached for her hand as she said hi I am Carol!

She took a seat while I went to the counter to place our order. When walking back, I noticed Carol had slipped her flats off and was putting on a pair of conservative black pumps that she must have had in her bag. I began to feel that I may have some control over her or that she wanted to please me. She looked up, knowing I had seen her slip the pumps on. She also noticed my smile of approval as I gently placed her coffee on the table.

The next thirty minutes or so we spent talking, getting to know each other. Then I felt her foot brush across my shin. I took it as a positive signal that she may be interested in doing more than talking today. I suggested we go do some window shopping and we left our table. I was so tempted to reach for her hand but, aside from the brush of her foot, we had kept our meet up G rated so far.

This was, until we found ourselves standing in front of the Victoria Secret store looking at the lingerie on display and the young ladies that were strolling around helping the other ladies pick out their panties and bras. A sexy display of bustiers and corsets lined a rack in the back. I asked Carol if she had ever worn one. Blushing, she said yes in college she and her then-boyfriend went to a party where the girls dressed like whores and the men like pimps. I asked if it made her feel sexy and she turned red and admitted she had the best sex of their life that night.

As much as I think we both wanted bahis şirketleri to go in we didn’t risk being seen in Victoria’s Secret, so we moved slowly on. Carol, though, stopped and leaned in to whisper to me that the girl folding the panties was almost a twin of Kelly! I had to look over my shoulder and I saw a bit of resemblance to a younger Carol in the store clerk.

Knowing we couldn’t just walk in circles we stopped by the multiplex theater and saw there was a movie that would be starting soon. I paid for the tickets and we made our way into the theater, picking seats in the middle of the last row. Sitting down I could finally touch the lady that I had wanted to since we met.

With a quick glance into each other’s eyes our lips met, and I tasted for the first time this lovely lady that I had met online! Her tongue was darting into my mouth while I sucked it hard like I hoped I would be able to do with her breast. I could smell the light scent of her perfume and it drew me closer to her neck, kissing it and holding her in my arms.

With luck the theater was empty for an afternoon show on a pretty day, so we didn’t have to worry about onlookers, except for the bored high school kid that peeked in every few minutes. Being high in the back row he didn’t notice the two lovebirds making out!

Carol was breathing hard and began running her hand over my chest and soon was unbuckling my belt and pulling my cock free. I didn’t know what she had in mind until after a few strokes her head dropped on my lap and she took my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe she was sucking me in a public theater! What happened to the quiet soccer mom I met online?! I wanted so badly to flip her petite body over and return the favor or somehow pleasure her, but she told me to enjoy myself and that there would be plenty of dates in the future to explore more things…

I could not believe what she said but I really wasn’t thinking as felt the cum building in my balls and beginning to race to escape from my cock and into her mouth. Carol sucked every drop and, wiping a little from her chin she sat up, adjusted her jacket and whispered the words I didn’t want to hear. I need to go see you next time. Before I could say a word, she stood to leave. I couldn’t yell anything to her in the theater as she made her way down the steps and turned and threw me a kiss.

I straightened myself up and looked around at the empty theater and walked out not showing any evidence that I had just received the best blowjob that I had had in a long time. Walking through the mall, I hoped I would see her in a store and was really surprised when I went by Victoria’s Secret and she was talking to the young girl that resembled Kelly. They had with an assortment of lingerie laid out before them! Not to disturb her, I headed for the exit and left the mall wondering when I would see Carol again… When would I see her again?

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