I woke up to a bright sunny Saturday, the sunshine streamed through the side windows giving the room a golden glow. As I looked around, Casey was sprawled out to my left; our Mother, ever the early riser, was gone. I eased across the bed, sliding down so that I could begin kissing Casey’s beautiful butt cheeks. As I did so I gently rubbed her bottom and slipped my fingers between her legs gently caressing her soft pussy lips. I loved the smell of her bottom, the warm woman aromas and the sweet soft texture of her flesh.

She stretched like a cat and said, “Ok brother, you’ve got all day to stop. But I gotta’ warn you, I really need to pee, so unless you want a hot mouthful you better let me go.”

I spanked her bottom gently, laughingly saying, “That might be fun but not in Mom’s bed. You better get out of here.”

She eased to the edge of the bed and sat up turning to me, “Come on Jack, come with me, let’s go pee together like we did the other day – you remember? Then we can take a shower together.”

She stood and stretched way up for the sky and flashed a brilliant smile at me, crooked her finger and said, “Come on sleepy head, let’s go.”

As she walked away I watched her taunt young body dance and sway. At 5’3″ and maybe 100 pounds, Casey is a visual feast; her bubble butt and athletic legs make her rear view a joy. From the front you’d first notice her taffy blond hair, bright brown eyes and the light spray of freckles across her cheekbones. As your eyes wander down, you’ll discover her truly perky B cup breasts topped off with dark chocolate brown areoles about the size of a half dollar and nipples that when excited stand up a good half inch making a mouthwatering presentation. Below her board flat belly is her fluffy pussy. Fluffy because, like our mother, the hair that lingers there is modest and feathery soft surrounding a large boat shaped bright pink labia; her naked presence could easily raise the dead.

Even though I’m only 24, I do take stock of the blessings that surround me and the love of my sister and mother top the list. Just as I am about to drift off considering these gifts, Casey turned to me from the door of the bathroom saying, “Come on dufus, get your big dick in here!”

As I leapt out of bed charging the bathroom she skittered across the floor and plopped down on the toilet giggling like the little girl she almost was. “Are you ready?” I hollered and slid to a stop directly in front of her.

She spread her legs as wide as she could and let go a really big stream into the toilet bowl; I bent my cock down relaxing as much as I could firing off an equally heavy stream. My aim was excellent as my stream flew into the space between her pussy and the front of the seat. We’d done this once before and for some reason she found it really funny, as I powered down my heavy stream, she laughed and laughed … it didn’t last long and before we were done we were both laughing at the silliness of it all.

As I shook the last few drops out, Casey took a few pieces of toilet paper and began to wipe up the spatters as we both giggled. “Good Heavens, what are you kids up to now?” asked Mom.

“Just playing Mom,” said Casey.

“Are you guys going to shower?” asked Mom.

“Yes Mam, we’re off to the shower, would you like to join us?” I said.

“I believe I will,” said Mom, she slipped her arm around Casey’s back and they walked into the big shower side by side. I stepped in as she adjusted the water to hot and we all had a nice group hug. “When I got up this morning you kids were sleeping so peacefully, I eased downstairs and started a big pot of coffee. I also made up a big batch of sticky buns so we dare not waste much time or they’ll burn for sure.”

With that incentive we soaped each other up, rinsed and dried, brushed and combed, and were in the kitchen with a minutes to spare. The smell was rich and toasty as the cinnamon and caramel bubbled and popped around the buns. While Mom took them out to cool, Casey poured us each a small glass of orange juice and we walked out on the pool deck. It was a beautiful morning both warm and cool. Casey looked around and asked, “Anybody know what happened to Chuck?”

“Oh Honey, I looked in Rena’s room first thing and the three of them are in a pile right in the middle of the bed.” As Mom said that she giggled a bit saying softly, “Now don’t tell your Aunt, but they looked like a pile of puppies.” We all laughed.

“Jack, do you think it would Ok for me to rescue Chuck from those two old women?” said Casey.

“Meooow! We been naked together for almost three months and suddenly they’re “old women” really, are you feeling threatened baby sister?” I asked.

It was the sweetest thing; Casey blushed and put her hand over her mouth … then Mom said, “I think you got her Jack. Seriously honey, you go pull that boy out of the pile, give him a good scrubbing and he’s all yours.” Mom reached around Casey and gave her a big reassuring hug.

We went inside, drank coffee and ate Mom’s fantastic sticky buns after which Casey went off to extract Chuck from the “old women.”

A casino siteleri little bit later Lillian and Aunt Rena came into the kitchen sniffing and looking for coffee and sticky buns. It’s always a pleasure to see your family enjoy food together. After they finished, Aunt Rena told Mom, “Leah you’re gonna’ to get your house back. I’m headed back home.”

“What caused this decision,” asked Mom.

“Oh dear, nothing bad, nothing at all; I’ve been away for more than long enough, I need to go back and be sure I still have a farm. As for this visit, well it’s not what I expected, instead it has been the most fun I’ve had in many, many years. The children are wonderful and that boy Chuck was lots of fun too. It truly has been a great visit, thanks so much for everything Leah.”

“Rena, thanks for coming, I’ve really enjoyed our family getting closer,” said Mom.

No sooner had Aunt Rena finished than Lillian said, “I’m off to a farm as well, I need to check on my brother and see how things are going, so you’ll be rid of me too.”

“Honey, we’ll never be rid of one another as long as we’re friends,” Mom stood and pulled Lillian into a hug and kiss. I hope that when I’m their age that I have as good a friend in my life.

While they were getting ready to go, I took Aunt Rena’s car to the neighborhood gas station and did all the essentials, gas, oil check, tire check, windshield washer check and a quick run through the auto car wash. When I pulled into the driveway, Aunt Rena greeted me with a big hug and a kiss full on the mouth. “Jack, you’ve turned into a fine young man, I’m proud to be your Aunt. Now, you take good care of your Mother and Sister, Ok?”

“Ok it is Aunt Rena, you be careful on your drive home.”

“Honey, if you get the itch for a tired old woman, you come on over and spend a day or two with me,” said Aunt Rena.

I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “If you’re an example of a tired old woman, god save me from any others, cause they’re likely to fuck me to death.”

Aunt Rena laughed loudly, patted me on the cheek, kissed Casey, hugged Mom and headed back to the farm. I’m certain we’ll miss her. Lillian hugged Mom, kissed Casey and I then headed out for her brothers place although I feel sure that she will take a detour on her way back to check in with Aunt Rena.

We three stood there quietly and watched them go. Then it hit me, “Casey, where’s Chuck?”

“He’s out by the pool waiting for me, the girls said their goodbyes to him while you were out.”

“Can he still walk?”

“Yes asshole, he can walk, just fine in fact.” With that Casey balled up her little fist and punched me on the arm, it had all the impact of a good pat.

“Children, children … am I gonna have to give somebody a spanking?” Asked Mom.

Casey cracked up laughing and I said in my most smart ass tone, “Yes please Mam, how many whacks?”

As Mother shook out her little sun dress to hang by the door, she turned with one hand on her hip and said in a sassy tone, “I think you better get your shorts off and your bare bottom upstairs to my bedroom young man.”

While I was shucking and tossing my shorts on the chair by the door Casey said, “Somebody’s in trouble.”

Mom quickly smacked her bottom gently and said, “If you don’t want to be next, it’s out to Chuck with your fine little bottom.”

Casey ran for the door giggling and swinging her very fine bottom in an exaggerated manner.

Mom turned to me and said, “Get moving buster,” and I did.

When I reached her room I dove onto the bed and lay face down, all stretched out with my arms above my head. Mom walked quickly in after me and got onto the bed, as she did so I really enjoyed the view of her breasts swinging back and forth as she crawled over to me.

She surprised me by lying across the small of my back and hugging my bottom, taking her right hand and smacking my cheeks vigorously. She wasn’t kidding she really was gonna give me a spanking. Actually it did sting a little but not much, Mom is just a few pounds bigger than Casey and not much of a threat. After she got my butt cheeks nice and pink, she said with way too much satisfaction, “Ok Buster, from now on you need to keep a civil tongue in your head.”

“Yes Mam, lesson learned, “I said in the same smart ass tone.

“Alright then …” she stopped and began to caress and kiss my bottom, nice soft wet kisses. With her hands she pulled my cheeks apart and kissed a wet trail down to my butt hole and around. Then she began to probe my bottom with her tongue, sucking and kissing my cheeks while gently inserting her finger into my anus – just a little at first then a couple of inches deep. I quite liked the sensation.

After a while she repositioned herself, spreading my legs widely yet keeping me face down on the bed her body between my legs and her face directly behind my anus. Once in position, she continued to kiss inside my thighs and up between my butt cheeks occasionally wetly licking my butthole.

“Alright Mister, keep your face in the pillows and put your butt in the air,” canlı casino and so I did; it was an odd position. Once I was there, she flipped her body over like a mechanic under a car and began to lick and suck my balls as they dangled above. Odd, but pretty dang nice too; after a little bit she directed my swollen cock into her hot mouth, stroking my shaft, occasionally tonguing and sucking my cockhead – it was a wonderful sensation, due to the position it was unlike any other I’d experienced. Soon, she used both hands to massage my balls and stroke my shaft, I found myself pushing my cock down into her mouth until I was almost lying on top of her face. Then she did that swallowing thing and my cock slipped into her throat giving me that pulsing and sucking sensation … BOOM … that was it, my guts boiled and I shot loads of cum into her belly.

In a bit she pushed me off her face onto my back, my cock plopping out of her mouth. She lay there panting and then said, “I think you like that special thing I’ve learned to do with my throat.”

“Like it, Mom it’s amazing, I’ve never felt anything like it. When you do that it just sort of pulls all of my cum right out of my balls … wow, wow, wow!”

She rolled up on her side and kissed my cock and thigh, then patted my belly, “I never would have dreamed that my baby boy and I would make love, let alone enjoy it so, so much; thank you honey. Now, ah, there’s something I want you to do for me.”

“Mother, I’ll do anything you want, I don’t care what it is … you just tell me.”

She seemed a little hesitant, perhaps a bit embarrassed, I pulled her body up, wrapping her in my arms, “Anything Mom, anything.”

“I know all you kids do it, but it’s not so common with my generation. I would like you to give it to me in my bottom. I have never enjoyed making love more than the two times you’ve grabbed me up and just pounded my pussy …” she stopped and softly caressed my face, then kissed me gently on the lips and nose … “Now your dad, well he liked doing me up the butt, I never liked it much, but I’ve been thinking maybe with you it might be different and maybe I would see why he liked it.”

“No problem, would you like to go for it right now,” I asked her.

“No, but sometime soon; you’ve probably noticed that I love sucking your dick. I’m not sure what kind of person that makes me; I am amazed how much I like the taste of cum, and I just love sucking dick. There’s something about it that gives me real pleasure and it allows me to experience your pleasure in a way that’s simply addictive – I’m probably weird.”

“Bullshit, you’re fantastic. There is nothing I love more that looking down and seeing your beautiful face wrapped around my cock. Your lips, your beautiful eyes, it’s just magic. And when I blow my load I just want to eat you up, to consume you completely – the sensation is so exquisite. God, I love you Mom, both as my mother and as my lover.” I said with quiet passion.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me with a full open mouth, her tongue searching my out. Her kiss was fiery, deep and long lasting. When our kiss parted she whispered, “I just want to lay in your arms, hold me tightly my son.”

We lay together resting, napping and kissing for well over an hour. I’d dosed off again when she woke me with little kisses on my eyelids saying, “Come on sweetheart, let’s have a shower and go find the kids, Ok?”

As we unwrapped ourselves from one another, her full breasts caught my eye and I leaned in to suckle her hard brown nipple, as I did so it relaxed me and I snuggled against her breasts sucking first one nipple then the other. She cradled my head like she might have when I was a baby and I nursed contentedly. After a while she reached down and began to fondle and stroke my cock until it became full and stony hard. She pulled her breast from my mouth and said, “Son, do you remember the day I walked in on you jacking off?”

“Yes I do.”

“Would you jack off so I can see you shoot your beautiful cum like you did that day, please for me?”

“Momma, I’ll do anything for you.”

I reached down and took her hand off my cock, placing it on my balls; she began to gently fondle my balls and sack. I jacked my cock, first slowly and softly; then faster and faster until I felt the burn in my balls and the tightening of my rectum. Soon my back arched and Mom leaned back staring hotly at my red cockhead. Then the damn burst and I blasted four great ropes of cum into the air splattering down on my belly and chest. It was only then I realized that Mother had been frigging herself violently with her free hand.

As I lay there panting I watched her fall back, legs akimbo, and cum powerfully against her hands. After a few moments, she sat up, leaned over and sucked a mouthful of cum off my belly, slurping it down. Then she slapped my belly and said, “Come on tiger, let’s clean up.”

We went for a nice, short shower. Then downstairs to discover Casey lying back on the den couch, her legs wide spread with Chuck nestled in between, his face firmly planted in her pussy. kaçak casino It looked like they’d been at it for a while as Casey’s skin tone was flushed fully pink and her breath was coming in short bursts. As we watched she lifted her legs and pulled Chucks face even more firmly into herself, then “yes baby, oooh yes, eat me Chuck, don’t stop, oooh yes, aaaaah!”

As her orgasm slowed, Chuck reared up, pushed her legs up to her head and drove his bright red cock directly into her and began pounding in and out with increasing speed. As he did so, Mom slipped her arm around my back and leaned into my side resting her head against my ribs – I looked down at her and she smiled back saying, “Isn’t it beautiful.”

“Yes Momma, it is beautiful,” I said.

Suddenly Chuck slammed his pelvis into hers, his toes digging into the carpet for extra traction; he seemed to thrust himself farther into Casey as his cum blasted into her. Her legs locked around his waist and she bowed her back making herself even more available to him. Finally, he slumped to his knees, his cock plopping out dripping its juices onto his leg as he came to rest on the carpet. Casey’s pussy gaped open and more jizz juice puddled between her legs on the towel she’d sat on.

Her eyes opened and she saw us watching causing her to smile tiredly. Mom lifted her right hand and waved her fingers and smiled broadly – Casey giggled causing Chuck to look over to us as well. Mom detached herself from my side, walked over to Chuck and hugged his head into her breasts tightly, then kissed his forehead saying, “It was beautiful to see you two together, you did a good job Chuck.” Then she kissed his forehead again.

I went into the kitchen and dampened a clean dish towel and then handed it to Chuck, “Here you go bud, clean yourself up a bit.”

“Thanks Jack,” he said as he wiped up the jizz juice from his leg and face.

Mom sat down next to Casey and took her head in her lap, her breasts hanging just above Casey’s face which caused Casey to rise up a bit and begin sucking one of Mom’s fat brown nipples. Mom’s face lit up and she looked directly at me saying, “Twice in one day, how sweet.”

I took the damp towel from Chuck, folded it a bit and then gently wiped Casey’s crotch and pussy, walked back to the kitchen rinsed the towel, tossing it into the hall laundry basket. When I returned to the den Mom and Casey were still cuddling, so I asked, “Anybody interested in a late lunch or early supper?”

Casey popped off Mom’s nipple and said, “I am starved, but I’d like to rest here for a little while before Chuck and I clean up. Can we go out to eat; maybe pizza and beer at Big Ted’s Pizzeria by Town Lake?”

Very quickly a recovery was had and the kids went off to clean-up and get dressed to go. Mom and I sat together quietly and I found myself caressing her breasts. “Mom, I don’t know what it is, but when we’re together it seems like I can’t keep my hands off you, do you think there something wrong with me?”

“No sweetheart, I think we’re in the honeymoon period. When a couple are first married or intimately together there is a compulsion to touch and be touched, holding hands, fondling, and lots and lots of sex. So it seems like we are perfectly normal, all of us. The only odd thing is that we’re mother and son, sister and brother; now that’s weird.”

“So my darling son, anytime I’m naked you are free to put your hands on me any way you like. If I change my mind, I’ll be sure and let you know – Ok?”

“Ok Mom!”

I slipped my hands under her little bottom and lifted her up onto my lap, snuggling my soft cock between her legs and leaned down to suckle her nipple. After a moment, she pulled my lips up to hers, kissed me lightly and said, “I do love you, but it’s time to get dressed, I’m hungry too, you horn dog!”

As she slid off my lap I eased my fingers between her butt cheeks and lightly felt her butt hole, saying, “I’m going to get you later sweet girl.”

She giggled sounding just like Casey and said, “Oh Lord I hope so,” then ran up the stairs. I followed quickly and the family dressed casually for our evening out.

We all piled into Mom’s SUV and headed for Big Ted’s. The owner, otherwise known as Mr. Tedzakias, had been a client of Mom’s for several years so we were always guaranteed great service and the very best pizza in town. On arrival, we were shown to a table overlooking Town Lake. It’s actually not a lake, really more of a pond that was created about 20 years ago during a big project to make our town more tourist friendly. Town Lake is in a soft figure eight shape occupying some 18 acres and surrounded by a really pretty landscaped park. Several businesses surround the park, so it’s a nice feature.

Mom ordered two pitchers of a local beer and we focused on pizza selection. Casey, the ever adventurous soul convinced Chuck to order Barbequed Chicken with artichoke hearts, dried tomatoes and lots of Alfredo sauce topped with parmesan cheese. Mom and I went for the more traditional Meat, Meat and more Meat – sausage, ham, hamburger, pepperoni and shredded beef on spicy red sauce with mozzarella on top. While we waited, Mom talked with Chuck about his interests and future goals, as they talked I realized that I didn’t know anything about him other than he was Casey’s friend.

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