I saw a recent episode of The Larry David Show in which Larry’s wife agreed to live up to a pre-marriage deal that Larry could have sex with another woman if the marriage lasted ten years.

The ten-year anniversary is approaching, and I don’t know how Larry’s deal ended up. But it reminded me about a deal I had with an ex-girlfriend.

Valerie had a friend named Caroline, who was her best friend from New York. When Val moved to Texas, she talked to Caroline on the phone almost every night while we made dinner. I had never met her personally, but I had seen tons on photos (these gals can flat wear out a camera) and talked to her on the phone dozens of times. She was funny, worked at a publishing house in New York and …

was the EXACT opposite of Val in looks. Val is barely five feet tall and weighs about 105 lbs. She has a great body, but very petite. She has beautiful tits, but they fit in an A cup. She has a great ass, but it fits is a child’s pair of bluejeans. She has a gorgeous pussy, but it needs lots of foreplay and Astroglide before my dick can get in it.

Caroline is 5’10”, about 140 lbs., and has giant tits. She is not fat at all — just big-boned and stacked. In fact, her butt is as tight as Val’s and her waist is thin. Val always keeps a bald pussy; Caroline (I was told by Val) takes pride in her wild red bush. Val works temp jobs and never graduated high school; Caroline has an MBA from GWU and is a fairly well-known executive.

Val called me at the office one day and said that Caroline was scheduled to attend a trade show in Dallas on the week before Easter. Could she stay with us in Austin after the convention?


When I got home that night, there were candles lit everywhere and lasagna and red white on the table. Val greeted me like never before and thanked me for agreeing to let Caroline stay with us. I didn’t think I really had a choice, but hey, I’ll take credit whenever I can get it. Val was obviously excited to see her friend.

After we did the dishes, Val blew me right there in the kitchen. Then she went on to tell me how great I was for letting Caroline share our house. When we got in bed, Val was particularly casino siteleri frisky and thanked me again. Later, I told her that, while I appreciated all the attention, allowing Caroline to stay with us was not a big decision for me. My friends stay with us when they are in town, her friends do the same — heck, we let local friends stay with us when they have been overserved.

Val looked at me kind of strange, then clammed up. I asked her if something was wrong. She leaned over, hugged me, and said, “I guess I haven’t told you.”

“Told me what,?” I asked.

It turns out that Valerie and Caroline had not just been great friends — they were lovers years before. Val said she had only been with one other woman, and that was a one-night-stand. Caroline and Val, it turns out, actually were a long-term item.

Val was worried about how I would react. Truth is, I found it interesting. Val and I both had adventerous sexual pasts, but this was the first that I learned that Val once had a girlfriend.

Instead of being mad, I told Val that I thought it was hot. I also sort of let it slip that I thought Caroline — based on the pics I had seen — was pretty hot. “If you had a lesbian relationship, you seemed to have picked a damned good partner,” I told her.

“But it’s been years, and we’re just best friends now.”

“Honey, I don’t care,” I told her. “I don’t know where you get the idea that this shocks me.”

“Maybe you will be shocked when you meet her in person.”


“Uh, she’s, uh, … kind of a free spirit.” Val looked down, asked if we could just forget this conversation happened and go to sleep.

Well, being a guy, I have a hard time just forgetting that my girlfriend had a girlfriend who is coming to stay with us. I wanted details, but knew that would be in bad taste. But I could lighten the moment by throwing out a few light-hearted questions.

“Who was on top? Dildos? So you understand why guys are fixated on tits?” She laughed, I laughed, and we had a quickie before falling asleep.

Val came by my office the next day (Ash Wednesday) to see if I wanted to go to lunch. We walked a canlı casino few blocks to a great Italian place and starting working on some red wine. Out of nowhere, Val blurted out: “She may want to eat me again, and I may want her to do it.”

Mind reeling, I reverted to college-age mentality and said: “Cool, if I can watch.”

Val was silent for about ten seconds, but seemed like ten minutes, then said, “Why just watch. Let’s do her together.”

I consider myself pretty quick and witty but found myself tongue-tied. “Have you two planned this, because if you have, that’s fine, I just, uh, didn’t, uh …”

“No, we haven’t talked about this, and nothing will happen. I have been goofy about her trip. Can you just pretend this conversation never happened?”

I told her “yes,” but in reality, it was all I thought about for the next 24 hours.

Caroline was driving from Dallas and planned on being in Austin in the early afternoon. Val and I made a pitcher of margaritas and hung out at our pool awaiting her arrival. I had jumped in the pool and heard Val splash in behind me.

“Maybe I wasn’t just being weird at lunch yesterday. Maybe I do have a fantasy of me and you and Caroline being together. Does that make me bad? Should I just shut up. Oh, I’ve fucked up again.”

Far from thinking she had “fucked up,” I was getting hard thinking about Val allowing — even wanting — me to be in a threesome. And with a woman, based on her photos, who was a tall, big-busted red-head whom I had fantasized about and even masterbated to in my mind.

“Baby, if something is going to happen, let’s make a plan so that it can be Caroline’s idea. She might freak out if we just throw her in bed.”

Val laughed, and thanked me for being a voice of reason. “Yeah, I guess raping her is probably inappropriate.” We hugged, and I dunked her.

We refilled our margarita glasses and sat in the pool chairs and the phone rang. It was Caroline, and she reported that she was running late. She was in Waco (about 80 miles away) but was heading our way. Look forward to seeing you, Val told her.

We took in the sun for a few minutes, then Val asked: “Can kaçak casino I be topless?” We hang out in the backyard naked all the time, so I was somewhat surprised by the question. The next question, however, did give me a little jolt.

“How about we are both nude when she shows up?”

“Deal,” I pronounced, probably a little too quickly.

We stripped, and Val leaned over and began kissing my prick, humming about me being the best guy in the world. Hey, who was I to argue.

About an hour later, Caroline was knocking on the front door. Val went to get her wrap-around, but I waved her off. “Just go let her in.” Val smiled a deviant smile, and went into the house to answer the door stark naked.

Caroline brought her luggage in, made jokes about Val being the smallest living human in Texas, and then came out back in her swimsuit. She saw me naked, looked at her naked best friend, and said, “Fuck it” and laughed. She stripped naked, and I was on Cloud 9.

I tried to be as cool as possible, but my mind could only process a couple of thoughts: those are the largest real tits on a thin woman I have ever seen, and that is the only red bush I have ever seen. Both caused my johnson to rise to greet our guest.

“Jesus, Val, can you get that thing into you?”

“Damn straight, want to see me do it?” Val was getting the ball rolling before we even had time to make small-talk.

Val grabbed some suntan lotion, covered my manhood with it, and then applied it liberally to her pussy. Then she slowly sat on my shaft and worked my dick into her. Caroline walked over and watched from close up.

“Can I tease her ass?”, Caroline asked. I didn’t answer, but saw her hand reach down to my girlfriend’s butt. Val usually is “slow” in her approach to sex and particularly in reaching orgasm, but she was making her “I’m about to cum” noises after just a few minutes.

“You can lick her tits,” Val almost yelled at me while she was riding me. Caroline moved in and I suckled the largest, fullest breasts I have ever seen. While I was having a fantasy fulfilled, Valerie reached and jammed a finger into Caroline. Within minutes, both were climaxing.

I was enjoying myself so much that cumming never entered my mind. Both girls went to work on me and the thought re-emerged and I came hard.

I think I was almost unconscious, but I remember Caroline saying, “Can I have a margarita now?”

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