With a few days alone without the kids, my wife and I headed north to our secluded cabin on a lake and in the woods. Since it was a warm July Saturday, we decided to canoe on a nearby river.

It’s a quiet, mellow river that runs through a state park. There are a couple places where you can drive up and rent a canoe and they will come and pick you up downstream and bring you back to your car once you call them from one of several rustic landings along the river.

We had canoed it before. The river is intimate and fairly narrow. Save for a couple small rapids, it’s peaceful and you rarely see many people as it meanders through a forest and it occasionally widens into marshy or swamp-like areas that are popular for waterfowl watching. There are no homes or developments along the route we were headed.

After arranging for the rental canoe and getting the number to call for the pick-up, we headed down to the canoe racks to grab the boat and gear.

Two young couples who appeared to be in the early 20’s, and were likely locals from the small nearby town, were loading items into their two canoes. No doubt out for a fun weekend paddle after a long week of working during the summer’s busy season.

It was a little after 10:00am, but it was already in the low 80’s and the humidity was up. It was going to be a warm one. Both girls were wearing tight tank tops and short shorts. They were thin and super cute. One blonde, one brunette.

The brunette had her hair tied back, a cute little nose ring on the side of her nose and a tattoo around her ankle. The blonde had slightly bigger tits and mid-length hair. The guys were fit and fairly clean cut. All four greeted us warmly as we approached.

My wife, at 40, looks much younger. She’s beautiful, petite, in-shape, and brunette with shorter-length hair. She too was wearing short shorts and her one-piece bathing suit underneath served as her top. Her bathing suit was held up by a single tie around her neck with a good sized plunge between her boobs.

As we started to pull our cane off the rack, I saw the guys loading a cooler full of beers into each of their canoes. Getting drunk in the sun as you paddle down a lazy river on a summer day was a pretty good call.

Since she’s only 5’2″, my wife was stretching to reach for the canoe, so one of the guys ran over to help her.

“Here, let me get that for you,” said one of the guys as he sped over to grab her end of the canoe and help lift it down.

“Thank you!” my wife said with a smile.

“No problem, Ma’am, a pleasure,” said the young man, catching a quick look at my wife’s little boobs in her red bathing suit. The material at her chest had moved a bit and you could see her tan line.

We started loading our gear in to the canoe. My wife bent over, showing her cute little ass and tight tanned legs to the other couples. I could see both of the guys checking her out with the brunette grinning at them and giving them a raised eyebrow when they turned and saw they were caught sneaking a peak.

“I don’t blame you, boys, she’s a little MILF hottie,” I could over hear her saying to them merrily but quietly as I busied myself organizing for the day.

Their two canoes were set to go and they had all cracked beers with an enthusiastic toast. The guy who helped lower our canoe walked over and said, “Hey, I’m Steve. Looks like we’re all going to be canoeing together – that’s my girlfriend, Emma, and my friend Rob and his girlfriend Becca – we hope we don’t bug you guys.”

Behind him I could see the girls shedding their shorts and tanks tops. After the girls had stripped down to their bikinis, it was hard to look away. Their young, thin, tight, bodies in barely-there string bikinis, leaning into the canoes with their perfect, slightly more than handful-sized boobs hanging down, was almost too much to take!

Emma, Steve’s girlfriend, was the brunette and she waved and yelled, “Cute suit!” to my wife as she sat down in the front of their canoe. Rob and Becca climbed into theirs.

I said, “Not a chance! You guys have all the fun you want. We’re out for a fun and mellow day, don’t worry about us. Here, let me help you all shove off.”

“Cool, thank you. If we don’t see you on the river, we’ll probably see you midway at the picnic landing. We have plenty of food and drinks if you need any,” replied Steve.

As I shoved them off, I got a good look at the girls’ cute little bikini-clad asses seated up front in each of the canoes. They all yelled, “Thank you!” as they began floating away. Both girls lifted their paddle over their heads, showing casino siteleri off their chests and let out a, “Woohoo!”

“Let’s let them get a bit ahead,” I said.

“OK,” my wife said, as she pulled down her shorts and placed them in the middle of the canoe. I love seeing her little waxed pussy lips beneath bathing suit material. She gave me plenty of time to look as she stood there smiling up at me with her hands on her hips. After slapping on plenty of sunscreen on each other, we were ready to go.

Climbing in to the canoe, we set off and started chatting. It was as calm and warm as a day can be. I started the conversation by asking her who she thought was the hottest of the group ahead of us. It was an ambiguous question, and I was curious about whether she would identify one of the guys, or one of the girls.

“I’m not sure, they all seem cute and nice,” she said.

For the past couple days we had pillow-talked about fantasies, as we do from time to time. We both discussed it would be hot if we had sex with another couple, but neither of us could imagine how that could ever happen, and neither of us wanted to risk what we had for a fantasy.

We both thought it could only work only if they were strangers. This would avoid any emotional connections or possible social risk. Fun to think about, but hard to do anonymously.

About an hour after we shoved off from shore, we were about to round a bend when we could hear the two couples laughing in the distance, as we rounded the bend they were about 200 yards ahead of us. The two girls had just taken their bikini tops off and were waving them over their heads and laughing.

“Does that give you any ideas, baby?” I asked.

“I think I’d need more sunscreen,” she said. At that point she put down her paddle and leaned way back in the seat, propped her elbows on the bar behind her seat and faced up to catch some rays.

Their canoes disappeared as the river bent again. When we rounded the next bend about fifteen minutes later, we come upon their canoes quickly. Both were pulled along the shore in a marshy area. The guys were both seated in the back of the canoes looking ashore.

As we came abreast of them, we could see both topless girls squatting with their bikini bottoms pulled down. They were facing the river and peeing in tandem, each arcing little streams. When Becca saw us she covered her boobs with her hands and said, “Oh gosh!”

“No worries, nothing we haven’t seen before!” I said.

Emma just looked up laughing and didn’t attempt to cover anything; their pussies on full display in the summer sun.

“Guess we’ve had a few, had to make a stop,” said Steve smiling to us.

“Ha. We’ll see you guys down the river, have fun!” said my wife.

After paddling for another twenty minutes or so, we came upon a small sign from the Department of Natural Resources noting the picnic area and we pulled the canoe ashore. There was a grassy clearing near the water with a wood picnic table behind a stand of tall reeds that fronted the river’s edge. A narrow path led up into the woods.

I pulled out our cooler and carried it up to the picnic table. After pulling out a bottle of chilled Prosecco and popping the top, I dumped out the water from our water bottles and filled them with the bubbly.

“Cheers!” said my wife as we toasted a beautiful summer day in the woods. We hadn’t packed much in the way of food – mostly nectarines, plums, and trail bars, so we finished those and the bottle in short order. I had packed a second bottle and was about to open it when we heard the other two canoes approaching.

“I’m going to use the facilities before the gang gets here,” said my wife as she headed up the path. As she went, she folded the sides of her bathing suit into the crack of her ass to form a G-string and wiggled at me for fun. The narrow path led to a small log outhouse that was about 40 feet from the picnic area.

As the canoes approached, I walked down and helped them pull ashore. Still topless, both girls hopped out.

“I have to pee, promise I won’t do it in front of you again!” said Emma as she ran up the path in her small bikini bottoms, following my wife.

Steve, Rob, and I pulled their coolers out and towards the picnic table while Becca stretched her back a displayed her bare chest to the sun and everyone else.

Emma and my wife came walking back down the path chatting merrily as Steve and Rob passed around beers and snacks. Becca and the guys and I were seated at the picnic table as Emma and my wife joined us as I popped the second bottle canlı casino and re-filler her cup.

My wife sat between me and Emma one side of the table with Becca and the guys on the other. Topless, both girls were quite a distraction, yet both of them seemed totally at ease. We chatted about town and how they all knew each other and they asked about us.

I saw Emma put her hand on my wife’s knee and slide her hand up towards her crotch which was covered only by her bathing suit. She grinned a little – obviously enjoying the attention.

“You have a beautiful bare vagina, do you wax it? There’s really no waxing place up here, so we usually just shave” said Emma while looking right at my wife.

“How did you see her vagina?” I asked laughing.

“I’m wearing a one-piece bathing suit! I had to pull it all the way down to use the outhouse. Emma opened the door as I was standing up. And yes, I have a regular waxing appointment,” giggled my wife.

“Can we see it too? Please!” asked Steve.

“You are the most overdressed…,” I joked and making eye contact with my wife.

“I don’t think I can, and no one wants to see me after seeing the two of you!” said my wife.

“No way – Steve and I were talking about how hot you are! I hope I get to look like you when I’m older. If I get completely naked, will you?” she asked. Emma then slid her hand further up my wife’s thigh and put her other hand on my wife’s back and began tentatively rubbed my wife’s crotch with her thumb.

Then Emma grinned and stood as best she could while at the picnic table and quickly hooked her thumbs on her bikini bottoms and pulled them down revealing her little cunt before slipping them off her feet and sitting back down on the bench next my wife and me.

“Oh my god – yeah, baby!” exclaimed Becca.

“Your turn!” said Emma to Becca while leaning forward across the picnic table wither her bare ass on the wood bench and shaking her chest. My wife patted Emma’s thigh and then left her hand resting near Emma’s crotch. Emma put her hand on top of my wife’s and laced her fingers through my wife’s and held it there.

“Baby, it’s only fair if everyone sees yours,” said Rob while pulling the elastic waist of Becca’s tiny bikini bottoms out and away from her taught belly and looking down into her crotch. He leaned over and kissed her neck.

With a grin, Becca then stood up on the bench, turned around so her ass was facing us, and slid her bikini bottoms down to her feet and stepped out of them. Her gorgeous lithe ass hovered above the table with the bright sun revealing every detail of her pussy lips and asshole. She then turned and sat down. We all applauded while Rob kissed her and rubbed her breasts.

Emma and I made eye contact and she gave me a mischievous grin. We were on either side of my wife and we both leaned in and started kissing my wife’s neck while also fondling her thighs.

My wife closed her eyes and rolled her head back.

After untying the string around her neck, Emma and I peeled her one piece bathing suit down to her waist, revealing her small, perky breasts and her tan, flat tummy. We each kissed her and caressed her little boobs.

She stood and I moved her around to the front of the picnic table. After lifting her up onto the table, she laid back with her knees up. I pulled the rest of her bathing suit off as she lifted up butt and arched her back so I could pull it off completely. She stretched out her legs as I pulled the suit over her little feet. Now she was completely naked and she let her knees fall to the side, showing off her pussy.

Steve and Rob were rubbing her all over. Rob stripped off his suit and put a hand on my wife’s tits while cupping Becca’s ass with his other. Steve began rubbing in circles above my wife’s vagina.

Emma put her knees on the bench and bent down to kiss my wife on the lips. It was tentative at first, and then the two became more passionate.

While continuing to kiss, Emma began rubbing my wife’s little boobs and her stomach. She then rubbed her right tit on my wife’s left tit. Meanwhile, Steve was rubbing the inside of my wife’s thighs and slowly pushed her knees further apart, revealing more of her crotch to the outdoor sun. He then walked around the edge to the front of the picnic bench and got between her knees. He bent down and began licking her pussy.

I was standing behind Emma’s tight, little ass as she leaned over and was kissing and fondling my wife.

I bent down to get a closer look at Emma’s ass and pussy lips from behind. I kissed either side of her ass kaçak casino cheeks and breathed in heavily. I doubt I will ever forget the musky smell of her backside mixed with the smell of damp, wet bathing suit. Pulling her cheeks apart slightly, I tongued her little asshole and heard Emma say, “Oh, yes” as I swirled and probed. I then slowly inserted my index finger into her asshole.

I stood and leaned forward with my other hand and reached around – softly cupping and caressing her tits while sliding my index finger in and out of her ass. Meanwhile Rob had moved closer to the picnic table and my wife was stroking his cock with her left hand while he continued to finger Becca from behind with his right hand.

Steve stopped licking my wife’s pussy and stood. He had his bathing suit around his ankles and looked at me with eyebrows slightly raised, asking permission. It seemed as though that’s where this was headed, so I gave a slight shrug. My wife would call it off if she wanted.

Standing in front of the table and between my wife’s upraised knees, I could see Steve begin positioning himself to enter my wife’s vagina. It was probably well-lubed from both our sex conversation in the canoe and Steve having gone down on her. He began pushing in and my wife lifted up her hips and reached down to help guide him in. It looked like he entered easily and she softly moaned as he starting to pump slowly and we could hear her wetness.

Rock hard and standing behind Emma’s gorgeous naked ass, I pulled my suit off and positioned to enter her. She too was crazy wet, and I entered her hot little pussy. She immediately began pushing back at a quick pace and I grabbed her narrow hips. Thrusting in and out, I moved my hands lower and pulled her butt cheeks apart so I could better see her little asshole. She could tell what I was doing and paused from kissing my wife, looked back and mad eye contact with a little grin.

Rob was hard as a rock after having my wife had stroked him – he moved behind Becca who was leaning over the table and entered her. Rob and I faced each other as we fucked Becca and Emma from behind. Becca’s tits swayed as she got into a groove with Rob. Becca had her eyes closed and seemed transfixed with Rob’s thrusting as she gripped the picnic table, but she continued to suck on my wife’s left nipple.

Emma’s young, hot, wet cunt was almost too much to control. Fearing I would cum immediately, I pulled out. Her little asshole was begging to be entered. I placed the tip of my cock on her little wrinkled anus and rubbed up and down. She pushed back; giving a signal she wanted it in her, so I slowly began to enter her ass. Emma controlled the slide of my cock into her ass by occasionally pausing then pushing back a bit when she was ready for me to go in further. Together we then started a slow, rhythmic fucking of her ass.

Her hot ass was amazing. I reached forward and grabbed both of her boobs as I slowly slid in and out of her asshole. Bracing herself on the table with her left hand, Emma continued to kiss my wife and rub her all over with her other hand.

Steve was sliding in and out of my wife’s vagina as she lay with her head to the side kissing Emma. After several minutes of fucking and writhing outside in the sun, we all began to near climax. Steve pumped into my wife and I could hear her moan as he released into her. At the same time I grabbed Emma’s hips and finished deep in her asshole. Rob and Becca were thrusting with abandon and he buried his cock deep into her pussy and they both came audibly.

I kissed Emma between her shoulder blades as I slowly pulled out of her ass, leaving cum leaking out of her little brown star.

“Whoa – that was intense,” said Becca as she slowly stood up and put her arm around Rob and kissed him. Everyone was slippery and covered in a sheen of sweat. Steve slid out of my wife’s vagina and he pulled her into a seated position.

I could see cum leaking from my wife’s pussy onto the picnic table. Emma got off the bench and turned around to face me – she stretched her arms over her head and arched her back. She was glistening head to toe with sweat. She smiled and said, “Let’s all rinse off.”

My wife grabbed my hand and kissed me as the six of us sweaty, naked, and clingy walked the few steps towards the narrow boat landing and plunged into the river.

The water felt incredible. After cooling off in the river we got out and packed up our things. The three guys put our trunks back on, but the women all stayed naked.

The three canoes were all lined-up and the women climbed aboard facing us paddles in hand, smiling, and with nothing on

“Wow,” said Steve. “What are you guys doing tomorrow?”

“Forget tomorrow, I’m not sure I can wait until the next rest area!” said Rob.

We shoved off and began paddling on in the warm sun.

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