Candy walked up to the prison entrance; she was really excited to see him again. When she last visited him, he told her to come today for a “family visit.” She would get special treatment and they would get some alone time. She was really excited to see him. She remembered the last visit, he had seemed so sad. She had wanted to hold him close but she had been warned not to get to close to him. He had led her to a spot near the back by the soda machines.

“Candy, I’m so glad you came today,” Dustin said as he pulled her against him and pushed her up against the wall. He stuck his nose in her neck and kissed her neck. She shifted her head to the side to allow his kisses on her neck. He made her feel so good, she felt his hand as it pulled her leg up and around him. While his other hand stroked her pussy through her panties; then he took his other hand and cupped her breasts.

“I want to see you next week. I am going to put you down as a familiar visitor, be here at 2 pm. Don’t be late,” he said between kisses, she bit her lower lip and murmured yes, then his mouth claimed hers and she felt the first quaking of an orgasm. She soaked her panties as she came. She felt him shift her body and his fingers pushed her panties to the side as he sank his hard shaft into her wet pussy.

“OH, Dustin, fuck me,” Candy moaned against him as he did as she asked.

“Ma’am, come this way please,” the female officer said as she led her towards a camp trailer. She followed along and looked about her, she was a bit nervous because she was finally going to have some alone time with her.

“Ma’am I am going to need to search you to make sure you don’t try to pass anything to the inmate,” the officer said as she began to poke and prod Candy, and touched her in places that she only wanted Dustin to touch. Then the woman stepped back and opened the door to the camper that was surrounded by guards. She allowed Candy to enter it; where she saw Dustin sitting on top of the bed.

“Hello beautiful, how are you?” Dustin asked as he moved closer to her, she wrapped her arms around his body and gave him a big kiss. He held her close to him as he expertly kissed her mouth and neck. He trailed kisses along her neck from her shoulder to her ear, she felt so wet. She wanted to strip down and make love to him. He stepped back from her and pulled out an iPod with a small speaker, which he fiddled with and then she could hear Celtic music coming out of it.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked as he held out his hand to her. She smiled and took it, he pulled her up to him and he held her tight. They danced around through one song, then two, soon it was several. She felt at peace and was so comfortable with him; so when he undid her braids she let him. He began to comb his fingers through her long brown hair. Candy could feel her nipples harden and she could feel a pulsing between her legs; as his stroking sent shivers down her back. She found herself rubbing her chest against him. His hand come up to pull her head back and looked into her eyes.

She looked up at him and realized that he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She licked her lips. He reached up and ran his fingers through her hair and along the side of her neck; the pleasure that coursed through her was intense.

“Such beautiful hair you have, I love the copper gold color, it is by far my favorite color,” he said.

“It’s orange,” She said, as he shook his head no, and continued to play with it.

She tipped her head back and he bent his down and placed a kiss on her neck, halfway down from her ear. She slid her hands around him and pulled him closer to her. He began to run little kisses from the crook of her neck by her shoulder up to her ear and then back down. She ran her hands up and down his back and pulled his hips into her. She could feel the hard press of his erection against her. She hooked a leg around him and rubbed herself against him. She felt so wanton, not like herself at all. He slid one of his arms around her and pressed her against him. casino oyna She slid her left hand up and began playing with his hair on the back of his neck. He grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around his waist. She could feel him pressed against her slick folds through all the clothes they had one. She rubbed her hips against him. He began to walk until he had pressed her back up against the bed. She felt his hand reach between them to stroke her through her damp panties.

“Please,” Candy whispered.

“Please what?” Dustin said as he switched sides on her neck. His other hand wormed its way up and was cupping her aching breasts.

“Fuck me now,” she said, she had never been this bold with anyone before. She wanted to feel that hardness fill her empty hole. She rubbed up against him.

“If the lady so desires,” he said as he freed his erection, and then he whispered “sorry.” As he tore her panties away, then thrust into her hard. She gasped; it felt so good to have his cock inside her.

“Sorry, I should be more gentle with you,” he said as he pulled back slowly before thrusting back inside slowly.

“No, fuck me hard, you can be gentle next time.” Candy said as she squeezed her legs around him. He began to thrust into with a force she never felt before. He somehow slipped his hand between their bodies to rub her clit. She arched her back as he sucked on her nipples through her shirt. She bent her head down and they began to kiss. It was explosive; he sucked on her lower lip and her tongue. Candy felt as though she was kissing an electric socket. His pace increased, she could feel herself being hurled towards her own orgasm. She broke from his kiss and screamed his name as she came. She felt him stiffen and she could feel his seed shoot up into her. She could feel his hips still pumping into her as she shattered with another orgasm. She sagged against him and was only barely away of being carried.

She opened her eyes up and realized he had carried her to the bed in the back of the camper. He had taken the time to strip her naked; just as much as he was. He was using a rag to clean her between her legs. She felt funny; she knew that unprotected sex was not a good idea. But she couldn’t get herself to be mad at him. He finished cleaning her off, when he began to massage her legs and he moved down to her feet. He first worked on one leg then moved up to her pussy, but instead of touching her, he moved to the other leg. He then worked his way up her chest and massaged her breasts without touching her nipples. It felt so good and so erotic at the same time.

She realized that she could see him clearly now; he had short black hair and a slight tan. He was smiling at her, while she gazed up at him. He wasn’t a super model by any means; but he was very attractive, especially when he looked into her eyes. Those eyes held wonder and amazement. She found she could just gaze into them all day long and never be bored.

“I love a woman with tats, and I love the way yours are,” he said as he traced his finger along them.

He bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth. He rolled it with his tongue and sucked on it like a baby would suck his mother’s teat. Not that she knew that for certain; but it felt so amazing what his tongue was doing to her. She could feel her body anticipate his tongue action. He used one of his other hands to cup and plays with her other nipple as he sucked on the one. She wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him closer to her breasts. Candy arched her back, and thrust her nipple into his mouth. She heard someone moan loudly and realized it was her. He was lying between her legs and she began to rub her clit on his chest. He switched to the other breast. She felt herself working closer to another orgasm. She felt herself stiffen as she came and she cried out. She sagged down as he moved up her body to lie partially on top of her. She opened up her eyes and found him looking down into hers.

“I’ve never had an orgasm with someone just kissing my breasts,” she said, canlı casino not meaning to say it, and then she felt herself begin to blush.

“I’m glad I was the first,” He said, “has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Candy blushed, it had been a long time since someone had said that to her as well, “not for a while.”

He smiled, “well you are.” He bent his head down and kissed her on the lips. They began to kiss each other as though life depended on in. soon they were both breathing heavy, Candy had never had kisses that took her breath away that made her want them more. She never wanted to stop kissing him.

“I don’t want to stop kissing you either,” he said as if he could read her thoughts. She could feel his growing erection against her leg. She shifted her hips until it lay on top of her clit.

“I see you are ready for round two,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Oh, you think so,” he said as he slowly pressed himself into her. He began to move ever so slowly, sliding in and out in measured strokes. He was staring down into her face the whole time. She leaned up and they began to kiss. As he thrust his cock into her; his tongue thrust in at the same time. She found herself sucking on his tongue, she heard him moan. She wrapped her legs around him. He hooked one of her legs and put it over his shoulder. He was going deeper with his thrusts. She lifted her hips up towards him as he thrust into her. He was kissing her neck now; she pulled his hips against her as he thrust in and out. His body was hitting her clit just right and she felt herself come again. He still was thrusting into her, and he became more active at pounding into her, she was amazed he was still going. She arched her back and came again, and again. She threw her other leg over his shoulder as he thrust deeper and deeper into her; at this point he was breathing heavy and was slamming into her. She felt an orgasm hit her so hard that she just came with wave after wave of pleasure shooting through her body from her toes to her head. At last she felt him stiffen “OH God, Candy!” he said as he came. They collapsed in a heap on the bed as she drifted off.

Candy awoke and found that she was lying in bed with Dustin, moonlight filtered into the room; she was naked and wrapped in his arms. She could feel his erection pressed into her backside. She moved and realized he was still asleep.

Candy decides to pleasure him, so she shifts until she is eye level with his penis and she hovers barely above the shaft and breathe gently upon it. She slowly starts tracing her tongue up and down the sides of his wonderfully hard cock. She teased the tip and she also lapped up all the pre-cum. Then she traced the sides down and licks his balls. She knows he is awake when he puts his hands on her back. Finally, knowing that he could not take it much longer, Candy takes his cock into her mouth. She puts it completely down her throat. Candy begins to get into a wonderful rhythm, fucking his cock with her mouth. Candy purrs as she can feel his cock swell inside her throat. She knows he is going to cum.

Candy begins to rapidly increase her deep throating, fucking his cock with her mouth like there was no tomorrow. She can hear his groans, and feel the jerk of his balls and cock. Candy begins to increase the intensity and suck him in, giving him more pressure on the sensitive head of his cock with each long, pull of her mouth. He begins to cum and she swallows every last drop, gulping down his sweet cum. Candy keeps sucking his cock dry. Gasping, he leans back. She giggles as he lays there panting she bends down and starts kissing him. They kiss each other for what seems like an hour.

When he suddenly flips her on her back and he strokes her pussy with his finger. He bends his head down and licks her clit.

“Oh, Dustin, suck my clit” Candy says.

“Your wish is my command.” He says as he begins licking and sucking her clit and, his finger slid inside her tight channel and began to massage her. She arched her back, and kaçak casino he lifts his head up and she thrust her breasts into his face. His mouth was open and she guided her nipple into it. He began to suck her nipple rolling the tip around with his tongue and teeth. The feelings that were pouring into her where new and exciting; she was shocked at how turned on it made her. As he sucked harder, he was using his thumb to stimulate her clit while his finger thrust in and out of her.

She was overwhelmed by the power of his sucking that she gave herself over to the orgasm that suddenly hit her; she cried out and slammed against his finger and made it go deeper than she expected. He bent his head down and blew his breathe onto her clit, the feel of air lightly blowing on her made her arch her back and she thrust her hips up. He grabbed her hips and held them tight and he stuck his tongue in her wet channel. He stabbed and thrust his tongue into her pussy. She was so shocked at first that she didn’t move, but as wave after wave of pure delight shot up through her body she soon gave over to his onslaught. He pinned her hips down as he took her clit into his mouth and sucked like he had with her nipple. She felt the orgasm hit her that she arched her whole body off the bed and almost threw him across the room.

He laughed and she smiled at the sound of his beautiful laugh, she could grow old with that laugh. He bent back down and continued his tonguing of her. She bucked her hips as best she could, when he suddenly thrust two fingers inside her. . He began to kiss his way up her body as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her. The hard thrusts of his fingers were too much and she felt her body tremble as she was hit with another astounding orgasm. As she lay there, limp, wondering what was next to come; he had started to nuzzle the side of her neck.

. She was about to be fucked completely; he bent his head and continued to kiss her neck and ear. Her body made its own decision and he retreated with his cock and her body tightened its hold and she thrust her hips upward and he slid deeper into her body. Not all the way in, but enough to make him chuckle and pin her hips to the bed; pull almost all the way out and then slammed back into her. . Her slick channel had allowed his entry into her made easier than she thought. He began to move inside her and she felt as if she had gone to heaven. The friction against her g-spot was so incredible that all she could do was moan and cry out for more. He began to thrust faster, she felt herself go as she was hit with orgasm after orgasm. She saw stars and felt like the earth was moving beneath her, the pleasure was so intense she was just barely aware of him stiffening up his body and the feel of something warm and hot squirting inside of her. She slowly woke to find him sleeping on top of her.

Candy moved and he rolled off of her, he was looking down at her. She smiled, and he bent his head and kissed her, and it was wet, and it felt so hot and unusual. He thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth, and then he used his tongue to caress different part of the inside of her mouth. It felt so good, like a sweet silken feeling in her mouth. He pulled back and laid down looking into her eyes.

“Do we have all night long? Candy asked as she stroked his chest.

“No, probably only another twenty minutes before they come take me back,” he said as he played with her nipples.

“How often can we do this?”

“Once a month, I hope you will continue to come visit me,” Dustin said as his fingers trailed down to her clit.

“I think I can handle earth shattering sex once a month with you, well I could go for once a day,” she smiled as his fingers teased her clit.

“I know you could, but I’ll be here for a while.” His fingers sank inside her as there was a knock on the door.

“TEN MINUTES LEFT AND THEN WE TAKE YOU BACK!” said one of the officers outside.

“I will be back to see you next week,” she said as she leaned over and kissed him one last time.

“You get to have a little longer time to dress,” he said as he got up and started putting his clothes on. She got up and he helped her between little kisses, then the door opened up and he left.

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