Ed stood next to his younger sister’s bed. He waited a long time to exact his revenge. Since her eighteenth birthday, she walked around the house like a porno queen. The tight fitting blouses over her braless tits with the hard nipples kept Ed in a constant state of erection.

And her ass, packed into shorts that fit her like they were painted on, swished with ever step. The shorts were cut so high into her crotch that pubic hair came out of the leg openings.

Liz knew the effect she had on him. She often stood in the narrow hallway between their bedrooms in a way that made Ed rub against her. Sometimes her ass pushed against his cock, making him grow hard against her. Other times she leaned her tits into his chest, feeling him with her hard, trim belly. This was usually followed with the most insincere apology she could muster.

Ed tried to find a way to tell his single father Liz was torturing him. Dad was too busy to listen. He was always out of town trying to keep his company from going under.

Dad was gone one night when Ed prepared for bed. The bathroom door was unlocked and he entered to find Liz nude in the room.

Liz had both arms up brushing her hair. This lifted her 36-D breasts high, the nipples pointing at the ceiling. She twisted her body so they pointed at her older brother.

The obvious effect on Ed made Liz laugh.

“You like what you see?”

Liz took one step that closed the distance to her brother. She ran her hand up and down Ed’s boxer shorts till she maneuvered his cock out the fly. She rubbed it until she felt the pre-cum ooze out. She dropped her grip. Stepping back, Liz twisted the knife into casino siteleri her brother.

“I know you have been trying to tell dad I’m boiling your hormones. He won’t listen to you.

“While you’re out trying to feel up Cassie, I’m in bed with dad sucking him off.”

“You are so full of shit, Liz. You expect me to believe that?”

“You are so blind, Eddy boy. I’ve always been daddy’s girl. Since my birthday, I’ve been daddy’s woman. I could have been yours.”

Liz read the look on her brother’s face.

“You stupid son of a bitch. I wanted you to take my cherry. I did everything but crawl into bed with you. You acted like it was some big sin to want your sister.”

“It is a sin, Liz. So is sex with a parent.”

“Says who? Some twisted priest who prefers boys to women? That’s a laugh.

“So Wimpy, if you want some of this girl’s cunt, you’ll have to work for it. You had your chance for an easy fuck and my cherry.”

Liz walked past Ed. She stopped in the hallway.

“When you’re tired of pounding your pud, you know where my bed is, unless I’m in dad’s”
Ed rushed to his room. He took to his bed. He was on his back with his cock in hand when Liz pounded on his door.

“Spanking the monkey?”

Ed watched his sister and father for the next week. Liz knew he was keeping an eye on her. She made sure her father did not know. She made sure Ed watched as she sucked father off while watching the evening news. She no longer tried to walk quietly when she passed Ed’s room on the way to her father’s bed. She left the door ajar so Ed would listen to his sister and father screwing.

“I can’t believe canlı casino you were a virgin the first time. You are so fucking good in bed. If I hadn’t popped you myself, I would not have believed you.”

“Daddy, it’s so easy to enjoy sex with someone I wanted for years. Ever since mom ran out on us, I wanted your cock in my cunt, in my ass, in my mouth. I just didn’t know it was this big.”

Two months after the bathroom encounter, Ed made his move. He hid in Liz’s room one night when she was screwing dad. Liz returned to her bed, locking the door behind her. Ed sat low in a corner behind her dresser. He held the tools he wanted to use. He had four pieces of rope, boxers he used to masturbate and duct tape.

“Liz, I have something for you,” said Ed to his sleeping sister.

Liz opened her eyes and started to curse at her brother. He had her mouth stuffed with the boxers and taped before a word got out. He had her hands and ankles tied to the bed in under a minute.

Ed stuffed two pillows under her ass raising her exposed pussy off the bed. Ed put a blanket at the door.

“I don’t want any light telling dad about our party.”

Ed turned on the room light. He looked at his sister’s wide-open cunt. He saw it still had his father’s drying seminal juices.

“You like the feeling of dried cum on your pussy?”

Liz nodded. She had to admit that the dripping of her father’s cum down her leg was a turn on.

“I know you like the flavoring of the shorts.”

Liz worked her tongue till she found the glob of her brother’s jism.

Ed looked at the offering he had before him. He had his sister where he kaçak casino could use either one of her holes.

Ed rammed his cock deep into his sister’s pussy. He reamed her until he had his dick covered with the combined slime of his sister and father.

He pulled out then aimed his shaft for her ass. He pushed the head of his cock till it penetrated her. He pushed into her without stopping. The action made Liz squirm. Pain or pleasure, Ed did not know, nor did he care.

Ed pulled out at the point of his orgasm. He moved to the head of the bed. He finished by shooting his cum onto his sister’s face and her closed eyes.

Ed pulled Liz’s favorite dress out of the closet. He tied it around Liz’s groin like a diaper.

“I’m not untying you until after dad leaves for work. That’s in case you can’t hold it.”

Ed returned after their father left. He had a bottle of water, a trash bag and a pan of water with a sponge.

He was not greeted with the smell of human excrement. Liz managed to save her dress. Impressed, Ed untied Liz to help her to the bathroom. She was in tears when she released the waste she was holding.

Ed backed out of the bathroom so she could clean up.

“Don’t go, brother. Would you help me shower?”

Ed expected trouble. He was wrong. Liz went down on him, giving her brother a blowjob under the water. They returned to her bedroom.

They changed the sheets. Liz pulled Ed onto her bed where she made gentle, passionate love to her brother.

They spent two hours together, exploring what made the difference between male and female.

After a second shower and another set of sheets, Liz and Ed just held each other. Liz gave her brother a very mysterious smile.

“Sis, I thought you would be ready to kill me.”

“I told you that you would have to earn my bed. I just didn’t expect you to go into overtime to do it.”

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