It happened innocently enough. I was drunk one Saturday night and i had to crash at my little sister’s apartment. She was 19 and I was 21 and we had never really been too close until this year in college. Well, I could barely make it into the house and I remember her telling me that I could sleep in her bed and she would sleep on the couch. Before I attempted to drift off into a drunken slumber, I caught the tail end of her changing clothes in her room behind the closet door. It was a sight that could make a drunk man sober up.

She slipped into the tightest little lemon colored thong panties I had ever seen and her matching bra cupped her tits like fine latex. I could see everything. She had a strikingly thin hourglass figure. Her tight pussy lips were shaved smooth and her little titties seemed so firm, as though they were molded by a sculptor. They were very small and took the form of the slightly drooping pear shaped breasts that I had jacked off to so many times before in my porno magazines. Her areolas were about the size of quarters and almost as pale as her flesh. Her nipples appeared to be in a constant state of erection and this turned me on so bad as I laid there and pretended to sleep.

We were the only two in the apartment and I so casino siteleri wanted another glimpse of her body after she left the room. I sneaked out of bed and sifted through her panty drawer and found another sexy little thong and proceeded to masturbate while thinking of the beautiful vision that I was just fortunate enough to witness. I came all over her panties and left them dangling from my cock as I laid back down in her bed. After pondering my actions, I slowly crept out of bed and knelt beside her sleeping body on the couch. She looked so serene and fuckable just laying there in her slutty little Victoria’s Secret lingerie in a pose that seemed to invite company. I knew what I was doing was wrong so I approached my moves cautiously.

I bent over and planted a kiss on her labia, which was beautifully highlighted by her taut panties. the sight of her little virgin muff accentuated by the lycra stretched over her pussy almost made me come on the spot. I kissed her vagina again and I began licking the outside of her panties. She barely moved a muscle so I proceeded to peel her thong down to her upper thighs. This went without a hitch, so I continued to lick her little pussy with increasing vigor. Eventually it reached the point where I canlı casino was pretty much making out with her pussy lips and it turned me on like nothing else. I couldn’t stop there. I worked my way up to her luscious tits, where I undid the clasp in the front of her bra and exposed her heavenly mounds.

She began to stir so I stopped for a few minutes. When her movement subsided, she lay there for my complete pleasure, so I started rolling her nipples between my fingers and began to suck on them while I stroked my erect cock beside her. It was so arousing! She had no idea what was going on and I was pleasing myself with her body. I decided to push my luck so I got on top of her and straddled her body with my legs. My erection was on the verge of shooting all over so I wanted to make the most out of it.

I risked everything and inserted my cock into her unsuspecting vaginal passage. one lustful thrust woke her up immediately and I thought I was screwed. The look on her face when she awoke to find her big brother inside of her attempting to get his rocks off was a look I’d never seen before. It was a cross between surprise, disgust, and arousal. She laid there speechless and I, being the libidinous male that I am, thrust two more times before kaçak casino shooting my cream way up inside her. Neither of us knew how to react. She thought I was really drunk and I thought she was going to call the police or something. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. I left my cock inside of her quivering vagina and I laid down on top of her and planted a kiss on her lips.

She finally broke the silence and asked me what the fuck I was doing. She seemed really frightened and I pretended to be more drunk than I actually was. Then she told me that she was going to have to sleep somewhere else because she didn’t know what to say to me after doing something like that. She stood up and proceeded to pull her panties back up around her sweet little lips and she cinched her bra and slowly crossed the room back to her bedroom. Here I had just fucked my little sister and she was almost on tears. As she walked away, my eyes again focused in on her great little ass, which bounced slightly side to side with each step. I had to finish my business and set things straight with my little sis, who I cared about so much and never wanted to intentionally hurt.

At the same time, I lusted after her like never before as I fantasized about sticking my cock in her beautiful ass, which was untouched by any man so far. I had to make a choice quick. I pondered the dilemma for a few minutes, then I grabbed a jar of KY jelly and headed for my sister’s door to make amends…

To Be Continued…

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