He gave me the key to his apartment last week to prove he was through with the other girls. I had been waiting to reward him when he got back into town. I waited on customers that night with a silk and lace outfit under my waitress uniform, black sheer stockings with lace and bow trim leading from thigh to garter over crotch-less panties and a bustier with exposed nipples. The feel of my uniform shifting over my bare nipples all night kept me smiling. One of my regulars kept asking what I was up too; I just smiled and poured his coffee. He was a long night and I did not get off until 3AM.

Blaze was all I could think of. He erected steel buildings and had the tightest buns from walking the big red iron. It was a job that suited him perfectly. He packed 8 inches of big red iron himself!!! He could last for hours but tonight I was taking control.

I quietly turned the key and let myself into the apartment, praying he did not wake up. If he thought casino oyna I was an intruder I might just get shot!!! But the danger was exciting. Entering the bedroom, I held my breath and was rewarded by the sound of light snoring. Slowly I slipped off my waitress uniform and lit a single red candle. All the waiting and planning had made me thoroughly wet already. Blaze slept in the nude as always and dreams had left the sheets tangled around his legs. Six feet of muscle, brown eyes, gorgeous hair and mustache, just the right amount of chest hair and I followed the happy trail to his sleeping member. Even sleeping, Blaze’s cock was impressive, with width as well as length and a pleasing left curve. I took a few toys from my pack and put them on the nightstand for later. First, I had a fantasy to fulfill.

As he slept peacefully I licked his cock and softly caressed his balls. I did not want to wake him, but to become a part of his dream first. As always he responded canlı casino quickly, making me wonder what he was dreaming about. As I sucked the tip of his cock, my hand was tracing patterns up and down his thigh. I was fully aroused and though about my pocket vibrator, but tonight it was all for Blaze. I sucked him deeper into my mouth and cupped his balls, feeling them tighten up a little. Teasing the tip with my tongue all around his ample cock, sliding him back out to lick the tip. Teasing the tip with my tongue and working the head with my lips. I wet a finger in my pussy and traced wet circles around his nipples. He was beginning to make soft moaning sounds and I knew he was having a good wet dream now. I became a little more aggressive with the blowjob, adding a little hand work but never letting go with my mouth. I tasted some honey drips now and smiles. Blaze had never given it up so quickly. Swallowing him down I reach for the G-spot at the base kaçak casino of his cock with one hand and rubbed circles around the opening of his ass with the other. In and out, up and down he began moving side to side, his hands found my hair and pushed my head down to the rhythm we had going. He was awake now and ready to pop.

I climbed up and to get control and let my tits bounce against his thighs and balls. Blaze tried to pull me up and mount him, but I put his hands on my tits and shushed him from speaking. He was right there with balls tight up against himself and fuller than I had ever felt them. As I went down, I used my hands and on the way back up, I used my tongue. I traced around his big thick cock and let it flick the tip of his head before plunging back down. I held there for a moment working his full length in my throat with swallowing and licking action. As his hands pulled at my hair he moaned out deep, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh girl, I am coming, and tried to pull me off. I held on to his hips and swallowed, rocking him in and out a little as he emptied his cum into my mouth. His balls loosened and I massaged his penis and whispered, “Good Morning Blaze”.

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