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Birthday SurpriseIt was my wife’s Birthday in a month’s time, and I was racking my brains for a special surprise for her. Something she wouldn’t forget.She’d mentioned a few times how she’d love to have lots of men cum over her, but I’d always thought she’d just been fantasising and was maybe just saying it for my benefit. I have to say the thought really turned me on, and made me cum pretty quickly when she told me!So, just for fun, I put a request out on an internet sex site for 10 horny men who wanted to cum on my wife.The only two provisos were that they had to be well hung, a minimum 8 inches, and they had to be able to produce big loads.I put a picture of her up, naked, on all fours, smiling at the camera as she pulled her bum cheeks apart, and waited for any responses.I was amazed. By the end of the week, I had over 250 replies! Now this was going to take some sifting!I requested that they all sent in videos of themselves, with a cumshot at the end, and got back about 120. I watched them all, and there were some impressive entries!I narrowed the possibilities down to 20, and contacted each one, asking them where they were based, and that I would provide accommodation if necessary.A few dropped out because of travel difficulties and commitments, but eventually I had my ten.The plan was to get them all together the day before her Birthday, so I could meet them and make sure there were no last minute problems.I took the day off work and made sure I had a good selection of porn videos, then interviewed them one at a time.I was a little worried that if they showed me their capabilities, they might have less cum for my wife on the day. But as it turned out, my fears were totally unfounded!I got them to strip off while they watched a porn movie, and masturbate to climax into a big bowl I had placed on the coffee table.Boy oh boy, did they make me feel inadequate. They all had massive cocks, and produced at least four times more cum than I was ever able to!One guy managed fifteen massive spurts into the bowl, then ten more smaller ones before he dribbled the remainder of his cum around the living room!I was overjoyed at my choices, and by the time the last one had shot his considerable load, I had a half full bowl of thick, creamy, cloudy cum to put in the freezer!I have to say, I couldn’t resist a long standing temptation before it was put away. I got out a large soup spoon and helped myself to half a dozen spoonfuls! Fuck me, it was hot! I just stirred the spoon around in the cum, watching the different colours and textures mixing, smelling that gorgeous aroma of fresh spunk.Then I chose carefully, making sure my spoon was full canlı kaçak iddaa of the thickest, stringiest looking loads, and put it in my mouth. Oh my god! It was even better than I could ever have imagined. The taste and texture was amazing.It was a struggle not to finish the whole bowl myself!Anyway, I digress!I took my wife out for the day, having given one of the guys the keys to the house. They were to have themselves ready for 5pm, in our bedroom.Naked, and hard, five on each side of the bed.I had already told them the rules, and the order for each of them to take.They were to cum over her face, then let the next take his place. If they were ready again after the tenth had spurted his load, then they were allowed a second go.But no fucking was to be allowed!There was a minor panic in the morning when my wife went to get something out of the freezer. She pulled out the bowl of frozen cum asking what it was with a knowing smile on her face. I told her it was part of her Birthday surprise, and she laughed. ‘That must have taken you a while to make,’ she said as she put the bowl back in the freezer. Little did she know!!We had a lovely day out, but by three, I was getting slightly worked up and excited thinking about what was going to happen later.We got home just on five, and I told her I had a surprise for her.She said yes, she’d seen it in the freezer, but I smiled and told her that was for later.’How long ago did you freeze your first load?’ she asked, a naughty grin on her face. ‘Oh, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.’ I replied.I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, opening the door to reveal the ten naked strangers standing by our bed in different stages of excitement.A few were standing hard and proud, some of the others with semis, but all looking very impressive.She let out a little gasp and then stood staring, her mouth open, a look of longing on her face.It was then, looking at her face, that I knew the no fucking rule was definitely going to be broken.I led her out and into the bathroom and told her what I’d planned for her.Her face was flushed and her breathing was rapid, and without saying a word, she started to strip.I told her about the no fucking rule, the doors to the bathroom and bedroom were both open and she looked at me and said in a very loud voice, ‘You’re fucking joking you’re not going to let them fuck me aren’t you?’I was taken a little by surprise and replied,’You want them to fuck you?”Try and stop me’ she said.’But you’ll get pregnant’ I replied.’Fuck, I don’t care. We’ll never know whose it is anyway! Ten loads deep in my pussy are bound to find their way and fertilize canlı kaçak bahis my eggs. Unless, of course, you want them all to fuck my ass. But, hell, you know I’m gonna let them do that as well anyway’And with that she pulled out her dildo from the chest of drawers and walked out of the bathroom, the insides of her thighs, glistening and wet.I followed her sexy ass back into the bedroom, and when they saw my naked girl, her big, heavy tits swaying, the wetness between her legs, and her large shapely bum, and what they’d heard her say, they were all slowly wanking their big cocks.’Ok boys, let’s get the party started’ she said, and lay down on the bed, her head hanging over the end, opened her legs and slid the big dildo into her soaking pussy with a loud squelch.’And I know what my man has said’ she continued, ‘but after you’ve all splattered my face and filled up my mouth with your cum, you’re all to fuck my pussy. Hard. And then my ass’I was gobsmacked! She had always told me my cock was too big for her ass. Some of these guys were almost twice the size of mine! God, it was going to be amazing watching her take these massive cocks in her tight asshole.And so a long evening began. I got my camera, and started shooting, just as the first guy’s first massive spurt almost completely covered my wife’s face!His cum started to dribble down her cheeks as he emptied his balls into her open mouth.The second guy was the one who had amazed me the day before, and this time he outdid himself. Twenty massive spurts, and she was covered almost from head to toe! White streaks and splashes all over her brown body. A couple scored direct hits on her dildo and soon she was pushing the thick creamy cum into her pussy with the aid of her big toy!’This one’s gonna get me pregnant straight away,’ she gargled through a mouth full of cum. ‘I can feel his sperm swimming for my eggs already. If it’s a boy, I bet he’ll have a massive cock when he’s born. He’ll slide out of me, and then I’ll put his cock straight back in my cunt!’There was spontaneous applause from the other guys.She looked at me and signalled with her eyes for me to come and spread his cum around, so I came over and spread his thick spunk all over her. Soon she was a cummy mess. She pulled her dildo out and pointed with it at the pools I had missed and then pointed at her pussy.I was a little worried, as she wasn’t on any kind of birth control, but scooped up handfuls of cum anyway and started to feed it into her already cum creamed hole.Then she pushed her dildo inside, pulled it out, covered in cum and slid it all the way inside her asshole.While this was happening, three bahis siteleri canlı more of the guys had cum all over her face. By now she was unrecognisable, her face a mess off thick, shiny cum, long strings dangling from her cheeks and ears, some a
ll the way to the floor, where there were now thick glistening pools of spunk.She was now pointing at the last five guys and frantically waving at me to get them to cum over the rest of her body.So I told the next to cum all over her tits, and the other four to move slowly down.The seventh and eighth guys were smiling, knowing their cum would be going all over her pussy and thighs.When it was their turns, she pulled her legs up and squashed them against her cum covered tits, stuck her fingers in her cunt and pulled it wide open. Number seven knelt over her, pointed his cock and spurted a stream of cum straight inside her. There was so much, her pussy overflowed very quickly, and I know how deep her pussy is!She did the same for number eight, but with her ass, although it took her a while to get to grips with her slippery asshole and pull it open for him.His load disappeared completely inside, and it was a big load too!When the tenth guy had shot his load, she looked around desperately, and then smiled, seeing that all of them were rock hard again, then choosing the biggest guy, she got up and grabbed his cock, dribbled cum all over it from her mouth and massaged it all over his swollen head and massive shaft. Then bending over the bed, cum dripping off her brown body, she stuck three fingers in her asshole and turned around, looked at the guy and said ‘In here, and no easing it in. I want it hard first thrust.’So, standing behind her, he lined up his big cock, the massive head inches from her asshole, a little cum seeping out and with one hard thrust buried it deep inside her. She let out a massive groan and then shouted ‘fuck me as hard as you can big boy!’He slammed his big cock repeatedly into her tight asshole, his big balls slapping against her oozing cunt as she gasped and moaned with each thrust.Each time he rammed into her, a spray of cum showered off her slick naked body. I looked around and there were splatters of spunk everywhere. All over the walls, the bedside table, the headboard. The sheets were a sopping mess, and there were puddles of thick cum all over the wooden floor.There was little activity from the other nine guys apart from slow wanking. They didn’t want to waste their cum and were all waiting for a go at her asshole.Finally the first guy exploded inside her ass with a massive grunt, but he continued to fuck her for another five minutes keeping himself hard by playing with her hanging tits. Then he came for a third time, and pulled his hard cock out of her ass. There was a seconds pause, and then little of his thick white cum started to ooze out, building slowly until there was a volcano spraying high into the air.

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