BETH’S SUMMER BREAK Part Four – Making Plans for Michael

After Beth reviews the events of last few days, Gina makes her an offer she can’t refuse and hatches a plan to have some fun with an unsuspecting Mike.

All characters portrayed are fictional and anyone engaging in sexual activity is at least eighteen years old and consenting.


Chapter 1 – Saturday (Friday night revisited)

I woke to an unfamiliar feeling of sunlight streaming in through the window. My room was at the back of the house, so didn’t catch the morning sun and for a moment I was confused. I rubbed my eyes, squinting against the glare and took in the vast expanse of bed around me. I smiled as realisation dawned and I rolled over expecting to see Gina beside me, but her side of the bed was empty. I looked at the bedside clock. 1125. Shit – I know I can sleep for England, but that is ridiculous.

I began to take an inventory. The parts of me into which things can be inserted ranged from a dull ache to quite painful, and there were a few scratch marks on my shoulders and back as I looked in the mirror. My hair was all over the place, which is not surprising since Gina seemed to have been trying to pull it out in handfuls for most of the night and my nipples were red, sore and swollen from her tugging at them. A couple of bruises on my inner thighs and red marks on my wrists and ankles where I fought against the restraints completed the damage.

I smiled. All in all a good night’s work!

I went into my own room, showered and dried myself off. Pulling on a t-shirt I went down to see where Gina had got to. I needed a coffee. Her office door was shut. She rarely worked in there at weekends anyway and there was no sign of her in the kitchen. I was about to start the coffee machine when I saw a piece of paper on the table.

Hi Bethany

Sorry forgot to say in all the ‘fun and games’, but I have to be in London today, staying o/n. Business conference! Couldn’t bring myself to wake you – you looked so peaceful. Hope you don’t hurt as much as I do. Phew, what a night! Be back tomorrow afternoon. Would like to talk, get it all out if you’re ok with that. Then maybe show you my gentler side ;o)

Glad we ‘made up’.

G. x

I made my coffee and went back upstairs. I put my mug on the bedside table and reached for my cigarettes. My room still smelled of them from yesterday, so one more wouldn’t harm. I vowed it would be my last in her house. I picked up my phone and texted her.

Glad we made up too. Feel like Sam rugby tackled me. Lots! Can I have my nipples back? Safe trip, look forward to tomorrow. I’ll still be here – you forgot to untie me ;o) B x

I waited a moment and my message notification pinged.

LoL – Poor Bethany, no wine or sex and at my mercy for tomorrow! x

I put my hand to my sore pubic area. For once sex was the last thing I fancied.

I took my headphones from Bruno’s ears. My metal playlists were not really going to work this morning, so I picked some ambient electronic stuff – more soothing for my poor tattered mind and body. I lit my cigarette, had a mouthful of coffee and began to feel a little more human and replayed our “make up” session in my head.

When Sam left and I had taken the wine upstairs, it all started fairly gently. We had some champagne, toasted each other and got into a nice ‘getting to know you’ mode, kissing, caressing, having a good old explore of each other’s bodies. After a second glass, Gina pushed me down onto the bed and forced my legs open with her thigh. She began to rub it hard on my pussy and her kissing became rougher, her hands all over me. I said I had wanted us to work out all our frustrations, and here it was coming. I braced myself and went with it.

She took hold of my right wrist and stretching over me, pulled something from one of the bedposts. I felt a click as something closed over my wrist. It felt soft and leathery. She did the same to my left wrist and before I could react, picked up a ball gag from the bed and quickly forced it into my mouth, fastening it behind my head and trapping my hair quite painfully. She pulled my hair out from under the strap and arranged it back over my shoulders. I felt completely helpless and it was wonderful.

She pulled me further down the bed, stretching my arms out fully and repeated the process on my ankles. I found myself star-fished out on the bed with leather restraints leading from all four bedposts, one to each of my limbs, attached by some sort of handcuffing device. They were padded and the feel of the soft leather against my skin was pleasant and after the discomfort with my hair, I found the ball-gag quite erotic. About the size of a squash ball but less pliable, it was forcing my tongue down and I found that biting down on the rubbery ball was a sensual experience. I was glad it was – I was going to do a lot of biting.

Gina had not said a word during all of this. She now reached into her bedside casino siteleri cabinet and pulled out a leather collar, which she buckled round my neck. There were rings on it and she attached a length of chain to one of them. She pulled my head up by the chain and tucked a pillow under it, pushing me back roughly. She then slid another large pillow under my bottom and got up on her knees to survey her work.

Satisfied I was duly incapacitated, she pulled the chain again yanking my head upright to look at her. “Sorry – statutory obligation time. I must read our Health and safety requirements. If Madame finds she is a fucking little wimp and needs a safe word, tough shit. Not much you can do with that fucker in your gob, is there? If it gets too much for you, grunt three times. I might pay attention… if you’ve been a good girl. Thank you for listening to our safety announcement.”

She let my head drop back and I shook it at her. No way, lady. Eyes wide, I nodded sharply twice at my pussy which was beginning to dribble onto her sheets. Get on with it.

Fucking hell did she get on with it? Again she started relatively gently using her tongue for a few minutes to lap up my juices. She raised her head. “You taste good girl, but not only have you smoked in my home, but you’ve now dribbled filth onto my clean sheets. Oh dear…”

She picked up what appeared to be a short dildo from the bed, about four inches long and tapered. I waited for it to be inserted into my pussy, which was now screaming for more attention after her expert tonguing. She held it in front of my face. “Know what this is?”

I shook my head.

She rolled her eyes. “The education of Bethany Hamilton continues…” She slowly ran it down the length of my body and I braced myself for the feel of it going inside me, but she continued on down past my screaming pussy and I felt her wriggle a finger into my anus. I bit down on the ball as she twisted it up inside me. I had not yet had full anal sex, just a bit of experimentation with Allie and Alice with our toys, so I still found it a strange feeling. “Is that nice?”

I nodded and she withdrew her finger. “Let’s up the ante then…” I felt the tip of the phallus touch my anus and recoiled a little as she now twisted that. She took it out and squeezed something sticky on it, rubbing it all over, right in front of my eyes. She went back down and it felt cool against my butt hole as she inserted it gently. She kept pushing and I thought I would swallow the ball as she kept on going. I felt resistance and pain, then it was in. I was trying to breathe normally around the ball and it was difficult, but I liked the feel of this new toy. I squeezed down on it and it felt good.

She lay across me so I couldn’t see her next move and I tensed as an electric jolt went through me as something buzzed against my clitoris. She teased and taunted me for the next five minutes running it around my lips, my thighs, my clit, but never letting it enter me. I was pulling on the restraints, desperate for her to ram it in deep, but the bitch never did. She just kept me bubbling along nicely, occasionally lapping up some of my overspill.

She stopped and moved out of my line of sight for a few moments and I tried to calm myself for whatever was next. She re-appeared, standing over me with a long double-ended dildo in her hand. Slowly and deliberately she pushed one end deep into her cunt and brought it back out, holding it under my nose. Her smell filled my nostrils and I swallowed what seemed like gallons of saliva in anticipation. I longed to lick it and taste it, but all I was allowed was a tantalising rub of it across my parted lips.

She reinserted it and bent the other half up so that it looked like a big, fat cock. It was black and I was now screaming into the ball gag for her to fuck me. “You want this, Bethany, don’t you?” She was stroking it, wanking it to torment me. “How much do you want it, Bethany, you dirty little bitch? Tell me, come on. Let me know how much you want me to fuck your brains out.”

I screamed in to the ball gag so hard it hurt my throat. What I yelled was, “Fuck me bitch,” but it came out as three incoherent grunts.

“Oh no, Bethany, is that three grunts? Not the fucking safe word already? Have you had enough? Oh I am so disappointed in you. I really thought we’d get further than this. I’ve barely started…” She made to take the dildo out of her pussy.

I screamed again shaking my head furiously and nodding towards my cunt as I had done earlier. “FUCK ME!” My eyes were bulging, body straining at the bonds.

“Sorry, didn’t catch that, sweetie!” She was having fun now. I repeated my scream, tugging at the restraints so hard I thought I’d pull them from the bedposts. “Oh sorry Bethany, sorry. I misunderstood. You want…

She knelt in front of me and as she rammed the big dildo into my pussy she grunted, “You want… THIS?”

Every fibre of my being wanted to wrap my arms and canlı casino legs around her but I was stretched out helpless, unable to kiss her or hold her. I was wailing into the gag as she slammed into me and finally felt the large phallus pounding my pussy. The butt-plug was adding its own dimension and I was in heaven. She grabbed at my tits, gripping them hard and rotating her hands on them making my rings press uncomfortably on my skin. She took one in each hand. “Remember when I said I’d get to these later? Well it’s later now, Bethany. Ready?” She began to pull on them, never stopping her rhythm, tugging gently at first then squeezing my nipples between her thumb and forefingers until I thought they would pop. I was screaming again.

Well I had asked for it and I was getting it. She pulled again and began to stretch my nipples out. I winced in pain as she pulled harder and they just kept on going. I thought the rings would rip out of my skin and part of me marvelled at how far my little titties were managing to stretch. Just when I thought they’d snap, she released them.

Then she did it again.

And again.

I was screaming, my nipples were screaming, my pussy was crying in ecstasy from her relentless pumping. Then the bitch stopped. She pulled right out of me and lifted my head again with the chain attached to the collar round my neck. She released the gag and pulled it out as roughly as she had thrust it in, throwing it to one side.

I almost drank in the air. I managed to make my first semi-coherent sounds since she had gagged me. “Just you fucking wai-“

I was cut off as she rammed the dildo into my mouth. If it had been a real cock, I’d have probably ripped it open with my teeth. It felt huge, but my pussy now felt awfully empty and I squeezed harder on the butt plug. I could taste myself on the dildo as she mouth-fucked me, grabbing my hair by the handful and twisting viciously. “Like that? Like sucking cock do you? Imagine it as Mike’s, his big black cock tearing into precious little Bethany’s butter-wouldn’t-melt slut-mouth. You think this is big? His would be halfway down your fucking throat. Like this.” She rammed it all the way in and I gagged as it hit the back of my throat, my eyes streaming. It hurt and I think she knew because she pulled out and rammed it back into my cunt. She still had hold of my hair and was scratching her long nails along my shoulders and back, digging deep. I was getting close and again she knew it. She wasn’t going to let me go easily.

She pulled out of my pussy again and removed her end of the dildo. She rammed the other end back into me and straddled my face. “Eat, bitch.” I began to suck on her as she lay down on me, licking my clit and ramming the dildo in and out. She removed it once again and I groaned in disappointment, but I was not disappointed for long. I felt her fingers slide into me as we both kept up our sucking. They went in easily and she had at least three in there, jamming them stiffly into me. Her juices were flooding me now and I was so close to coming. I just wanted her to finish me off so I could fuck her.

She slid her hand out of me and I moaned. She rolled off me and gave me a long, sticky wet kiss. “You’ve been a good girl, Bethany.” Her hand grabbed my left nipple again and gave it one last vicious tug. I yelped into her open mouth as we kissed. “And when people are good to me…” she now tweaked my other nipple, causing another yell of pain and a spasm. “…I am good to them…”

She moved down to my pussy again. “Pain over. Reward time. Watch…”

She held her hand up towards me, her four fingers stiff and turned in on each other at the top. Her thumb was placed underneath. I thought I knew what was coming and I gasped. She gently placed the tips of her fingers between my pussy lips and with no preamble just slipped her whole hand inside me. I stared in disbelief at the sight. I could see her arm from the wrist up, but there was no hand visible. I had her whole fucking hand inside me. She smiled at me. “Reward time, Bethany.”

For the next five minutes I bucked and strained against my leather straps as her fingers flexed and bunched inside me, expertly playing me like a musical instrument. Sometimes slowly, sometimes almost brutally, and as I built towards climax there was nothing but these two things filling me up. Her hand in one passage, the phallus in another, her mouth sucking on me. At last there was nowhere else to go and it all just crashed over me in waves. I came again and again, no way for it to dissipate through thrashing limbs, my restraints meaning that it stayed in my body for what seemed like an eternity.

Eventually she pulled out her hand and it was glistening with my juices. We kissed, sucking the last of it from her between us.

I started to say something but she put a finger to my lips. “Shhh. Not yet. Your turn – let me see what you’ve got. Come on little girl, shock this dirty old seen-it-all bitch.”

I kaçak casino didn’t have a clue what to do, so I thought I’d wing it and go as hard as I could. I may not shock her, but I might give her a mild surprise. I thought of what she had done to me and decided to go with that for starters.

She began to undo my restraints and I was able to flex my aching arms and legs as she went into the bathroom. She came out drying her hands to find me kneeling up on the bed with the handcuffs in one hand and the butt plug in the other. I threw it to her. “Wash that and get back here quick.” I heard the tap run once more and she came back out and handed it to me. I pointed to the bed. “Lay there – hands over your stomach.”

She now became the subservient one and lay down in front of me. I slipped the handcuffs on to her, surprising myself as to how easy it was. Taking the collar from my neck I buckled it onto hers. Very gently, I lifted her hair out of the way and put the gag on her. “Three grunts, remember? Your rules of engagement. Now you’re mine to do what I fucking well want with.”

She nodded obediently. I wasn’t going to go easy on her. She was well warmed up so there was no need to break her in gently. I picked up the thing that looked like a cactus and roughly shoved it deep inside her. The smaller arm pushed nicely against her clit. I saw her eyes widen and warmed to my task. I retrieved her double-ended dildo and despite feeling more than a little tender, I pushed it back inside me. I pulled on the chain attached to her collar. “Kneel forward.” Assisted by a few hard slaps on her rear, she did as she was told and knelt with her handcuffed hands out in front of her. I parted her butt cheeks and slammed the plug in. She gasped. I twisted it, rubbing the cactus thing in and out of her, taking delight in watching her squirm with pleasure. I pulled the plug out. “Nah, not big enough for you. Your fucking arse is like the Mersey Tunnel.” I held it in front of her, forcing her to smell herself on it before I dropped it onto the bed.

Leaning forward, I pulled her cheeks apart once more and spat at her arsehole, rubbing my saliva in. I wet a finger and inserted that, then repeated with two. She was moaning now her face hard against the bed. I worked up a big mouthful of saliva and let it dribble out and down her bum crack, wiping it liberally around. “Ready bitch?”

She shook her head and pointed to the tube of lubricant she had used on the butt plug earlier. Oops, nearly a big mistake in my haste, so I lubed up the dildo and slathered more on her arsehole for good measure. She nodded – I was ok now.

I squeezed the head of the dildo into her anus and she groaned in ecstasy. I’d heard her do anal with Mike, so I knew she would be able to take whatever I could give her. I leaned in and took her big breasts in my hands.

I rammed it home and for the next fifteen minutes Gina Harcourt was my plaything. I made sure her tits got the same treatment as mine. I made sure every hole of hers got filled and that her immaculate hair got plenty of nasty juices rubbed through it. She came screaming into her ball gag, handcuffed hands pounding at the bed, and as she reached the very top, I bit her hard on the shoulder leaving lovely little teeth marks that would be there for days to come as a reminder.

I released her and removed all the paraphernalia, our breathing returning to normal, and she now began to say something. I shook my head at her holding up a finger. “Not yet.” I poured two glasses of Moet and handed one to her. I lay down next to her and clinked glasses. “To anger management.”

She smiled and we drank. She clinked again. “To a new friendship.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’ll drink to that.” I stroked her face and kissed her. She lay back, purring.

I smiled as I thought of the look on her face as we toasted each other. The rest of the night was a blur and I lost count of the times we made each other cry out in ecstasy. She showed me how to fist her and I loved the feel of having my whole hand in there. It was a long, cathartic night and lying on my bed now, I was already counting the hours until she was back tomorrow and we could resume ‘getting to know each other’.

Chapter 2 – Sunday

It was nice to finally feel at ease in this house. It felt different. I felt different. I got changed into my running gear and picking up the cigarettes from my bedside, deposited them in a litter bin on my way to the park. I wasn’t saying it was the end – I don’t have the willpower for that – but it was a start.

I ran my little legs off, and pleased with my progress on the way round I resolved to try and get into the Uni hockey team on my return. After the last few days I was reminded that being fit means better sex. I got back to the house and showered, and as I was getting dressed, I looked out and saw a taxi pull up. Gina came down the drive dragging a small overnight bag. I decided to give her some space to get herself sorted before we had the talk she had promised, so I caught up with Allie for a bit and told her about our little borderline-BDSM session. Let’s just say there was some envy there, and I was called a lot of unpleasant names. I’d pay for it down the line.

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