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His very first touches in the dark were a bit clumsy, though quite welcome so soon after laying down in the darkroom. Something he undoubtedly already knew as we continued to get more involved, his skills seeming to noticeably improve, perhaps merely due to becoming accustomed to the darkroom. We were direct, but unhurried, each step leading nicely to the next, following fairly universal concepts of nipple play and cock stroking. The baths are a place to enjoy sex with other men, an interest fully shared with the other visitors.

When it became fully apparent what step he wanted to indulge in next, it made me get the poppers ready, having decided to be fully decadent, doing a hit at the first wonderful sensations of entering a stranger’s mouth. His lips were soft and smooth, and feeling them on my cockhead was fantastic. Opening the bottle, I took a deep hit, trusting him to prolong the oncoming sexual bliss.

Breathing out, his lips moving on my shaft, saying “oh fuck .. slow suck .. god .. so good .. suck .. slut.” Soon only just able to moan as he began to take my gigantic feeling cock ever deeper into the soft wet infinity of his mouth. Squeezing his nipples, pulsing sensations through both of us, lost in sheer bliss, the very recently drunk pint of beer following a recent bowl adding to the experience of letting a man go down on my deliberately exposed horny cock. This sort of directness is one of the main attractions of the baths, it being maybe 15 minutes since entering before a man’s mouth was working its magic, sinking into the luscious delight of male oral sex.

Moving hands to his head, caressing, soon followed by pulling him up to start kissing, jacking him off as my hungry tongue went deep. Soon, we were kneeling to each other in the dark, my wet cock sliding along his stiff length, kissing in a way that just enhanced what was happening between us. By now, it is impossible to resist playing cock to cock with another man, overwhelmed by how sexy it feels, so different from a woman’s wet cunt, and yet just as desirable. Making the baths a perfect place to discover just how many other men are cock lovers too, wanting to get off that way in male only setting, one where men were free to have hot sex with other men.

Of course the cock sucking became mutual after the third or fourth kissing interval, eagerly going down on his sexy hardness, surprised at how well I could take its silky length deep. It was a real turn on to realize I was basically deep throating him, a skill that is still generally beyond me. Today, things were working out fantastically as his cock filled my mouth. He obviously was enjoying the oral action as I began to tweak his slippery nipples – of course we had already bathed each other’s nipples with our tongues, and the sweat made sure nothing dried off too soon.

I know I was the one to start rimming, after doing a hit of poppers, canlı bahis şirketleri knowing just how much he would love a dirty ass licking as my cock pushed ever deeper into his mouth, letting my desire to really turn on a man overwhelm me, spreading his ass cheeks wider so my tongue could go deeper, feeling his slutty reaction as his cock sucking slackened. When his mouth left my cock, I did another hit, knowing that his tongue would soon be bathing my ass. Which it did, as we became two rimming sluts, enjoying the sort of deliciously kinky sex that I have always associated with what men did to each other in a bathhouse.

The intimate oral pleasures continued in a glorious blur, kissing and licking and sucking, only lifting a bit when he began to speak about going to a cabin. At first, the words did not really register at all, especially since he went down on me after only briefly waiting for a response. When he asked again, now listening to the words, it was another interval before being able to grasp their meaning. He asked several more times, licking my nipple as I decadently played with the cock he had covered in spit, his wettened finger circling my ass so good. My mind was barely functional, but as thoughts arose, actions in a sequence were decided.

Agreeing as he went down on me, doing another hit of poppers, breathing out, saying “cabin .. oh fuck .. yeah .. sex cabin .. love .. sex .. naked men,” my cock growing so huge in his pleasuring mouth, aware of just having agreed to keep having sex with a stranger, something definitely impossible for me to turn down when so offered. In such a thoroughly aroused state, I am not all that mentally functional. There was also the unfamiliar challenge of dealing with needing to pee, something mentioned while following him out of the darkroom.

The upper level bathroom is fairly new and extremely convenient when required, such as now. Standing in front of the urinal, for a long satisfying time just letting piss flow, aware of just how perfectly the beer had done its job, being drank so quickly.

Returning to the darkroom entrance area, the booth right next to the entrance was no longer empty. Another man, still wearing a towel, stood in the doorway. This was somehow awkward, in the sense that though the man in the doorway was definitely new, it was hard to tell about the man sitting naked on the platform.

Part of this confusion was mine only, being a new member to a possible threesome. Really good sex is pure intoxication, and I was definitely open for more. As was the man on the platform, who had started blowing the standing man, pulling him fully into the space. The standing man was a bit taller and thinner than either of us, though his age was hard to judge, even if roughly equal to ours.

Considering the start of oral sex to be an invitation in a sense, I entered the cabin, arranging canlı kaçak iddaa towel and bag along the wall. Laying down and stretching out, playing with my cock watching a blow job right in front of me, knowing just how skilled the cock sucker truly was. After a bit, the cock sucker obviously offered the chance for me to suck my second cock of the day, and not just look on.

Doing a hit of rush first, I joined him at the third man’s stiff length, who easily accepted another mouth pleasuring his cock. Of course, getting closer, the cock sucker’s hand reached for my cock, reflecting what I’d already done to him while shifting position.

We continued pleasuring the other man in a number of ways, and ourselves to a lesser extent, but as time went on, it became far too clear that the new man was not actually a slut, and seemingly not all that aware of what really good sex meant. Something that my original partner and I could not avoid continue enjoying, though soon only with each other, easily returning to the same horny state we had shared in the darkroom. To the extent that the third man, no longer someone we were paying any real attention to, finally left the cabin. Apparently unable to grasp why he had been so eagerly pleasured at first, and ignored in the end.

Soon, the same fantastic sensations were flowing between us, teasing and satisfying temptation. We laid out on the platform, 69ing and rimming, fully aware of what men can do to each other when having sex. Sluts are neither servants nor slaves, they are people that understand giving and taking is the best way to play. With the full agreement of the other, enjoying and sharing pleasure, lost in heaven.

As time passed, the roles shifted, his desire to suck hard cock combining with my growing desire to be sucked. Soon becoming less concerned with actively pleasuring him, the sensations he was creating growing ever more tempting, slipping into an entrancing haze. The poppers played their part, a sex drug that goes perfectly with getting head from a talented man, feeling a slippery finger play with my ass, turning into his utterly willing cock.

Of course we also kissed between addictive sucking sessions, both of us playing with the other’s turned on nipples, going cock to cock at least once, jacking both of us while moaning about what a hot slut cocksucker he was, and how much I loved my dick filling his mouth, and how sex with men is irresistible

He did not say much, though several times after breaking a kiss, he would say what a sexy cock before going down on me again. Many men are not as vocal as I, but hearing a partner talk about your cock is always hot. And a cabin is a private space anyways, so speaking was certainly allowed.

Sluts take their time, and slowly, he brought me to the edge of cumming. Generally, this would have been the point to go somewhere else, to find other men canlı kaçak bahis to have sex with, but his desire to get me off was simply too powerful. His cock sucking and fingering had been perfect, leaving me suspended in paradise, with the pleasure growing ever more intense.

At some point, I gave up even thinking of resisting what was going to happen, making sure that the poppers were ready, and that it was clear where a condom was, in case. Having decided to cum, it took a delightful while to reach that point, his sucking building in a slow wave of sheer bliss, my hips starting to move as his finger slid back and forth.

Further, he was jacking off, to the point that as he kept going down on me, I could feel him cum, without interrupting what he was doing to me. This pushed me over the edge, finally allowing him to enjoy getting his mouth filled with hot cum.

His wet soft lips moving on my cock, I opened the poppers a final time, knowing that after this hit, he would be in complete charge. The most satisfying cocksucking does not involve suction precisely, it involves letting orgasm build until cum starts pumping so good, unleashing a torrent of pleasure. Something the best cocksuckers seem to understand, possibly because at this point, all of the very best blow jobs in my life have been performed by men.

All of whom have swallowed every drop of cum they could, in contrast to my experience with most blow jobs from women. Now, as the rush began to fill me, suction started to make its hot presence felt. Men are simply able to suck with more power than women, and feeling my cum rise in response was glorious. My cock started filling his mouth with hot pumping cum, an endless sense of cock centered size and power creating an overwhelming orgasm, starting to face fuck him at the end, thrusting my cock inside his swallowing yet still cum coated mouth.

Normally, after cumming like that, my cock is hypersensitive, but he seemed able to handle that fact easily, knowing that the border between too much and perfect is possible to obey. It is no longer a shock to realize that many men are totally addicted to sucking cock, and not just until cumming, but afterwards too.

Expertly remaining just inside the limits of what could be withstood, his ongoing oral mastery was undeniable. And he knew it, having taken complete control, balancing exquisitely between intense pleasure and unpleasant intensity. This became the sort of unbelievable cock loving that I had first experienced at a gloryhole, beyond orgasm, total surrender to another man.

Finally, he pulled away, gathering his things, saying “Fantastic – that was fantastic – amazing.”

Barely able to think, doing my best to respond with “extraordinary – wonderful – great.” Words were courtesy, a sharing of what had become memory. Before he left, I raised myself for a last kiss, then lay back again, totally wiped out.

Taking several minutes to re-enter reality, including mopping up our sweat with paper towels, I carefully went downstairs to shower and leave, I saw almost 2 hours had passed, almost all of it spent having sex with a single stranger.

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