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Kevin Harris later learns her name is really Francesca Parker, but her name badge reads Fran. The last place he would ever picture her working is an auto part store. Her curly black hair frames her soft round face, her sweet blue eyes, and those lips around the whitest of teeth; they all say any place but an auto parts store.

The thing he is the most fixated on now is the nearly empty right sleeve of her tee shirt. Not even the super short cut off jeans resting tight over her small hips or the tee shirt that bulges over what is obviously a pair of breasts with no bra and her nipples that are rock hard, can entice him from that sleeve. She slips one can of oil after another across the scanner and the missing arm now has him in a catatonic stupor.

“Twenty-three ninety-five. Will there be anything else?”

Those words roll off her tongue like a soft summer evening. She is turned just enough for him to see the outline of her missing arm hidden inside the sleeve and that is all he can think about.

“Sir, that will be twenty-three ninety-five.”

Poor Kevin is shocked back into reality like the zap of the paddles on a defibrillator.

“Whoa, sorry about that,” she almost moans as if she just had an orgasm. He hands her a twenty and a five and glances back to see if anyone else is in line. There is not. Fran scoops a nickel and a one-dollar bill from the till with her long slim fingers and hands it to him. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone go that deep into shock.” The smile that fills her face is even bigger than before. Her single hand pushes the brown paper bag towards him.

His fingers grip the bag so tightly that they poke though one side of the bag. “Will you have dinner with me?”

“What if Big Daddy will wipe up the garage with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your ass?” She drawls as if the year will end before she finishes.

“It would be worth it. Is there a Big Daddy?”

“Shucks no. I get off at five. Meet ya out front.”

They sit nearly alone in the pizza restaurant, she next to him. “Just cause I work at the auto parts place, they all think I’m just a dumb chick. I have a master’s degree in history. Worked in the museum of natural history for a year.” Fran pushes her sleeve up over her shoulder. “I did this and moved here. Pretty, isn’t it? I know you think so, I saw you staring at it so hard a meteor could have struck you dead and you’d not known it.”

Kevin’s mouth dangles open.

“Forgive me for talking like a piece of white trash. It is part of the act to fit in around here.”

“Your arm, did you really want it amputated?”

“Yes Kevin, for all my life I wanted that. I found a doctor and she amputated it a year ago. Now I live in the wilds of Edgerton County and I am starting my life over. In private, you can call me Francesca of you would like. I find it is too big a word for around here.” She giggles.

“Why open up to me?”

“You didn’t talk like a dumb hick. I figured you weren’t from around here.”

“I grew up in San Francisco and I recently bought the old Martin place up Highway 57.”

“I’ve driven by there. Dreadful shape, the barn looks ready to fall down. Sam Martin died, oh, eight years ago.”

“Nine. His children were tired of taking care of things and I took it off their hands.”

“Would you like some help changing the oil? I can give you a hand.” She almost rolls on the floor laughing; her hand grips her stomach as she rocks back and forth.

“I’m güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri glad you are pretty and have one arm, otherwise I might have to beat you for a joke like that.” He laughs. “Do you work on cars?”

“I do.”

“Sure, if you would like to come out, I’d love the company.”

“I’ve got a few things to do tonight, but maybe I could come out tomorrow morning. I don’t work on Fridays.”

Fran steps from her light green Chevy pickup truck and kicks the door shut with her foot. Kevin sits on the porch steps and watches her bare feet drag though the dirt. She is wearing a sleeveless tee shirt that barely covers her chest. The strong lines of cleavage change in shape as her breasts swing back and forth against the white fabric.


She waves her stump. “What, my nipples?” She giggles the little laugh that he would dearly love to hear all the time. Just as she nears the porch, she pulls the front of her tee shirt up and flashes him quickly.

“You might get dirty rolling around in the dirt little lady.”

She flashes him again, the this time leaves the tee shirt up over her bare breasts. Her hand rests on her hips cocked to one side. “Show me big boy.”

It takes seconds before she is undressed and his pants are off. They roll around and soon her legs are high in the air. His ass flies up and down as he slams his cock deep inside her. “Oh, baby,” she screams as she feels her orgasm start. “Oh Bo, fuck little Daisy … Yeah Big Daddy, fuck little sister. … Ah … ah-h … ah-h-h. By now her legs are tight around his back and she holds him close until her orgasm subsides.

“Good lordy, that was one Grade-A fuck darling. I think I remember you coming somewhere along the way. Oops, think güvenilir bahis şirketleri I must have slipped back into my white trash talk again.”

“Don’t matter darlin’,” he drawls as he mocks her. “Whoo wee, that was spectacular! I think you’r ‘most as horny as I is. Next time, we can takes our time.” He snickers.

“Smart ass. Yeah, a frenzied fuck does fill a need, but a long slow one is so-o much better.”

“There’s a pond back here. Do you want to wash off together? There is running water inside too.”

“Sure baby. I think I have found my man at last.” She bends over, wiggles her ass towards him, picks up her clothes, and then tosses them to him. “Make yourself useful.” She pulls a finger though her slit covered in his juices and then licks her finger clean. “Yum. Yup, found my man.”

He holds her hand. With each step as they pass the falling down barn, he watches her breasts slosh around on her chest. “What a nice package.”

Fran floats in the pond with her back on top of his hands. Her nipples are like periscopes sticking out of the water as he pulls her though the water. He removes one hand and fondles her stump. She twists her head and watches, moving the small piece of arm around in his hand.

“You picked a nice length.”

“I was left handed. I actually wrestled with the question of how long to leave it. I like it this length. It looks good, plus if I don’t want to show it off, it hides well in a tee shirt sleeve.”

“I noticed.”

“Goddamn, you were so funny at the store. I thought I would have to call an ambulance to get your heart started again.”

“Yeah, I was in a bit of a state. You shouldn’t do that to a guy.”

“Believe me, you weren’t the first. But the others were all….”

“Well this is one west coast boy that does not want to let you go.”

“I can stay, if you really want me too.”

“How about if you don’t have to work at the auto part store anymore?”

“Deal. Can we just roll in the dirt all day?”

“Well, maybe in bed all day, that is if you promise to talk nasty to me.”

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