It was a cold, gray Monday outside as I sat listlessly at the computer researching web sites and business publications for job opportunities. I had been out of work for almost six months, living off my severance package, a victim of the latest, greatest merger at MacroHuge Limited. Coming on the heels of my divorce a year earlier, it was quite a shock. Thankfully my employment contact provided for just such an occurrence; I would have little to worry about for quite some time to come.

In some ways the last six months had been quite beneficial and relaxing. Exercising every day had me in the best shape of my life; I had dropped 25 pounds and cut 3 inches from my waist line. Now my shoulders were wider than my waist again, and my stomach was as flat as a twenty year old kid. My sister, who was a stylist, cut my hair short — to hide the fact I was slowly losing it — and she had convinced me to dye my goatee to get rid of the gray. I know I must be looking better because last week I ran into a young woman I knew from MicroHuge and she invited me back to her place for some extracurricular activities. Not bad for an unemployed, 42 year old, 5’9″ office jockey.

None the less, I was getting bored. Looking for work is a full time job, and very time consuming. I followed the same routine most days; wake up early, work out for a while, make cold calls to businesses on my target list, reach out to contacts and colleagues looking for advice and leads, then spend the rest of the day browsing the web and trade pubs for opportunities.

I was just about to shut down for the day and head out to the local pub when the shrill ring of the telephone jarred me back to consciousness. Startled, I hit the speaker phone button on the third ring.

“Hello, this is Paul Baker.” I said, probably sounding as bored as I felt.

“Mr. Baker? This is Nina Mendez. I believe Jerry Robinson told you I would casino oyna be calling?” The voice was feminine — warm and friendly but also slightly husky and deep — with just a trace of an exotic accent. It was a voice that was dripping with sexual intrigue and erotic imagery. “Down boy,” I thought. “Just keep this strictly business.”

I instantly snapped back into the present. “Yes, of course. XMZ Products… Jerry mentioned it last weekend.”

Nina asked, “Is this a good time? I hope I am not calling too late?”

I thought I detected a trace of salsa in her accent. “No, don’t give it another thought.”

“OK, great! I assume Jerry told you about the role?”

“Yes, you are looking for a new CIO.”

“That’s right. As you know we have had several holes open up in our executive team in the last few months. My priority is to fill that specific hole right away.”

That bit about “filling a hole” instantly had my penis swelling. Her voice was so sexy and seductive that I was reading sexual innuendo into everything she said. I blurted out a rather impulsive response. “Well, I would love to fill your opening.”

I was sure I detected a saucy little giggle before she continued, “Jerry wanted me to have you come for a day of interviews. Does that sound OK?”

“Absolutely!” I said enthusiastically while thinking, “Oh, god. Did she actually say she wanted me to cum? I’ll do anything you want, baby; as long as I get to see the body behind that voice!”

We agreed upon Thursday as the best day for the interviews. “Well, that just about does it,” Nina said. “Are there any questions you want to ask me?”

I sure did! “How old are you? Do you have any pictures of you naked? Will you go out with me…?” But I didn’t ask any of them. It is a good thing speaker phones don’t have cameras, because the bulge in my pants was positively obscene.

“No, I can’t think of any right canlı casino now.”

“Well, be sure to call me if you think of any. I am really looking forward to meeting you in person Paul.”

“Thanks Nina. I am looking forward to it as well.”

“It was great talking to you. Good bye.”

“Good bye, Nina.” I hung up the phone and just sat there for a couple minutes until my raging hard on subsided. Then I headed out to grab dinner and a beer at my usual watering hole.

I had a few too many at the pub that evening, and stumbled back to my condo very late. I went into the bathroom, returned about a gallon of rented beer, and then somehow managed to shuck my clothes and pull on a rumpled pair of pajama pants before passing out on the bed.

Several hours later, I awoke abruptly. My breathing was ragged, my heart was pounding a hole in my chest, and I was bathed in sweat. There was also a noticeable sticky wetness in my pants. I thought “What the fuck,” as I sat up, flipped on the light and pulled down my pajamas. My entire tummy and groin were covered with globs of sticky, white cum.

I was shocked and a little embarrassed because I hadn’t had a wet dream since my first semester in college. I thought to myself, “This isn’t supposed to happen to 40 year old men.” Flopping back onto the pillow, I closed my eyes for a second, waiting for my breathing to return to normal. Suddenly, the memory of the dream rushed back into my head; a vivid, highly erotic dream.

I was standing in a small circle of light in a very dark room. My hard cock was sliding through a circle of slippery fingers tipped with deep red; sliding repeatedly into the warm, sucking tunnel of a woman’s mouth. For a just a fleeting moment I caught a glimpse of a pair of full, pouty lips, as she pushed them down over the fat head of my swollen cock and wiggled her tongue back and forth along the underside of my very kaçak casino sensitive glans.

“Do you like that, baby?” she asked, pulling her mouth off me and using her hand to pump up and down on my dick. “Do you like the way I suck your cock? Do you want to cum in my mouth, baby?”

I recognized the voice instantly; the girl from the call today! It was Nina’s voice! A shock wave of excitement coursed through me, causing my heart to race and my cock to swell even further. I still couldn’t still see a thing, yet somehow I knew she was naked and kneeling in front of me. Looking down, I saw only her eyes; deep, dark pools of desire staring back at mine, needy and demanding.

She quickly assumed a regular rhythm, sliding my rigid tool in and then back out again, her deep, red lips forming a tight ring around the slick shaft. I reacted to my rapidly growing need and reached out blindly, grabbing a handful of her soft hair, guiding her sweet mouth over my throbbing penis and ensuring she couldn’t pull away. Her technique was incredible and her talent undeniable; I quickly lost myself in the sheer pleasure of it.

“Oh, fuck,” I warned her, “that’s gonna do it. I am going to cum!” I could feel it starting in my balls, a burst of warmth that grew and spread until I exploded convulsively, spewing cum into the warm, moist cavern of her pretty mouth. She never stopped sucking as multiple jets of cum splattered against the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow hard several times as she tried to keep up with the flow from my spewing hose.

When I finally stopped shooting, she pulled back and let my limp dick slip out of her mouth.

“Ummmmm,” she said, licking those painted red lips, “That was just right.”

That must have been the point where I woke up. I climbed out of bed and staggered into the bathroom to clean myself up, the memory still vivid in my mind. “Goddamn, I can’t wait to find out what she looks like.” I thought as I crawled back into my warm bed. Then I realized I still had two more nights to dream about her and I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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