Introducing the rooster to the cat

Dorothy felt my cock driving into her, and her back stiffened. Then she let out a sound that was almost ethereal in its depth, nature, and passion – not quite a growl, but certainly not a word, and maybe, not even human. Only as my cock was buried deep inside of her, did she open her eyes.

“Grrrurrrrfff”, or something similar, what what I heard emerge from her mouth.

The next few seconds were a blur, as she shifted from being lazily asleep on her stomach to stretching herself forwards, holding onto furniture for stability, as we enjoyed the coupling of our bodies. My cock, pulsing with love, passion, and lust. Her cunt, gripping and begging to be filled, wet, tight, and quivering as her whole body shifted, receiving the challenge that my entry had proposed with an assertive, playful, spontaneous joy.

Her cunt was tight and small compared to my long but narrow cock, due to how we were built. The seven years since she had given birth, and the kegal and other exercise that she had done since then, had allowed her to not only regain elasticity but also develop even stronger awareness of how to clamp down on a cock intentionally.

As my cock thrust deep into her, she would rotate towards it, then away, then towards, allowing me to pull back halfway, rotate my own hips, then slide in again. It was as if our hips were dancing with each other, showing our intelligence and consciousness, rather than just slamming into each other like two pigs would casino oyna do mindlessly.

“How your pussy get so sweet?” I said, remembering a joke we had shared.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she said, in a deep voice that bordered on a growl. “Fill my fucking cunt with that sweeeettttt dickie.”

The very air that we breathed seemed thick with sex, but also, aglow in a faint purple haze….

Enjoying the moment would be the prudent thing to do, but as our hips trusted and rotated, and my hands grabbed her waist and occasionally one hand spanked her buttock, my mind was actually in a more reflective mode, as if I was having a philosophical debate with myself.

I tried to drown it out, not wanting to falter in a single stroke or nuance of the proactive fucking that we were experiencing together. Our motion slowed down, then sped up, then slowed down again, as we found a rhythm that was an embodiment of grace. We rode our own bodies, and they gave us such ecstasy.

My cock started to throb within her, and I began to pull back on her waist, to raise her ass in the air so I could ram into her doggie style, but she had other plans. Or, I should say, my mind inside her had other plans.

I was soon half-sitting with her legs straddling me, my cock inside her, her hands gripping the bed covers as she faced me, eyes half closed, moaning and occasionally saying “fuck” and “cunt” with half-empty lungs, as she breathed hard and fast, just as we were fucking.

One hand on her canlı casino waist, the other more on her ass, I thanked my time in the gym for giving me the confidence to try this position as I lifted and twisted her back and forth on my cock, supporting some of her weight with my arms.

“Fuck. Cunt. Fuck. Cunt.”

Her eyes rolled back in her eyes, and I started to laugh from my stomach. In a deep, almost animal voice, I proclaimed: “feel my rod of iron deep within your yoni. Envelop my sword with your vagina. Muhahahaha!”

She bit her lip and smiled a bit, but it was a devious smile, as if she wanted to re-assert herself. In an amazing feat of flexibility (she had been going to the gym as well), she bent above the waist, grabbed onto my shoulders, and pulled herself into a position that she was sitting on top of me, facing me… I shifted with her onto my back, and soon she was on top of me, riding me, twisting and bouncing on my penis as she groaned and laughed with a similar voice, much deeper than her normal one.

My hands found her breasts, and I pushed my hips upwards as she rode me.

Hard and harder we pushed, fucked.

My mouth found her breasts, and she found a new rhythm as she was feeding her vagina with my cock. All of my usual high-level thoughts were, at this time, totally gone, and I was as high as a kite, riding the euphoria of the experience.

“You better cum for me,” she said. She knew that I could last out for hours, if I wanted to.

Feeling kaçak casino her engulf me, riding, groaning, and talking in a voice which bordered on demonic, however, made me feel like we had entered a deep, warm, safe place where I could leg go of my own self-control, or at least appear to, and let myself embrace the moment.

“Here it comes,” I said.

“Yeahhhh?” she said, and ground her cunt down own top of me hard.

My hard cock throbbed and spurted, and she rotated her hips and moaned.

I almost went insane as I felt out orgasm from both of our perspectives. There was no her body and my body… we together were the orgasm, expressing itself through a two part union which can only be sketched in words, only the experience itself can be known.

I closed my eyes and leaned back against the bed. I felt as if I was seeing myself from another perspective, and that my body was glowing gold, hers was glowing silver, and the room was illuminated by a gentle purple glow and a throbbing pink light which seemed to be coming out of her lower back.

I placed my hands on her back, one low near her butt and the other stroking along her spine. As she lay on top of me, our genitals still throbbing a bit, I heard her make a low rumbling purr. It felt like I was in a heavenly state, my still hard cock engulfed in her natural sheath, and feeling the interplay of our sexual, friendly, and spirited subtle fields as an almost tangible warmth.

For a few moment, I thought we would go for a second round, but suddenly she got up and off me, heading wordlessly to the bathroom. I figured she was going to pee, so I just closed my eyes and drifted off into an afterglow-based bliss….

to be continued….

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