An interlude between two consenting adults. Many thanks in advance – I hope you enjoy.

You’ve just come home from work. Bitchy, tired, and aching, you head off to the shower. As you strip down, you roll your neck muscles in one hand, and close your eyes. Sighing, you turn on the water, and let it heat up; trying to forget about the day, and still trying to knead the stress from your aching muscles. You walk to the stereo system, and put in the light acoustic fingerstyle guitar arrangements of Antoine Dufour before turning your attention back to the shower.

As you step in, you smile gratefully, and just let the hot streaming water run over you. You’ve got your back to the entrance of the shower, and you’re just crumpled against the far wall; rolling your shoulders under the water. My eyes are fixated on your form whilst I walk towards you. You’ve not noticed that I’ve entered behind you. My arms slide around you, as I press my breasts against your back. I begin to massage your neck and shoulders; gently kissing down the side of your neck, back.

You turn towards me, and I slide a hand round the back of your neck and pull you closer, pressing a loving kiss to your lips, feeling you relax. I ask you to spin round again, as I grab your soap, and gently start sudsing up your back. I kiss the back of your neck, as I travel my soapy hands up and down both your arms, down your sides, over your chest. casino oyna Working that lather in, as my hands squeeze and massage away all the stresses of the day. I soap my hands back up again, and run my hands over your ass, and travel down to caress your thighs with that rich lather.

I kneel behind you to massage and wash your legs. I bring my hands between your legs, and lightly glide over the underside of your balls. The heat and the steam, combined with your nakedness, and the pleasure it brings me exploring your body with that soap, and my hands has gotten me aroused. Compulsively, I start to nibble and lick at your bum and the backs of your thighs; gently caressing where my tongue has been. I turn my attentions towards your hole, and gently lick and flick around it before slowly entering. Have you ever been fucked up the ass with a warm wet tongue before? I can hear you moaning, and that sweet music has gotten me so hot. So aroused.

I turn you round again, and as I gaze at your hardness, I need no instruction – I know exactly what to do, as I lick you with one long solid stroke from ass all the way to the tip of your hardened cock. I hear you moan as I do so, and again as I slide you into my mouth. Sitting up straighter on the balls of my feet, I bring my hands round to your ass for support, and gently knead it whilst I rock back and forth on my feet. I stop just long enough to slowly pull my canlı casino mouth just to the tip, and then lower myself to lick the length of you again. I reverse my licking, and gently take your balls into my mouth, sucking one, and then the other in turn. I lick you in one fluid movement again starting from your ass, rising from my feet, up your left side, alllllll the way up to your chest. I gently flick your nipple with my tongue before continuing to your neck, reaching behind me to shut off the water in turn.

We stand dripping, kissing feverishly, moaning softly, hands exploring each other, for quite some time, your cock between my legs rubbing my clit whilst you slide it backwards and forwards. Your face is flushed, breathing laboured, your penis dripping with precum and extremely hard; you moan that you need to fuck me, and now. You use your knee to part my thighs, and you lower yourself, coming underneath me. Using a guiding hand, you slide your cock effortlessly into me, as you raise the both of us up. Jumping up a little bit, I wrap my legs around you, as you hold me behind my back for support. Very carefully you walk with me, cock still balls deep into my reddened and damp pussy, and sit down on a chair. I rock back and forth, and slightly raise and lower myself on your cock as I kiss you. Tongues exploring each others mouths.

You lean back in the chair, and grab my hips as you angle yourself kaçak casino upwards, bouncing me up and down. I lean backwards so you can suck at my nipples as I fuck you a little harder. I can feel the foreskin of your cock as it rubs against my clit. Moaning and cursing towards the ceiling, I straighten back forward, kiss you again, and then tell you that I want you to take me, and make me yours. You raise from the chair again, as I wrap my legs around you again, and walk me backwards, kissing me deeply, to lay me across your bed. You throw my legs either side of your head, so as you have great purchase to my pussy, and grabbing my hips, you enter me swiftly. You suck at my breasts as you pull your cock out just to the tip, and then drive into me again, lifting me slightly from the bed. Again, and again you drive your cock forwards, I can feel your moans against my breasts whilst your roughly suck at them.

Breathlessly I tell you that I’m about to orgasm, and that I want you to come with me. Groaning and smiling in pleasure, you fuck me faster, harder. Sweat pouring down over our bodies. I watch your cock sliding in and out of me, and I lose it. I scream your name as I cum, clamping down on your cock rhythmically. Moaning, writhing, you quickly slide out, and ejaculate huge loads of cum over my neck, breasts, stomach. As you collapse onto me, kissing me again and again, I curl around you to find our hearts beating as one like little jackhammers. We stay like that as our breathing finally slows, and we drift off to sleep, still curled around one another. The last words you hear before you finally sleep are “I love you.”

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