As she closed my bedroom door, I felt my body instantly step beside hers, wrapping my arms around her slim petite body and holding her close against me. I felt her place her soft hands on mine as I kissed her neck softly, a slight smile crossing my lips as I heard her let out a tiny moan. I felt her hand slide up my neck, as her nails gently trailed along my skin I couldn’t help but let out a small moan, I could feel everywhere she touched and it felt so relaxing.

I kissed her neck a little harder and I slid my hand under her top and pulled it up and over her head, exposing her body and the black and white bra I loved so much, with a small pink bow in the middle. Before I could hold her half naked body against me, she smiled and slipped my top off, and began stroking my chest. The feeling of her hands examining my chest, going back over the parts and details she loved. I looked down, hoping to get a glimpse into her beautiful eyes and I see her biting her lip in her seductive way, with her eyes focused on my chest.

Without a second to allow my mind to wander or to allow the unbelievably sexy girl in my arms to escape I led her over to my bed and laid her down on top of my covers as I moved down beside her, embracing her, pressing my lips against hers as we kissed and kissed, getting faster as I felt her get more and more into it, making my excitement grow and the urge to lose control and completely give myself to the seductress who I loved so much. Our legs entangled as I unhooked her bra with one hand and helped her lift it off with the other, tossing it aside. I gently squeezed her breasts before planting a few casino oyna kisses in the centre of her chest, where the ribbon had been. She closed her eyes, as I tried to imagine what thoughts were swirling around in her and I wondered if she felt the intimacy that I did and if she was hoping for the same thing I was.

Moving my hands down to her hips I trailed one of her sensitive areas just above her jeans, feeling her body slightly jerk. I stroked the inside of her thighs and moved up, pressing my hand against her through her underwear, making her let out a gasp from the pleasurable feeling. I fumbled about with her belt and jean buttons, as we looked at each other and laughed her smile enchanted me the way it always does, then once I had slide her jeans off I climbed on top of her and began kissing her again, starting with her lips, then her neck, down to her collar and chest, then as I descended down her soft body I trailed my tongue down her stomach, paying careful attention to quickly slide back up for a moment and continue down, pressing my tongue and lips against her now very warm skin. Then when I got to her underwear I noticed the pattern and colours matched her now discarded bra and I couldn’t help but smile and find this co-ordination add to her already breath taking sex-appeal.

I pressed my lips; hard, against her through her underwear, and kissed her thighs, feeling her twitch and hearing the melodic sound of her pleasure fuelled moans. Then as I kissed up, I slid her underwear off, and throw it with the matching bra as I kissed her body, then down to her pussy, as I laid as kiss, I heard a now louder moan, followed canlı casino by many more as I slid my tongue up against her, letting out moans of my own. I gently pulled her hips down towards me as I gently began to suck on her clit, as my actions were followed by quieter murmurs of Yes or Oh, god! I kept at this using my tongue faster and faster, moaning from how turned on and hard it was making me, assisted by the moans of the beautiful girl I was performing this act on. Until suddenly I felt her fingers entangle in my hair as her body jerked, somewhat violently, as louder clearer moans escaped her soft lips. As she came, I held her closer, still using the sucking and licking motions to make it more pleasurable for her.

After her body relaxed, I quickly moved up and began kissing her lips, as I took my jeans and underwear off, pressing my body against hers; she let out a quick gasp. As we continued kissing she moved one her hands down, and gently wrapped her hand around me, feeling how hard I was. Then I felt how wet she was as she rubbed me against her pussy, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. Then she slowly pulled me inside her, as I slightly pushed my hips towards her, we both let out moans, the feeling of being inside the girl I loved was amazing. I moved my hips back and forth, each time sliding in a little deeper. Holding myself up I looked down at all her body, I could see the curves of her waist up to her slender neckline, which lured me in to begin kissing her as I started sliding in and out faster, pushing myself slightly harder against her. Then as I slid all the way in and pulled her hips towards me I felt her body kaçak casino twitch and jerk, as I felt her body tighten inside her. As she came, she moaned and held me close, her nails digging into me. The slight pain that came from this turned into extreme pleasure as the feeling spread across my body. Although her body was tight I continued to slide in and out, making her moan out my name, making her orgasm more and more intense, as the pleasure shot through her body.

After she came I started kissing her and whispered to her ‘Go on top baby,’ and we switched roles, I laid back as she straddled me and she careful slid me inside her, and as she let her lips move down against mine I slid all the way into her, making her moan. As she rubbed her hips back and forth, grinding against mine I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. Placing my hands on her hips I pulled her down and pushed my hips against her, getting in deep. I could feel how wet she was and I loved it. After pushing against her and sliding in and out I felt her body started to tighten as she came again.

She slowly pulled me out of her and we switched back to our previous position. I slid back in her, sliding in deep as I thrust against her. Then I starting sliding in and out slowly, not going in as deep, but I moved up so my dick rubbed against her clit. Then as I kept going and going I let out moans, moaning her name and how good being inside her felt. I went slightly faster; getting a little deeper, until I felt my body go tight and I jerked let out a gasp and then pressed my body against hers and I couldn’t help but moan from the pleasure that was racing through my body, making her shake and shiver. I came inside her and this in turn made her body shake as we climaxed together, I then kissed her neck and said ‘I love you,’ with a ‘I love you too,’ in return.

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