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Once again, Agent Long & Agent 96 was probing around the headquarters of the Evil Wicked Wanda, this time to find & retrieve the mysterious Vulcanus ring. The priceless ring had been stolen from its rightful owner & was alleged to give special powers to who ever possessed it. The Evil Wicked Wanda was the wrong person to have such powers & the world was in grave danger as long as she had control of the ring.

They had climbed into the compound through an unsecured window & split up over an hour ago. Now Agent Long was niggling down a dark hallway when he thought he heard the muffled sounds of a woman struggling. Following the resonance led him toward a door at the end of a long hallway. As he peered into the key hole he could just see a woman’s beautiful bare feet – tied up & hanging over the arm of a couch. Her feet were flailing about in such a way that told him she was in distress. He wondered where his partner was & if that woman could be her. He was so consumed that he didn’t notice them approaching from behind.

“Would you like to join her, Agent Long?” Flanked on either side by her guards, Wicked Wanda stood looking down at the startled Mr. Long, with a menacing smirk. Her guards grabbed & dragged him into the room with the couch.

Wicked Wanda had Agent Long stripped down to his boxers & tied up in a chair near the foot of the couch. It was indeed his partner all tied up on the couch with most of her clothes ripped off. They both looked at each other, helplessly. Even under the circumstances, he couldn’t help thinking how hot she looked – struggling on the couch almost completely naked-her large breasts dancing & swimming wildly with her every move. Her pretty feet were propped up & pointing toward him – her long, painted bahis firmaları toes just inches from his face. Her silken, wrinkled soles were just within reach of his tongue & he began to get aroused. He noticed Agent 96’s eyes widen as she noticed his stiffening rod peaking out & growing very quickly down his leg, but all he could do was to give her a feeble smile.

Wicked Wanda sauntered in the room, gasping when she saw Agent Longs’ enormous hard-on. “OH MY!-You really are Mr. LONG, aren’t you?” she taunted. Looking over at her, Wanda pinched one of Agent 96s’ nipples very roughly-causing her to shriek, & continued saying, “Yes, she is quite a dish, isn’t she? My guards have been enjoying her immensely.” She walked slowly over to Agent Long & squatted down next to him – clamping her hand tightly around his thick shaft – squeezing, massaging & making him fully erect. She whispering in his ear, “You are quite a dish as well, Mr. Long. Mmmmm…I need to play with your big monster & since you can’t stop me anyway…”

Wanda produced a small, blade from her gown. “Stay very still, Mr. Long.” she ordered, “You don’t want me to cut the wrong thing off of you.” With a slit & yank, Agent Long was completely naked. Both Agent 96 and Wicked Wanda stared in awe as his incredible cock bobbed & swayed to its new freedom before them.

Squatting down again & holding him gently in her hands, she gave his cock head a little peck, looked up at him & declared, “I’d say you rather like being all tied up & having your great big beautiful cock fondled & played with by a beautiful woman.” She continued kneading & rolling his now throbbing shaft slowly & gingerly in her soft, warm hands adding, “Hmm, you’re so long & thick. I bet this isn’t the first kaçak iddaa time a girl has had you all tied up & had her way with you.”

“The look of amazement tells me your partner did not know what a big sexy cock you had? You seem pretty aroused by her pretty bare feet all tied up & so close to your face. I saw you were getting ready to lick them, weren’t you?” Wanda asked with a teasing tone suddenly letting go of him & giving his hard-on a swift slap. Wanda & Agent 96 watched his stiff rod bounce & sway heavily-settling to its own weight before Wanda announced, “Well, I have a little game I want to play with both of you.”

“I know why you both are here.” she went on, “You’re looking for the Vulcanus ring. Well here it is” & she held a large ring in her hand. Agent Long & Agent 96 just looked at each other in disbelief. It wasn’t a ring for ones’ finger at all, but instead was a cock ring! Then she slid the ring over & all the way down Agent Longs’ long shaft.

“I’m going to leave you two alone for one hour.” she informed her captives, producing & placing a small sand timer on a nearby table. She continued with, “If Agent 96 can remove the ring using only her pretty, bound feet, then the ring is yours & I will let you both go. One hour! I’ll be back!”

Wicked Wanda left the room after placing the baby oil on a table near Agent 96s’ feet & again the agents looked at each other in disbelief. It seemed far too easy, but it proved to be not so simple after-all. Agent 96 positioned her bare feet under & around Agent Longs’ cock, so that she could press her toes against either side of his shaft, in an effort to grasp the ring. Merely feeling her long, sexy toes kneading & grasping his cock made him stiffen even more, tightening the ring kaçak bahis around him-making it imposable to slide off.

After several tries Agent 96 finally concluded, “You’re cock just keeps getting harder when I rub my feet against you & then I can’t get the ring off. I didn’t know my bare feet turned you on so much so I’m going to just have to get you off so you’ll soften a bit. Ready?”

Her brightly painted toes felt so wonderful clamped tightly around his huge cock. Her golden tan feet contrasted sharply against his throbbing, creamy colored shaft, as she traced her toes along the thick engorged blood vessels that fed into his incredible manhood. She used her toes to grasp his large purple cockhead with one foot & then she would rub her warm silky soles against it with the other foot. He began to throb intensely & she must have felt it too, as she positioned her bare feet to prepare for him to cum-clamping her toes tightly over the end of his giant cock. He exploded all over her pretty feet, spraying his jiz between her wonderful, long toes & leaving white pools of hot goo against her soft, sun baked skin all over her body & reaching even her face & hair. He seemed to pump endlessly, one huge gusher after another until her bare feet, hair & body were sticky & drenched, glistening from their messy invasion.

While Agent Long was resting & recuperating, Agent 96 took advantage of the moment to try removing the ring off her partners’ softened cock. She got her toes around the ring & pulled. It was starting to work! The ring was moving as she continued to pull. It was almost off. Just another couple inches & they’d be free!

The door slammed open with a loud bang & Wanda waltzed saying loudly, “Time’s up! Do you have the ring or are you staying here?” Seeing Agent 96s’ toes still clamped around the ring & the progress she had made, Wanda noted, “Oh, that’s too bad, dear. You were so close…, but not close enough, I’m afraid!”

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