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It was just an accident; an everyday occurrence but we would never be the same again.

Its Friday, I’m finishing the testing on some very powerful new perfume. I work in the testing lab, and the science geeks have put together a new compound that should drive men wild. It’s my job to test that the solution is not harmful, that it can’t have a negative reaction to the skin, eyes, or nose. We don’t test on animals anymore, just test solutions. Maybe if we did conduct tests on animals, none of the following would have happened.

The phone buzzed.

“Shan, you coming!?”

“Where?” It’s Elizabeth.

“We’re all gathered in the meeting room for Holly’s wedding shower. Remember?”

“Right, right. Be there in a sec.” I hang up, grab the concentrated vial of liquid. I intend to stay at the shower for a few minutes and then run this down to mixing so that they can find the right combination of scents to combine with this so-called “love” potion.

I can hear the girls all laughing as I approach the room. I step through the door and watch the proceedings. Holly is opening some gifts, some very naughty items. I’m tossed a box of edible canlı bahis underwear and that’s when it happens.

The vial slips from my hand as I grab for the thrown box, it hits the floor and the glass breaks, the liquid pooling on the floor. Protocol says to isolate the are and so I close the door, probably the only thing any of us are grateful for later. There are eight of us in the room.

“What was that Shannon?”

“Anything to worry about?” asks another.

“No, no, everything’s okay, just a new perfume.” I reply.

“Doesn’t smell so nice?!” Elizabeth says, taking a deep breath.

“It’s not the finished product, just one of the aroma drivers.” I answer. And that’s about the last clear thought any of us have for an hour. Suddenly my heart is racing, my skin is hot, and I’m sweating and terribly, awfully aroused.

I mean, I am instantly, painfully sexually aroused. My nipples are pushing through my bra, blouse and lab coat. My crotch is tingly and loosening up with moisture. I glance at the others and they are obviously feeling the same, their faces flushed with inner heat.

We can’t help it, the need is too great. Some bahis siteleri cry in despair when they realize they have no control, and worse, that they must satisfy it right now, right here with just us girls. I’m pushing Elizabeth back against one of the walls, our lips open and tongues probing. We’re working each other’s cloths off in a panic. Someone is helping me from behind till we are naked and she is bury her face between my ass cheeks, pushing my legs apart in an effort to lick my dripping cunt.

My left hand is holding Elizabeth’s right leg up, my right hand deep in her sex, pushing and fucking her with at least three fingers. She’s crying, knowing another woman is invading her like no other ever has and yet she needs me.

There’s an orgasm from me first and I move away to allow the girl behind me to perform oral on Elizabeth. It’s Carol and I quickly lay down on the floor behind her, slide up and begin to perform oral on her while she tongues Elizabeth.

Carol is rocking back and forth on my face hard, almost painfully and cums in a huge gush. I go to slide back out when there’s a weight on my groin, my right leg lifted up and away. bahis şirketleri Someone is grinding their sex against mine, pushing and rocking, our lips open to each others, sharing juices.

How many times, which partners, what positions? It was impossible to keep track off. I started to gain control while laid on my belly on the table, my legs open and dangling off one end, and Holly’s mouth and tongue fucking me. I’m telling you this but I didn’t tell Holly but I could have quit then, I was gaining control but instead I continued to push back at her, continued to let her fuck me till I came.

Three of us now stood and looked at each other, angry and embarrassed. We looked at the others still engaged in sexual runting and we began to try and pull them apart. We still had to fight some of them off as they were still affected by the chemical. Elizabeth had her face in her hands and crying. Some were angry with me.

Cooler heads prevailed and we agreed it was out of our hands, not our faults, and not another word would be said about this. Clothes were found and put on, hair adjusted as best as possible and one by one we left the room. I heard later two people including Elizabeth quit that day. But I think the big surprise to me was as we were leaving the room, Carol slipped her wet panties into my lab coat and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Strange things happen.

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