Yes, my nipples become like pylons when I have to go into those buildings where the AC is like a meat locker. No, I can’t help it, except when I can…..

Take this damn clinic. It was freezing and I was losing blood.

OK, technically, I was selling blood.

I had had the virus, and now they wanted my plasma. Good money. Maybe someone lived.

For five days, I thought I’d be dying when I had it. Then I got better.

Now I was freezing in the clinic every two weeks.

* * *

We were all shutdown. I tanned by the pool in the apartment complex, cashing my $600 a week. Crazy politicians.

We were, um, socially distanced. No one came to the pool anyway, so it didn’t make much difference. I had tan lines like a model. There was no one to see them.

Every day started to be the same dull routine. I was hornier than ever. Bored. Couldn’t go anywhere.

I groaned while I did my yoga. Did laps in the pool for kicks.

Largely by accident, I was in the best shape ever. Damn, girl, all that bod and no men around.

Then I got sick. Probably picked it up at the supermarket. No one wore masks then. Stupid stupid stupid.

I recovered. Slowly I got back into the pool, back into yoga, because rage scrolling is just crazy.

* * *

I would walk the fifteen blocks to the clinic. I love the summer. The temps soared into the 90s, then up each day. Humidity made me feel almost moldy.

No, my boss said, the office is closed. Stay home. Be safe. Yada yada. Were on the speaker phone. He didn’t know I was naked, talking to him about what the company might do once things were going again.

Or how his traveling eyes were going to bug out when and if I ever got back to the office. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my cleavage and ass before, well, honey if he could see it all now. I thrust my chest out as he kept yammering about his stupid casino oyna warehouse problems. My tits were proud and my nipples were super-thick. I pinched one as we talked.

I can be bad that way. No one ever knows.

* * *

So I sold blood plasma. They paid in charged-up Visas. I had a pile of them now.

Each time I went, I saw this nurse guy, covered in a mask, face shield, hazmat plastic suit over scrubs. No name tag.

I called him, “Drac”.

He’d hook me up after the long list of safety protocols. Then out goes the good stuff, in goes the replacement.

Last visit, I wore a pair of nylon running shorts and a silvery tank top. Big mistake. I froze in their damn refrigerator AC. I got the chair by the AC vents. And my bra was this light thing, all cotton, and it hid nothing.

There were two pylons on each of my boobs called frozen nipples. Dammit. I think he understood because he threw a blanket over me, this airline-looking fuzzy thing in a plastic wrapper.

Drac was a pro. I got my cards.

* * *

Last week, I thought I’d plan for the deep freeze. I wore these yoga pants that makes me look like I’m 23 again. Put a gray thong underneath. I was going to tease old Drac, or young Drac. Whatever. Would he be pleased to be vamped on? He has beautiful brown eyes. Of course, that’s all I can see are those big brown eyes, dark brown eyebrows, and his shoes with the booties on them.

Drac looked tall, something over six feet. He has a deep calm voice. Then he drinks my blood into the plasma machine. He gave me my cards. And he waved goodbye, standing by the door for a long time. Ok, I put some swing in my step. No use wasting hot yoga pants, am I right?

It was sweltering. I was almost soaked to the skin by the time I got home to my tiny apartment. I stripped off and got into my tiniest bikini. It’s legal, but not by much. I hurried canlı casino down to the pool. The heat hit me like a two by four when I opened the door, but at the pool, it was just me.

I put down my tiny purse and towel and jumped in. Oh baby it felt good. I started swimming easy laps.

There was a shadow, but I ignored it. I had two more laps to go to make twenty. I did it and pulled myself out of the pool, shook it, pulled my hair back, and low and behold, another apartment dweller.

* * *

Yes, I was almost naked but it felt good. A breeze rushed by and made it worth every second of it, the nice chill in the warm wind. I know I was looking good. As I looked, oh yes, it’s a guy. Handsome. No wedding ring. Bushy hair. Needed a shave but kind of sexy that way, I thought. I think my nipples were tenting my top in the breeze. Damn.

Did he notice me? I watched his sunglasses subtly follow me to my lounger. I took a swig of my flavored water and put on my sunglasses. We were across the pool from each other, almost directly.

Ahhhhhhh. The breeze continued. I put my earbuds in and hit the music.

He was tapping his toes, too. Had on those board shorts things. No eye candy in those things, I think. But he did have a nice shape. A little hairy. Strong arms. No man boobs. Looking good, I thought. Looking good.

That breeze kept coming. What little I wore was chilling me. I got lost in the music. Then I noticed him get up.

Uh oh, he was walking around the pool, and yeah…. towards me. Dammit. I didn’t have a mask!! Shit!

* * *

He got closer and now I’m a little scared, as all women do when a big hulking guy, handsome or not, gets closer when you’re not quite naked. Ok, and horny as hell, but wanting things on your terms…..

Straight up to me he comes.

“Uh, hello!” he says.

Ok so far. Hiding quite the pouch there, kaçak casino buddy. Maybe I like board shorts after all.

I smile.

“You don’t remember?” he says. No, I’d have remembered this guy, I’m sure.

My head shakes no. My nipples say yes.

There’s this long pause.

“I Vont To Drink Your Blooood” he says in a camp accent.


“Oh, it’s YOU!!! I didn’t recognize you with your clothes almost off!!”

We laugh, maybe a little nervously. I think he’s scanning my body. I’m OK with that. And uh huh, that lump is getting a little stiffer.

* * *

That little lump turns out to be a whopping stiff one and I’m worried about my little coochie and that big hard thing, but as I straddle him in his apartment, oh yes, baby, it fits and well. His fur tickles my clittie and he can’t take his eyes off my boobies, which are being very well entertained by his soft tongue, over and over.

I give him the full-on fuck treat. Yeah. His large hands are underneath my butt cheeks, lifting me up and down, but hey baby, I wanna go DOWN!!! I wanna grind on this guy! Eventually, he gets the idea. Fuck does he ever fill me up!!

For a second, I’m alarmed. I don’t remember his name, and he’s gonna cream inside of me with millions of his little swimmers. Yes, I’m on the pill, but still, the slut thing is feeling strong and the nurse I’m riding feels very very safe and quite fun!! Did I mention the man can kiss my bikini off?

He seems like he’s getting bigger and thicker. I better get mine, so amazingly, almost on command, I cum on that fuckstick of his. I was louder than I actually wanted but WOW what delicious long orgasm! Babe!!

I can’t feel if it’s my own cunny cream or his boy juice but somehow we both just got really really wet down there and it feels so damn good!!!

So I lay on him, in my summer daze, all nice and wiped out. His manhood finally retracted. Took a while.

I kiss the hell out of him, feeling a bit dreamy, and ask him his name.

His eyes shoot to the left. Uh oh… wrong reaction.

“Vlad,” he replies.

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