It was a hot evening in July the beauty of our surroundings just took away the feel of the heat, beginning to get dark as the sun set ever so beautifully over the water, standing on the balcony looking out over the water, the palm trees swaying, the scent from the ocean is heavenly.

To my surprise you come up behind me quietly, slipping your arms around my waist, “ what are you staring at?” whispering softly holding me against you.

“I’m not really staring at anything, I’m just so completely overwhelmed, this place is so beautiful it makes me not want to ever go back.” I reply softly as a gentle breeze blows over us.

My body shivers placing my hands on your upper arms holding them tighter to me as my head rests on your chest, stroking my hair gently, kissing my neck softly.

“We have all night” you whisper in my ear, slowly we sway back and forth together my hands reaching up behind me, my fingers running through your hair as your hands run slowly down my sides.

Taking my hand turning me to face you, wrapping your arms around me, your lips meeting with mine, our hands exploring each others bodies slowly, feeling your warm lips on my neck my head lays back, the feel of your lips on my skin takes me to heaven.

Gently you begin removing my half sweater, my hands working the buttons on your shirt, kissing each spot with every button I undo, my hands slipping inside it sliding up your chest, slowly pushing it off your broad shoulders.

My hands moving gently up and down your back, I love the feel of your warm skin on my hands I just can’t ever get enough of the way you feel, kissing your way gently down my neck to my chest, stopping at my breasts, casino siteleri cupping them gently, pushing them together running your tongue back and forth between them, teasing each nipple with the very tip of your tongue.

Sucking one nipple to the roof of your mouth, suckling it like a baby, a deep soft moan releases your lips as my fingers run through your hair holding your mouth to my breast.

My hand runs slowly down to your hardening mass that’s begging to be released, undoing your jeans sliding my hands inside, lowering them gently, your body jumps a bit as my hand softly encases your hardened shaft.

Caressing your shaft gently, running my thumb over the tip, my finger tips paying special attention to that sensitive spot, your body trembles from the feeling of my hand, kissing my way down your chest licking and sucking with each move I make, sliding down to my knees, taking your hardened shaft into my mouth flicking my tongue over the tip gently, running my tongue in circles around the head.

Cupping your balls in my hand massaging them gently, my tongue working the length of your shaft, up and down your main vein teasingly, nibbling your shaft lightly to your balls, licking and sucking your full sack, sucking each ball into my mouth one at a time sucking them inside out gently.

“ OHHHHHH fuck yesssss baby don’t stop, god I love it when you do that to me!!!!” as your hands run into my hair gently, holding my head.

Working magic on your balls, slowly slipping a finger inside your asshole, your body jumps, the hold on my head gets now tighter.

“AHHHH baby don’t…oh god don’t stop!!!!!!!” he screams as my finger slides in and out of canlı casino his ass.

Sucking your cock back into my mouth deeper into my throat, your hips bucking against the feel of my warm wet mouth around your cock, and my finger working your asshole, sucking harder and faster stroking it faster your body tenses as your cock swells in my mouth, your balls tighten.

Looking up at you watching the expressions on your face change, looking down at me one last time with those gorgeous blue eyes your head throws back as your screams now fill the room with one last thrust into my throat the feeling of your hot cum rolling up your main vein shooting into my mouth is overwhelming as it hits the back of my throat, swallowing all that I can, not wanting to miss any, licking every inch of your cock clean, your body shutters.

Looking down at me, I see the heat of desire burning in your eyes, taking my hand helping me to stand, our eyes locking, leaning down your lips meeting mine, my fingers running through your hair, your hands sliding down my body slowly, over my hips running up the inside of my thighs, your fingers teasing my pussy lips feeling my wetness, slipping one finger inside me, my body stiffens momentarily from the feel of your finger inside me, your thumb teasing my clit gently.

“It’s my turn now baby,” whispering softly in my ear your finger exploring deeper inside me as you feel my wetness growing. Lowering me onto our clothes that were piled on the side of us.

Slowly unbuttoning my shorts, unzipping them gently, lowering them over my hips sliding them down my legs removing them completely, my thong removed the same way. Kissing your way down my kaçak casino body, my back arching feeling the electricity from the warmth of your lips, sucking my mound as your tongue finds my clit flicking it lightly, sucking my pussy lips into your mouth devouring them as my body shivers, locking my fingers behind your head, pushing you deeper into me, your tongue pushing inside my wet screaming hole exploring every spot inside.

Moans growing louder, breathing deepens, my pussy grinding against your mouth, sliding two fingers inside my pussy as your tongue teases my asshole.

“ OHHHHHHHH BABY TAKE ME, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME SO BADLY!!” getting onto my hands and knees, positioning yourself behind me looking back at you.

“Is this what you want baby?” asking softly, rubbing the head of your cock against my pussy lips.

“Oh fuck yes honey that’s exactly what I want, I want all of you inside me, give it to me baby!!”

Taking a hold of my hips pushing your hardened shaft inside me, slowly at first, rocking back and forth for a moment, your pace picks up fucking me deeper and harder, grabbing a handful of my hair pulling me back onto your cock pushing it deeper.

Moans turned to screams ramming my pussy as hard as possible, your balls slamming against my clit sending shock waves through me, pushing me toward the edge, the sweat covering your body glistening in the moon light, reaching behind me massaging your balls as you pound my pussy harder, slapping my ass a couple of times, feeling your cock and balls tighten, feeling your cock swell inside me, grabbing onto my hips with one last thrust your head throws back as your cock explodes inside me, pushing back against you wanting to feel it all.

Our bodies come to rest, taking me into your arms again, kissing me softly yet deeply my hands running over your chest lightly, as we lay on the balcony under the stars listening to the sound of the ocean.

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