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It isn’t often that we actually get the chance to live out a fantasy. And, I’m not saying whether I have or not. But, if I did this would be the best possible way to do it.

As I was leaving Mr. Graves house I found myself replaying the scenes of what had taken place. The one thing I knew for sure, I would return. My dirty old man was equally as confident that I was leaving a satisfied lady.

My body was still responding to the fulfillment from the last few hours and I needed some rest. When I got home all I wanted was a hot bath. Lying in the tub I just let the warm water relax me. Feeling refreshed and tranquil, I went to bed. I fell asleep almost immediately. Opening my eyes after a restful night the morning was upon me. It was time to get up and ready myself for what the day was about to bring.

As I was dressing, I found myself going over my afternoon with Charlie Graves. I was somewhat surprised at what had transpired. I couldn’t believe how forceful Mr. Graves had been and how much I liked it. He had me saying things I’d never uttered before. The idea that I was going back for more was exciting and a bit scary. I knew I was powerless to resist, why should I? The question was I wondered what he had in store for me and like magic I was there.

As I walked up to the door it opened and Mr. Graves was standing there in front of me with a devilish smile on his worn old face. This man certainly had a lot to be happy about. I never expected the hardness he was able to sustain. I’m sure he was quite proud of himself and his performance, he should be.

“Good Morning, good, you’re on time, come in. I slept real good and I’m ready to go at it all over again.”

He stepped aside and as I entered the house he was grinning from ear to ear. I had a smile on my own face. Once inside I heard the lock click and understood immediately that my choice was made. I was here, more than willing to submit myself to this man, knowing full well, he would hold the power.

Charlie quickly walked up behind me and I felt his hands grab my breasts. It startled me, and I loved it. He was taking charge and he was feeling strong.

“Oh yeah, Old Charlie does love him some big tits. I’ve been missing these beauties since you left yesterday. Now you know I’m about to suck these hard hot swollen tits all day and all night, and I’m gonna do some tittie fucking while I’m at it.”

His hot breath was on my face as he grabbed my sore nipples hard, rolled them around and with a final pinch he released me and motioned me to the kitchen.

I could feel my pussy already getting wet. He followed behind me and sat in his chair. Wasting no time with pleasantries he made it clear he wanted me to stand in front of him. On the table there were some items of clothing. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were; they appeared to be lacy and rather sexy. Mr. Graves’s eyes lit up as he told me to take my clothes off.

“Now you do it real slow and sexy, tease me, real nice.”

When did I become a stripper? I liked the idea of teasing him. His eyes opened wide in expectation and he sat back in his chair to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He was actually already breathing deeper anticipating my performance.

I stepped back and slowly opened the buttons on my blouse. The idea of sexually taunting him was extremely erotic. My fingers found the small pearls on my blouse as I fixed my eyes on Charlie. I trembled as I watched his reaction to my tongue, wet with saliva, licking my lips as each button exposed more of me. I let the blouse fall open. When each button was unfastened I slipped the silky covering off my shoulders and let it fall onto the floor.

My bra was nude and sheer. Charlie reached down and began rubbing his crotch when he saw my nipples hard and pointing straight at him. My hand reached behind me, suggesting what was about to take place. While one hand was holding my sheer bra in place, I unhooked it and slowly slid the straps over my arms. The purpose was not letting it fall and expose my breasts.

“You like teasing Old Charlie with those sweet titties don’t you? Well it’s time to show me your big jugs because I’m getting tired of waiting.”

I lowered my arms and let the bra fall slowly away from me. As it fell, I brushed my hands over my swollen nipples, I pinched them playfully. When I winced, deliberately pouted and pursed my lips, it was more than the old man could bear. All old Charlie could do was growl.

“Oh lord, are you trying to drive me crazy? Now the rest I want you naked.”

I opened the button on my skirt and intentionally took plenty of time to lower the zipper.

Tugging at the fabric I had to wiggle a bit to get it to move away from my skin. I shimmied as I let the thing fall around my ankles, stepping out of it. I hooked my fingers into the band of my panties and pulling them away from my hips, and down, I bent over letting my breasts hang down and bounce to take them off.

“Bring that sexy body to Charlie.”

I looked at him and walked towards the table slowly. I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri saw the drool running down the corner of his mouth. He wasted not a second reaching out and grabbing my breasts.

His hands pushed them together and he covered the tips with his wet drooling lips and sucked both nipples into his mouth. He bit down and then let them go. They were wet with his spit. He looked me right in the eyes; he reached up and twisted wet knobs until I moaned.

Letting go of the prize and obviously impatient, he handed me the things off the table and told me to go put them on. It was with urgency he advised I be quick and not waste time. I picked up my clothes and as I walked away I made it a point to shake me lovely ass, I heard a deep sigh.

In the privacy and safety of the bathroom I was able to look at what he had given me. The panties had no crotch. The fabric was lace and very thin. One strong pull and they could easily be ripped from my body. The bra was half a bra. It was wired to lift my breasts up. When I put it on it was easy to see why Charlie would choose it. My breasts were perched high and my nipples were protruding thru the holes strategically placed. The black lace was erotic and the black crotch less panties left nothing to the imagination.

It was easy to see that this was a planned costume that wouldn’t restrict availability of any part of me for the admirer.

Looking at my image in the mirror I could easily see the thought that went into his selection. If I was here to appeal to his dirty thoughts and needs I certainly fit the picture. I carefully folded my own panties and skirt and opened the door feeling the heat rise up into my cheeks.

I was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. I walked into the kitchen and Charlie was still sitting at the table in his chair.

“Come here let me have a look see.”

I walked closer to him and he grinned and licked his lips making a sucking sound. “Oh man, you look real sexy. You like what Charlie got for you?” The answer was honest, “Yes, I like them.” As I spoke I could feel my face flush and get warm. Charlie was quite pleased.

“I have another surprise for you.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come out of the sitting room and walk towards us. My first instinct was to cover myself. Oh god, someone else was here, they were watching me act like a whore. The man spoke “Put you’re hands down.” I was startled by the voice. I didn’t hesitate and I did as I was told. I knew for certain I was blushing and for a second I couldn’t catch my breath. I also had to admit I was very aroused. The thought of two men, dirty old men, playing with me at the same time was pretty hot.

I now fully understood the surprises, the gifts of sexy, hot underwear and now another man. Obviously Charlie was no sad little old man who didn’t know how to make himself happy.

Suddenly, there was another man standing next to me. He was a little taller than Charlie and thinner. This man had grey hair in need of a cut. His boney hands were wrinkled and worn. It was apparent to see that he was a man of Charlie’s age or maybe a little younger. It was quite obvious, immediately, that he was in charge. He walked slowly around me looking up and down and smiled.

“This is my friend Henry. I know you’ll be happy to know he’s a man who loves sweet pussy about as much as I love them big tits. I think you should give Henry a nice kiss hello.”

I turned to look at Henry; he stuck his tongue out and wiggled it at me, smiling.

“Yes Sir Charlie, you were right, we’re gonna have some real fun with this one. She was made for this, what a body. There’s nothing like a full figured woman to make a man horny.”

Henry pulled me closer to him and licked my lips. His hands grabbed my ass and I could feel his cock as hard as a stick leaning against my stomach. His hips began grinding against me as he wasted no time sliding his wet tongue into my mouth. His tongue wiggled around, searched and found my own. With careful manipulation he grabbed hold of it and sucked it into his lips. I felt as though I was choking. I backed away from him and told him to stop.

“You hear that Charlie? Did she tell me to stop?”

I realized I had possibly made a mistake. Henry walked up to me and peered into my eyes.

“Charlie I think we need to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand, what do you think?”

“You better show her the right way Henry; let her know who the boss is.”

Henry was the boss? I didn’t answer to him or anyone else. The stern old man walked over to the kitchen table and sat down next to Charlie. His eyes never left mine.

“I do believe its spanking time Charlie, what do you think?

Spanking time, was he serious? There was absolutely no way I would allow this lecherous old fool to spank me.

“Little lady I think you better come over here to me right now before I really get angry.”

I walked over to Henry reluctantly and I stood in front of staring him in the eyes. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I had to let him know I was not to be treated like this. As I opened my mouth to speak he spoke first.

“We can do this real easy, or real hard. You need a lesson in how to do what you’re told. “Now I suggest you pull them panties down and lay here across my knees”

I stood there and couldn’t believe what I heard.

“You’re about to get a good old fashioned spanking. You will never say stop to Old Charlie or me again.”

I stood there and refused to do as I was told and he wasted no time in asserting his dominance. He reached up and pulled me down over his knees. I was starting to get turned on. What the hell was I thinking?

“Charlie, pull them panties down and bare her ass so she understands I mean business and she feels each and every smack real good and hard.”

Charlie jumped up like a little trained puppy and did exactly what Henry told him to do. He was shaking with expectation as his wrinkled old fingers pulled the crotch less excuse for panties down to my knees. Henry wasted no time squeezing the exposed vulnerable buttocks on his lap. The sound of his hand as it made contact with my skin was startling. Again, he slapped me hard and open handed. I flinched and cried out in pain and surprise, and he slapped me again, and again, and again till the pain was almost unbearable. I heard myself react in time with each smack. Finally the punishment came to an end. I was ashamed at the fact that I became aroused by this assault, I think Henry felt that.

“Charlie, come here and help her up.”

Charlie lifted me off his lap and stood me next to Henry. The look on his face was pure excitement. He couldn’t help running his hand over me stinging cheeks and smile.

“I doubt you’ll tell me no again.”

Feeling the wetness start to build between my legs I wasn’t so sure. I had never been spanked before; it was very strange to be standing here enjoying the heat my red cheeks felt.

This man was the stronger of these men. He was strangely pleased that I was not arguing with him and this told him he was totally in control.

“Charlie have you told her what the rules are?”

“No, I thought you’d like to tell her all that yourself.”

Who was this man.? How did he come to be here?

There are rules? Suddenly, I was questioning my decision to return to Charlie’s home. This was not what I bargained for.

“Well, there’s only one rule you have to remember and it’s a real easy one. No matter what happens you don’t cum unless I say you can. If I’m sucking on your cunt and you feel like you’re gonna cum you better not or I’ll have to punish you. When me and Charlie are working on your pussy, sucking your big tits, fucking you, fingering you, if you cum without permission I will just have to punish you. Do you understand?”

Suddenly I wasn’t so sure I should be here. If I wanted to leave now they wouldn’t stop me, would they? I was so overcome with excitement I knew I wouldn’t leave. I’ll play along instead.

“Yes Henry,I understand the rules.”

“All rights then, pull up you’re panties.”

As I bent down and pulled the panties up over my stinging flesh I gave away my will and Henry knew he had won. He might have won the battle but the war, something else entirely.

Henry had a big smile on his face as did Charlie.”What do you think Charlie, time to dip my dick?” The two men shook hands and turned to me. Henry spoke first.

“Come here and stand right between us, nice and close.”

I was standing between them, two old men, who were hungry for what I could give them and anticipating just what they would do. There was no turning back. I wanted them; I was ready for whatever happened.

“I think she wants you to suck on her titties Charlie, you want him to suck your big titties don’t you?”

I didn’t answer and Henry quickly smacked my ass hard with force. I was stunned and reached back to touch my burning skin.

“Listen here, when we ask you a question you answer us you understand?” I quickly said yes. “Well all right then,let’s start over and mind your manners.”

“Tell Charlie here how you want him to suck your titties.” “Charlie, I want you suck my titties hard.”

Charlie got closer and asked “You want old Charlie to suck your titties hard?”

“Yes, Charlie, please do it now.”

Charlie leaned forward and I watched my nipple disappear into his mouth. He was sucking and biting. I couldn’t help whimpering when his teeth bit down or moan as his lips sucked. I watched him let my nipple fall out of his mouth and he began to blow on it. The coolness felt good as it got harder and swelled aching and throbbing.

“Oh yeah, look at it Henry, that’s some real sweet tit and that big hard swollen nipple is just begging to be sucked on.”

“Well Charlie I think it’s time for Henry to latch on to this tit here and suck this nipple nice just the way you told me she loves it.”

Obviously Charlie had gone to güvenilir bahis şirketleri Henry and told him what had happened the previous day. It was clear now why Henry felt he could dominate me. In seconds I was standing between both men and watching while they devoured my breasts. They sucked and bit until I was barely able to stand. When they finally let go my nipples were throbbing and so swollen I couldn’t feel anything but sweet pain.

“Henry, you smell that, smells like wet pussy doesn’t it?”

“I do smell that sweet smell and I’m sure Charlie, it is wet pussy. The smell of wet pussy is like perfume to me.”

Charlie pulled me next to him and couldn’t help himself so he latched on to my nipple and started sucking, it was so sore it hurt like crazy. I tried to back away but he held me tight. I felt Charlie put his hand between my legs and push them apart. I could feel his fingers groping me. There was no crotch in the panties I was wearing and I could feel his middle finger as he used it to circle around my puffy lips. Abruptly, I felt a finger slide into me. It was deep, and then he pulled it out. He brought his hand up near his mouth and let my nipple go; he put his finger into his mouth and sucked it.

“Henry, dip into this pussy, get some of her sweet honey.”

Henry pulled me to him, lifted my leg and put it on Charlie’s knee. This forced my legs apart and my pussy wide open. He looked at me and plunged his long boney finger deep inside me. He was finger fucking me slowly and when he took his finger out I could easily see it glisten with my fluids. Henry put his finger under his nose and took a deep breath, opened his mouth and licked it dry.

“I bet you want me to lick and suck on your pussy don’t you? Your crack is soaking wet, I know that’s what you’re waiting for. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that’s what you want isn’t it?”

I didn’t answer and I knew I was making a big mistake. Immediately he smacked my cheek, the quick slap stung and I was surprised at how fast he reacted.

“I’ll ask again, you want Henry to suck on your pussy?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want you to suck on my pussy.”

“Well, you know I’m ready to do whatever you want.”

The two men stood up and motioned for me to walk ahead of them. I walked into the living room and waited. Charlie told me to get in the chair and get ready. As I walked towards the chair the stinging on my buttocks stopped. The only thing I felt was the stirring between my legs. I sat down and I knew from yesterday that they wanted my cheeks on the edge of the seat.

“Put those legs over the arms like I showed you yesterday, we want that pussy wide open and ready for action.”

I did as I was told and couldn’t wait for them to start.

“Henry, look at that pussy, it’s just begging for attention.”

Henry came to the chair and reached down, wiggled his finger deep inside me.

“Charlie, I’m gonna suck this sweet pussy till I can’t feel my lips or my old tongue gives out on me. Now we both know that’s not happening. I can eat this little clam forever and a day.”

All the time they were talking Henry was finger fucking my pussy. I was so wet I could hear the sound that’s like nothing else. As he slowly pulled his boney wrinkled digit out of me he told me to lick my pussy juice off it, I did what I was told.

“Charlie does she know how to pop her clit?”

Charlie smiled and said “She knows I taught her that little trick yesterday. Just tell her, she knows just what to do.”

Henry was kneeling on the floor in front of me; my legs were wide open hanging over the arms of the chair.

“Charlie, why don’t you suck her tits while I get some pussy sucking done?”

Charlie came to the side of the chair and knelt down beside me. He reached out and pinched my right nipple hard, I winced and he pinched it again, then he pinched the left one.

“I’ll sit right here and watch you eat that pussy up. Maybe I’ll twist these big juicy nipples every now and then just to keep em hard.”

Henry reached out and pulled my hips to the very edge of the cushion. From where I was I couldn’t help but clearly see everything he doing, the angle of my body put my pussy in plain sight. I watched as Henry bent his head down and opened his mouth. His tongue just flicked across my clit and I could see it swell. He took the swollen bump into his mouth and sucked, gently. It felt so good I involuntarily began grinding my mound into his face. I was rocking up and down with his sucking motion. He abruptly stopped and released his treasure.

“Okay baby, your cherry is nice and big. Put your fingers down here and pull those lips back, it’s time to pop that clit up nice and high so I can suck it right into my mouth and get your motor running.”

My clitoris was so sensitive from Charlie’s sucking lips yesterday I was sure it would only be worse after Henry started. I was shaking because I knew that the minute I felt his mouth on me I would cum.

“Remember, don’t you cum unless I say you can or I’ll just have to punish you. Time is wasting, show Henry that sweet clit.”

I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. I could actually see my clit pop out and stand hard and swollen. I learned very early that I was blessed with a very large and extremely sensitive clitoris. Men were mesmerized.

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