A-cups (Part one of the Massage)

I have never considered myself a breast man and for that matter still don’t but I have certainly developed my taste for them over the last few years. I am not fascinated with c-cups or d-cups but rather a-cup or smaller ones. How this started was a few years back one of our secretaries who is an a-cup and I had never given any thought to sexually walked into a staff meeting after being out in the cold. Her nipples were of course hard but I was amazed how big they looked on top of those small breasts. What started as a look up to see who was joining the meeting became a bit of a passion for me. All I could think of was how hot those nipples looked standing proud on such small tits. I didn’t think anything would ever come of that but of course I had suddenly developed this lust to see big nipples (or at least super hard ones) atop the smaller breasted women. A couple years after that I had Karen (I will call her) over casino oyna for coffee one night. I started rubbing her shoulders and she discovered just how good I am at it. This has happened several times over the last few years but other than the two times I am about to talk about nothing has ever happened between us sexually…meaning cooler heads have always prevailed.

I think it was the second or third time I had rubbed her shoulders and back Karen had come over to my house with a sweater on. As I tried to rub her back and shoulders I eventually just lifted her top to her shoulders and got her arms out. She didn’t try and stop me so I carried on. As she was sitting in front of me I was able to rub down the front of her shoulders fairly easy. I took my time and worked slowly and eventually her breathing changed to the point I knew she was turned on (there is a pretty good chance she could feel my cock against her back too). As my hands went slowly lower canlı casino and lower down her front teasing her at that point her breathing got deeper and deeper. As I brushed my fingers over her tits I was amazed (although I should not have been) at the rocks standing up on them. I only brushed them once or twice and was pondering whether to go further or not, then we both kinda at the same time said we should stop. We finished our wine and Karen went home. Nothing more was ever said about that night.

Months later Karen was at my house again. This time as I was rubbing her back she lifted her top over her head herself. I was sitting more sideways on the couch with her in front of me. After an eternity of working and teasing her my hands found her nipples. She sighed as I pinched them thru her bra then lowered the front to expose them. She was leaning back against me, my rock hard cock clearly pressing into her back. She kissed me as my right hand slide kaçak casino down inside her pants. She bucked and came as my hand rode over her pussy on the outside of her panties (I didn’t have time to get my hand inside). I ground my cock into her back and came quickly. Again we said almost in unison we should stop. We both knew the other had an orgasm but it seemed to be ok if we didn’t talk about it, like it didn’t happen. Nothing more was said about it and life goes on. That is until two weeks ago when we had another get together. It went pretty much as the others the only difference was it was me that said we should stop (she agreed) and I said if we don’t I will be finishing you with my tongue. She didn’t seem particularly shocked at all by that statement, and the next day at work I mentioned that maybe a hot oil massage would be the way to go next time. She readily agreed and we are just trying to find a good night to do it hopefully early next week. This will mean I will have access to her ass when I’m massaging her backside and her tits when she turns over…and in all likelihood it means I will be licking her pussy to finish her off.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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