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Volume Two: Home Away From Home

Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice Part 2

Edited By: Todger65


Kitty led Alex as she reached back and dug the leotard out of her ass crack which just drew attention to her ass. Alex couldn’t help but watch her ass cheeks twitch as she led him.

“So how was the drive home?” Kitty turned and put her leg up on Alex’s shoulder with relative ease. Her and Candy had both taken gymnastics as kids. Kitty had been the better of the two at it but had blown out her knee and while she still had the flexibility she couldn’t handle the tumbling afterwards. Alex imagined she was a little envious of Candy who had become captain of the cheerleading squad. That hadn’t stopped Kitty from taking up martial arts though. She had wanted to take up boxing with Alex and Jo but her dad would have none of his daughter learning street fighting.

“Good, we left early so we missed most of the traffic.” Alex shrugged as he held her leg rubbing her knee for her.

“That’s good.” She smiled warmly at him. The last few years had been tough on her with her mom getting sick, dad’s affair, and the divorce. She had struggled to find herself while trying her best to piss off her dad and had made more than a few mistakes. She often saw herself as the family screw up though Alex had never given up on her or stopped looking out for her no matter how hard it had been or how hard she tried to push him away.

“So Candy talked you into yoga.” He grinned. Kitty had never been the hold still type of person. Kitty even talked fast. He knew in the past year she had gone bungee jumping and sky diving.

“Yeah, she figured it might help center me or something. Plus Izzy really seems to enjoy it also.” Kitty shrugged. He was glad to hear Izzy was doing things with people and had people other than Jo looking out for her. She put one leg down and brought up the other.

“I tried it. Not really for me, but I was good at the meditation.” Alex joked. He was too big for yoga and didn’t really have the balance to hold the poses.

“Really good, she said you kept falling asleep.” Kitty teased. Alex had fallen asleep on Candy both times he had tried it. She let her leg back down and walked over to the yoga mat where she had been when he had showed up. She started by doing a little stretch for her back and she put her arms up, lay on her back and raised one leg up into the air pulling at it with his arm.

“I wanted to thank you for what you did for Abbey.” Alex smiled as he got down on his knees and pressed against her leg as he glanced down at her crotch and the thin fabric which now showed a bit of camel toe as it hugged her pussy tightly nicely outlining it. He pressed her leg toward her chest putting his weight against it.

“Don’t mention it, some asshole told me I should stick my head out for others. Little harder babe.” He did as she said as he leaned over her trying his best to get to close without bumping against her so she didn’t notice his semi-chubby.

“I hope you didn’t get in to much trouble.” She said as he held the position trying not to stare at her hard nipples as his cock was inches from her crotch.

“No just a restraining order and community service. He couldn’t really press charges without Abbey doing the same.” She shrugged and tapped his shoulder and he sat back up letting off the pressure.

“I got to ask, what happened to the hair. I liked the hair; I don’t really miss the nose ring though.” He asked backing up so she could put her leg down. Alex had always been fond of her bright cotton candy pink high light that she had taken out.

“Maybe after I am done with the community service I will put I back. I kept the tongue ring though I take it out at the hospital.” She shrugged. His mom had gotten her on community service at the hospital where mom had friends. Kitty most of the time just played games and what not with the kids in the cancer ward; who she had grown very fond of. Kitty had already dealt with it with her mom. She raised her other leg and he moved over and put his weight on it, though this time his cock really was right over her pussy.

“Noticed you got some new ones as well.” Alex grinned putting a little more weight against her when he felt his cock accidently bump her pussy. She simple grinned at him.

“Does that mean you want a peek?” Kitty glanced down at his crotch and grinned.

“I think your sister would kill me.” Alex slid back some so he was grinding against her.

“Why, technically you’re not together.” Kitty teased.

“But we’re not, not together yet, if that makes since.” Alex smiled. Though he felt a little odd feeling guilty compared to everything else he had done this morning.

“You two having fun?” Jo grinned as she came back in with Candy.

“This is not what it looks like.” Kitty grinned. “I know it looks like we’re stretching but we’re actually having sex.”

“Well, when you’re done dry humping my sister can you and I talk?” Candy sighed as she looked at Alex. He could tell something was up. The last time she had that look was when she had dumped him bahis firmaları before he went off to college.

Winter 1999

It was a typical morning as Alex walked down the hallway to his first class saying high to everyone he knew, mostly his football buddies and a few of the cheerleaders he knew through Emily or his cousin Candy.

“Son of a bitch!” He heard a familiar voice yell. “Excuse you.” Kitty yelled at some punk with his hat turned backwards and his pants to low. He had knocked over the books she had been carrying and her purse on the ground and kept on walking.

“Maybe you should move your fat ass…” He began to say as Alex grabbed him by the back of the neck.

“You want to think real carefully before you finish that sentence.” Alex said being a lot bigger than the punk who didn’t dare make a move against Alex. Though most people didn’t mess with Alex before, after Alex had been to the hospital and missed school from almost bleeding to death, and came back with a foot long scar, Alex was considered a bad ass. Of course the story had probably been inflated a bit to those who didn’t know him personally. It gave Alex a lot less hassle if people thought he was tougher then he really was so he went with it.

“Alex, I…” The guy looked like he was about to shit himself.

“I believe you were about to apologize to my cousin.” Alex smiled.

“I’m sorry.” He said looking at Kitty.

“Now get to class before I lose my good mood.” Alex said letting him go thinking he had scarred him enough as the guy took off.

“Let me help you.” Alex said as he bent down beside his cousin who was collecting her things.

“Thanks, I could have handled that.” She smirked as she brushed her pink bangs from her face. She was cute like her twin sister. She had just turned eighteen but since her birthday fell after the New Year her and her twin sister Candy, both started school a year behind him and Jo so were still juniors with his sister.

Alex would rather her not have handled it, though Kitty wasn’t as hot headed as Jo, she wouldn’t back down from a fight if it came to it and he was pretty sure she would end up hurting the guy.

When Alex had gotten hurt Kitty had been there in her own way to lecture him for being stupid and taking on somebody with a knife while she changed his bandage. She was the least squeamish of the girls about blood and stuff, having seen enough of her own as a kid. Not to mention she hooked him up with some really good pain killers for his arm that she had took when her knee was acting up. The crap the doctor had given him didn’t really work for shit except to get rid of a headache.

“Yeah I know.” Alex grinned. Alex couldn’t help but peek up the skirt she was wearing. She had tights on underneath so he probably wouldn’t see anything though. “So what’s really bugging you?” As he helped gather up the rest of her stuff he heard the bell ring and the hallways began to empty.

“Nothing.” She said stacking the few books she had been carrying back together and picking them up. Alex held up one of her books like he was going to hand it to her but didn’t as he pulled it back looking at her. He could always tell when something was bugging her, a trait he got from his moms side.

“Fine if you must know, I let Mike take some pictures of me and he is showing them off to his buddies.” She huffed blowing at her pink bangs.

“You want me…” Alex began to say before she cut him off.

“No Alex I don’t want you to do anything, Please, I can handle it okay, just give me my book; we’re going to be late.” She said standing up. Alex handed her the book and she quickly headed for class clearly not wanting to talk about it. Alex stopped as he saw something pink by the locker where she had dropped her purse. He picked it up and turned it over. It looked like a remote of some kind, so he put it in his pocket and followed her to their literature class, deciding to see if it was hers later. It was the one class they had together. By the time he caught up with her she was walking into the classroom as the teacher stopped them.

“Miss. Tylor and Mister Smith, is there a reason you’re late to my class.” Ms. Walker said lowering her glasses in that sexy way she always did.

“Sorry Ms. Walker my cousin dropped her books and I was helping her pick them up.” Alex quickly said before his cousin could speak. Alex always had better social skills when it came to talking to peers and typically was liked by most of his teachers, even if he didn’t like them. He did like Ms. Walker though, very very much; being as she was one of the younger, hotter teachers.

“Please don’t make a habit of it.” She smiled.

“Yes Ma’am.” Alex nodded.

“Kiss ass.” Kitty whispered under her breath as they made the way to their seats making Alex grin. Alex sat next to one of his buddies on one side, fist bumping him, while Kitty sat on the other.

“Okay class, today we are going to start one of my favorites, Edgar Allen Poe. Your assignment this week will be to read one of his works and rewrite it into a modern day setting. Those of you whose story I really like kaçak iddaa will get a chance to read them in front of the class for an A plus.” Alex contemplated a version of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. Ms. Walker never gave out anything less than a C unless you didn’t at least try to do the assignment. But it wasn’t a cake walk class neither if you wanted to keep up your grade point average like Alex did.

“But first let’s get to know Poe shall we. Put everything away. Please turn off all cell phones and crying babies.” Ms. Walker said as a few people laughed and she began to read his biography mostly focusing on stuff that made him human.

Alex felt the remote in his pocket and pulled it out curious as he pushed the power button. Alex saw Kitty shoot upright as her eyes went big. She quickly reached for her bag and began to dig through her purse.

“You lose something Ms. Taylor?” Ms. Walker said looking at Kitty.

“I was just looking for…Nothing.” Kitty blushed shaking her head.

“Well you can find your nothing after class, purse away please.” Ms. Walker smiled. Alex suddenly realized what he had or thought he had in his hand. Only one way to know for sure he thought as he pushed the little plus button.


Kitty grabbed her desk as she felt the vibrating panties begin to rub against her harder. Fuck why did she let Candy dare her into wearing them to school she thought. Kitty had thought maybe it had accidently gotten bumped in her purse but she wondered now if someone had it. Shit could it have fallen out of her purse, and someone picked it up. Fuck what if they were in the classroom right now watching her. Kitty glanced around but no one was looking her way except for Alex who gave her his typical goofy smile and nod.

Kitty went back to looking forward and put her hand up to cover her face letting out a soft sigh. She raised her pencil and began to chew on the eraser of it. She knew this wasn’t the time or place but unless she left the class there was no way of taking off the vibrating panties she was wearing so she might as well enjoy it. She had to shift positions now and then but the vibrations weren’t so bad, just enough to tease her and make her wet knowing she was getting turned on while sitting in class surrounded by a dozen or so classmates who were none the wiser, a smile playing across her face.

Suddenly it increased in intensity, shit someone did have it. She looked around again but no one was looking at her that she could tell except for the few who were wondering what she was looking at. Shit who had it she thought, she wondered how far it could go, the next classroom maybe at most. She sat there squirming a bit as she covered her face and let out a little moan and squeezed the pencil in her hand. When she found out who had it she wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss them or kill them.

“Whoever’s phone that is vibrating better turn it off.” Ms. Walker said. Kitty realized it was her, the vibrator rubbing against the desk; she quickly crossed her legs and leaned back more which silenced the noise but only made it worst for her as she gripped her pencil with both hands and took a deep breath doing everything in her power not to scream out in ecstasy.

“Okay who would like to read first? Any takers or should I pick.” Ms. Walker said as one of the students volunteered. Kitty was doing everything in her power to try and pay attention as she shifted and moved about. She swore she was sitting in a puddle as her panties and probably tights as well were now moist from her pussy. Then suddenly she felt her pussy go nuclear as it went to speed three. She gripped the pencil with both hands and accidently snapped it as she let out a little grunt, everyone in the class looked at her.

“Problem Ms. Taylor.” Ms. Walker said looking at her.

“Girl problems, Can I be excused.” She used her ‘go to’ excuse which worked really well on the male teachers who’d rather not have to deal with it and never asked questions.

“Oh, yes please go see the nurse.” Ms. Walker smiled; she was still young enough to actually get her monthly unlike some of the old bats. Kitty gathered up her books and made her exit grabbing a hall pass, which was slowly as she tried to keep her thighs together as much as possible to muffle any noise. She closed the door and got out into the hall but didn’t get too far before she leaned against the wall beside the lockers using them for cover.

“Fuck.” Kitty said as she sunk down a little and touched the toy through her skirt and moaned softly. The hallways were empty but one wandering teacher and hall monitor and she would have a lot of lying to do. But the thrill of being caught was too much. She knew she shouldn’t but she couldn’t help it as she rubbed the toy through her tights as she reached under her skirt. She could feel her toes curling under her shoes as she tilted her head back and bit down on her knuckle to muffle herself. It wasn’t long before she came sinking to the floor. She laid there a little winded enjoying the afterglow for a few seconds before she got up to go take the vibrating panties off in the bathroom then headed kaçak bahis to the nurses office for two Tylenol and a note as usual.


Alexander grinned as he walked up to his cousin Katherine who was sitting under one of the trees alone eating her lunch as she scribbled in a pad. Knowing her she already had her weekly assignment from Ms. Walker outlined if not done. Alex watched her chew on the end of her pen as he grinned knowing she was deep in thought. When she was younger she used to chew her nails till she was old enough to paint them. She glanced up to see him.

“Hey.” Kitty said closing her pad. Obvious she wanted to keep whatever it was private. Though Kitty hid it to fit in she was very intelligent which mostly came from the fact she was a speed reader with an incredible memory, which was really most of high school just remembering what you read that chapter long enough to take the test. She only struggled at math which involved problem solving.

“You’re going to catch a cold out here.” Alex smiled. Though it was a warm day hinting at a warm spring ahead there was still that cold winter breeze in the air and Kitty wearing only a skirt and tights.

“I could use a few days off.” She shrugged.

“Surprised you’re not over at the tree with the cool kids.” Alex grinned.

“You know I don’t smoke because of…” Kitty began to say but Alex cut her off.

“Asthma, yeah I know.” Alex smiled. It had been years since she had an attack and could typically do everything a normal person did but didn’t do anything to make it worse.

“Oh here you dropped this.” Alex said as he sat down beside her handing her the remote.

“It was you. You son of a bitch.” Kitty punched him in the arm hard.

“Ouch.” Alex said rubbing his arm as he grinned. That was going to leave a bruise he thought.

“I can’t believe you.” Kitty shook her head but he saw a small smile cross her lips.

“You seemed to be enjoying it.” He teased. She smirked at him and elbowed but he saw a smile this time.

“I swear if you tell anyone…” Kitty said trying to sound angry.

“Relax; I am not going to tell anybody. My girlfriend would kill me.” Alex smiled. “Though I got to ask why you…?”

“Candy dared me to wear it to school.” Kitty shrugged. “What! A girl can’t like to masturbate? If a guy does it he is normal if a girl does it she is a nympho. I am not going to apologize because I like sex.”

“Speaking of sex this is yours also.” Alex pulled out a small memory card handing it to her.

“What is it?” Kitty said looking at it a little puzzled.

“Your pictures.” Alex smiled.

“What did you do?” Kitty said a little mad at him.

“I asked him nicely to hand over the camera; I only had to twist his arm a little.” Alex said.

“I am guessing when you say twist his arm that is not a figure of speech.” Kitty put her hand in her face in frustration, it kind of reminded Alex of her mom.

Alex just shrugged having literally twisted his arm. “He said he hadn’t had a chance to put them on the internet are anything.” For Mike’s sake he had better not.

“Damn it Alex I told you not to do anything. What if I wanted to keep him as a boyfriend?” She said pointing her finger at him sharply. Alex knew he probably shouldn’t have interfered but he also wanted to limit the number of people who saw the pictures.

“You don’t need a boyfriend like that.” Alex retorted. He had a feeling she was just using him to take out her frustrations now.

“That should be my choice. Why you got to go and be the hero all the fucking time.” She yelled at him.

“Because I like to look out for the people I care about not that you would know anything about that.” Alex said back at her though he regretted his wording.

“What’s that supposed to mean.” She said putting her hands on her hips.

“It means I liked you better when you were that braced face little freshman.” Alex said. He missed her before all the shit had gone down and she had changed and stopped hanging out with him and the family. “You have all these so called friends and you’re eating lunch alone, when was the last time you gave a damn about anyone besides yourself. You should try it sometime.” Alex yelled a little louder than he had meant to.

“You know what; fuck you Alex.” Kitty gathered up her books and stormed off. Alex shook his head knowing he had been a bit of an ass but he didn’t know how to get through to her sometimes.


“Fucking asshole.” Kitty said to herself. She both loved and hated Alex sometimes. She was glad he had dealt with Mike though maybe he could have roughed him up some.

No one knew what it was like to be her, Alex didn’t have to deal with being the second favorite child in his family, Kitty had become the family screw up. She had been the one to catch dad cheating but had been reluctant to tell mom because she was in the hospital fighting for her life. When she finally did tell mom she didn’t believe Kitty at first. She had felt betrayed by both of her parents. She was still close to Kitty but sometimes resented her; Candy had it easy, the perfect daughter who never fucked up. Worse Candy and Kitty were supposed to join the cheerleading team together. Now Kitty could only watch from the sidelines and cheer her on unable to handle the tumbling on her knee.

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