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Young Girls Skipping SchoolYoung Girls Skipping SchoolIt was late morning as I finished cleaning the house. Largely deserted during the days with Dad at work and my little sister at school, I rarely bothered getting out of my nighty to pick up and vacuum. I enjoyed seeing my breasts bouncing around in the mirrors along the wall as I headed down the hallway to Dad’s area of the house smiling to myself thinking what would happen if he would see me looking like this. I was sweating from cleaning but my panties were damp at the thought of Daddy catching me so scantily dressed like this.As I pushed open the family room door, I stopped cold; hearing voices in the room and saw one of Dad’s porn movies playing on the big screen TV. There sitting on the couch were two of Ashley’s girlfriends from school with their clothes off fingering each other. Their eyes were glued to the TV as a well-endowed guy was pushing his cock into a buxom blonde’s mouth face fucking her. I could see the girl’s little fingers ramming deep into each other’s pussys in time to the guy’s strokes at the blonde-haired woman’s mouth.I kept quiet and slipped into the room behind the curtains out of sight watching them. My fingers slipped down inside my panties watching their fingers slide in and out of their pussies and listening to their chat. I was just about to step out and surprise the two, when I heard the front door of the house click shut. It was lunchtime, and punctual as ever, Dad had come home to eat. Since I had been spying on the two girls, I had completely forgotten to make his sandwich and leave it on the kitchen table.I listened as he entered the kitchen and heard him muttering “fucking girl” and a few other choice words. I knew I was in trouble and it would only be a matter of moments before he would be storming around the house looking for me and demanding his lunch. The girls were still engrossed in the movie as the guy had now turned the blonde around on all fours and was proceeding to fuck her d0ggy style with her boobies bouncing back and forth against her chest whimpering for him to fuck her harder. Dad’s footsteps got louder until he was standing in the doorway looking into the room. I know he was expecting to find me watching his movies, but to his surprise, he saw the two young girls with their asses high in the air fingering themselves. He did not say a word reaching down and started rubbing his cock watching Ashley’s two young girlfriends, Leslie and Nancy. Their pert tiny titties looked like ice cream cones dangling enticingly down. I am sure he was thinking how those little breasts could be completely inside his mouth with his tongue lapping at the pointed nipples.I watched, as his cock seemed to get harder. His zipper seemed to lower with the pressure and the tip of his cock was visible thru it. He stepped forward toward the back of the couch, close to the two masturbating girls. The smell of their little pussies permeated the air as Dad started stroking his cock looking at their buttocks high in the air.Not saying a word, he listened to the two girls talk and a smile broke on his face. The more he listened, the nastier they got.”Wow, look at that! He must be tickling the back of her throat with that thing. I have not ever even see a boys cock before burdur escort but I would sure like to try that,” murmured one of the girls.”Me too,” exclaimed the second girl. “I’m glad Ashley told us about her Dad’s porn movies and for her letting us skip school here today. Too bad she had an exam, or we all three could be here playing.” They continued to watch and jill each other and talk.”What do you think of Ashley’s Dad is as big as this guy? She is very lucky to have such a hunky dad. I have dreamed at night of him doing nasty things to me,” as she pulled her fingers out of Nancy’s wet pussy and licked the nectar.”Oh Leslie, you are such a slut….but yes, I would let her Dad do me, any way, any time. He is so muscular and handsome.” I almost laughed aloud as they continued to talk about what they would do to my Dad, knowing that given the chance, Dad would do everything they wanted and then some to the cute little schoolgirls.The two girls mimicking the movie got down on all fours with their asses in the air and finger fucked themselves silly, moaning and groaning watching the scenes on the TV, oblivious to everything else around them.”Umm, lick my pussy, it feels wonderful, ” Nancy murmured as her hands fondled Leslie’s breasts, pinching the nipples making her squirm. “You’d like Ashley’s Daddy to be pinching your nipples like this wouldn’t you?””Oh, God yes, it would be heaven. I’d like to suck his cock as the girl in the movie is doing. The thought of sucking cock is so exciting.” The two girls continued their sexy talk, each becoming nastier as they went on. Dad continued to listen to them until he groaned lightly.”What is going on here!” he exclaimed as he stepped forward into the room covering his cock with his hand. The two girls shrieked and tried to cover themselves up but their clothes were in piles on the floor, too far to reach. Realizing they were caught red handed, all they could do was cross their arms to cover their breasts and shrink down as much as possible on the couch to hide their pussies.”We…were…,” they started to explain lamely, “it got so warm in here that…””Bullshit! I saw what you were doing and watching my porno movies to boot. Why aren’t you in school today? Where is Ashley?” He looked around the room figuring to find his youngest daughter there as well.”She is at school. We all planned to skip together, but she had a test she could not miss.She said you would be working and the house empty, and we could hide out in here until she got home. When we found the movies…we got carried away and started watching them.” Both girls’ eyes were down turned, looking at the ground as they spoke.”I will just make a couple of phone calls to your parents, and have them come pick you up. You can make your excuses to them,” as he pulled his phone out of his pocket.”NO…No please, don’t call our parents, please!” He started pressing buttons on the phone. “Please Mr. W., please don’t do that. We are sorry, we didn’t mean to…””Didn’t mean to get caught, ha-ha, right, I know that one for sure. Skipping school, watching porno movies and playing with yourselves, might be very hard to explain to your parents. I heard what you were saying as well.””Please…. don’t call our parents.” I could see the smile crack across Dad’s escort burdur lips as he pressed hard against his crotch to keep his cock from springing out at them.”We didn’t intend to do anything but skip school. Ashley even told us to not mess with your movie collection. We started looking for something to watch and….well, the title ‘Skipping School’ sounded like what we were doing. When it started playing and the girl was on her bed playing with herself made us want to do the same.””Did you not see the disclaimer about u******e viewers? You are both old enough to read. You are both in high school and know better.” His eyes darted from girl to girl, taking in their slender young bodies, pert breasts and tiny tight asses as he stepped around the end of the couch and stood between. “I see, at least, you were watching a very good porno.” He chuckled softly. “Perhaps you both would like to persuade me not to call your parents.” Taking their hands in his and placing them on his crotch he said, “Did you not learn what this hard thing is? I heard you talking about wanting to feel it yourselves. This is your chance.”Their hands started rubbing the hard outline softly, feeling it’s length and size with their fingertips. “God, it feels as big as that guy in the movie,” Nancy whispered to Leslie as she unzipped his pants. “Oh my god! This is the first real cock I’ve ever seen” as she wrapped her hand around the shaft holding it in front of Leslie. Nancy quickly undid his pants and his cock sprang to attention in front o
f them.Leslie looked up at Dad and started licking and kissing on his cock, as Nancy fondled his balls and lightly stroked him. She guided his tip toward Leslie’s mouth and watched her tongue lapping at the tip. Leslie opened her mouth more and his cock slowly disappeared into her mouth. “Oh Leslie, you are doing just like that chick in the movie! Suck on his cock; make it disappear in your mouth. I love watching you do it.”I watched as my fingers manipulated my now wet pussy and felt a pang of jealousy of the two young girls as their mouths eagerly accepted my Dad’s hard cock. I thought back to the many times I had endured the nights with my sister Ashley reaping the cum rewards down her throat as she slept thru it all and wished that it was my throat that was bathed in his silky spunk. Dad’s hands on the girls’ heads, not forcing them, but guiding them to his ball sack and his throbbing dick, pulling them as he stood spread legged before them. The movie continued to drone on the screen. Pointing to the screen, another girl had joined the first, and the two began cavorting with each other, their mouths exploring each other’s breasts and pussies, tongues lapping and licking amorously at their most private parts. Both girls’ heads turned to the screen, and their eyes took in the lesbian activities.Dad sat upon the couch instructing the two girls to mimic the movie for him to watch as he stroked his own cock. The two needed little help, and resumed what they had been doing before they had been caught, licking each other, fondling their small breasts, wrapping their legs around each other’s shoulders and lapped at each others pussies eagerly.Nancy was on top of Leslie; her breasts were somewhat larger, dangling and bouncing burdur escort bayan against Leslie’s chest as she devoured her pussy, her pert ass in the air. Dad leaned forward caressing her thighs and cheeks. Pulling her cheeks open, he began using his tongue on her brownie, probing it deeply causing Nancy to begin to squirm. I heard her voice rasp out, “Oh god, what are you doing to my ass, it feels so wonderful.” She began pushing back against Dad’s face and tongue. Leslie saw his tongue going in and out of Nancy’s butt hole from below as she continued to lap vigorously.Dad hands sought out Leslie’s saliva covered pussy, his fingers pulling the tiny labia lips wide, exposing the bright pink interior. His finger rubbed and probed at her seeking the tiny mound of flesh that surrounded her clitty. Leslie’s hips unc0nsciously thrust up to meet his fingers. His fingertips were also busy pressing and pushing on Nancy’s asshole as they sank into her just a bit. Both girls were gyrating back and forth, as he fondled them.I saw a glint in Dad’s eye and his cock seemed to be leaping on its own power. He knelt behind Nancy still holding her ass open wide with his cock getting closer and closer to her forbidden spot. His fingers kept manipulating her as he guided his cock in to replace his fingers. The tip of his cock soon disappeared into her brownie and the gasp and moan from Nancy’s mouth told me that she felt him enter. She held very still, apparently savoring the tight feeling of the cock in her ass. Slowly he pulled back and watched her anus squeeze shut tightly where his cock tip had been. Moving forward again, he spit on his cock tip and pushed into her again, just tip depth and began moving his cock as if widening her. The moans escaping her lips were arousing all of us.Nancy began pushing back against him, having relaxed her muscles as his cock slipped deeper and deeper into her ass. He began rocking in and out, pulling out but not letting the tip out, and pushing back in again, slow at first, then faster and faster, until his cock it was completely buried in her ass. Leslie’s tongue began lapping at the underside of his cock as it slipped in and out of Nancy’s ass. I heard him grunting heavily and knew that he had just shot his cum deep in her ass as it squirted around his shaft and dribble down to Leslie’s waiting mouth.He continued stroking in and out until his cock was flaccid and fell helplessly out of her ass and onto Leslie’s face. She eager engulfed his soft cock into her mouth and chewed on it lightly. As the cum started to drip out of Nancy’s ass, Dad finally pulled his cock from Leslie’s mouth, and sat back on the couch looking at the two young girls.Leslie rolled out from under Nancy and moved to her backside. Using her small hands she held her ass open wide and began to lick the oozing cum until no more came out. Both girls knelt at Dad’s feet, eyeing his cock and were silent.”Well, I suppose I will NOT call your parents and tell what you were doing here today, but you Must NOT tell what happened to anyone either. Get Dressed, Ashley will be home soon. We will just let on that you skipped school and nothing happened.” Dad put on his trousers, stuffing his cock into them, and walked out of the room. He did not even notice that I was still standing hidden in the curtains, nor did the two girls. I had cum three or four times watching everything. It would be something that I would keep in reserve for the next time I needed blackmail material on Ashley’s friends.

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